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Found 41 results

  1. Day One Today is my first day on Accutane, more specifically the name brand Absorica. To be honest I am starting this new treatment quite suddenly. Just this morning I had my first appointment (ever) with a Dermatologist. I have had Acne since about eighth grade, and now that I am officially through my first semester of college, I definitely am getting tired of dealing with it. Throughout the years I have tried many different regiments and programs, some worked better than others, but never
  2. Hello everybody! This is a new blog I will be starting which will consist of my life with acne and how I got through high school, community college, college, and now grad. A little background information about me. I have had acne since my senior year of high school and throughout my college career. I have taken multiple acne prescriptions throughout my life. Here is a list of some of the prescriptions: Benzoyl Peroxide Tretinoin Doxycycline Hyclate Clindamycin Phosphate Epiduo Bactri
  3. Today was the first day of classes here at CSU and I can't help but feel upset about how I look right at the moment. So many people tell me that I cannot complain about my acne because it isn't as bad as others, but acne has controlled my whole life and now it's going to control my whole college experience too. This morning I got up for my 9 o'clock class and immediately put makeup on. It's hard enough to brush my teeth in front of the mirror, can you imagine putting makeup on too? Anyw
  4. I'm feeling very hopeless right now. My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck, ears, chest. Why didn't it go to my damn back? I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results. No more Saw Palmetto for me. Birth control here I come. Trying out Ocella. And yesterday I started juicing. Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then. Thinking about
  5. Hey everyone!!I've had moderate acne for the past 4 years and after endless medications and prescriptions I have built up the courage to go on Accutane! I've read so so many threads and logs and so many people have had great results! For the past 3 months this summer my acne took a turn for the worst after I got bronchitis and had to take a lot of medication (i thought antibiotics would help me??). Anyway, I've been even more depressed than usual and I barely leave the house so I don't pigment m
  6. Hello, I'm a 20 year old girl that's planning to transfer over to a university soon. Naturally, living with strangers is terrifying because of my mild to moderately bad skin. I really don't want anyone to see me without makeup on because of a traumatizing experience I had in a past related to it and someone I trusted. Suffice it to say that I have a huge complex regarding it. This has only festered because my skin has gotten exponentially worse over the past 7 years. Luckily, I actually do h
  7. Hi. I had severe cystic acne about 5 years ago which has cleared up significantly. I still have a handful of cysts but the main daily problem are the whiteheads... Every morning I wake up and there a dozen or more whiteheads on my chin - most days it seems and looks like my chin is just one huge whitehead. Anyways, even if I do get my chin under control relatively; as the day goes on it gets worse again. This happens even if I wear makeup or not. Does anybody else have this problem? I
  8. Isn't it wonderful that I last made a post on here five years ago and still haven't solved my acne problems -___- So, brief overview so as not to bore you (I'm sure no ones reading this anyway), I am 20 years old. In college. Had acne since I was 13. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, (works awesome as a spot treatment, not for prevention), salicylic acid, epiduo (great spot treatment too), some antibiotics that made me feel like vomiting 24/7, and I've finally made the decision to try accutane.
  9. First day on Accutane, Starting College in a week and a half eeep! Hey Y'all! Since this is my first post I guess I should introduce myself. Im a seventeen year old girl and I have had pretty bad acne since I was 13. To the best of my knowledge I have tried every cure for acne ever imagined; topical, dietary and antibiotic and nothing has worked which has been incredibly frustrating as I'm sure some of you probably know. So I have decided to try accutane. Having Acne has been increasi
  10. I have had acne on and off for years - starting from when I was 13 to now, when I am 18. The most severe acne that I've had has only been in the last two years, and only on two occasions - both after increased use of makeup(but somehow, I only break out on one cheek). Now, the problem is that I am still suffering from the after-effects of severe acne - dark spots and acne scars! My cheek is completely covered with redness and spots and I am so embarrassed to be seen with the blemishes. Sin
  11. Hey guys, I've been struggling with acne since i turned 12 and I'm am now 20. birth control helped control it but after switching all hell had broken loose. cystic acne on my cheeks and jawline...im miserable. and it's also caused some horrific scarring. even while on the pill my skin was super oily and it didn't help with my acne on my chest or back. Ive been on a bunch of topicals as well and I'm just looking for something i guess a little more permanent that will tackle breakouts and scarrin
  12. Hey everyone, I recently created an account to document my journey with accutane, which I just started taking 4 days ago. I am a 19 y/o male who weighs about 150 lbs, 6'0". My derm said I need to take 70mg based on my weight, so I follow this pattern: 80mg one day, 80mg the next day, and then 40mg the third day. Repeat. This evens out to roughly 70mg per day. My acne isn't super bad, but it's been really persistent and I'm tired of it. I've tried lots of topicals and antibiotics before reso
  13. I have Hyperpigmentation and acne scars which have caused enlarged pores. They make my face look like they are a lot of holes. Also the dark spots are all allocated in one area on my face that it appears as if there is a line on my face as you can see in the second picture. I need help on how I can fix my face. I also start college again in two weeks and I already know people will judge me for this, or maybe I'm paranoid. Thank you.
