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Found 20 results

  1. So I’ve been for 2 years going around the same problem, closed comedones on my face. I’m a 20 (almost 21) year old female. At the beginning of the year I started using a medication in gel form that had tretinoin 0,025% and erythromycin. I work, mostly. Some of my closed comedones were gone and some I was able to easily extract them. But for some reason I broke out again pretty bad all over my cheeks. I kept using the gel but I realize it wasn’t doing much, so I started using tretinoin on 0
  2. I got Deep Fx about 2 months ago. My esthetician put me on a Vitamin C/retinoid serum, but it is not controlling my comedonal acne. I was hoping to swtich the serum with Epiduo, as Epiduo has worked for my skin in the past. But I'm not sure if the ingredients in Epiduo are okay to use after Deep Fx? Will they inhibit my collagen production or my skin's healing? I have young skin, as I am only 18, so I am very prone to breakouts. I need something stronger than a vitamin C serum to control my a
  3. i have rosacea and horrible [closed] comedonal acne almost all over my face and also my entire face but mainly cheeks and jaw are covered in irregular red spots, these are not from acne (i almost never have pimples, the only ones i am getting, rarely, are little whiteheads and that's all, for me everything is pretty much under the skin and mostly on forehead, nose and chin, cheeks are p clear) it's more like a rash but i had it for so long i don't even know when exactly it appeared, it looks so
  4. Hej there! Currently I am absolutely clueless about the cause of my acne. Backstory: Around the age of 16/17 I started having breakouts that developed into comedone acne (I think. I had loads of tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks, as well as on my nose and temples and some whiteheads. Hardly any bigger inflamed spots). When I started taking the pill at 18 my skin quickly cleared and I never had a single pimple. Now at 22 I stopped taking it 6-7 months ago and my acne came back slowly
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first topic here but I've been a long time reader of the forums Many of you seem so experienced and knowledgeable, so I wanted to make a post and see if anyone could help me figure out what's causing my persistent forehead acne. Some background info: I'm a 22 year old female who had perfect skin all throughout my teens. Once I hit 19-20, I started to get the occasional pimple on my forehead/chin. As someone who prided herself on having great skin, it was bothersome,
  6. Okay! So far so good. Today's going to be interesting, though. It's only been two days, but I'm enjoying this. STILL waiting on Dan's products, but the BP's definitely working it's magic, despite my redness/flakes. I mentioned in my previous post that I accidentally popped a pimple...woops! BUT, I put some tomato juice on it, and today there was minimal redness and absolutely no swelling. Lovely! I was so excited about these results that I made a tomato juice/seed mask this morni
  7. I'm 15 years old and I've had fairly clear skin my whole life. I would get 1-3 pimples at the most and maybe 3-4 when I'm on my period. But it was never a big deal because it would just go away. In the past 2 months, I have been breaking out on my forehead and I still have not found a solution to my forehead acne. It wasn't as bad at first and it was only at the very top of my forehead, and then within 2-3 weeks in the first month my skin was back to normal and I thought it was just a temporary
  8. I'm 15 years old and I've had fairly clear skin my whole life. I would get 1-3 pimples at the most and maybe 3-4 when I'm on my period. But it was never a big deal because it would just go away. In the past 2 months, I have been breaking out on my forehead and I still have not found a solution to my forehead acne. It wasn't as bad at first and it was only at the very top of my forehead, and then within 2-3 weeks in the first month my skin was back to normal and I thought it was just a temporary
  9. I have suffered with moderate comedonal acne on my forehead for a few years now and in that time have tried a variety of treatments with very little success. The first treatment I tried was a basic salicylic 2% face wash (this alone was the most successful treatment option I have tried to date!) . After a few months of use I was unhappy with the results and incorporated into my regime a topical salicylic acid lotion which I applied and left on over night. Although this combination appeared t
