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Found 239 results

  1. I'm having an issue with the iPledge program...my doctor never filled in my test results from the appointment and now it's saying that I need doctor confirmation before I can get anywhere with the prescription. There is a mix up somewhere and I don't know where, but the office is closed until Monday. I was wondering if it will be bad to miss 2, possibly 3, doses? I don't want to have to start all over! Help! Thank you! -Freaked Out
  2. livielu222

    Chest Pain?

    I am on my second week of Accutane (Claravis) I am taking 60 mg a day and I started having chest pains at times especially when I bend a certain way and lay on my chest. It feels tight and painful and there is almost pressure. When I breath in it almost feels tight and it hurts. It is not heartburn because I have had heartburn plenty of times. I was wondering if anyone else has or experienced this before?
  3. shourpower

    Day 3 Of Claravis, 60 Mg/day

    So I just started day 3 of isotretinoin treatment and I did not expect the IB to start this soon! I've been taking 30 mg pills twice a day and haven't noticed any dry/sensitive skin yet, but I switched my daily cleanser to neutrogena soapless face wash just in case. At first I thought I was just getting a few pimples because I stopped using my clairisonic and salicylic acid cleanser, but today I noticed a bunch of small bumps coming to the surface all over my face, especially on my forehead. I a
  4. Bexxs

    Week 3: TMI side effects

    *This week I mainly experienced more/new side effects rather than a change in my acne. Acne Results: Don't see much of an acne change from last week. I got one or two on my shoulders and another on my left cheek but nothing too bad. Side Effects: In addition to previous side effects I've mentioned, my scalp became super dry and I have dandruff like crazy. I didn't think I scratched my head that hard but i started bleeding (photo). The inside of my nose has become super dry and there is alwa
  5. Hello! I've read a lot of blogs from my fellow Accutane users these past few months, and since so many stories have helped me, it's time to share my experience. Here's a little bit about me and my acne: (scroll way down if you'd rather hear about the accutane) I'm a 27 year old female, and I've been dealing with mild/severe acne for 3+ years now. I had normal skin prior (a pimple here and there), but it seems that out of nowhere I started getting these huge, painful cysts. I just dealt w

    Help Me Out Pleaasse!

    hi people okay so i went to the derm. last week on Thursday and i was told i was going to be put on accutane(*Claravis), but he also prescribed me Tazorac and Clindamycin Phosphate Foam. I am going thru the initial breakout right now from those two medication, but my main concern was that if i am breaking out right cause of the tazorac will i go thru an initial breakout with accutane ? please help ive been looking at alot of the message forums and most of you guys have really good feedback.
  7. ItsAllGoodFellas

    2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 29)

    Well i'm stopping accutane for a while, probably for a week. I went to see the doctor yesterday and she said my blood results came up a bit high. My lips were fine then but after i went to play some sports and drank afterwards. Soon after i started to see little dots in my lips that burned. Today i realized they were COLD SORES! AGAIN! I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN COLD SORES IN MY LIFE, ONLY TIME WAS WHEN I WAS ON ACCUTANE THE FIRST TIME AND NOW!!!It's my fault. I have been careless about my lips, even
  8. I just finished my second month with amnesteem and now I'm with claravis and I am really really having trouble swallowing the claravis capsules since they are bigger than amnesteem. Is it okay to cut open the capsules and take the gel? Or maybe any tips on how to easily swallow a capsule?
  9. ClaravisChronicle

    Week 1 Accutane/claravis

    I just finished my first week on Claravis and so far so good. A little backstory: I'm 31 and have had acne problems for the past year. I took Accutane about 16 years ago as a teen when I had extremely bad acne on my face, chest, and back. I went through a 5 month regimen and it was amazing. The only side effects I remember were the extreme chapped lips and I was very sensitive to the sun. I'm hoping I don't have any crazy side effects this time around however, I'm noticing the chapped lips alrea
  10. ItsAllGoodFellas

    2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 22)

    1st month: 60mg/ day My entire body is dry, my face is extremely dry, my lips too. I developed three giant pimples on my right cheeck. I am now just using regular facewash but gonna start using no facewash at all since it's drying up badly. I remember first time i didn't use any face moisturizer but i have to start now. Absolutely annoying during work, freaking lips too very dry; ive stopped using chapstick now using a more powerful cream and it's only month 1! I was thinking of stopping
  11. From the album: My Claravis Journey.

    ok i haven't posted in a while, but here i am! It's day 75 today. My current dose is 70 mg a day, one 40 mg at night, one 30 mg in the morning. I also take B-complex vitamins. Most of the redness are acne scars. There are very little current pimples. I'm so satisfied with my results. It's only been a couple months and my acne is quickly saying its farewell. I wear a very thin layer of neutrogena shine control make up to cover up my acne scars and to protect my skin from the sun because it does h
  12. Mila88

