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Found 18 results

  1. Already giving up alcohol for the most part bc of the problem I have with broken veins, I was wondering if I should be giving up coffee as well. I probably have millions of very very tiny less than 0.1mm veins and bigger ones all over my face, I do laser treatments regularly. I love coffee, but is it just not worth it for the risk?
  2. I'm enthusiastic because my skin is the clearest it has been in years. I have felt optimistic before - only to relapse - but I will share my thoughts now and then update in a few weeks. If I can go another 2 weeks with no new cysts then I will feel like I have conquered this disease. I'm an almost 30 year old male who has had moderate acne since puberty. For the past 8 years or so my acne has mostly been cystic, especially on my forehead, jawline and corners of my mouth. I have almost zero pr
  3. Today I decided to go for the dosage increase. I have started on 30mg which was prescribed by the Derm. It was off my own back I decided to start with the 20mg rather than the 30mg, due to my mental health history and usual sensitivity to antibiotics and medications. There is nothing much to report really. My skin is dry compared to normal but after the Cetaphil moisturiser I feel greasy for the rest of the day. The tip of my nose is peeling slightly still and my upper cheeks are a little sens
  4. Is alcohol causing my breakouts? I went out for drinks two days ago and this happened. My skin is sometimes good or bad. Also is drinking coffee and smoking causing acne too? Thanks guys
  5. So, near the end of december I had a very stressful day at work and felt a cyst coming (and I have gotten cysts over the years, like one or two every couple months), over the course of the next few months I kept getting cystic acne along my jawline and under it. I kept going back to the dermatologist to get them injected and slathering on topicals. I eat very healthy, exercise. I ate a paleo diet for awhile, never tried going vegetarian but food doesn't seem to have much of an affect on my skin
  6. I haven't really had the need to return back to Acne.org for a few years when I got over acne. When I was 18, I broke out all over my face and struggled with finding the right skincare products and taking regular trips to the dermatologist. Since then, I've only had mild breakouts and have kept them under control. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing a whole other new kind of breakout: adult cystic acne. For the last 2-3 months, I've been breaking out in cysts. They are large, painful, under-th
  7. Hey Guys! I was at The Coffee Bean the other day and once my order was completed I asked the casier/barista if they had vegan baked goods and she said no. Then when the barista who made my drink asked me If I was the one who asked about the vegan stuff and I said yes. And she said my chai latte has milk in it, and I asked her how is that possible because I asked for almond milk, Then she showed me a can of the vanilla powder they add in the coffee as a sweetener, which contains the fabulous
  8. Hi, I've decided to cut out my daily big cup of coffee because I think that the milk and high caffeine content could be triggering my very oily skin and hormonal acne. I'm drinking 1-2 cups of green tea a day now, strongly brewed. If this diet change is going to help my acne or oily skin AT ALL, when will I experience a change? Could it be as soon as a week if the green tea really is going to improve my ridiculous oil production? Or is it one of these things that will take about 3 months?
  9. I'm curious if it breaks you out personally. I've been unsure till now cause I didn't think it was a problem but after being sick and not drinking coffee for a few days I had no new inflamed spots. I already don't use dairy in coffee so it's not that. It's the one thing I have every day and I definitely have other food allergies and issues with inflammation. I've read many contradicting things about coffee. It's the caffeine, theobromine, some other chemical...who knows. Cortisol and adrenaline
  10. Hi guys, im always prone to acne and I have done 2 courses of acctane in my life. I managed to get it under control after years of struggling. However, recently I have been out drinking every weekend and it breaks me out everytime. Is alcohol causing my breakouts? I went out for drinks two days ago and this happened. Also is drinking coffee and smoking causing acne too? But one thing I noticed its that it is only this period of time drinking breaks me out. Like one year one
  11. I have had a small patch of folliculitis on the back of my neck for about 18 months now. My doctor put me on several antibiotic creams and then pills. Neither worked, so he said the only resort was to take Accutane. I hate ingesting harsh drugs and keep hearing that one should avoid Accutane at all costs, so i have tried everything from coconut oil (did nothing) to tea tree oil (helps some) to see if i can discover a natural cure/magic bullet. So, my best friend, years ago had a back acne sit
  12. I thought I'd share with you my success story, as battling acne over the past 15 years has been very challenging and emotionally draining! I changed a few things in my diet, can eat normally otherwise and have completely clear skin for the first time in as long as I can remember. Firstly, I have mild to moderate acne on my cheeks. I have always had around 3 large, red, active spots at any one time, up to 10 during a breakout and scarring that stays red for a long time. I only had clear skin w
  13. Hi everyone, I have been using these forums for years to get ideas on how to cure my acne. Finally after 17 years of pimples at 33 i am proud to announce that i am acne free and feeling great. All I have to do now is let the scars fade. I will share how it happened. So I have combination skin which is dry and prone to black heads with hormonal breakouts around that time of month especially on the cheeks chin and around the temples. Theres been a few discussions on here as to wheth
  14. For the past couple weeks I have been drinking coffee again [one small cup in the morning (half a tsp and about 40ml/50ml full fat milk)], I was doing well not drinking it too however I'm not really noticing toooo much of a difference in my skin worsening or whatever, maybe just sliiightly more red but not lots. I keep telling myself that I will stop drinking it but it never happens since its like a morning comforter, I used to love tea but now I just hate the taste of tea...it seems to be the t
  15. Currently I am about 2 weeks into my 40 mg 2x per day accutane course. Before I started, I got a small pimple under the skin that only seemed to inflame for about 2 days, then nearly went away for good. A week after I started accutane, it began to come back, by yesterday, it was a inflamed red pustule on my cheek. It was very bothersome today, as it hurt when I talked, so I found the most sensitive part on the end and gently pricked it, which released some pressure as (sorry for this) some dark
  16. Hi folks, I am beginning my third month of 100 mg spironalactone per day. I'm hoping it will kick in soon. I have read (in The Big Hormone Post) that coffee makes hormonal acne worse. In an effort to reduce my coffee intake, I hope to switch to mate, black tea, and green tea. I understand that avoiding caffeine altogether might be ideal, but this is not realistic for me. Has anyone experienced or read about an improvement upon switching from coffee to tea? Finally, has anyone found that
  17. Hi Guys, The change to my skin has been dramatic. I have had no spots on my face for 2 months now but I still get some spots on my scalp. I would therefore say I am around 80% - 90% cured. I still have very oily skin though. What I did was: 1. Cut out all Coffee, replacing with decaffeinated tea. 2. Follow an Intermittent Fasting pattern of eating. I eat from 12pm - 9pm everyday only. Apart from step 4 below. 3. Have a VSL#3 sachet at 8am on an empty stomach. 4. Have a full glass of home
  18. I've never posted on here before (but I stalk a lot of the threads!) and I finally thought I would, since my skin is currently the best it's been since I was 11/12 years old! The three dietary changes that I've made recently for my skin and overall health have been: -cutting out/reducing dairy -reducing coffee -ADDING spearmint tea I'm sure I don't have to say much about dairy, as many acne sufferers warn against ingesting much of it for various reasons. I recently realized I was bec