  14. I started getting acne back in 2010 when I started birth control, but once I hit junior year I actually did something about it. I got proactiv which worked for some time. I then went to a dermatologist who prescribed me adapalene .. It got me through my breakouts and then I used oxy which has 10% BP petty much until this summer. I got an occasional breakout from my TOM or stress but nothing too major. This summer I had a lot of stress, lost a family member, ended a relationship and got into a ne
  15. Hi all, first time poster here! I'm finishing my 6 month course (8500mg cumulative total) of accutane tomorrow, and needless to say I'm pretty excited. It's certainly worked in terms of clearing any acne - I haven't had any new spots in a couple of weeks - but unfortunately I still have loads of red marks and scabs from before. I start college at the end of August, so as you can imagine, I'm pretty keen to sort this out. I'm not expecting any miracles, I just don't want people to only not
  16. Hey everyone! I hope this doesn't come off as sounding too gimicky and advertisementish. I promise I'm not a spam bot! My name is Kensi. Last year I participated in a very small clinical trial for a take-home laser product that helps with acne. My results were fantastic, and they are now offering $400 to participants for a much larger clinical trial! Here's the good stuff: I had NO side effects and they cannot foresee any possible side effects It's easy to use Participants thus far
  17. I want Accutane. But right now my skin is almost clear except for a million redmarks and 2 small cysts. I use Dan's Regimen which can help keep my skin mostly clear but it's a pain in the butt to use. And it isn't going to cure my acne. I go to college soon and do not want to struggle with acne and a complex regimen there. If I stop using the regimen even for a week my skin will break out like crazy; I have moderate acne which is mostly suppressed with the regimen. My acne is persistent as I hav
  18. Because I will be going into my senior year of high school, I have been thinking about college a lot. I have also been thinking about my skin. Currently, I don't leave the house without makeup on, EVER. I don't even usually walk around my house without it on. It's the first thing I do in the morning: brush teeth, wash face, and put on my makeup. I absolutely HATE how I look without it, because my skin is so ugly. So how am I supposed to go away and live in a dorm and share a bathroom with a bunc
  19. Hi all! I've been suffering with acne for most of my life, it started when I was around 11 and obviously got increasingly worse over time. By the time I was at the end of middle school, I had HORRIBLE cystic acne all over my face. If I had a penny every time I heard the jibe "pizza face" I'd probably be a billionaire. I was finally able to see a dermatologist during my Junior year of high school and have been seeing them ever since (I'm currently a Junior in Undergrad). When I first met wit
  20. 19 years old--I just finished my freshman year of college. Virtually no acne throughout the year despite zero skin care, 5-6 hours of sleep a night, and *ahem* college festivities. But around finals I breakout...bad. When I come home for summer, I expect it to get better but it still got worse. That was May. Now it's July and my acne is very bad. I'll attach before/after pictures later. I have like no acne on the top 2/3 of my face but my jawline is very specifically riddled with acne. HELP. I
  21. Hello everyone, To start off, I am a freshman in college this year. I have been struggling with acne since about 7th grade, and it just seems to keep getting worse as the years go on. When I was younger, I picked at it, so there are also nasty scars & hyperpigmentation along with the acne. The acne I have is mainly white head breakouts with that occasional mild cystic breakout. It has been my biggest insecurity, and I literally feel like I have done everything known to mankind to try to ge
  22. I am an 18 year old African American guy. So I leave for College in a week, which is 5 hours away from me. I have struggled with social anxiety from 10th grade when I began to develop acne. It didn't not get really bad but I wasn't conscious about it. I was more anxious about things like my health, and stuff like that. The anxiety I am surely caused me to develop more acne. It wasn't until 11th grade where the acne got really bad. Now it's after high school and I don't have any more acne but
  23. Hi everyone! So I am a 21-year-old girl who has struggled on and off with acne since I was about 14. My acne was pretty bad when I was 14, and my dermatologist managed to get it very clear with antibiotics and some topicals. Since then I have experienced LONG periods of clear skin (2+ years) with occasional breakouts that were usually not very long-lasting. However, my skin has not been clear now for AT LEAST 6-7 months. I am getting so frustrated and tired of always wondering how long my clear
  24. Hi everybody! This is my first post and I'm hoping I can get some advice before I start my Accutane journey. First, some backstory: I started getting acne when I was about 12 (I'm 19 now) and for many years I just "coped" and wore makeup. The volume of my pimples was never that bad, but I would always have one or two really painful cysts on my chin, bad blackheads on my nose and the occasional smaller pimples around my face. It is really only the cysts that concern me, since they are painful a
  25. Hey acne.org, I've been reading this website for over a year now, and I just made this account just to post this. I'm an18 year old male and I've acne for about two years now. It started out of nowhere around the time I turned 17, I got it slightly under control with minocycline, but after taking that for over a year, it's time I wipe out acne forever. I don't have severe acne, but I usually wake up and go to sleep every night/ morning with two or three whiteheads. I also get a big pimple ever