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Found 65 results

  1. Acne Status: I went to the dermatologist today to check in, get my blood work done, and refill my prescription! I’ve been getting used to the dryness and occasional flare-ups and things are slowly but surely starting to clear! My dermatologist increased my dose of Accutane to 80 mg a day (Two 40mg capsules per day). Not sure how I feel about this, but hopefully it’s a good thing. My chest is SOOO clear right now it’s so nice feeling confident in my swimsuit! My back is getting better, but still
  2. Ok guys before i head to work i wanted to share my remedy with you. I am 36yo guy and my acne started when i was 21, mostly back acne.(It's really bad ,way too many scars now) I stopped playing sports and started eating junk. Long story short, i never went to see dermatologist and never tried any other remedies, i just lived with it and 1 month ago i got tired of it. This is what i do...you can try it might help you too. First thing i use is mix of sea salt water and lemon. Simply mix
  3. ***(Update: Only not even 3 months of using this regimen!!!! 100% recommend these life changing products!)*** I found this forum and created an account just to vent because I am simply too utterly embarrassed to speak about my biggest insecurity to anyone face to face, I would just burst into tears seeing as I'm already ready eyed writing this. I'm 18 and I go through heartache on the daily trying to deal and cope with my moderate/severe acne and scars. It may seem like stupid thing to let con
  4. I am desperate for an all natural cure for my acne! I had really bad acne three years ago because i was working at a french fry restaurant. After I quit I started using chemicals on my face & then i also went on birth control so my skin was completely blemish free. I'm trying to switch to a more natural lifestyle now. I've stopped using the chemicals & I went off birth control 3-4 months ago. My skin is COVERED in papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. It's been hard finding all
  5. Hey guys, I attached a couple photos of where my acne is most bothersome right now. I used to break out all over my face, but after using Retin A, the scarring and breakouts went away and I somehow no longer even need to use Retin A; this I am extremely happy about, but I now break out over my chest and back and have been for quite a while. I started cooking all of my own food and essentially avoid all sources of processed glutamate as possible (basically no processed foods aside from the occa
  6. 20 year old female acne since I was 11. -areas of acne- face, neck, chest, back, bottom. -tied- tetracycline, zineryt, benzoyl peroxide(still using), everything from boots! -don't think it's hormonal as never been on the pill and only get 1 or 2 under skin spot on chin or neck at time of month - periods have always been regular same time every month since 11 years old. -tried gluten/dairy free, vegan/veggie multivitamins etc, -currently meat free for past 2 years, I eat a fresh whole
  7. I need help to determine whether these are keloids or hypertrophic scars. I'm planning on starting microneedling on them.
  8. So I have terribly deep chest acne scars. I was wondering if anyone out there knows if subscion would be an option especially to the larger scar. As you can the scars are very deep, one was a hypertropic scar but now is atropic due to an injection. Any advice or help is highly appreciated.
  9. Okay, so I have been suffering from severe chest acne for about six months now. And heres the thing that sucks, it is literally concentrated right in the middle and only there, while my face is perfectly clear. Ain't no feeling like spending years in the gym just have your physique ruined out of nowhere. I don't believe there is much active acne left, just a lot of redness. I have been to countless dermatologists and nothing. They prescribed me the typical bullsh*t that just made it worse. Stopp
  10. Hi guys, I thought I'd share my experience with the drug Accutane which I have been using for almost 5 months to try to clear my body acne. There's mixed feedback out there regarding Accutane and its effectiveness so I wanted to tell you my experience. I've suffered from severe acne for roughly 3 years and mild acne for about 5 and after trying every over the counter drug, body wash and cream available I was finally offered Accutane! I can honestly say after 5 months the drug has completely c
  11. Please help. Since last year my body and face have been crazy. I have chest acne mainly in the centre of my chest and some other places on it. It makes me so insecure because its beginning to be summer. They are red bumps that are stubborn! I dont really have face acne but after i shower my face and chest turn red, the redness makes the chest acne worse. Idk what to do its making me depressed. I have sensitive skin & have hayfever. here is a picture below of what it looks like after a shower
  12. I’ve had chest acne for about a year now and have used St. Ives, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, and charcoal soap at different times. Nothing seems to work. Usually it just consists of pimples here and there but before yesterday I used a new product and woke up today with this new type of acne. Could that product be the cause of it? The darker red spots are the pimples I had previously which are somewhat drying out. I also struggled to get rid of those because I continued to use the charcoal
  13. Hello, I am so frustrated about these spots growing on my chest. This has started last year around July. I just want to get rid of it. I also have some black spots which has now healed and it wont go away. I am just so annoyed why it wont go away. Please help me. I really want it to go away so badly. The red ones are fresh and the black ones are old.
