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Found 500 results

  1. My doctor is going to use a C02 laser after performing my second subcision next week. Is C02 Laser considered an old type of laser that is not as effective as newer lasers? Should I reconsider? I hope someone knowledgeable can respond ASAP. Thanks
  2. Hi all! First time posting here. Have been on this skin care journey for over a decade, 2 rounds of acutane and my skin is completely acne free, now ready to finally get rid of my awful pitted acne scars that I have all over my cheeks. I went in for a consultation at a med spa to get an idea of what they would need to do and what the costs would be. I live in LA and found a well-reviewed place in Beverly Hills, so I knew it would be more expensive than if I lived somewhere else, and I w
  3. Four days ago (11/20/2013) I had dermbarsion, co2 laser and recell performed by Dr. Maini in Nottingham. Today I got the bandages off. While I’m too red to make a final assessment, I am optimistic that I will have a good outcome from the procedure. The procedure was carried out under local anesthesia. I’m not a huge fan of needles, so getting the injections was not too pleasant. Then the doctor took the skin sample for the recell. He took the skin from behind my left ear. The C02 laser was
  4. People, I am planning on getting a fractional CO2 laser treatment for some acne scars but the prices seem to vary a lot. So I'd like to know where you got your treatment and how much you paid for it. I know that not all the lasers are the same, but I just want to know what kind of laser treatment you got, where, and how much you paid for it. I think this will help a lot of people who have no idea what the cost is. Thanks !!!!!
  5. I've had Matrix RF Fractional CO2 laser done for my acne scars (mostly just red on my cheeks). It's been about 2 weeks since the treatment, and I'm having another one in 2 weeks as it came in a package. That will be my last one. I see close to 0% improvement 2 weeks post of treatment, is this normal? When will I actually see results from this laser? When they say the laser effects will be seen for several years, does that mean this treatment is not permanent? (i.e, the same scars will appear a
  6. Luckily for me, the world leader in laser dermatology dealing with skin imperfections like pih is only 40 minutes away from me. I explained to the doctor my condition and he told me that he can easily get rid of hyperpigmentation. So I have a consultation 2 weeks from now. How quickly do you get results from a fraxel or co2 laser (which is what i assume he will be using) and how many treatments does it normally take? Here is his website if you are interested.
  7. Hey there fellow peepz! I have been reading extensively on the type of treatments available & roughly know that CO2 or Fractional Laser is what I should be going for my scarring. For those who are from Singapore, I have very bad skin similar to our local celeb, Mark Lee (but his skin has considerably improved recently! Laser treatment too perhaps?) Can anyone from Singapore recommend & share their experience with laser treatments, especially location & cost? Much apprecia
  8. I have done quite a bit of research on the topic, and having reviewed several different methods for each laser, this got me to thinking. I understand that most modern lasers, non-ablative or ablative, work through the fractional method, called so because it leaves portions of the skin in the treated area intact, thus allowing for faster healing. The theory behind this is so that it promotes coagulation of tissue in the epidermis and dermis, thus inciting the skin to produce new collagen to f
  9. Hello! I'm wondering what's the best interval between fractional co2 lasers? I had totalfx done some time ago and I was thinking of having smartxide in about a month as I have time then... That'd be about 2 and half months between treatments. Am I wasting money if I do another treatment before I have full results from the first one? Since it's said that collagen remodeling can keep happening even 6 months after a co2 treatment. I know I won't be satisfied with results I'll get from this
  10. Can anyone please tell me if I were to decide a Fractional CO2 laser Treatment for the Acne Scars that I have on my Cheeks. Out of the Smartxide Dot laser and the Deep FX laser which one gives the best results. Any personal experience with these machines shared will help immensely. Thanks
  11. Hello all, Preface: Many companies like Avita (spray on stem cells) are still under FDA approval so I was shocked to find this company doing something even more invasive. Today I called into MetroMD. You can find them by doing a video search for "stem cell acne scar". I expected them to offer what most places around the world were doing, spray on stem cell with CO2 Dot Therapy. They have only been doing business for one year now which makes me wary of this company and would like to know if
  12. Okay so for 4 years i been dealing with Acne. But not due to hormones or food or genetics, i developed my acne from a medication called Prednisone, long term dosage. I was on this medication due to a stomach disease called Ulcerative Colitis. I just had 2 surgeries throughout 2010 and 2011 and finally I am healthy. The prednisone left me with acne scars and i broke out somewhat of the time. I learned over the years that over the counter products do NOTHING! I thought to myself when the t
  13. Hi, I've been suffering from acne & acne scars since high school and during my stay abroad (Canada & Aussie), I got a severe troublesome on my face. By the way I'm Korean woman. The troublesome looked like severe cystic acne and it itched a lot. As I came back to Korea, I got a treatment from Korean oriental clinic, which is similar to derma needing therapy. After the treatment, luckly, I looked a lot better than before, but many ugla scars remained. Because I used to work at sea, I
  14. This thread will go thru my journey as I get my scar treatment. I plan on getting mixto with subcision with dr David rahimi. I am quite young only 18 so I figured why not get my treatment when my scars and I are young. Any my questions you have I will answer. I will post pictures of my scars once most people join in on the thread. But right now my scars are mild not super mild but not yet moderate more in the middle. I have mostly box car scars with a couple ice pick and about one your two
  15. Have a look at this link: http ://www.sculptaclinic.co.uk/stem-cell-therapy. html (I added spaces after http and therapy.) There are pdf files for each case study. I got this link off an article already posted. They did a CO2 laser followed by a 'stem cell' spray, cultured from a biopsy from the patient. The man with the heavy acne scarring showed great improvement. I think a foresee a very expensive vacation to Scotland in my future...
