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Found 373 results

  1. Hello guys, starting my second treatment of Accutane today. Getting mentally prepared as some of you might know it can be a bit of a challenge. I will be using Cetaphil moisturizing cream as it was the only product that would actually hydrate my skin under the drying effects of Accutane. But I am not sure about the cleanser as I am currently using a BP product? Something effective but gentle would be nice? All input welcome, thanks
  2. I have not dried out to much from Retin A since I started about 2 months ago. But i do still get alot of breakouts. So I have decided to use a mild acne scrub in the morning instead of Cetaphile. All I really want to know is if salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning will interfere with the effectiveness of the retin-a at night? Also are there any steps of the regimen that I could use in the morning while using Retin A.
  3. Hi guys, For so many years I have been trying to find a gentle face wash that does not have any of the harsh ingredients that are classified as irritating/pore clogging but still could not find one that passes the test. I tried most of the ones available in the UK including Neutrogena, Simple, Avene, Oxy, Clearsil, Boots simply sensitive and even ordered a few from the US including Purpose gentle cleanser and Cetaphil. Almost all of the ones I have tried contain at least one offending ingre
  4. Hi, I live in Vancouver and I want to try out Dan's acne regimen but the shipping really discourages me from going with this option. In my case, what are some affordable in-store products for Canadians that you would recommend? Right now I use the following combination but it is not doing well. Cleanser: ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Works really well and doesn't dehydrate my skin significantly. I think this is the only product that I bought right. Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzag
  5. I used clean & clear continuous control for acne twice a week and my skin ended up irritated. Since it's almost winter time, it also began to become flaky around my chin. I've begun to take showers with warm water, rub some vaseline on my face and gently wipe it off before I go outside. However, after I shower my skin feels like I didn't wash it enough and I was wondering if there are any acne cleansers or oil cleansing methods I could try.
  6. This is my fifth week on the regimen and my skin improved a LOT but , my skin seemed to be fine when i don't wear any makeup but as soon as i put on foundation my skin looks sooo dry and flaky and peeling and gross and scaly, i looked like a lizard. i didn't have school so it was okay for the first 3 weeks but then last week i went out quite a bit and tried to wear makeup and it was TERRIBLE like fr its so hard to put makeup on.. and then i got fed up and i didnt use DK cleanser i just used oil,
  7. I've been using the Obagi gentle cleanser for a long time and I'm not sure it's really doing anything for my skin! It costs so much that I've been thinking of switching to something cheaper, but I'm not sure what! I've been considering Cetaphil. I have extremely fair, sensitive skin that's prone to redness and oiliness and breaks out easily, so I'm having trouble finding something. Do any of you use any natural or organic products that are working for you or have found a face wash that's very ge
  8. Can anyone explain why it smells like glue or something similar to me? Is it okay to use? Thanks a ton.
  9. I have been using Purpose gentle cleanser for several months. It is a great cleanser, but its really annoying to use in the shower, because water is somehow able to get into the bottle and dilute the cleanser. Does the same problem happen with Dan's cleanser?
  10. Hello, again. I just received my order for the cleanser, and the ingredients on my bottle are different than on the website. Instead of propylene glycol, my bottle shows butylene glycol. Also, my bottle does not contain Didazolidinyl Urea, which is shown on the site. Do I have an OLD bottle, or is the website incorrect? Thanks.
  11. About a week ago I noticed I was running low on cleanser so I put in an order for another bottle. At the same time I found some Jojoba oil which I had completely forgotten about. I thought about mixing it with the cleanser to see if it would return improved results. The cleanser went from being clear to a milky color after mixing and shaking. I'm not sure if this is helping at all as I've only been using it for a week (probably have about a week's worth left). Anyone who has done this, can you
  12. So far the regmine is working, but I can't help noticing the dryness of my skin after using the cleanser. It didn't happen the first time I used it, but now everytime I use it I get a tiny collection of flakes around my mouth running up to the base of my nose. Should I stop using it, or do I need time for my skin to adjust?
