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Found 371 results

  1. Jakobs

    Please Help!

    Couldn't read anything about this on the internet so trying my luck here. Also english isnt my first language so hope you understand me I'm currently at my summer house here we have a sauna and shower at the same place. Today i accidently forgot my cleanser with Salicylid acid inside the sauna when it was on (around 130 oF) Basically I'm wondering if the cleanser has been ruined because of the high temperature. The colour used to be white but has now more of a transparent look and feels more
  2. Bluefire62

    Questions On Getting Rid Of Pimples!

    Hey guys. Ive been having serious acne outbreaks for the past year. Whatever I'm doing there not going away. I mean this type of acne looks horrible on my face. I have i think blackheads all over my cheeks and jawline. They look like little tiny dark spots. I also have pimples near the two sides of my nose. I hate them and I really want to get rid of them. Ive been using neutrogena's oil free facial scrub, then right after i wash it off I apply another one of Neutrogenas acne cleansers two times
  3. LeiB

    Help ! Isotrex With Photos

    This is my skin at the moment I've been on isotrex and minoxycelline for just over a week. I'm upset and I can't deal with this anymore. This is my first time with acne. My skin has been like this for about 2 weeks. What do you guys think!
  4. Ohiohio

    Dmdm Hydantoin

    What is DMDM Hydantoin and why is it an ingredient in the cleanser? How safe is it? I have seen it on several lists of "bad" ingredients and just wondered why it is part of this product.
  5. Has anyone used the First Aid Beauty Cleanser??? A friend recommended it but I really don't wanna put my skin through endless cycle of trying so many different products. I'm desperate though and I know that's all I can do but I want to go into it with at least some direction... Background info: I'm a teenager (female) I used proactiv for two years and went off it about 2 months ago I had clear skin but now it's freaking out Didnt know my skin type since proactiv ruined my skin and after thi
  6. tamarii23

    Acne Cleansers

    I used clean & clear continuous control for acne twice a week and my skin ended up irritated. Since it's almost winter time, it also began to become flaky around my chin. I've begun to take showers with warm water, rub some vaseline on my face and gently wipe it off before I go outside. However, after I shower my skin feels like I didn't wash it enough and I was wondering if there are any acne cleansers or oil cleansing methods I could try.
  7. Hello I've now been on a treatment for 4 months and it has surely helped me. I do however still get pimpels (mostly whiteheads) every day and my acne doesn't seem to make any good progress. My current treatment consists of: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The products I use are all from Exuviance. This sunday I purchased the 2,5% Benzoyl Peroxide and I'll swap it with the toner that I'm currently using. I hope the BP can prevent my daily breakouts and clear my skin. My question is jus
  8. I read a review about the product and it sounds amazing! The site also seem pretty cool and new, but I am a bit skeptical anyone tried?
  9. omgu8myrice

    Bad cleanser?

    I've been using Dan's cleanser for a few days now and I'm stumped. This stuff does NOT lather for me in the least. I'm not even talking about a light lather - it suds up a bit after rubbing my hands together for almost a full minute, and then they disappear quickly and I'm left with just a slick amount of cleaner on my hands. I've tried wet hands, dry hands, adding a little bit of water, adding a lot of water.. nothing does the trick. What gives? Every other cleanser I've used, shampoo, soap, et
  10. I'm using Cetaphil oily skin cleanser (http://www.acne.org/cetaphil-oily-skin-cleanser-reviews-1452/) and occasionally Oxy facial cleanser with 2% Salicylic acid and noticed that right after I use either cleanser (especially the Oxy one), some parts of my face would turn really shiny, and I know it's not because of the natural oils on my face (Sebum) because my skin feels really tight and dry after using them (obviously since they remove the oils), then I'd apply moisturizer but the shine is sti
  11. I've been using the Cetaphil oil control foam wash for roughly two years now. I can't remember the results at first but today, I still have oily skin with the use of this cleanser. I was thinking, maybe my skin became dependent of it and now it has no more effect on me. Maybe it's time for me to change cleanser? I'm scared to change since I like how gentle it is. At the same time I feel like it is now the cause of my oily skin. What new cleanser should I try that will not cause oily skin? I also
  12. ktelleria

    Random Acne !

