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Found 371 results

  1. Im pretty new to acne.org. I think ive started reading on everything here for about a month now and i just got the products but i have a few questions. does anyone have any suggestions on how to use everything...basacally the aha, sa, and bp? i get deep cysts sometimes and i have left over red residue spots here and there on the side of my face and i also get pimples on the bottom of my chin and cheeks....sometimes my nose. should i just use the aha+ for spot treatment at night? im thinkin
  2. Galanad

    Acne.org Cleanser + BP

    So for the past month or so i've been washing my face with a dove soap (the green tea one) and then applying Neutrogena On-The-Spot. I'm clear now (except the annoying marks). Will replacing the soap with dan's cleanser break me out? Will it dry me up? Thanks for the answers!
  3. I already use the DKR cleanser as a quite nice face wash/body wash/shaving cream, but now I find it's a great shampoo. All the shampoos I try 1) cause acne on my scalp, 2) don't remove oil well enough, so I'm greasy within a few hours, 3) give me major flyaways, 4) suck out my semi-permanent hair color more quickly, or 5) do any combination of the above. Dan's cleanser just doesn't do any of the above. It's also gentle enough that I don't need any conditioner for my short, fine hair. Guess I'm g
  4. Dan, I've been using your cleanser for about two weeks now and it's certainly a great product. My skin is far less red and this stuff gets my makeup off better than any other cleanser I've used. However, I feel like this stuff doesn't remove dead skin very well. I am beginning to notice bunches of little bumpy clogged pores along the side of my face. Also, I do see a lot of flaky skin right after I wash my face. I was just wondering if you could work making a version of your cleanser with
  5. Hello! I have recently started on accutane and i'm not quite sure on which moisturizer and cleanser I should choose for my dryness when i'm on accutane. I have thought about these: La Roche Posay Effaclar H Cream (moisturizer) LRP EFFACLAR Cleanser gel (for cleansing before using the Effaclar H cream)
  6. optimistically_happy

    Dan's cleanser remove makeup???

    does Dan's cleanser remove makeup completely??, first i take half a pump to wash off the makeup, and then i use another half a pump to cleanse my skin. im i doing this correctly, or should i remove my makeup another way?
  7. Thinking about buying the websites cleanser alone. Does anybody use it without the other products of the regime? How does it work for you? I refuse to go back to bp after it broke me out incredibly once I stopped using it.
  8. I keep hearing everyone talk about how acne.org talks about substitute products. Now I don't know if it's because I'm in Canada... but I don't see this information ANYWHERE! All I want to know is a good and comparable substitute for the acne.or cleanser and moisturizer. So if anyone can answer that for me or link me to that information that would be SUPER! I love the benz and I will keep on that but shipping is around 30$.... so it's really not ideal to be getting orders very often with that pri
  9. Has anyone tried SkinFood Egg Pore Foaming Cleanser? I've heard wonderful results about it and I think I'm going to switch from the acne.org cleanser to this when I get completely clear skin!! So please if you have, how is it? Should I switch to this or not? I'm on my 6th week of the regimen by the way!! Please reply
  10. FondCage

    Cleanser Alternatives

    Hi, I really love the Acne.org Regimen cleanser, but the cost of getting a bottle here to NZ is stupidly expensive, and I'm travelling so can't really bulk up to make it more cost effective. Can anyone recommend a similar cleanser to use before the BP that is also good for taking make up off? I'm not a fan of the moisturiser either so I use the Neutrogena Oil Free with some jojoba oil. Thank you!!!
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing on this website and I just wanted to get some feed back from the users. I'll start off by saying that I have struggled with acne for almost 10 years. I have used almost every over the counter medication, been to numerous dermatologists, spent weeks hiding in my room after acne peels, and as a last ditch effort to cure my acne started a cycle of Accutane. My acne is now at bay but I still get occasional breakouts around 'that time of the month' and al
  12. Hi there! I have been using the regimen for about 8 months now, and really have found it helpful and effective. Ive cleared up majority of my acne, and most importantly found a balance between oily/dry which I have never been able to achieve! Unfortunatly, I am still struggling with the pimples/whiteheads/blackheads on my chin. I cleanse morning/night, BP morning/night, Moisteriser morning/night, then AHA every few days. Just not seeming to get anywhere with it? Any advice, Any sug
  13. blicari

