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Found 371 results

  1. Since I was in middle school, probably in the fourth grade, I've had acne. Its not like huge bumps and pimples; its small black heads anf the occasionally whiteheads and those big stress bumps. Its all over my face expect my nose and mouth area. I'm not in the 11th grade and I have been using regular soap but they are not going away. I used proactiv for like 2-3 weeks. It workwd but after about 4 big bumps were on my chin. I don't know what to do. I don't want to take junior pictures with pimp
  2. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Got Dans BP& Cleanser today, from IRAN!!!!

    Im in Ireland and ordered 4gels and a cleanser on the 12th August through standard shipping. I thought it had gone missing in the post, but somehow it ended up in Iran!! The package just arrived today with "missent to Iran" stamped on it. Just shows- never give up on the Postal System!!
  3. adfreak1991

    2 Months Into Dans Regimen! Whoop!

    The 2 month mark is here! 8 weeks! This is a crucial milestone, people. A crossroad of sorts. This is the time I told myself I'd evaluate my progress and decide if I should continue... Well? What do you guys think? Is it worth sticking it out another month? Another 2 months? Forever?!?
  4. I'm starting accutane in a month and i'm really at a loss for what cleanser and moisturizer i should use. I'm looking at products and reading reviews and it's all overwhelming!! i currently use cetaphil face cleanser and neutrogena sensitive skin face lotion. I think the cetaphil is decent, but i've heard about how SLS can irritate skin? so maybe i should switch. Also, i've used that neutrogena lotion forever and i don't particularly love it. My skin seems more red after i put in on.
  5. ellgx

    day 1 - 25 accutane

    I have had acne since age 10! It is mainly hormonal and oily spots. I basically been on anti-biotic for 6 year trying to treat it but its persistent! My acne compared to some cases ive seen is mild. I have lots of little pimps on my forehead, cheeks, and breakout regularly in some puss spots but no cysts etc. However i thought i'd grow out of acne but 8 years on it's still persistent! I always denied accutane as i was young and didn't want to deal with the side effects like dry skin and mood swi
  6. Abhishek17

    IMG 20140314 00459

    From the album: Some of my pics !

    MONSTER ME This is how you look when you apply Kojiglo Gel..All this whiteness will go in 10 minutes Those who got afraid..I got no intention Lastly please keep smiling..Acne is stressful but life is more beautiful Drink lot of water Coconut Water Just do whatever but please do not take stress due to Acne..At end you will realize it is not worth it..Those who love you will love you with 100 pimples and those who do not love you will hate you even with clear face !!
  7. Does the pH of Your Cleanser Matter?

    Every cleanser possesses a certain pH, which is the measure of its acidity or alkalinity. The pH of a cleanser may be an important quality that controls how it may affect acne. The pH Scale Scientists use the pH scale, which ranges from 0-14 to measure acidity or alkalinity. Water has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral. The more acidic a solution is, the lower is its pH level. Conversely, the more basic or...
  8. Chris1982

    Ingredients in New Cleanser

    I am wondering why there is no glycerin in this new cleanser. Every cleanser on the market has Glycerin in it. Glycerin is most commonly used in cleasers to soften the skin and added moisture. Is there a reason it has been left out?
  9. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist Hi I wanted to try out the cleanser but have just checked out the ingredients with the above site,and it has a few ingredients that are meant to be bad for acne. I cant seem to find any cleanser that doesnt have any of the nasty ingredients. Can anyone recommend one please. Thankyou
  10. I read through all the posts/info on the regimen thoroughly before starting. I started last night and my skin was okay, a few white heads on my chin...I woke up this morning and I kid you not, my forehead is COMPLETELY covered in wideheads! As is my chin and cheeks! I had little bumps in all of the places where the whiteheads are now which is promising i gues...But I was expecting a breakout in week two so this seems so soon! Did anyone else have this? Does this mean I'll have another breakout n
  11. coyote357