    someone help ! I got a whole bunch of random acne on my face but idk how , I always had breakout but nothing Kiel this ? Please help with any good things I can use or tips !! HELLOOO
  13. adfreak1991

    More Photos Week 9 On The Regimen

    Check out this loveliness. Hyperpigmentation never looked so good! This girl can GET it.
  14. A sensible discussion & compilation of facts about the acid mantle, lipid barrier, retinoid production and more. See also this thread about avoiding chemicals & using cheaper, healthier, simpler, DIY treatments. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/313174-reducing-exposure-to-chemicals-recipes-alternatives-etc/ Your skin isn't dead leather & your sebum isn't dead grease. They are ecosystems for enzymes and other substances that play vital roles in skin function. Your s
  15. i used the CLEANSER (from the regimen)ONLY for 3 days, 2 pumps instead of 3 per day. No benzoyl, no other acne treatment, no moisturiser either. I KNOW my skin is red from the cleanser because i put it on my chest area also and both my face and my chest are red, exactly where i applied the cleanser. also, my skin didnt get red right after i applied it, but after a while, like, i used the cleanser in the morning and at night i noticed big reddish areas on my face. picture with the
  16. northeastpro

    Cleanser Change Up

    hi. so ive been using a gentle dove soap to wash with. its on the list of recomended drugstore options. and since i was already using it i decided to keep it. now i think i want to give the cleanser on this site a try. i still fell dry and flakey after my shower. thats actualy another issue. i might as well look for feedback here now as well. the lotion makes my face red. i look at myself in the mirror and my face looks different from my neck. too much lotion im all red and greasy looking. no
  17. Hello! I have recently started on accutane and i'm not quite sure on which moisturizer and cleanser I should choose for my dryness when i'm on accutane. I have thought about these: La Roche Posay Effaclar H Cream (moisturizer) LRP EFFACLAR Cleanser gel (for cleansing before using the Effaclar H cream)
  18. Hi there! I have been using the regimen for about 8 months now, and really have found it helpful and effective. Ive cleared up majority of my acne, and most importantly found a balance between oily/dry which I have never been able to achieve! Unfortunatly, I am still struggling with the pimples/whiteheads/blackheads on my chin. I cleanse morning/night, BP morning/night, Moisteriser morning/night, then AHA every few days. Just not seeming to get anywhere with it? Any advice, Any sug
  19. Hello Now, I've done a ton of research on many of these products and read reviews on each of them. They work for mild, and moderate acne without a doubt. No idea about severe. My guess is you should see a derm before listening to people talk about that. So anyway, here goes: 1. 2x a day - Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream 2. 2x a day - 2 Pad Per day - Noxzema Anti - Blemish Pads 3. Follow up with - Aveeno Oil Free daily moisturizer (If your skin is dry after cleansing
  20. optimistically_happy

    Dan's cleanser remove makeup???

    does Dan's cleanser remove makeup completely??, first i take half a pump to wash off the makeup, and then i use another half a pump to cleanse my skin. im i doing this correctly, or should i remove my makeup another way?
  21. Hello! For the past year or two I have been trying to tackle my acne using The Regimen and other acne products containing salicylic acid. I have come to the conclusion that although these products have helped me get 95% clear, they're really harsh and drying on my skin - especially anything containing salicylic acid and BP. I've narrowed down that my acne was down to having oily skin due to not moisturising (my skin was overcompensating for the oil I stripped from it) and now that I do m
  22. Anyone ever use it on their hair? Experience good/bad?
  23. I used to use Spectro™ cleanser twice a day, but I'm trying to ease off the heavy cleanser, so I started using light cleanser in the morning and Spectro™ at night, but my acne has gotten much worse since. Should I go back to the Spectro™ twice a day, or keep easing off it. (PS. I'm seeing a dermatologist in a month) Thank you
  24. hi guys, new to the forum and i'm TryNaGetClear!! lol juss like my username(corny i know), but i am unsure of which cleanser to get, the Cetaphil cleanser or the Clean&Clear foaming wash for sensitive skin, i dont want the other regular ]Clean&Clear foaming wash the one that says oil free on it(orange liquid) cause it has Triclosan in it, which is said to cause cancer. i'm a guy but i dont have any hair on my face so i dont have to shave, so it is not important that the cleanser foams, b