    Make Up

    How do you guys take your makeup off while on this regimen? With the cleanser? I want to follow the regimen exactly and just want to make sure the cleanser will take all of makeup off, or if I should be using something else. HELP!
  14. TeenAcneBodyBuilding

    Cetaphil Or Neutragena Hydrating Cleanser

    Hi! I'm not sure if im posting this in the right place but i just wanted to know. I have been using neutragena Hydrating cleanser for a couple weeks now (before i was on the regular neutragena cleanser) and I had to use Cetaphil at my friends house last night. I was just wondering, which one do you think is best or are they the same?
  15. Hi, BACKGROUND INFORMATION (tl;dr, skip to the problem section) I'll start with a little background information on myself. I'm a 20 year old male. I've never had any problems with my skin for my whole life. That is until last year, my second year of university. I started getting more pimples than the average few I would normally get in a month. Sometimes they would be blind and inflamed, usually on my cheeks. However, it never was (and still isn't) very bad. I would classify my acne as
  16. saliha'ya

    After cleanser

    Hey everyone i just wanted to ask if i'm the only one that has super dry skin after cleanser. I dont know if this is normal or if its normal after pb? i'm on my 2nd week now and really pray and hope that the burning and dryness will go away. I'm really worried about that because it really hurts Please help me~~ Thank you
  17. Anyone ever use it on their hair? Experience good/bad?
  18. The new cleanser contains 'Sodium Lauryl Sulfate'. This is a chemical irritant. No joke, look it up for yourself. It was developed for the sole purpose of aggravating skin. I imagine that's why people are complaining about irritated skin after using it. It's used in soaps because of its low cost. *tsk tsk* http://www.healthy-communications.com/slsm...usirritant.html
  19. hi guys, new to the forum and i'm TryNaGetClear!! lol juss like my username(corny i know), but i am unsure of which cleanser to get, the Cetaphil cleanser or the Clean&Clear foaming wash for sensitive skin, i dont want the other regular ]Clean&Clear foaming wash the one that says oil free on it(orange liquid) cause it has Triclosan in it, which is said to cause cancer. i'm a guy but i dont have any hair on my face so i dont have to shave, so it is not important that the cleanser foams, b
  20. I have been on the regimen for about two weeks now and it is working great. My only issue is that I have been using cetaphil daily facial cleaner, and it always dries out my skin a lot. I have had this problem in the past with this product. Has anyone else had this problem with cetaphil, or does anyone know any other washes that are supposed to be extra gentle? thanks
  21. Wow, I took a tablespoon of cleanser and a tablespoon of water and mixed it in a small bottle to use. This accomplished 2 things: 1. The cleanser is MUCH more gentle. My face wasn't slightly tight and dry after getting out of the shower like it was when using the DKR cleanser by itself. 2. The smell of the cleanser has been practically eliminated.
  22. my cleanser of the regimen is out and shipping to my county is expensive and its take at least a week if order express shipping. what do i do in the meantime ? can i use the neutrogena facial cleansing bar for acne-prone skin instead?
  23. mrhamster


    Just tried the cleanser for the first time, very nice consistency, and good value size. Seems a tad to drying for me, but will try it for a while and see how my skin reacts. Cheers
  24. I changed 2, well 3 things, in my regimen at once. And then some changes were forced on my regimen by fate, and possibly, Johnson & Johnson. I was wondering if anyone wants to take a shot at which caused my sudden substantial increase in sebum production: Switched from Purpose Bar to DKR cleanser. (Purpose possibly caused hives, so I'm not going back to it in any case.) Healing from said breakout of hives. Didn't use topicals or shower/wash face much for a few days because of hives, but h
  25. The CSR cleanser just arrived today, and I will never use DHL again. The CSR cleanser arrived two days after the quote arrival date, which was 7 days from shipping. Anyway, my mom owned a salon in the past until my sister made my mom babysit her three babies. She just tried the Cleanser too and loves it. I can really feel it's gentle. It got into my eyes and I didn't feel any pain. With my old cleanser, I would cry every time I cleanse. So in short, thanks Dan! I'll be ordering as soon as I