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Found 17 results

  1. My friend started taking it a few weeks ago and i've heard of people incorporating it to their daily routine. I use it for masks and i've always been curious about ingesting it. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and stuck with it long enough to see a positive effect?
  2. Hey guys! Okay, so here's the thing. I barely have any acne, just stupid closed comedones! They piss me off and really bother me. I heard clay masks were good for them. But which ones? Please only recommend one if you have tried it and it worked. Thank you!
  3. Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with clay masks? I recently purchased a Seaweed ionic clay mask from The Body Shop, apparantly it draws out impurities, its clarifying and skin refreshing. I have ALOT of clogged pores, like underskin bumps which are really unnattractive and was thinking this may help...I guess its all just trial and error. The ingredients seemed fine aswell. Just wondering if anyway had any input
  4. Has anyone tried Indian Healing Mud Clay??? Thoughts? Opinions of it??
  5. Has anyone tried this? I'm going to use one to spot treat on closed comedones and hopefully dry them out so they will just flake off. Please let me know if any of you have tried this. Thanks! I will update tomorrow.
  6. I just started using Aztec Indian Healing Bentonite clay and mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar. I use it as a mask and let it sit on my face for about 20 min. I just finished my first week and did it about 4x in the week. I am getting medium to large white heads coming to the surface. I read that the clay has a magnetic charge which brings the gunk to the surface as it does a deep clean but my question is, how long will this purging last? It's pretty bad right now and I don't know if or how long
  7. so I recently started a new regimen along with watching my diet and keeping my pillows clean and stuff, I'm a 17 year old Male. i wake up and massage jojoba oil into my face and then rinse it off in the shower, then at night I use an Aztec healing clay mask every single day for the past week because I heard it brings up all your pimples and impurities. after I use jojoba oil. should I continue to use the mask everyday? I like it and it doesn't really irritate my face however I'm notici
  8. so I've used the bemtonite clay mask 3 days in a row and I love the way it feels and what not but I've noticed that I've kinda started to break out, some people say it's from the mask bringing impurities to the surface, some say you can't purge unless it's an "active" and I'm most likely breaking out. I use jojoba oil after so it's not like my skin is dry or anything. is this a good thing that I'm seeing some new pimples and how long should I continue daily use before everything is sucked up and
  9. Hi everyone, I have been using these forums for years to get ideas on how to cure my acne. Finally after 17 years of pimples at 33 i am proud to announce that i am acne free and feeling great. All I have to do now is let the scars fade. I will share how it happened. So I have combination skin which is dry and prone to black heads with hormonal breakouts around that time of month especially on the cheeks chin and around the temples. Theres been a few discussions on here as to wheth
  10. Has anyone tried Edible Earth's Digestive Detoxicant and Trace Mineral Supplement? My acupuncturist gave it to me a month ago to clear out toxins and ease my digestion but I was nervous to use it. Basically, you dilute a bit of the clay in water and drink it throughout the day or at night, always on an empty stomach so that only toxins can be pulled out. I was nervous about a detox breakout, but the clay is supposed to absorb the toxins and then gets pushed through the bowels. Well, today I saw
  11. After struggling with acne for quite a while, I found something that really helps. I primarily have facial acne, but will occasionally get small patches on my chest as well. Recently, I began using a face mask that is a mixture of Indian Healing Clay with Apple Cider Vinegar and washing with Black African Soap. The results were pretty amazing to be honest, after a week or so, I would say that 70% of my old acne is fading. I put a little bit of the mask on my chest where I had about three zit
  12. So I read on here.. http://www.aboutclay...o/Uses/acne.htm about how using a clay mask everyday for 2 weeks will help your skin to purge and open up the pores. I don't have any bad acne. Just tones of closed comedones, blackheads and the occasional white head. Please let me know if any of you have tried this before. Do you guys think this is a good idea to help open up the comedones and unclog them? Right now the only negatives I can think of is that it will be time consuming and could possibl
  13. Hi guys, My first ever post but I've been dormant on acne.org for a few years. (Will try to make this short 'n' sweet) To get to the point, I've never had a major issue with huge pimples or anything but my overall appearance was marred by blackheads and whiteheads all over my face. Every. Single. Pore. Is to some degree blocked. Even though I've experienced this since the age of 12 it does affect my confidence. So obviously being a teen, I tried products that helped to exfoliate; beads, s
  14. Sorry went a little nuts with the tags on this thread probably. Anyway, Ive been meaning to make a post about this for months. I literally cannot stop using BP gel (cream? gel? not sure its white). I have been using it pretty much every time I shave/wash my face for years. I wash my face about once a day, sometimes every two days. I have good hygiene, but I find if I wash more than that my face looks 10 times worse. Also, the BP is necessary every time now. I will have the same areas (on s
  15. Hi everyone, I've been on this website for a little while but I haven't posted in over a year. I was updating a post with my acne journey until September, 2017, but just lost track of time. My skin has cleared up so incredibly much. I had normal acne on combination skin and now I have very few typical breakouts. I do have some occasional cystic acne now that I'm working on a routine for, but this post is about general acne. My original post focused on the prescription products my dermatolo
  16. This may be dirty, disgusting, strange, but very relaxing.... This is a nature's treatment that could work for acne... Anyone well ever taken a mud bath? Or played in the mud before? Like I said this may sound bit dirty and messy... I've read few things about profesional spa mud bath and it says that it removes toxins from the body, cleans pores, and rejuvinates your body... I personally myself love getting muddy-dirty. I have gotten muddy, but never ever been immersed in an actual mud b
  17. I've been using this Indian healing clay mask (also known for aztec clay mask) for almost 2 weeks now, hoping that this "miracle" product would help my face clear. At first it made me break out a little but my face cleared within 5 days. Now my face is starting to break out again, even more with no improvement whatsoever, if not worse than it was before I started using this product. Now I have cystic acne above my lips, around my chin, and next to my nose. Idk if the product is suppose to do thi