  16. Patients beware of Dr Adrianna Scheibner it is true what people are posting on this message board about her. Dr Adrianna Scheibner has no practicing medical licence in Melbourne or other Australian states with the exception of a conditional licence in NSW that has been widely breached. Yet the Australian medical board have let this con-artist practice her CO2 laser treatment and burn more patients not only physically on their faces with third degree burns and scarring but also with a hole in the
  17. So I've got stubborn raised scars on my nose and I'm 99% sure that they're sebaceous glands that won't go away with conventional treatment. I've used tazorac, TCA peels, co2 laser, hydrocortisone, nothing seems to work. So the only option I've found on these forums seems to be electrocautery. However, I was wondering if Dermatend could possibly work? It's used to burn/freeze off moles. Here is the picture of the scars I am talking about: http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/5301/img03291o.jpg
  18. Hi guys. I posted before about my large cystic acne scar on one cheek and hypo pigmentation from co2 ablasive laser surgery. Anyway I saw a consultant here in Switerland and they gave me a few options. They couldnt recommend anything for the pigmentation loss, which i guessed would be the case anyway. They said its easier to treat hypopigmentation when all the pigment is lost but in my case i have some left. So I am going to try needling for this. Ill start on one scar, track the results and se
  19. When I went in for my fillers a few weeks ago the doctor said she would like to put me on a 5 step treatment plan. Part of which was Carboxytherapy. I wondered if anyone here has had this treatment and what their experiences were? I had never heard of it before my consultation, and here is what is said about it on my doctors site: Carbon Dioxide Therapy or Carboxytherapy, the miracle gas, has been touted as the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox, and is now available in South Africa at Sk
  20. I just has laser CO2. It was about $2500.00 at a plastic surgeon. My tone looks better but I still have acne scars. I thought they would go away. But I do not have any crows feet :surprised:
  21. So I have some cash coming my way and I want to go in for a treatment. I think doing a combo treatment right now is out of my price range (i.e. combining subcision with other modalities) but I want to do something over my spring break. I have done enough treatments over the last year where I think that a lot of scar tissue is broken up under my rolling scars, but new dermis didn't necessarily grow from that... Would a CO2 laser or profractional laser work best?
  22. Hi Everyone, So I came onto this forum for the same reason as everyone else, looking desperately for a solution to get rid of my acne scars and along my research I came across the dry-needling thread started by Maya and others. Initially, I had myself convinced that for my pitted scars nothing was going to work except for scar revision/excision (back in 2005 I had a CO2 laser resurfacing procedure performed on my cheeks and forehead with little to no improvement on the pits), but after readin
  23. Hi folks! I could finally make my way to upload pictures of my scarring (cheeks) - unfortunately the quality is not the best - in fact they appear much better in every single picture but thats all I have now... Im open to any kind of treatment, esp considering fractional CO2 Lasers such as Total FX and Fraxel Repair - please let me know what you think! female.21.fair skin.former accutane user - the bc pill keeps my acne at bay but there still are minor breakouts every now and then as well as
  24. hi there i have loads and loads of enlarged pores on my face and a couple of deep scars aswell and these are i reddish pinkish colour, i had co2 laser on the right cheek and it looks worse now than before, so i have waited 9 months after and had pixel laser on the 2 cheeks, it was good at first but i dnt see much improvement, i am supposed to be havin 4, i have important dates this year and iam puttin pressure on myself to look good, is there any truth in scars improving, iam so depressed and cn
  25. Hi, I'm a new member and wondering if anyone has experienced what I have. I recently underwent the Pixel CO2 laser resurfacing for some depressed acne scars, enlarged pores, discoloration, and some unevenness. There were not many scars and the skin that was unscarred was healthy. I had done a great deal of research on fractional lasers and when talking to the dermatologist who performed this she had said Pixel Co2 was great for acne scars/evening everything out. My gut had told me to go with the