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Found 44 results

  1. This has absolutely not been my week. Maybe because they didn't up my dosage and my skin has gotten used to 60mg a day? Idk. My skin is feeling pretty oily again and my lips are a million times worse. They are almost constantly bleeding and burn because they're so dry and I use every thing under the sun to moisturize them and they refuse to heal. Those I can atleast deal with bc I care so much more about my skin than my lips. But my skin has gotten worse this past week. Four new friends popped u
  2. So I missed week five but my skin hasn't changed much since week 5 anyway. My skin dryness is under control but my lips have given up on me. It might have to do with the 10 degree weather and the insane winds that come with living in the mountains that add to the dryness but my lips have never felt so bad. Burt's bees and blistex no longer work. I exfoliate them and drown them in chapstick and Vaseline but they start cracking and bleeding anyway. My skin is not that dry surprisingly but I do al
  3. Gabipassmore

    Day 1

    I went to the dermatologist yesterday and after fighting insurance I was finally able to start accutane. The brand I'm using is Clara is, which seems to be a very common brand of isotretinoin. Clearly nothing has changed yet but it's my first day so this is what my skin looks like before accutane. I've never had several acne, only moderate acne but because of its persistance for 7 years my dermatologist finally recommended this for me and I'm SO excitedI was told to stop using "harsh" acne
  4. Day 50 wow almost two months on accutane complete! My skin is looking really good lately and I don't feel like i need to wear makeup at all really. I havent gotten a new spot in about 2 weeks, its amazing. I'm still struggling a little bit with blackheads but its getting better and better everyday and so is my scarring. I saw my dermatologist over the weekend and even he said i am looking good. This is so exciting I havent felt this pretty and confident in a very long time. I can finally fee
  5. Sooooo like i've been reading alot on this site, its very common for people around day 15-21 to get like an exersion of blackheads :/. Welp this is currently happening! I knew something would have to come up sooner or later!!! I've read almost every comment on them and people say they should just completely fall out in a few weeks. Hopefully they do because this is terrible and the most i've ever seen on my face at once. Ofcourse i'm staring an inch away from the mirror examining, but it's hard
  6. Hey everyone! Just popped my first pill yesterday and I haven't experienced any side effects yet. Although my lower back was hurting, but I think that was because I was cleaning my apartment all day. I woke up this morning and my face seemed to be less oily. I usually wake up super greasy. Maybe its just me. I'm about to pop my second pill!! yay!
  7. Hey Guys, Today is my first day of a 5 month course of accutane. I will be taking 30mg per day for the first month and move up to 60mg after that. I'll give updates whenever I feel like it and i'll try to reply to everyone who comments.
  8. Hey all for when I possibly start Accutane what is the best generic Accutane that worked for you? I am worried about their effectiveness since it is not the original Roche Accutane. It is the same ingredients correct? But might depend on where the generic is made also. Also after seeing all these initial breakouts on here I'm sooo scared. What should I expect around 10-20 mg? I am following some people on their low dose regimen. Arg what acne makes us do!
  9. So here's just another update and happy 3 weeks on accutane! My skin seems to be doing really well, alot of all those blackheads I saw coming out have dissappeared and I couldn't be happier right now! I saw my derm on Saturday and my blood tests and platelets were perfect and wrote me a script for my next 30 days! yay! So skinwise everythings looking pretty good, wayyyyy less blackheads, seems to me my pores are looking smaller and my skin and hair are barely oily at all as oppose to how
  10. 16 days on accutane! I can't say i notice much of a difference skin wise. Still only 2 or 3 very small barely noticable pimples, showing up in kind of the same area, not bad though. Everywhere else is pretty smooth. My skin seems to be getting dryer and a little more tender and red. I should probably stop using the topicals soon, but it is just such a hard habit to get out of. My lips are definitely very dry and chapped but i just keep applying chapstick/aquaphor/carmex/etc. !!! Still no
  11. So i've been on accutane for already 11 days! I am still not experiencing any severe side effects, just the common chapped, dry lips and slightly dry skin. Also i've had no sign of an initial breakout (yet). Again this might be because of the antibiotic i'm on- Ampicillin 500mg twice daily. I've had maybe 2 or 3 very small active spots that have came and went in about 3 days, not even. I'm feeling pretty hopeful and this is probably the best i've looked in a long time. So far my face sti
  12. Really nothing has changed since last week it's been a little slow for my skin sadly. I have gotten a few painful bumps again but only one was huge and looks like its going to scar. I used Murad salicylic acne spot treatment or whatever it's called, I'm sure any salicylic acid spot treatment works the same at this point. And on top of that I used calamine lotion. One of the spots went away surprisingly easily, one is still kinda there, and the big one on my chin directly under my lip popped on
  13. I've almost finished my first month and it's pretty exciting actually. I feel like I'm handling the dryness well, I'm still dealing with the cold which absolutely sucks. My pink eye is gone but I have like a broken blood vessel which we do think is accutane related not pink eye related. Sadly I lost my Burt's bees chapstick so I've learned that all of my chapsticks I used to love downright suck. I love EOS and blistex but they do nothing for the dryness. Also because I've had such a bad cold and
  14. So it hasn't been three weeks quite yet but I wanted to update. So accutane really does make your immune system absolutely suck. For the past few days I've felt kinda gross but yesterday it hit me like a truck. Honestly I've been pushing aside my cold thinking it was mostly accutane related. My red eyes I just thought it was my contacts and I shouldn't be wearing them so I wore them for a shorter amount of time. My sore throat I thought it was just dry because accutane dries you out like CRAZY.
  15. Gabipassmore

