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Found 95 results

  1. In a bit of a dilemma dealing with skin issues… I might be one of the guys that has to go through an Accutane cycle once a year to remain clear, so 2 weeks ago, started taking 60mg daily, with a 120mg dose one of those days of the week (to accelerate the process—total broscience). In the meantime, trying to figure out how else my flare-ups/irritation/inflammation can be minimized…. Maybe I just have overactive sebaceous glands, which Accutane uniquely treats and is very effective at minimiz
  2. This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach. While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places. It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any c
  3. Have had this on my chest for a couple years now and want to get rid of it does anyone know what it is and how to help get rid of it https://[link removed]
  4. Hello, I'm 22, i have noticed that i have acne since 18 years old (maybe earlier), i had acne on my temples (dark spots) and a little on jawline. It wasn't bad at all, I didn't take it seriously. But in winter of 2017 my acne got worse and spread on forehead, chest, and upper back, shoulders. So i tried to clean it every day but it didn't help much. On the face my acne is in T-zone, cheeks are clear. On the back it's in triangle or T shape. I read about that and someone said that it's acne v
  5. Hey guys, I've never had any real problems with my skin in the past, but in the last year i've heavily increased my exercise. I seem to get new spots on my chest and back after every workout. I've tried all the recommended advice- cool showers, salicylic sprays and soaps, drying sweat with a towel, changing tshirt instantly after a workout. I've spent a scary amount of money on various creams, moisturisers and body washes but to no avail. I've been to the doctor a few times, i'm currently tak
  6. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a
  7. Hey, I'm on 20mg accutane and supposently my acne on my chest is gone and this is scarring? Is this actually scarring and if so how can I get rid of it, any treatments,creams,procedures exc. Or is it just acne, and should I ask for my accutane dose to be upped? Thanks
  8. If i'm posting this, it means the situation is desperate and i acknowledge that i have a bad skin condition. I feel some sort of relief now that i share this on a public forum. I could write a whole essay about how my skin problem affected every aspect of my life in so many ways and how i feel like i'm all alone fighting this demon called "acne". Here are some facts about my skin problem: - I started getting moderate acne on my face and neck in 2007 (i was 14 at that time) which cleared
  9. Hi Everyone, So I typed up a long message, but the site refreshed and deleted everything... In summary: 24 year old asian male acne since teen years (used ProActiv and worked but trying to go holistic route) tried many things: vitamins, Probiotics, cleanses strict diet: no dairy, no sugar, low-carb, lots of veges, fruits, omega 3s acne in face (jawline, chin, upper lip), chest, neck (cystic type), back (though recently has started to disappear but check acne still t
  10. Hi, FIrst time poster, long term acne sufferer. Dealt with it mostly by cutting out meat (on face). Fatty foods/alcohol/stress still effect but is manageable. Usually not too bothered about chest but has never been this bad and is quite persistent. Any advice much appreciated. Wax? Some sort of treatment? They start as white heads and stick around as red marks for a fair old while. Any advice much appreciated as this is now pretty aggravating.
  11. Hi, I am a boy, 14. My acne started when I got KP on my arms in 4th grade. Around 6th grade, I started getting bumps on my chest I assumed were KP. For 2 years, I've tried facial acne cleansers, as well as body acne cleansers to get rid of them. I don't believe they are KP because they don't cluster like it does on my chest. So anyway, they're small red bumps. they arent white or blackheads, and almost seem like a rash. They have also worked their way on the upper, and middle sections of my ba
  12. Hi guys, I'm really hoping you can help me identify what's causing my acne and how I get rid of it. I've struggled with this for years now and I've tried pretty much everything to get rid of it! I thought it was normal acne then I thought it was ingrown hairs so I took all my chest hair off but it made no difference. I'm now currently reading about folliculitis but I'm not sure if its that either. Please give me some of your expert advice Pictures are attached
  13. Okay, so I guess I should give a little background first. I'm a 21 year old female, I've always dealt with very, very mild back acne and occasionally a few pimples near my collarbone where my sports bra sits (I run a couple miles for exercise every day, but take a shower right after). Anyway, I started taking birth control about 10 months ago (ortho tricyclen) and like clockwork, every 2nd or 3rd week of the pack i would break out in tons of tiny red pin-prick looking acne spots on my chest an
  14. Anybody know if this is a serious condition? I did get steroid shots a little over a year ago so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with them. Please help.
