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Found 18 results

  1. I have two questions about CP. You can skip over the little anecdote I've provided in italics. I have been using Clindamycin Phospate topical lotion now for over 3 months now. My skin has been consistently moderate. Sometimes it clears up well for several days. Sometimes it gets a little worse than moderate. How I've been using it has also been consistent for quite some time now: Morning: -PanOxyl 10% BP facewash -Apply Clindamycin Phospate to clean, dry skin -wait several
  2. So I've had moderate acne for a little over a year now and finally decided to go a dermatologist after I tried LOTS of different over the counter products. My doctor prescribed me Perrigo Clindamycin Phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel,1.2%/5%. It seems to be paying off a little after two months of use. I started off with applying it once every night, then worked my way up to at morning and night. About 75% of my acne is clear besides my main problem area, my mouth/chin area. My problem is that m
  3. hello, i am starting this post to weigh the two ends of clindamycin phoaphate..one with nicotinamide(faceclin gel) and other with adapalene(faceclin-A gel) (adapalene for many is DIfferin) also,help people now and in future to select one topical is likely to be most effective. main aims : ## considering functions of clindamycin phosphate,nicotinamide and adapalene(differin) alone and when together? ## choosing either nicotinamide OR adapalene when with CP?why? ##do u think cli
  4. I use the clindamycin phosphate lotion everyday after I take a shower and then wash it off before I go to bed but even the littlest amount makes my skin shiny and oily and I don't know whether its helping or making my acne worse. I'm not even sure exactly what the lotion does but my doctor prescribed me it. What should I do ?
  5. Hello, I'm 14/male and I have moderate to severe acne. I've had it for about two years. I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed me Doxycycline capsules of 100MG, Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution, USP Pledget 1%, and Tretinoin Cream. I took the Doxycycline for about a week and felt extremely depressed. In the middle of the night, I realized I forgot to take the Doxycycline, so I got up and took it, then lied down for bed. BIG MISTAKE. Never, ever, ever take Doxycycline and then lie do
  6. lianeev

    My Acne Story

    I've been an avid reader of acne.org post ever since I was in highschool. When I first got my acne, I was 11 but it was just tiny whiteheads with no more than 2 pimples on my forehead. When I started wearing makeup (take note it was mineral makeup) during my senior year, my still was still the same (white heads with occasional pimples on forehead but never on my cheeks) But when I entered university last 2012, 4 mos after my whole face exploded even my cheeks where i never broke out. They're not
  7. Hello i am new on this site and decided to join to document my journey with tretinoin and hopefully receive some feedback and help from others on this forum. I have battled with acne from the age of 13 and am now 22 years old. It got extremely bad during high school, at which point I tried numerous different methods such as doxy, benzoyl peroxide, tazorac, and facial extractions. I do not know what actually helped but finally for quite some time my acne became managable. I would still have some
  8. So I have recently started using Clindamycin phosphate recommended by my dermentologist for the last three days. Today before I went to work I accidently left an ice pack on top of my Clindamycin phosphate Gel. When I got back 5 hours later the gel tube was really cold. The suggested temperature is 69-77 F. Is it still useable?
  9. I'm on a prescription regimen of applying clindamycin phosphate every night and Differin every other night. A few weeks ago I slept over a friend's house and was too embarrassed to take off my make up, so I slept in it. Will this make me break out AND totally ruin the regimen?
  10. can i apply my clindamycin phsophate after applying retin a at night? thanks! was just wondering if the two would synergise or cancel out the effects of each other. thanks!
  11. I have been using Epiduo at night and Clindamycin Phosphate in the morning for 6 months at least, and while it has done wonders for my acne it doesn't do much for my scars. I still have some small Hyperpigmentation and some small ice pick scars that I would like to get rid of. Before I went to my dermatologist and got the medication I'm on, I used Proactive dark spot corrector, and from what I could see it actually worked on the hyperpigmentation unlike most of the Proactive medication, and I
  12. watwatwat

    Week 16 On Tretinoin / Retin A

    can't believe it's been four months. i've been on this shit for so long. so my face is like 50% less oily which is great! i don't know if it's because of niacin, vitamin a, zinc or my genes. ran out of vitamin d so i'll buy next week. kind of realized that retin a won't be able to take care of everything on my face so i added clindamycin phosphate (cleared me up in 5 months but then acne came back) and benzac (benzoyl peroxide) as spot treatments. so my face is smoother and tighter
  13. My doctor gave me a prescription plan that is as follows: I wash my face, and then apply clindamycin phosphate topical solution daily. Then every other day, I apply a retin-a called Differin for two weeks, until I'm eventually applying this every day as well. Has anyone else had success with this treatment plan?
  14. So I've had moderate acne for a little over a year now and finally decided to go a dermatologist after I tried LOTS of different over the counter products. My doctor prescribed me Perrigo Clindamycin Phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel,1.2%/5%. It seems to be paying off a little after two months of use. I started off with applying it once every night, then worked my way up to at morning and night. About 75% of my acne is clear besides my main problem area, my mouth/chin area. My problem is that m
  15. Hello, I'm new here and I made this account because I just need some support. I've been dealing with acne ever since Elementary school, and I've just never really had clear skin. Whenever I go to the doctor and get a prescription I never use it because I either think it won't work or I forget or whichever. I guess because I've had acne for so long I've started to think it's uncurable or will just never go away. I wasn't sure which category to post this in so forgive me if I'm wrong. Recently
  16. KatydidGrasshopper

    My Acne Story

    Hey everyone! So I have just made an account on acne.org (finally) because I wanted to share my story with everyone and hopefully give somebody out there hope for their skin. My story starts when I was 9 years old. Now back then I only had one or two spots at a time. Eventually, through my middle school days there started to be more spots, but nothing too major that couldn't be treated with some Clean & Clear from the drug store. The bad acne started coming in during my sophomore year of
  17. Any help is greatly appreciated. I recently went to my dermatologist and she prescribed Epiduo for my cystic acne on my chin. And I used to use Clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide (1.2%/5%) on my nose/forehead. I started the peroxide again last week and only used it twice before it started making my skin feel like a lizard and burn like FIRE when I moisturize. It’s been about 4-5 days ago and it’s still not calming down. I’m not sure if it’s due to putting moisturizer on after I put
  18. I used to lurk here a ton a couple of years ago trying to develop a regimen that would rid me of awful cystic acne. I used to go to the derm weekly for cortisone shots, until we developed regimen that really worked and it finally kicked in. Sometimes I regret not becoming a derm to help people suffering from hormonal cystic acne that way I did. I'm always looking to spread the word on what worked perfectly for me. It requires a lot of prescriptions, so I thought this was a good forum to post it