  14. I'm 21 and have been getting acne on the sides of my chin and back ever since I was in middle school and just recently for like the past 3 years i've started getting chest acne also. I never had any other kind of acne on my face except for my chin. it is just mild acne where I would get 1-2 pimples at a time so I didn't really done too much about it. But now it seems like its getting worse. The pimples on my chin are getting bigger and I sometimes get whiteheads. I currently use simple's foaming
  15. Hey guys! I have just started taking Accutane to control my body acne that I've had long term. Check out my blog *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* and follow me for real updates and progress on this medicine. I can answer any questions you may have if you are considering going on Accutane and you can watch how my skin reacts to the medicine. For me, my acne is hereditary and the dermatologist told me that no matter what I tried to do, without taking this aggressive approach, m
  16. I'm a Black female and I've had back and chest acne since I've been a teenager. I have brown marks, plus a ton of red bumps on chest and back. I was thinking about using the back regimen. My back itches also. When I scratch some of the time, the bumps bleed or pop. Some are whiteheads while others are red. What do you recommend I use? TIA
  17. I am at my wits end with both acne and unwanted hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The things which makes me the most angry is that governments have access to technology 10,000+ light years ahead of us, there are people in disguise here from other dimensions and time periods which also have such basic things as cures for acne, unwanted hair, and cancer free energy!!!!!!!!!! Yet that knowledge is all being covered up by people who play GOD WITH HUMAN KIND FOR EVIL PURPOSES!! I'm a firm believer that nor
  18. hey guys i always had chest acne and i have been using neutrogena body scrub but it doesnt make a difference. i feel this chesnt acne will never go away. I have taken some benzoyl peroxide but my skin must be allergic to it because my body reacts really bad when i apply it. Here are some pics, any advice will be awesome. thanks.
  19. I've had this almost 10 years, started with a few bumps on my shoulders that was misdiagnosed as scabies. Dermatologists keep prescribing antibiotics (topical) because I don't want to take oral. They tell me it's folliculitis but never check to see if it's bacterial or fungal. I've changed my diet, probably bought out a whole CVS in the past decade, used sulfur, used Nizoral, hibiclens, BP, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sea salt scrubs....nothing brings relief ...changed what I use to wash my s
  20. Please answer/reply because this acne of mine is making me real depressed
  21. I'm 15 years old and I have been suffering from acne for about 3 years. My acne started on my face which has gone completely (with the exception of a few pimples here and there, but that doesn't matter) but has spread down to my upper back and chest. As my skin is oily, I have used the Cetaphil Oily cleanser, oil-free Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer, Clean & Clear morning burst gel, Neutrogena body wash, etc. on my back. A lot of these products are for faces though. I heard
  22. What's up everyone, im 20 years old and I've struggled with acne since 8th grade. I used to get it on just my face then at about 15-16 years old i started getting back acne mostly around the upper back/traps area, as well as on my upper chest mostly towards the center. Nearly everytime i get a pimple on my chest or upper back/trap area it immediately turns into a thick welt like pimple which then turns into a scar like the ones ive attatched below. The first picture of my chest and second of my
  23. So when I turned 14 I noticed I started to get back acne. Now 15 I still have it. Recently I have noticed chest acne. It's gross and embarrassing. I can't show my back I can't wear a bikini and I always wear long sleeves since I have some on my shoulder/ shoulder blade. I recently got some on my chest and collar bones. Please help me I don't know what to do. I haven't tried any pills, is there any I can take? I don't even know what to do i feel like it's taking over my life ;
  24. After 8 years of enduring severe cystic back and chest acne, I finally saw a dermatologist who wrote me a prescription for Isotretinoin (accutane). Before I start the medication, I've been doing a lot of research. It seems the "initial breakouts" last most of the time while on meds and most often, they're terrible! I'm curious if anyone out there has severe acne on their back/chest but nothing on their face like me? And if so, did you break out on your face once you started medication? I work in