  15. So heres the story, Im now 23, skinny, white male. Ive had acne since a teen and went on docycycline for about a year which barely worked after a month and when I stopped using it my back got really bad. So I went on accutane which was great and cured all my acne, however a few months after I started to get a few small pimples on my scalp which I never used to get and now its worse and gets really itchy. So anyway, I started using T/Gel for my scalp which kind of worked but pretty sure the coal
  16. I am 21 and I have had moderate acne on my chest and back for a long time. I used to have acne on my face, but it has almost gone away entirely in the past year. Will my chest and back be like my face and just go away at a certain age? Have other people had chest and/or back acne just go away at a certain age?
  17. Hi so lately I've been developing a load of tiny bumps on my chest. They seem like whiteheads and blackheads, mostly blackheads. They're really annoying and I have no clue on how to treat them. I'm afraid of applying any topical medication as it could get inflamed( noticed this from past experiences). I started getting white/blackheads on my neck and I applied some topical erythromycin and benzoyl gel, days later one or two whiteheads got inflamed. Now it's a mess with my neck acne and it sta
  18. I have 15 days left of my accutane course however I just got a bump on my chest which I am assuming is a cyst. It kind of happened out of the blue, and I'm scared to death because my accutane course was even extended from 4.5 month course to a 5.5 course (I took 80mg/day during the entire course), It is one of two active pimples that i have (the other is a minor one on my forehead) that I think are a result from my workout plan. At the end of December, I started to go on a bulk by eating
  19. Does this look like folliculitis to you? I can't find anything through searches that looks like it. All of the pictures show red inflamed bumps all over and I mostly have flesh colored bumps with a few red ones/white head looking spots. It first appeared after working out and switching to a SA facewash along with using BP topically and the more I tried to treat it the worse it got. Cortisone seems to help a bit but its only a quick fix and as soon as I sweat or shower it gets aggravated.
  20. I've been on Erythromycin for a month and about 2 weeks. Does erythromycin actually clear up acne and how long does it it? 70% of my bacne is covered with acne and just the middle of my chest is. Btw what is cyst acne exactly? I still have under 3 months of erythromycin left but I feel like it's not really working and i'm wondering if i should just get a referral to a dermatologist and maybe get on Accutane.
  21. Hi, I'm kind of scared right now. I had a horrible history of chest and back acne, HORRIBLE!! My child (he is 10), has what looks like to be bed bug bites on his chest and back. He says they are itchy. He just found them this morning. HOW CAN I TELL IF THEY ARE BED BUG BITES OR ACNE? Thank you!
  22. Hi, i'm 14 and I've struggled with body acne for around 2 years. I feel like it's ruining my life. I can't wear any of the clothes I'd like to wear, especially dresses and tank tops, and I can't go swimming. I wash my skin in the morning and take a shower at night because I have hockey every day in the afternoon. I use the bp and then moisturize. It's working a little I guess but I want to be able to finally be confident and wear a dress to this dance coming up. Can i have some help? Does anyone
  23. Hey all. So I've had bad acne since I was about 15, I am now 18 and it only gets progressively worse. To date I've tried many things from Proactive to Neutrogena to the Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing has helped for more than a few days. I have acne on my face, back and chest, but I'm more concerned about the body acne as I havent had my shirt off in public for years at the beach, pool or anything. I've included some pictures just incase that helps identify what type of acne it is or whatever...
  24. Alright, so I am 15 and have had this chest acne for about a year, it started off as nothing but then grew into something really bad. This is my chest about a year later and the last 6months have been hard. I saw a derm and he gave me mincycline 100mg and tretinoin cream usp, 0.05% i also have a daily morning wash of clear pore cleanser/mask with a mixture of cetaphil. i am embarrassed to take my shirt off and want this to go away but not sure what to do? has anyone seen anything like this befor