    Day 11

    Day 11, oddly enough my side effects seem to have improved rather than gotten worse? Has this happened to anyone else? This worries me. My dry eyes that were terrible just 2 days ago are now manageable, my dry nose is barely bothering me at all and my dry lips are mild compared to what they were 2 days ago. I know I should probably be extrememly happy but i'm more concerned that it isn't working as well? As far as acne goes I've gotten another little white head on my jaw line... nothing ma
  13. jbw883

    Day 1 - 3 Claravis 20 Mg

    I am 5'5" and weigh approx 120lbs. My Dr. put me on 20 mg for the first month and plans to bump me up to 40mg the 2nd month. I took my first dose in the pm with dinner. I didn't really notice anything except for my mouth being a little dry. I moisturized my whole body with organic Shae Butter lotion and Jojoba Oil and put CeraVe on my face with drops of Jojoba as well. - I plan on continuing this routine until I feel a need to change. First Full Day - I went to Wal-Mart over my lunch h
  14. ShelbyC

    Day 1

    I decided to start this blog because my acne has returned. Four years of clear beautiful skin after accutane here I am again. I wish I wasn't part of that 20% that relapses after taking 5 month of claravis . I started this long acne journey in 2011 after using proactive for years I stopped using it and hell broke loose. I saw my first dermatologist , he prescribed me Retin A at night , Bactrim once a day , and benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning. That worked pretty nice until I stopped taking
  15. Freemimo

    Accutane Day 39

    DAY 39: the cyst under my eye came back and he brought a friend! two cysts under my right eye and they're just there for all the world to see. one of them came to a head, but doesn't seem to be going down. theres about five zit things on my forehead. i guess im not done with the IB. wahhhhhh!!! i haven't washed my hair in almost two weeks! gross? its so dry and my hair isnt even oily!! surprisingly enough, it doesn't smell bad. TMI? anyway, here is what i have been experiencing: chapped lips
  16. I have my derm appt. on the 24th October to pick up my prescriptions if you're in Toronto and take isotretinoin please PM me!! I have some questions and would greatly appreciate it!. Thanks
  17. Hey everyone, wanted to tell my acne story. Accutane gets a bad rap, and I think its because only the people who had a negative experience end up speaking up about it. For me, I was on this site every day during my acne wars, but since now I am cured thanks to accutane, I never went on here again. I decided I would tell my story and hope to encourage someone else. Today, I am a 26 year old male in the US. I had acne as a teen, on my chin and forehead, as well as constant nose blackheads. The
  18. The problem being, of course, acne. Everyone on this site, whether daily contributor or lurker (I fall into the latter category) is all too familiar with this problem. We've been scarred, if not physically, then certainly emotionally. And at times, it can feel like we are alone in the problem, out in space, with no one around to sympathize with - especially when we look around and there seems to be perfect skin everywhere we look! I promise you, you are not alone. A few days ago, I blasted off i
  19. Hi everybody, I'm here today writing because recently I couldn't afford Accutane. I found out that my insurance will no longer help pay for my Accutane medications. I'm currently 4 months into my Accutane treatment and it has been going great. I've been looking around my local pharmacies and comparing prices and I can't afford it. I've tried Goodrx and other coupon methods and I still couldn't afford it. The prices I've gotten without the coupons were almost $800 - $1,800 at Walgreens and with
  20. Hello! I'm new here on acne.org and this is my first post. I've read the forum rules but I'm a bit of a headcase so I apologize in advance if I've done something wrong. To clarify (like I wish my skin was doing!) - Claravis is the generic form of Accutane. Anyway, I started taking Claravis (30 mgs) about 3 days ago. I haven't particularly noticed any change - whether it be dryness or irritated skin - aside from the slight breakout I've gotten. I also take 40 mgs of Adderall (which has a
  21. SammyJeann

    Accutane Day 16

    Hey! My dark spots are beginning to fade. They are still very noticeable, but I do see the improvement. I have two new pimples on my right cheek. A couple that are beginning to go away on my forehead and no active ones on my left cheek. I still have the same side effects, in addition to some new ones. My face and lips are still dry and my scalp is still itchy and flakey (although I got Selsun blue for flakey scalp, so hopefully that helps.) One of my new side effects is that I have a
  22. So I just took my first Claravis pill! I'm a 22 year old with mild to moderate, very persistent hormonal acne. I weigh 150 lbs and my derm prescribed 40mg per day for the first month which she said would be under-dosing me a bit, but that it's an easier transition if she doesn't put me on the maximum amount for my weight right away. I'm wearing make up now, but I do plan to post pictures in this log, because I'm really excited to see my progress. Right now I have 3 small active nodules (one on e
  23. Sorry, I actually started Claravis 13 days ago but i have a WILD story to share with you guys. 40mg a day background: used to be mild acne when i was 14-15 it turned into moderate acne next couple years then into severe acne when i turned 17 I was on antibiotics 4 months prior to taking accutane. My derm told me since i had been on antibiotics my IB wouldn't be so bad....WOW was she wrong....read this horror story below. Days 1-6 - I didn't have any noticable side effects other tha