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Found 371 results

  1. This question is directly for those who felt dry after using Dan's cleanser previously. I'm wondering have you guys had try the new one since Dan changed his ingredients. Thank you! No offense to Dan or anyone who worships his cleanser. Anyone's skin type is different, so please don't tell me or leave messages that Dan's cleanser is not dry at all. An honest statement is that it is a decent cleanser and LESS drying than lots of cleansers out on the market. So, let's save us some time to read yo
  2. Reading a few posts (new and old) and see that some people quitting the regimen because of the price. Now, I actually think Dan has priced his products pretty fairly. He provides a good amount of product for the amount we all pay. I think the killer here are the international shipping charges. It just makes me sad that people quit before they get any good results because they can't afford to buy the expensive store bought BP or that they can't afford the international shipping charges from D
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a problem which is stressing me big time. I have noticed that my face has tiny little bumps everywhere and some of them are whiteheads. These tiny bumps are mainly on my forehead, around my nose, above my lips and most horrifying on my lips. Acne has been a part of my life for approximately two years and it seems to be getting worse as they will not go away. I looked to the internet for help and with so many trials, I was able to find a regime that worked okay for
  4. Hi. I came across this site recently, and after doing some research, I decided to try out The Regimen. I've ordered the acne.org products yesterday and I'm waiting for them to arrive. I've read about how important it is to follow The Regimen precisely, but I'm wondering if I can use less moisturizer because I have oily skin, and I've never used a moisturizer on my face before. If I use a lesser amount of the cleanser and moisturizer than what was suggested, will The Regimen still work? Two full
  5. I only have mild acne on my chin area and was wondering if it would work the same if I just bought their drugstore alternative recommendations or if I should just buy their regimen? If I did decide either way to go with their drug store regimen recommendations which products as far as cleanser and lotion would be the next best thing to the acne.org regimen?
  6. Hi, I've been on Dan's regimen for about a month and a half now and while I'm seeing results, they're not as good as they could be and I'm thinking it's because of the products I'm using. So far I've been using Dove Beauty Bar for sensitive skin, Equate repairing lotion, and Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer. I think I'll see some better results if I switch over to the Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser and the Neutrogena On The Spot as my BP. Anyone that's tried these see good
  7. annie ell

    Witch Hazel

    I use witch hazel on cotton wool balls to remove make up or to refresh skin in the morning. Its 'spot-fighting properties' supposedly can help towards breakouts, keeping them clean and (hopefully!) reducing them. Pros: Leaves clean, soft feeling skin. Is said to help improve spots. Removes make up well. Is very gentle. Cons: Haven't really seen improvements on my skin, but certainly no breakouts. Recommend? No. Although this is a gentle, natural cleanser and toner, one which really does
  8. Just like the title says, what is the best alternative to the acne.org cleanser? I love it, but I just can't keep spending $20 every time I need it (and I go through it more than BP or moisturizer).
  9. adfreak1991

    The Regimen Week 9 W Pics

    So I'm attaching a pic in some different lighting than my sexy bathroom. Don't let the mood lighting and wet hair fool you. I am an acne sufferer! Regardless of the shitty photo, rest assured the regimen and Trinessa are still working their magic. I'm being an acne soldier and am disciplined as hell with it. That's why my progress has stuck! Hopeful that I'm not jinxing myself
  10. roxylove08

    Oil Cleansing Method

    Has anyone tried the oil cleansing method? i have almond oil and jojoba oil but im to.afraid to use it all over my face..what are you.experiences...i also bought some tea tree oil for active pimples..
  11. lizardanne

    Day 15: Oops.

