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Found 371 results

  1. ktelleria

    Random Acne !

    someone help ! I got a whole bunch of random acne on my face but idk how , I always had breakout but nothing Kiel this ? Please help with any good things I can use or tips !! HELLOOO
  2. So I'm going to the store today. I currently have Dan's BP and ran out of moisturizer so my face is mildly flaky and scaly and I want to take care of that. I heard that the Clean&Clear Sensitive Skin cleanser is good, as well as the Purpose Gentle Cleanser and Cetaphil Daily Wash or Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. I'm pretty much set that I'm getting Cetaphil Moisturizer and Neutrogena Healthy Skin With AHA, but I have a few questions. 1. Will AHA moisturize sufficiently? 2. Will AHA even
  3. ive been on the same regimen for awhile now...but i want to change my facial wash because it causes my skin to become too red and too dry will dans cleanser cause redness and dryness also? is it a good idea to switch cleansers in the middle of my regimen? What if i dont like the results would it be safe to switch back? i dont want to make a stupid mistake and end up making the acne worse or something tahnks
  4. Hi folks, The new CSR cleanser looks good, but i have a few questions. 1) Is it soap free 2) No alcohol 3) Fragrance free 4) Does not clog pores 5) Are any of the chemicals in the cleanser known to be potential dangers. 6) Hows has the product been independtly tested for non pore clogging. Thank you
  5. I read a review about the product and it sounds amazing! The site also seem pretty cool and new, but I am a bit skeptical anyone tried?
  6. can someone tell me a reason to switch to dan;s cleanser? pros and cons would be good to know. cheers,
  7. Hello beautiful people! I'm on a the DK regimen (have been for a year or so) and was using Cetaphil Cleanser, but my skin was so red, dry, and flaky. I watched this video from bubzbeauty about how she makes her own oatmeal facial cleanser and decided to try it. So glad I did! My face looks sooo much better! I'm not sure how well it will take off makeup, but if I am wearing some I usually take a washcloth soaked in hot water and lay it on my face after doing my oatmeal cleanse and let it steam my
  8. adfreak1991

    More Photos Week 9 On The Regimen

    Check out this loveliness. Hyperpigmentation never looked so good! This girl can GET it.
  9. Hey Everyone, Being a former regimen user, I remember hearing something that using benzoyl peroxide in a cleanser is less effective than using it as a gel that stays on your skin. This made me think, is salicylic acid more effective in a moisturizer instead of a cleanser? Please share your experiences with it, and specify which type of acne you were dealing with (inflammatory/non-inflammatory). Thank you, Acneopia
  10. Maltese_falcon

    My cleanser pump broke.....

    Well my Dan Kern Cleanser and BP arrived today, and i was looking forward to use them. So anyway i go get the cleanser bottle and press on the pump. Nothing happens (I didn't know at the time you had to turn it =/ ) so i push harder, and harder, and i hear it break. The spring is still on it and intact, but it won't connect now. I looked on the floor to see if there were any parts that might have fell down, but nothing was there. So is there anyway to repair or replace the pump? I really don't
  11. northeastpro

    Cleanser Change Up

    hi. so ive been using a gentle dove soap to wash with. its on the list of recomended drugstore options. and since i was already using it i decided to keep it. now i think i want to give the cleanser on this site a try. i still fell dry and flakey after my shower. thats actualy another issue. i might as well look for feedback here now as well. the lotion makes my face red. i look at myself in the mirror and my face looks different from my neck. too much lotion im all red and greasy looking. no
  12. So I am looking for products for my skin- I have fair skin with blue/green veins (neutral undertones?). My skin is often dry enough that it gets flaky (like dandruff-flaky), but is also quite oily. The two are not exclusive, either. My skin is- perhaps not sensitive, but very fragile or delicate. When I have acne, which is most of the time, it's mostly painful pink almost-(but-not-quite)-white-heads. I only get a handful at a time and they are WAY spread out- like someone tossed M&Ms in
  13. hunterntylersmom

    Cleanser for eye makeup removal

    Hi all, i just received my cleanser and bp and am so excited to start using it, quick question, can i use the cleanser to remove eye makeup or should i use something else for that? Also, i am 36, is there any moisturizer anyone has been using that works well for older skin, hahaha. i tried cetaphil and hated it, have been using complex 15. anyway, thanks
  14. hey everyone, im just curious which is the best cleanser to use, im new to the regimen and id like to know if i should use dans cleanser or purpose bar cleanser?
  15. Cassius.uk

    Dans cleanser with accutane?

    Hi I started accutane 4 days ago, and have been using hidromol cream as a soap. However it has liquid paraffin in which I hear is pore blocking. I still have some of dans cleaner and moisturiser, can I use this whilst on accutane instead of the hidromol and do you think it would work. Regards
  16. I've been using the Cetaphil oil control foam wash for roughly two years now. I can't remember the results at first but today, I still have oily skin with the use of this cleanser. I was thinking, maybe my skin became dependent of it and now it has no more effect on me. Maybe it's time for me to change cleanser? I'm scared to change since I like how gentle it is. At the same time I feel like it is now the cause of my oily skin. What new cleanser should I try that will not cause oily skin? I also
  17. I am scared to use this product because I have semi-sensitive skin. When I Breakout, I get cystic type pimples.
  18. CookieCrumbles

    DKR cleanser and make-up

    I wear make-up on a daily basis, is Dan's cleanser going to be enough to remove it? I watched how he washes in the video and I feel like if I am that gentle that I won't get it all off. I only wear mineral makeup so it's probably a lot easier to get off than the liquid kind....but still. Do you girls out there who wear make up and use dan's cleanser feel it is good enough? Do you wash as gentle as he does or for a bit longer? Thanks.
  19. tommy_boi

    CSR Cleanser Lather Tip

    I've just used the CSR cleanser for the first time and i've noticed that when you pump the gel into your hand, if you add a bit of water too it aswell, then rub your hands together you get a much better lather than just wetting your hands, adding the gel and rubbing your hands together. Just thought i'd share that.
  20. So... I recently started using the Regimen. I washed my face for the first time with the cleanser, and noticed the bottle said "fragrence free." I beg to differ. I took a wiff out of curiosity and was whacked in the face with an awful smell! Don't think this is gross, but it kinda smelled like my puppy's vomit. Yuck! Has anyone else noticed a stench, or should I be concerned?
  21. I read the info on the site, but I was just wondering from you guys. Right now I'm using Cetaphil Extra Gentle Cleanser, and it's pretty good. But I want something even more gentle. I don't even want a cleanser specifically for acne. I want to keep my routine very very simple. Is Dan's Cleanser very gentle on your face?
  22. Hi, I live in Vancouver and I want to try out Dan's acne regimen but the shipping really discourages me from going with this option. In my case, what are some affordable in-store products for Canadians that you would recommend? Right now I use the following combination but it is not doing well. Cleanser: ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Works really well and doesn't dehydrate my skin significantly. I think this is the only product that I bought right. Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzag
  23. I've been using cetaphil for a couple of weeks now, and I'm enjoying it so far. Any other lather free cleansers out there?
  24. Did anyone else experience this with the cleanser? After using it for around two weeks, i have noticed that i have gotten more small bumps/pimples