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Found 14 results

  1. All the things I have tried that did not work for me: ProActiv Murad Ole Henrickson Juice Beauty Peter Roth Philosophy Clear Skin Arcona Problem Skin Arcona Oily Skin Kate Somerville Mario Badescu Clinque LaRoche Posay Kiehls Revive Clean & Clear Desert Essence Acne Free Cetaphil Scent free dove soap bar (as suggested by my dermatologist) Burts Bees Natural remedies Aztec Clay Lemon/Honey Mask Fresh cut aloe vera Avocado/yogurt mask Egg mask green tea sea salt e
  2. Hello! I have just finished my course on Accutane, woohoo! I have been experiencing very red skin for months now, both on, and now off Accutane. I never had the problem before taking the medication, but now I get a lot of comments about it, and it sucks! My skin will randomly feel very hot and get extremely red a few times a day at school, but normally it's just red, and my hands are both red and cold (no pain or discomfort!). I also get very sweaty palms. please help me! Thanks
  3. I always told myself that if I ever got rid of my acne I would come back here and tell everyone what worked for me, so maybe they could give it a try too. Just before Christmas last year I made one change, I stopped washing my face with hot water. I didn't use any facial cleansers at the time because they made my skin so dry and tight so the only contact my face had with hot water was in the shower. I decided to try and see what effect, if any, turning off hot water in the shower would have.
  4. I am 20 years old and every time I get sick I break out horribly! I know for a fact it is just not a "coincidence" like some people may assume. Is this normal? try to prevent being sick by taking four 500mg vitamin C chewable tablets every day (or when I remember) This is what I read when I googled it: When your immune system is low (when you're sick), you'll experience less energy and more acne since your body's defenses are down and are less likely to defend against bacteria on your face
  5. I started taking Accutane yesterday. These symptoms started yesterday. I get very cold when it's room temperature and then I can get very hot and sweat from everywhere, especially my hands. During the night I sweat a lot too. Is this a known side effect of Accutane? Even if it is I doubt the side effects would come in the day I start the treatment. The thing is I went out 3 days ago to drink for the last time before I began Accutane and we think one of my friends got some GHB (date-rape drug)
  6. hello, ive been on the regimen for a little over 2 months and the dryness and flakiness is starting to get to me.. i was wondering if the cold winter weather we're having in new york is contributing to this and if i should look forward to the warmer weather.. im really hoping when it starts getting warmer the dryness and flakiness will subside.. any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated
  7. So I have been on the regimen since July and so glad my skin is clear! I have yet to find a full proof answer for my dry skin though. Before I was on the regimen I never washed my face, ever. My face NEVER got dry, not even in the winter. I've always sort of had an oily face though, not bad though. But ever since I've been on the regimen my face gets dry after swimming, after showers ( I understand how the water temperature effects my skin but has never effected it until now ), and now that it's
  8. Hi guys I have moderate acne at the moment, and am just wondering what is the best way to wash ones face, i've heard about a million different things lol. Some say: hot, then cold water, just cold, just hot, etc etc. Basically, If i was to just use water to wash my face, twice a day, what would be the best method for my skin? Thanks in advance peeps! =D
  9. I started taking Zinc supplements about 4 weeks ago (50 mg Now Brand Zinc Picolinate). Yesterday I started a Cold (sneezing, very stuffy/constant runny nose, stuffy head feeling). This is weird because this is the first time I've gotten a Cold since I was a kid. I'm 30 now. Is there some sort of detox effect going on? On the plus side, Zinc (in addition to a healthier lifestyle) is helping immensely with the acne! I went from many huge hormonal cysts to clear (just have scars left). I'm also
  10. Hey everyone, Currently on accutane and have a cold (nasal congestion is preventing any breathing through my nose). I know I'm not supposed to take anything with acetaminophen (nyquil, dayquil, some forms of sudafed, etc), but what about Advil Cold & Sinus? It has ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine. Has anyone come across a similar situation in the past? Thanks so much!
  11. As an acne sufferer for the past 20 years I finally found an explanation/ cure that's worth looking into. Acne is the result when Our body uses the skin as the last resort to eliminate waste (toxins, germs, any other unwanted stuff). That is, our body has tried to eliminate the waste/toxins through the usual channels and we have not allowed it. Our body's immune system has a few ways to eliminate germs and any unwanted harmful stuff by Sneezing, cold, fever, loose bowels. Some people will
  12. so for like the past 2 months I've been eating super healthy. I've been taking all kinds of vitamins--everything you can think of vitamin A b C D E Omega 3 zinc magnesium Calcium.. I can't even think of everything. Now all the sudden I find myself with a bad cold. I don't understand this. I thought all these types of foods and vitamins would prevent people from getting sick.. What gives??
  13. Hey guys, I think I've found an effective way to speed up the process of fading blemishes and red/dark marks. Ever tried hot/cold therapy? Basically it involves alternating hot and cold temperatures, typically used on swelling of sorts, but I do it on my face. Only instead of ice I just used cold water. What I do is every morning before I go out and a couple hours before bed, I would first wash my face with warm water(use a cleanser if you want). Do this for a 30 seconds or so, then imm
  14. Hey, I was just wondering how many of you shave in the morning and how many of you shave at night. I am wondering because I used to shave at night and now I shave in the morning. I was thinking that maybe when I shave in the morning and go out in the sun it may irritate my face more because I just passed a blade over my skin. When do you shave and why? Thanks.