  10. Okay, so a little backstory of my skin. i had normal teenage acne like any other person, turned 18 and all my acne went away. You can imagine how thrilled I was. But well, last year I started medical school and the combination of stress, coffee and sleepless nights fucked me up and I had a huge breakout. So in the middle of last year went to a couple of dermatologists and I settle for one who prescribed me tetrinoin. Well.... my skin reacted bad to it. The breakouts that I had which most were
  11. So I'll keep this short. For the past four months I've been struggling with issues related to what I believe to be antibiotic use to treat mild acne. Before taking the antibiotics (I was prescribed a low does extended release course of Oracea usually used to treat rosacea), I had mild acne and the occasional outbreak. I went to my dermatologist to get a professional opinion who took a cursory glance at me, told me antibiotics would fix any problems of mine, wrote me a prescription and sent me on
  12. Hi guys!! I'm an 18 year old trying to get rid of her acne once and for all I have suffered from acne since my freshman year of high school (mild to moderate). My acne was never really cystic - I had inflamed pimples and blackheads in my T-zone. Through trial and error over the years, I was finally able to clear my skin through using Retin A Micro 0.04% (RAM) at night, along with Aczone or Finacea in the morning (alternating each day). However, during the fall of last year, I began
  13. Its been 2 years i really been struggling with acne...as an adult. I had a mild outbreak went to a derm who gave topicals and laser and broke me out in cystic acne. i went on accutane almost commited suicide due to my mental state and severe outbreak and stop taking it at five months and my skin cleared. 8 months of beautiful skin and then a move to a new enviroment, stress, n probably hormones i started breaking out and now in three weeks i have comedonal acne all over my face and tons of littl
  14. hi i am 17 years old , I always had problems with mild acne on my forehead , but this year turned more serious and affects me a lot of the cheeks My biggest problem are the acne red marks and hyperpigmentation, i dont have any pitted scar I really need you guys to guide me because idk if I'm really doing well my routine My diet is healthy , do not drink coke and those things. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed minocycline 100mg a day, Effaclar K, Effaclar DUO (Both european
  15. Hi guys, My first ever post but I've been dormant on acne.org for a few years. (Will try to make this short 'n' sweet) To get to the point, I've never had a major issue with huge pimples or anything but my overall appearance was marred by blackheads and whiteheads all over my face. Every. Single. Pore. Is to some degree blocked. Even though I've experienced this since the age of 12 it does affect my confidence. So obviously being a teen, I tried products that helped to exfoliate; beads, s
  16. So I just though I'd post this to maybe encourage others trying out tretinoin cream. I started tretinoin cream in August. At that point, I had been on spironolactone 100mg a day and I was routinely getting facials. I had moderate-severe comedonal acne all over my cheeks and mild comedone acne around my mouth and chin. My derm wanted to put me on accutane but since I didn't have any health insurance, it wasn't an option. The facials weren't really helping with my skin, so I broke down and
  17. There is a chance? Comedonal acne go away with himself? No chance? without acne products and everything. Only their own?
  18. Has anyone else had experience with taking Valium, Xanax, or other Benzodiazepine drugs and either causing acne or clearing it up. Or going off any of these medications which resulted in acne. I stopped Valium about the same time I developed acne and I'm wondering if it is related.
  19. Dear all, I am currently suffering from mild acne, very often I have these little bumps on my face. They will usually settle there for a week or so. My derm told me my form of acne is comedonal. I also have very oily face and it gets red sometimes ( usually around my cheek areas ). I found out that taking zinc helps and has high review on here (4.1/5.0) but I want to know what type of zinc should i get? Is zinc picolinate good? The one I will be getting is a 25mg dosage. However, I am worr
  20. Hi all am new here. Have battled 100's of these pesky bumps all over my face since I've been a teen am now 32 year old female. Have tried accutane, lasers, every script under the sun and most worked well but now I'm covered with melasma all over my face. I'm currently using finacea gel 15% (azelaic acid) but I don't have Rosacea or inflammatory acne. Thus it's not working much for the bumps but seems to be helping the melasma. Any idea if I can mix finacea in the morning and salicylic