    Last night and this morning might have set me back. It's hard to say for sure, but I'm kind of freaking out. First, I managed to forget my acne.org cleanser while I was at my boyfriend's house last night. I was pretty upset, and was frantically trying to figure out what to use to wash my face! I had some makeup on that I had tried on earlier in a store, and needed to get it off. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had NOTHING. Not even baby wipes. So, I pulled myself together and used the only
  12. Hello, for the past few years, I have had a red face so this is not randomly out of the blue. However, I am on my 3rd month of accutane if that adds any details. I currently am using cetaphil cleanser and the moisturizer, and have been for a couple years. I believe that the moisturizer is making my face red. The redness is on my face and barely on my forehead, but it has a strange patter. It clearly loops around my eyes, and goes a little up my temples (if that makes sense.) I don't know w
  13. Hey forum people, I am an 18 year old male, and I'm on 60mg of accutane (Clavaris) a day. I am almost done with my second month of the drug and my face and "scars/PIH" are really red. I had been using Cetaphil twice a day, then I cut it down to once a day..now I'm down to 0 times a day. I have just bought CeraVe face wash to replace the Cetaphil, but I hope it won't make my face red too. My derm said that accutane will eventually take the redness away. (but the derm just says whatever comes
  14. I have been taking accutane for nearly 3 months now. first month at 40mg, second at 60 and third at 60. It is not working as I had hoped so I am wondering what sort of regimen I should be using for washing my face. I currently use cleanser once every few days but generally I just rely on water and showers to wash it. I haven't been using moisturizer. Are you supposed to be washing your face regularly while on it? I was worried I would be too dry and figured it wasn't necessary every day. What
  15. ls206816

    Preparing For Accutane

    In preperation to starting Accutane my dermatologist told me to stop using topical creams to prevent drying and peeling of the skin because while on Accutane your skin can become very sensitive and dry. So basically I've been using Cetaphil Gentle Face Wash and Cetaphil Lotion for Dry, Sensative skin. He also gave me smaples of the CeraVe face cleanser and lotion but I already have the Cetaphil ones and like them. I also have a Clarisonic that I use once a day to remove my makeup. I am
  16. My body is prone to easily scaring and healing VERY slowly ever since I was a child. If I slouch in the slightest, the skin on my stomach creases into these defined lines (the same spot every time) It may be from: Lack of sleep Dehydration Stress Poor Eye sign (squinting) but I have FOREHEAD WRINKLES! and I've had (or at least noticed them) for about 3 years! There are theses three lines that go across my fore head, that look like soft wrinkles, but anytime I make a certain expres
  17. Hi i just recently started The Regimen. Im not sure if this for me because i don't have "inflammed acne" more like closed comedones but ima still try it and very little blackheads and whiteheads. Well anyways i have already seen some progress like shrinking acne. But anyways Dan's cleanser seems to make my SKIN VERY DRY. When i read around people said that BP would be the thing that create dryness and redness but its the Cleanser. The BP doesn't even do any of those things to my face instead it
  18. shower shave

    Dan's cleanser just might work!

    Over the past several years I have washed my face with the Renewing Cleanser by Proactiv or CLEAN by ZIRH men's skincare. The Proactiv seemed to do a fairly good job at keeping the big pimples at bay, but it never seemed to help with all those endless little comedones on my forehead. ZIRH is an AHA face wash that made my skin look and feel smooth, but it just seemed to keep blemishes hidden under a layer of dead skin. After one wash with Dan's cleanser, my skin felt clean and less dry, and i
  20. Help!! I've run out of my acne.org products. I purchased the 8oz initial kit, and it hasn't even been a month and I'm out of my cleanser and moisturizer. I still have plenty of the bp, thankfully! But I really need to know the best cleanser and moisturizer to use in a pinch from the drugstore until I can order more from the acne.org line. I once found some info on this website about alternative products but am having trouble locating it again. Please help before tonight, when it comes time for m
  21. Headspace

    How I Cleared My Skin

    Hi everyone, I've been on this website for a little while but I haven't posted in over a year. I was updating a post with my acne journey until September, 2017, but just lost track of time. My skin has cleared up so incredibly much. I had normal acne on combination skin and now I have very few typical breakouts. I do have some occasional cystic acne now that I'm working on a routine for, but this post is about general acne. My original post focused on the prescription products my dermatolo