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Found 136 results

  1. Nothing much to report here really. I have had two noticeable spots in the past week or so, weirdly in the same place but on opposite sides in front of my ears. The one in front of my left ear now feels huge under the skin. Other than that pretty good really. I still have the Hyper-pigmentation but I find if I skip a day on the meds then that seems to fade a little, I am hoping that means it will fade pretty quickly when I stop the medication for good. I have had some muscle and back pain on a
  2. So I’ve been for 2 years going around the same problem, closed comedones on my face. I’m a 20 (almost 21) year old female. At the beginning of the year I started using a medication in gel form that had tretinoin 0,025% and erythromycin. I work, mostly. Some of my closed comedones were gone and some I was able to easily extract them. But for some reason I broke out again pretty bad all over my cheeks. I kept using the gel but I realize it wasn’t doing much, so I started using tretinoin on 0
  3. Bare with me. Its a long story over 8-10 years of knowledge but I hope this helps someone. #Skin RE-CLOGGING ITSELF endlessly My acne slowly slowly started when I was 12 and atm im 22 (first with bumps and pus filled ones and at 20 years oled they were deep big under skin cysts- it was a stressful time w bad relationship/ I ate very much processed food and oils and dairy). At 16 I was on birth control for half a year which didnt help acne and my whole body hated it (depression, low energy, br
  4. Hello, Does anyone else have this kind of acne? Anyone know what it is? I’ve tried just about everything in my lifetime and nothing seems to improve my condition. I am in my late 20’s now and have had this for about 15 years. Please see the picture to see if this is something you can identify and any advice for what helped. Most of the time you cannot see the acne, only in certain lights. Then it looks awful. It’s almost as if every pore has a bump.
  5. Ok no one ever answers me on here but i will keep posting on the off chance that somebody will. So I have comedonal acne with the occasional closed comedone that becomes inflamed and turns into a huge pimple/cyst. I went on accutane for this because nothing else helped and my skin has erupted the entire course. Worst skin of my life. I understand it must purge your pores, but I am 6 months in and my skin is consistently breaking out bad. My question is, I weigh 110 and am on 60 mg per day fro
  6. I had acne for maybe 6-7 years(idk exact years)! after consulting couple of dermatologists/doctors/skin specialists I cure from acne by taking lot of antibiotics & applying topicals. but after got rid of acne I have now (sebaceous filaments/clogged pores/ plugged sebum/ white gunk in the pores) idk what should I call it - for 3 years . I went to skin specialists/doctors/dermatologists but they couldn't get rid of that from me. its almost 1-2 years i'm searching for the solution of this prob
  7. From the album: Isolaz+Laser Genesis

    After awhile I feel like it's not getting much better because every time when I do Isolaz, all the active acne would be flatten for 2-3 days. After that new pimples emerge from the remaining close comedones. It's like a never ending cycle. Plus my skin scars really badly. I can't have this going on like this! I really need to find a solution for those closed comedones.
  8. Hi I have had these closed comedones (I believe it's what they are) I am just wondering if anyone has has any success on them. I have hundreds. Hardly any inflammatory acne just comedones. They are driving me crazy because they make my skin texture look awful and it's terrible in light. I've tried trentioin for a year and nothing. I've also tried salicylic acid recently I'll update if that works. Also I stared 10mg accutane per day a week ago. Here's a pic of what it currently looks like in s
  9. Hey so last year in July, I was really annoyed with pimples sprouting up here and there on my face, and I was tired of using home remedies due to no avail. It was then that my sister recommended me to use a cream, and I happily applied and used it for over 5-6 months. I saw awesome results, but Little did I know that what I was using was actually a strong steroid cream. Along with that, I was also using a heavy MAC foundation and incorporated the steroid cream as my go-to moisturiser. After
  10. hi! do whiteheads always purge into pustules before subsequently going away? or do they go on their own without a purge of any form? currently doing the water only regimen and my oiliness has most definitely gone down whilst i still have mild acne on my forehead. three weeks in now. my diet is good, i drink plenty of water, etc etc.. god for weeks my face felt slightly irritated though now im quite sure it's drying down. Help? :^) x
  11. So ive been working on BP 2.5% on my clogged pores and its working well so far. When i procceeded to buy another tube, theres no stock on BP 2.5% Can i switch up to BP 5%? I currently have no side effects on BP 2.5%.
