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Found 51 results

  1. Hey guys! I am in need of some help with my hormonal acne. For the past year or so I have had consistent hormonal acne on my chin, specifically on the left side. I have comedones, blackheads, white heads, dry skin, and redness in that area specifically, with some small instances on the middle of my chin and left side. Occasionally also on my forehead and nose. While I’ve always had acne, I’ve never really struggled until I got the Kyleena progesterone IUD. Since then it’s been non s
  2. Hello, to my fellow victims of this terrible plague called acne. I’m not new to acne.org as I have stumbled across these forums on many occasions in the past, but this will be my first ever post. I am a 22 year old guy who suffers from moderate to severe acne specifically and almost exclusively on the chin. Picture someone drawing a triangle from the corners of your mouth down to the sides of your chin. I do occasionally get 1 or 2 above my mouth as well (maybe once or twice a month) but they he
  3. Every day i get 2-4 zits on my chin, what is wrong? Please help.
  4. Hey guys, This is my first ever post on here, but I've followed the forum for awhile. So I've had acne roughly since fall of 2009 when I was 16. Before that I had completely clear skin... literally never one blemish so I guess I was a late bloomer. Also, I hit puberty later than most of my friends. It probably peaked in severity in 2012-eary 2013 when I was a senior in high school and freshman in college. In January of 2013 I went to the dermatologist for the first time and got Epiduo,
  5. So I just finished my freshman year at university and I'm home for summer break. I've always suffered from acne, but it was always a few blemishes here and there or a patch of blackheads on my nose. I was on a regimen about two years ago where I took antibiotics and used a medicated topical wash and moisturizer. It made my skin look great and my dermatologist said that I was free to use whatever face wash that I wished as long as it was oil controlling and that my moisturizer was non comedogenic
  6. I had been on the pill for over 10 years (I'm 28 now), and I stopped taking it in April 2014. I never had ANY (and I stress, ANY) acne before. My skin was fine at first when I stopped, but starting around August 2014, my skin started getting more oily than normal. I just moved to the south, so I figured it had to do with a change of climate/humidity. Since December 2014 though, I've been breaking out like CRAZY. I wake up with at least 2-3 more bumps each day. My upper back/shoulders have pa
  7. Hello! Today is my first time on acne.org forum. I am new. And I hope you can help me. My story goes: I don't get acnes when I was in my puberty. My skin was practically cleared with occasional 1 to 3 zits during the time of the month. I started getting sever acnes when I reached the age of 20. They breaks out on my jawline and chin area. Started with only a small clusters. And I had some basic antibiotics to curb it. When I was 21, it was my first time had makeup on for a prom. And
  8. So, around January until March I ate several eggs a day (anywhere from 1-4 depending on the day). I noticed that my acne started to increase on my chin and I was getting way more whiteheads than usual. So around the end of March I stopped. Once I stopped, the acne slowed down a lot, but I noticed that now I get more acne on my chin than I did before all of this. I am wondering how long it usually takes for hormones to level out after cutting out something that breaks you out.
  9. I'm 20 years old and I've had pretty normal skin most of my life, with a pimple here and there every once in a blue moon. However, back in January of 2012 but skin went on a crazy ride. I started breaking out everywhere. It was always very red, inflamed and ugly. I went to a derm and I didn't like what she put me on so I stopped. I went back to my old cleansing habits and a few months later my acne subsided. It would flare up every once in a while; but nothing like it did in January. Well this y
  10. I've been eating an anti-inflammatory diet for over a month now. This means no gluten, soy, peanuts, dairy, red meat, eggs, citrus (excluding lemons), corn, tomatoes, sugar, bananas, strawberries, and peppers. Definitely no refined foods. I've also been formally tested for sensitivities, and only dairy, sugar, pork, beef, and random things like MSG and grapes came up. These have been cut out of my diet for even longer. At first I thought my skin was improving, especially my chin, but the
  11. From the album: Using Sulfur

    I think Crest toothpaste is the culprit.
  12. What’s up everyone. I think you'll find this video helpful especially if you're dealing with some chin or jawline acne right now. I’m breaking down the lymphatic system and discussing why you should be draining your lymph nodes if you want to get rid of acne, cystic breakouts or just skin issues in general. I’m also showing you easy ways to release toxins from the lymph nodes so that your skin can start clearing up faster. Hope you enjoy!
