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Found 20 results

  1. Background story: I've always had nice skin. I've used depo provera and the Nuvaring as birth control methods in the past which have made no difference in my skin. In October 2014, I got the Mirena IUD inserted. It made my skin horrible. I tried all sorts of topicals but nothign really helped. I removed it in June 2015 and it got better but never fully cleared up. Last month, I started breaking out again and my skin care regime/ life style/ diet hasn't changed. I was using Clindoxyl and glycol
  2. I had mild acne since it was 12 I'm now 28 I finally asked my Gp about it and was given differin for night clindoxyl in the mornings so I've been using them for 5 days and my skin keeps getting super red and sore peeling hurting when I use the differin I'm wondering if this is normal? I'm going to stop using it every day maybe every third day any help advice anything would be much appreciated
  3. I notice myself hiding away from the world with acne. Telling people I have an eye sensitivity which is why sunglasses need to be worn at all times when outside (even when its not sunny) - just so I can hide, Hide away from those stares of disgust. Anyone get them? Those glares, as if you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead - but in fact its probably just a pimple. I notice that I cant look in the mirror with my contacts/glasses on, I run away from mirrors, or somehow blurr my vi
  4. My general practitioner prescribed me differin 0.3 gel and I have been on it for about 5 weeks now. I had a pretty bad Ib around week 3 and then week 4 my skin was clearing and I had almost no new acne in the that week (expect the remarks from my last breakout made it look equally as bad) but a broke out again over the weekend. Then just a couple days ago my doctor gave me a clindoxyl prescription. I asked about using it with the differin (as the differin which unclog pores would help the antib
  5. Hello there, I just recently joined and I need help. Roughly 5 weeks ago, I used the clindoxyl cream on my forehead and the side of my face because there was 1 or 2 pimples and i left it on over night. I did this for 2 nights however on the second day, I left the cream on all day. (I usually wash it off the next morning) The third day, I started to notice 3 or 4 tiny bumps. I thought it was nothing and the next day, there was more, and so on. I believe it's the Benzoyl Peroxide, since I may
  6. I'm near my mid thirties and for the first time in my life I have bacne. I've always had mild-moderate acne on my face but never on my back, and to a lesser extent my chest. I've never had acne look like this either. Each pimple has a large radiating redness, and the whiteheads are both huge and bubble outwards (think bubble wrap). I don't want to pick at it, and I can't reach it, making bras, shoulder bags, a firm back pat, etc. both dangerous and painful. I've had a few blouses ruined already.
  7. I am suffering from hormonal acne. I have been trying different medications to help my skin but it has not gotten better, in fact only got worse. I statred using Alysena 28 birth controls since last three to four weeks. Since I didn't see much improvement, my doctor prescribed me Minocyclne 50 mg. I used this medication before but due to severe initial breakout, I stopped. This time also, like last time, I got a really bad initial breakout with more than 12 pimples on my cheeks, chin and forehea
  8. Hey Everyone! So today I saw a dermatologist who prescribed me Retin-A Micro. I suffer mostly from non-inflammatory acne/closed comedones. I had a lot of whiteheads and bumps under the skin. I've been using clindoxyl, which is an antibiotic topical cream w/ benzoyl peroxide, but it doesn't seem to help much. I do get the occasional cyst, but most of the time it is my whiteheads that turn into pimples, so that is the issue I am most concerned about. I've been instructed to used this 3 t
  9. I' was prescribed Tetracycline 250mg ( 2 in the morning, and 2 in the night) also clindoxyl adv in the morning and stieva a 0.025% in the night. My greatest concern is the routine. If I cleanse and apply clindoxyl to my skin at 8am How long do I keep it on ? I need help making a routine. I don't want to experience peeling and what not, I'd like a professional response or someone in the same boat as I am. My acne isn't to bad. I forgott to ask my dermatologist to help make a routine. My take
  10. I was on the pill for 17 years to control my acne. It worked ok most of the time but my skin was never "perfect". Around the age of 30 I started noticing a couple of changes in my body and my emotional state and decided to do some research. (I have bipolar disorder and I've been taking Lamotragine for quite some time) My symptoms included: hyperpigmentation on my face, severe hair loss, emotional instability and moodswings, depression. After my 32nd birthday, I had lost enough hair and suffered