    Cleanser smells like paint

    So, I ordered my cleanser when there was problems with the distributor and I'm pretty sure it got shuffled around a lot. That's fine, but I wonder if the heat or something made my cleanser smell weird because it smells like paint. Should I return it, keep using it, or what?
  12. Hello! I have been on accutane for a week now, and im just curious about the cleanser? Is it worth using or is it just worthless? Regards, Daniel
  13. About a week ago I noticed I was running low on cleanser so I put in an order for another bottle. At the same time I found some Jojoba oil which I had completely forgotten about. I thought about mixing it with the cleanser to see if it would return improved results. The cleanser went from being clear to a milky color after mixing and shaking. I'm not sure if this is helping at all as I've only been using it for a week (probably have about a week's worth left). Anyone who has done this, can you
  14. tommy_boi

    CSR Cleanser

    I was just wondering if the CSR cleanser is acne medicated or just a simple gentle cleanser, what i mean by this is would the CSR cleanser work on its own to fight acne or does it need the BP to do that.?
  15. Morning to Night

    Dans Cleanser~ Question

    Hey guys Ive got a question~ Does Dans cleanser react with salicylic acid moisturizer?? Im just curious~ or does it matter of i use anything?/??? Thanks guys~
  16. what are the new ingredients? how do i know i bought the latest sample? is it the one shown at the dk site?
  17. StephR

    Cleanser odor??

    I received 3 16 oz bottles of gentle cleanser in early November. I have been using the prodoct for a year now and have been VERY satisfied with the cleanser and BP. However, I opened a bottle of cleanser in mid-November and when using it noticed an odd odor to the product...unpleasant to say the least. Usually, there is virtually no scent. I opened a second bottle to see if it was a fluke and it smelled as well. It is a sharp, somewhat medicinal/chemical smell. Not pleasant at all. I don't eve
  18. It seems to make me dry just right after I use it, like 5-10 minutes after I dry off after taking a shower, it makes my skin dry. I can see my skin getting kinda white from dryness, more near my mouth area. But Im sure all the other area are dry as well. So I tried just washing my face off with water, and it wasnt drying at all of course. So Im thinking of just using water and hopefully it will be good enough. And I think Im going to use the Lac-Hydrin Five lotion too instead of the morning
  19. MasterCheif

    Cleanser is way too drying?

    So far the regmine is working, but I can't help noticing the dryness of my skin after using the cleanser. It didn't happen the first time I used it, but now everytime I use it I get a tiny collection of flakes around my mouth running up to the base of my nose. Should I stop using it, or do I need time for my skin to adjust?
  20. I use cetaphil and really like it because it is gentle. i do sometimes have trouble with makeup removal, but overall i really like cetaphil gentle cleanser. however, i am interested in dan's new cleanser because it sounds like it is gentle yet would effectively remove makeup. i was wondering if any of the mods that tried the new cleanser are cetaphil users. it would mean a lot to me if someone who uses cetaphil still labeled the new cleanser as gentle:). the reason i ask is because i am about to
  21. I've been using the regimen for a long time now, probably over a year - and i've had some great results followed by periods of horrible results, followed by periods of great results (its up and down all the time, using the regimen exactly the same each time) But basically what I'm here to say is that the cleanser seems to really dry my face out. I've even tried just using the tiniest little amount and only gently moving it across my skin for like 5 seconds and washing it right off - and even wi
  22. Hello! So I'm wondering if it is ok to use a exfoliator scrub while using salicylid acid cleanser at the same time? I'm currently using a Neutrogena face wash with SA, and once a week after cleansing I scrub my face geantly with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells. I've realised today that my face felt very tight after doing that. I've read somewhere that SA actually exfoliates your skin itself, but I always need to use some sort of scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  23. Hi, about a month ago my doctor prescribed the combination of Epiduo and Eryacne. My morning routine is simply to cleanse with a non-comedogenic cleanser, and then moisturise; at night I'm to cleanse, put on epiduo, eryacne, and then moisturise again. My doctor warned me that i wouldn't see any changes within the first 4 weeks or so and that it may cause mild irritation but miraculously the majority of my acne cleared up within the first week and I didn't experience any irritation, I had to stop
  24. Can anyone explain why it smells like glue or something similar to me? Is it okay to use? Thanks a ton.
  25. I've been on the regimen for one month, washing my face twice a day with a cleanser and moisturizing after, and using Epiduo (2.5% BP) once a day, but I'm still getting new acne, why?? It's been a month already and I haven't even noticed my old acne (before I started) getting any better too (maybe slightly), I'm still getting at least 1 new pimple everyday which usually goes away in few days, but more come back. I know people are going to tell me 'just be patient' and 'it will get better', but w