  12. Hi! i'm turning to this because I cannot get rid of my closed comedones. i'm not even going to list my skincare routine right now.... I'm JUST wondering if anyone has had experience with this frustrating things. I don't get many pimples anymore, i just have a decent amount of closed comedones on my cheeks mainly.. A little on my forehead. I'm guessing it's from makeup foundation i've worn. But i cannot get them to go away. I started a new routine with AHA and BHA and i've had some improvement, b
  13. Just thought I'd share the amazing experience I had through using zinc oxide 40%(more specifically: burts bees baby bee diaper rash ointment). A little back story, I'm a 24 year old who never really had issues with acne until my Mirena iud birth control made me get horrible acne on my forehead. They were mostly closed comedones but there was one huge cystic pimple. I, of course, tried to pop it numerous times only to make it worse. Eventually it flatten and I was left with a scar(which hydroquin
  14. 20yr old female here. I've always had amazing skin with the occasional zit here and there and some blackheads. Last year I started to develop a few closed comedones in the crease of my chin. I used to try to squeeze them out and they began to spread out more, very unnoticeable though so it didn't bother me since I had only a few. In September like literally overnight they started to spread rapidly in clusters all over chin area, jawline and around my lips... there were so many, about over 50. So
  15. Accidentally made two posts. How do I delete this?
  16. Hi guys, I just recently joined this site because I always find myself coming to it to read the advice. My acne first started when I was around eleven. I began getting these rough, tiny, under the skin bumps along my cheeks near my nose. They never bothered me much because I could only see them in the sunlight and in harsh lighting. Then, when I hit about 12-13, that's when the fun began. My forehead became covered in whiteheads, as well as a few along my cheeks and chin, and my back was covered
  17. Hi, I have these small bumps all over my face and I really want to know how to get rid of them! I saw my GP and she prescribed me tetracycline, which i just finished, and Benzaclin. I've been using the benzaclin for a couple of weeks already but i haven't been seeing that many changes... Please help....
  18. So my clsoed comedones literally appeared over night, they have pretty much spread from my chin to both sides of my jaw and cheeks. In certain lights it looks horrendous like tiny hard dots all over my face. I have just started tetrasyl and epiduo. I also started using Mario Badesco Glycolic Toner Is there any other advice anyone can give, and how long can it take to disappear? I dont understand how overnight this could have happened, I always had mild acne but this now past the point
  19. Okay so I'm new to these boards and I thought it would be a good place to track my experience with tretinoins. I never had acne growing up (teenage years), I would get small zits here and there, nothing bad... but I have always had blackheads on my nose (mostly the small annoygin ones that never go away and are almost unpoppable) But around the beginning of 2011 I just started breaking out really bad. I did change my birth control in December so I thought that that could have been the cause, so
  20. Hey guys! Okay, so here's the thing. I barely have any acne, just stupid closed comedones! They piss me off and really bother me. I heard clay masks were good for them. But which ones? Please only recommend one if you have tried it and it worked. Thank you!
  21. Hi I was just wondering if sulfur ointment (specifically de la Cruz sulfur ointment 10%) works for closed comedones? Can someone please answer ASAP?
  22. Hi friends! I'm at my wits end with my skin right now... Just wanted to pick your brains about what products I can use/ what I can do to tackle my SUPER acne prone skin. A little bit about my skin: I was on Diane 35 for about 1 year because I was breaking out severely on my forehead and cheeks. It got better with the BC as well as a regimin consisting of the Cosrx Good Morning Cleanser, Sunday Riley Lactic Acid and pure Argan Oil. Then I got off Diane 35 about a year ago and it wasn't
  23. So I think my weeks may be one off on these posts, but when I go back and look, I can’t see where the mistake is… idk. Ever since my dosage was upped, I’ve been getting a long and irritating breakout. I know it’s probably my body expelling the deep acne in my skin, but it HURTS and my skin picking has become a lot more challenging as a result. My closed comedones have become more numerous and obvious, yet all of my mirrors in my room are covered to dissuade my picking sessions so I’m not exactly
  24. I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary c
  25. My forehead has small bumps/ texture to it. A few of them seem to be slightly red but i think they may be pimples? Does this look like closed comedones, clogged/congested skin, fungal acne or is it something completely different, I've had it for the longest time. Some days its worse other days it's not as bad, I'm prone to hormonal acne and it seems to look worse when it's that time of the month. I do have keratosis pilaris on the bottom of my legs but I dont think that's what i