  13. I received 3 16 oz bottles of gentle cleanser in early November. I have been using the prodoct for a year now and have been VERY satisfied with the cleanser and BP. However, I opened a bottle of cleanser in mid-November and when using it noticed an odd odor to the product...unpleasant to say the least. Usually, there is virtually no scent. I opened a second bottle to see if it was a fluke and it smelled as well. It is a sharp, somewhat medicinal/chemical smell. Not pleasant at all. I don't eve
  14. i'm not sure why but a lot of the times i've used the gc my skin gets really flaky right after, of which i apply BP which gets it away and then moisturizer and sunblock lotion right after. is this normal and why does it happen? i might be doing something wrong?
  15. ive been on the same regimen for awhile now...but i want to change my facial wash because it causes my skin to become too red and too dry will dans cleanser cause redness and dryness also? is it a good idea to switch cleansers in the middle of my regimen? What if i dont like the results would it be safe to switch back? i dont want to make a stupid mistake and end up making the acne worse or something tahnks
  16. I've been using the cleanser for a week now and I've been getting a few small breakouts in areas where I don't normally break out. I only use the cleanser (not the BP). Is this normal? If so, how long should it last?
  17. From the negative reviews on Dans Cleanser, most say it's overdrying. I have normal/dry skin when doing the regimen, and oily skin when not on the regimen. Is the cleanser drying for you? I'm asking for people with sensitive/dry skin, and what are the ingredients that may cause this dryness?
  18. So Dan's is drying me out. Bummer. So I need to find a cleanser that doesn't. I'm from Sweden, so I want to find something that works here first before I start shipping stuff from other countries. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;catid=77620 I started using this before I started the regimen, along with Elicina cream (didn't work at all). I remember it working really really well for me, and it didn't dry me out. Now the thing is if it's compatible with the regimen. Anything no-n
  19. I've been using Dan's cleanser for a few days now and I'm stumped. This stuff does NOT lather for me in the least. I'm not even talking about a light lather - it suds up a bit after rubbing my hands together for almost a full minute, and then they disappear quickly and I'm left with just a slick amount of cleaner on my hands. I've tried wet hands, dry hands, adding a little bit of water, adding a lot of water.. nothing does the trick. What gives? Every other cleanser I've used, shampoo, soap, et
  20. Hi I started accutane 4 days ago, and have been using hidromol cream as a soap. However it has liquid paraffin in which I hear is pore blocking. I still have some of dans cleaner and moisturiser, can I use this whilst on accutane instead of the hidromol and do you think it would work. Regards
  21. Has or is anyone trying this ? It's ticked on the Dan's products page as "great as shampoo". Would anyone recommend it ? I ask this because i use SLS free shampoos as apparently products with SLS(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) promote acne. At the moment im using Alchemy but i find it dries out my hair quite a bit. So far its been nothing special. I still get my fair share of acne but my back has stay considerably clear so ill continue going SLS free. Advice on Dan's cleanser as a shampoo anyone ? Exper
  22. I've been using the regimen for a long time now, probably over a year - and i've had some great results followed by periods of horrible results, followed by periods of great results (its up and down all the time, using the regimen exactly the same each time) But basically what I'm here to say is that the cleanser seems to really dry my face out. I've even tried just using the tiniest little amount and only gently moving it across my skin for like 5 seconds and washing it right off - and even wi
  23. what are the new ingredients? how do i know i bought the latest sample? is it the one shown at the dk site?
  24. Just wondering if anyone uses the DKR cleanser to shave. Somewhere on this site I read about using it in place of shaving cream. I did for the first time today and I found my new "shaving cream". Instead of working it with my hands like you do when you use it to clean your face. I just put it on and spread it around. The shaving cream I have now is horrible and I always end up cutting my self no matter how light I shave. When I used the cleanser the razor just glided across my skin and I didn't
  25. I wear make-up on a daily basis, is Dan's cleanser going to be enough to remove it? I watched how he washes in the video and I feel like if I am that gentle that I won't get it all off. I only wear mineral makeup so it's probably a lot easier to get off than the liquid kind....but still. Do you girls out there who wear make up and use dan's cleanser feel it is good enough? Do you wash as gentle as he does or for a bit longer? Thanks.