    Day 2

    Ok so technically day 2 is day 3 and day 1 was the morning after I took the first pill but whatever. I was not expecting it to affect me this fast. My skin hasn't started to change any which isn't a surprise but I am DRY. I heavily moisturerize normally anyway but after I showered today my nose was definitely a little flaky on one side but my eyes and the inside of my nose are super dry. I'm going without contacts today so my contacts don't fall out from being too dry. I'm taking 30mg of claravi
  16. yesterday was AWFUL!! after i posted, i continued my day by going to class, then going to work. i had dizzy spells and was kind of groggy the entire time i was at work and i work at a coffee shop!! i'm never groggy or lethargic. my eyes were so dry, they were blood shot. my lower back pain was almost unbearable and i somehow managed to get bruises on my hands and knuckes (probably from kickboxing) i usually never bruise that easily. anyway, i came home and was sooo exhausted!!! i passed out a
  17. so, today is the 5th day and im not experiencing too many side effects. my face, especially my eyes, specifically my lash lines, are super itchy. my whole body seems to be itchy. i have some lower back pain, but i think it might be from kickboxing. most of the active pimples that i had before starting 5 days ago have dried up and are flaky. i currently have maybe 5 active spots, but are super tiny with white heads. i have a huge honker in my eye brow that hurts like a mother. my lips are not as
  18. Whats is the difference between accutane clavaris and actuate roche. I have currently been on accutane roche for over a week and am wondering what the difference is in between the two since my dermotlogist recommended taking clavaris and my insurance only cover roche.
  19. Looking for some advice on accutane. I am a 27 year old male. Have mild acne 1-2 pimples a week at most, nothing cystic at all. However, it comes and it goes and all the other treatments do treat it and it gets better. However, it comes back. BP seems to work the best. I have tried everything though, you name it. I have had it for 10 years. But again it's mild. Sometimes I don't get a zit for a few weeks, I know it could be worse believe me, but it does really bother me like everyone else. I wen
  20. Do not take this drug. For your health. I say the following because I care deeply for you. And want you to be happy. poi·son Noun: A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action. This drug is a poison. At any dose, your body is being injured. It dehydrates the entire body, causing very painful problems. It will weaken you to the point where your
  21. Gabipassmore

    Day 5

    My skin has started to get pretty tight and my nose is getting flakier each day. My skin is still pretty oily but now that it's getting dry it feels weird to put on extra moisturizer. Also all my current acne is PAINFUL even if they were just little white heads, and everything in my skin that would have formed eventually is forming at the exact same time. So I'm dry oily and breaking out. I was told to expect an initial breakout so I wasn't surprised when these guys started to pop upon my face b
  22. Hey guys! Please read this if you are thinking about taking accutane or have taken accutane because this will shed some light on your questions or worries. So i'm a male and i've had acne ever since high school, around 13 or 14 is when it started (which is typical for a teenager). Now at 23, my acne is still popping up (along with the battle scars left behind over the years) just not as bad as in my high school days. I get mainly hormonal acne on my jawline, chin, neck, and my back was prett
  23. I have had mild acne that is sometimes moderate since I was 15 years old. I am 19 now, and I have tried almost every single topical under the sun, and also going dairy free and gluten free (didn't work for me, go figure). Because I wanted something that was almost guaranteed to clear me up, I began taking 10mg per day of Accutane nearly 3-4 months ago after seeing almost everyone get great results with such a low dose, and I wanted to avoid the higher side effects. I no longer have oily skin, in
  24. N29

    It's All Over!

    I am finally finished with Clavaris!!! Today is my last day of taking my five month course. Over the last month I have experienced some problems with my stomach, so my dermatologist advised me that I could discontinue use. I have to visit a gastro physician, and then follow up with my derm in one month. Hopefully the Clavaris did not do any damage to my digestive system. On the other hand my skin looks great. I have a little bit of scarring left behind that I will be treating with
  25. N29

    Month 4 On Clavaris

    I just entered my 4th month of Clavaris, and I must express that the time has went by fast. I'm very proud to say that I have NO acne!!!! I have not had a breakout since my 2nd month around the time of cycle. My skin has no breakouts, no oil, and my scarring is almost gone. In my first and second month I was on 40mg with some side effects. My third I took 60mg and will stay on 60 for my fourth month. The dermatologist predicts that she will have me take 80mg my fifth and sixth month.