  13. hello hello, I have been reading these forums for YEARS and have just recently felt confident enough to share my own success with certain products. when I was 23 my chin exploded in painful red cysts that refused to dissipate. it was shit. after lots of research and blood tests it turns out that I, like tons of women, am estrogen dominant. I started acupuncture and taking supplements for my imbalance. After three months, I do not have any more cysts. This is what I take: Margarite pills (plum
  14. For the past few years I have had near constant acne on my chin only. The odd thing is I get acne on the right or left side of my chin, but NEVER in the middle. Here are two pictures: http://imageshack.us/f/408/chinb.png/ I think this may have something to do with shaving. As you can see my hair is not as full where the spots are. Has anyone ever experienced acne like this? I rarely get spots elsewhere, but I always seem to have spots on one or both sides of my chin. I think shaving ma
  15. Hello. I am a 15-year old boy and have had chin acne for as long as I can remember. I only have acne directly beneath my mouth and nowhere else along my chin but it is severe. I have hundreds of little bumps that just will not go away. I am honestly not sure what it is. Each individual bump is not visible unless I seriously stretch my chin out but it the whole clump of bumps is very visible and while I have been living with it for about two years, now I want to take action. Is there anyone that
  16. Growing up as a teenager I had horrid acne. Both my parents were acne sufferers so it was only natural. Now I'm a 24 year old woman that has grown tired! In my earlier 20's acne had subsided and I had clear skin. Recent years on my chin and left and right chin area it has re appeared! I never know what to use, everything breaks me out. I just want to be that girl that doesn't have to wear foundation! It's not super bad acne. But it's just a constant pimple problem and I mess with them and then t
  17. I'm 21 and have been getting acne on the sides of my chin and back ever since I was in middle school and just recently for like the past 3 years i've started getting chest acne also. I never had any other kind of acne on my face except for my chin. it is just mild acne where I would get 1-2 pimples at a time so I didn't really done too much about it. But now it seems like its getting worse. The pimples on my chin are getting bigger and I sometimes get whiteheads. I currently use simple's foaming
  18. Hi. I have had acne for about 3 years now. First, it was "normal stuff": black heads and white heads scattered on my face, only 2-3 at a time. Then, more inflammatory acne developed on my temples and forehead about one year ago. It wasn't horrible, but it was till worse than what everyone else had on their face. The inflammatory acne just got worse, bigger, and more painful. I had only tried natural remedies this far to cure my acne. Every night i would try some new treatment. Turmeric,
  19. Hi there! I'm new to this site and forums, but could really use some support and advice. I'm 30, female, have had various types of acne since my teenage years. For the past year or so, I've ONLY had breakouts on my jaw and chin, nowhere else. I've noticed that my skin has been very oily, even though I use all oil-free and gentle products. I had cystic acne on my chin, but the cysts are more rare now, though I've started getting frequent white heads on my chin due to excessive oil. I've recently
  20. Here's my story. I went to the dermatologists in January (an estimate, don't really remember when). I went because I had a bad rash under my nose, and under my mouth. By the time I went to the dermatologist for that problem my rash was already gone, I only had about two pimples on my chin caused by the things I used to clear my rash. The dermatologist asked me if I usually break out around my menstrual, I said yes (doesn't everyone?). He prescribed me Spironolactone. I took it for a month and
  21. Here's my story. I went to the dermatologists in January (an estimate, don't really remember when). I went because I had a bad rash under my nose, and under my mouth. By the time I went to the dermatologist for that problem my rash was already gone, I only had about two pimples on my chin caused by the things I used to clear my rash. The dermatologist asked me if I usually break out around my menstrual, I said yes (doesn't everyone?). He prescribed me Spironolactone. I took it for a month and
  22. hi there ! I'm kind of at a loss at what to do about my acne, I feel like I've tried everythung but nothing is a constant fix. I'm a 23 yr old female. my face is super clear on my forehead, cheeks, and t zone. but my chin is a DISASTER. I am on birth control (so I'm sure this is hormonal for the most part). I'll currently have 2 large deep spots on my lower chin, and about 5 small whiteheads that are very tiny but are in clusters on each side of my chin. I started with BP a month ago, it ha
  23. I've had stubborn acne around mouth and face for over 2 years now and have found basically the cure for me. Felt like I should spread the knowledge because I know there are many people out there that use salyilic acid, benzoyl peroxide and AHA alone and think that they don't work. They all need to be used together. 3 products total. Use IN THAT ORDER. Twice a day. changed my life, finally clearing this acne... -Murad AHA/BHA face wash. -2.5% benzoyl peroxide -cetaphil moisturizer Best o
  24. Hi all, really sorry if this post has been done before. I've done so much research on this, spent hours on these forums for help/hope/advice but I decided it would be best if I just started a thread so I could maybe get some direct help. Basically for the past year and a half, almost two years, I've had a very stubborn bunch of closed comedones on my chin. It's sort of like a red blotch, until I smile or stretch the skin and it gets redder and you can see loads of small white granules - embe
  25. So my story begins a couple of months ago, back in February, when I started noticing some chin pimples. They weren't excessive, but they were there. There would also be some white sebum plugs under the corner of my mouth, both sides. Overall, however, my skin looked decent. My skin prior this has generally always been clear. A pimple here or there, maybe on the forehead or nose or my temples. Typically would adhere to the weather conditions it was dealing with and would react as so if I swe