  11. So i got clindoxyl gel from my doctor which has 5% BP and dans regimen has 2.5%. I'm supposed to use clindoxyl only at night and I'm not supposed to use any moisturizer or anything.. but I'm kind of scared to do that because dans bp is 2.5% and it dried out my skin like craaaazyyyyyy but maybe thats because i used it twice a day and i used a lot of product? I'm not sure if i should just listen to my doctor and just stop using moisturizer and use just clindoxyl or just use it in the mornings ,and
  12. Hi! So I've always had clear skin then I started breaking out because of the Mirena IUD back in October. I started using Retinol A 0.05% and Clindoxyl and had my IUD removed in June. My skin improved a lot but my clindyoxl expired about a month ago. I started using a Khiels over the counter product instead. Lately I started to break out again so I went back to the doctor. I got a new Clindoxyl prescription and was prescribed Stieva A 0.1% and Alesse to regulate my period and because my doc
  13. Wow, seems that things never get better. Skin looks worse than EVER! I know that you are supposed to clear up by 2 months but I thought that the initial bad breakout would be over before then... My skin is the worst it has ever looked and every time somewhere clears up it is suddenly awful again, seems to get worse every morning I've cheated and used clindoxyl... Also using cicaplast by la roche posay as a foundation primer - could this cause any breakouts? Or possible my cera
  14. I' was prescribed Tetracycline 250mg ( 2 in the morning, and 2 in the night) also clindoxyl adv in the morning and stieva a 0.025% in the night. My greatest concern is the routine. If I cleanse and apply clindoxyl to my skin at 8am How long do I keep it on ? I need help making a routine. I don't want to experience peeling and what not, I'd like a professional response or someone in the same boat as I am. My acne isn't to bad. I forgott to ask my dermatologist to help make a routine. My take
  15. Hi guys, I need advice or help regarding an extremely stupid mistake i made that might have ruined the skin on my forehead. My friend was prescribed Benzac Benzoil Peroxide 10% wash & Clindoxyl for acne on his face and body due to chemotherapy treatment he has been going trough the last few months. One evening i noticed i had 4 pimples on my forehead which has up until early April always been smooth, normal and acne free. I freaked out and with complete ignorance decided to lather on t
  16. First a little background information · Girl, currently 19 years old · Started getting acne around 14 years old · Dry, sensitive skin + large pores (the most ironic combination) · Few big ones on my forehead or near my mouth / chin, never my cheek, often pretty deep with no head + ooze for a really long time · Doctor prescribed me clindoxyl(Benzoylperoxid/Clindamycin), did not do much but irritate my skin · Dermatologist who put me on lymeceline pills (two years ago), helped with the infl
  17. Hello to all , I went to my family doctor with very high hopes for my mild stubborn acne. I have been prescribed Minocin(antibiotic) once a day and i am applying Differin gel 0.1 % at bed time and Clindoxyl gel in morning and its my 8 week now ,still no big improvement but now along with red pimples i do have large number of blackheads on my cheeks (before this treatment i don't have blackheads ) is this because of this treatment :s It seems like nothing is working for me i wash my face dail
  18. Helloo so its my third month on dans regimen and my skin is still FLAKY AF, it is soooo extremely dry and i use the moisturizer with jojoba oil, in the morning i put about 7-8 drops and at night i put like 10-20 drops lol and if it dries before i go to bed i moisturize again! i use oil instead of the cleanser and it helped, but my skin is still ridiculously dry seriously, before when i would use the cleanser my face looked scaly but now its mostly just flaky but sometimes also scaly looking, a
  19. Hi, I've had acne when I was in my teen years then my doctor prescribed to me clindoxyl gel and since then, I've had perfect skin. I had the Mirena IUD inserted in October and didn't realize it, but started getting acne because of it. I tried so many topicals and antibiotics but nothing helped. I just had it removed last week and I noticed an improvement in my skin already. Right now I'm using Retin-A 0.05% at night, and using a Khiel's salicylic acid treatment with Neostrata's glycolic acid lot
  20. Hi everyone, just want to give a background info before I get into what I am currently about my acne situation in hopes that someone might provide some useful information. My acne started at age 17, I did not even get pimples prior to that, nor did I even understand the concept of acne. The acne started off as mild, but by months time it had developed into moderate-sever cystic acne - the acne was/is only present on my cheeks and it seems to affect the right side of my face more than the left.