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Found 19 results

  1. I have always have acne that I used to consider to be moderate acne, but recently I broke out unlike ever before. I'm scared that I have some sort of infection like staph, MRSA, or a fungal infection. The breakout has been on my left cheek for about a month now, but it seems to be spreading to my chin. It has spread from a small spot on my jawline and gone all up and down. It hurts, almost stings, and itches really bad at points. Tylenol/Advil really helps the inflammation as well as applying he
  2. Okay, so I've been using lactic acid peels for a few months and I use a fan brush to apply it. I recently bought a mandelic peel and a mandelic/salicylic acid peel and on the instructions for the mandelic peel it says to apply it with a q-tip. The other peel just says to apply it without specifying what to use. To me, using a little q-tip seems a bit time consuming and pointless. I've also heard people that use their hands or cotton balls/pads. But wouldn't cotton balls just absorb a lot of the
  3. Let me preface this by saying I use a 2% Salicylic Acid Gel 2x daily and have had in-office peels in the past. Wow! This product (Skin Beauty Solutions 30% Salicylic Acid Peel) is cost effective, efficient, and truthful to it's pH properties, etc. I have really noticed a reduction in acne, acne scaring, hyper pigmentation, skin texture, sun damage, and fine lines. For frequency, I apply the peel once a week to achieve the results I desire and have done so four times already and continue to do so
  4. Hi everyone! I'm 25 and I've been struggling acne from 21. I have genetic oily skin, but it's almost always dry/dehydrated, too. I've tried birthcontrol pills, antibiotics, bp (been using proactiv lately), aha, retin a and most of them have helped for a while. Right now my acne is mild, mostly during that time of the month and from heat/sweat. However, I still have a lot of brown and red marks, a few scars, some of them very old, since no one ever told me I should use sunscreen, I tried to get r
  5. Has anyone ever done this for their scars? If so, what was your routine and how long did it take for you to see results? My background: I am a 20 year old female in college. I started getting acne in the 2nd grade and had it all the way up until the 8th grade, which was when I started accutain. When I was a sophmore in Hig School I got a lasor treatment done for my scars because they were AWFUL! They are still noticable and disgusting, but nothing like what they use to be. Anyway, ar
  6. So if you read my last entry-I had a decent breakout and since I lost my lovely tan from the summer, my skin is pale and the marks are more noticable. I'm so relieved to have the breakout subside but I hate the red marks just at much as the bump itself. Anyways a few years ago I did a series of lactic acid chemical peels to fade my PIH (post inflammatory pigmentation) from an acne breakout. I did one peel a week for 6 treatments - so 6 weeks and it made an amazing difference. So I am tap
  7. So I'm 41 and German, English, Irish. I started getting my first Sebaceous Hyperplasias at about 27. Then about fifteen more within the next few years. So first thing I did was have a dermatologist freeze them. The liquid Nitrogen didn't penetrate any and so I tried later on Compound w Freeze away and a professional liquid Nitrogen spray and none could do anything but peel the surface skin a bit. So that myth is bunk. I will tell each method and experiences in continued blogs. Please share yours
  8. Greetings, I have been under the regular care of a dermatologist and aesthetician for about two years. Initially, I used photofacials for sunspots, loss of color (one dermatologist called it pityriasis alba), and small defects. At first, the treatment was an absolute godsend. The treatment mostly replaced my use of oral medication. Now, the treatments reliably reduce sunspots and small blood vessels, but sometimes cause major cystic acne flare-ups. Also, I am thinking about stopping photofacia
  9. I've seen a lot of people promoting Mandelic acid and glycolic.. what's the overall best for fading the red marks on your skin? I'm looking in to Salycilic and Hydroquinone too. Also, might add that I'm on a low 10-20mg dose of accutane.. I've already been on 2 doses to get rid of my acne which cleared my skin up completely.. but unfortunately staying on a low dose is the only way to keep my skin clear.. I also really don't want to have to deal with these ugly red marks! So I'm at a crossro
  10. Hello all, I have some legitimate questions regarding using a chemical peel. So, first off, some background- 18, male, 155 lbs, very active bodybuilder with moderate acne/scars/red marks. I am also a fair skinned Caucasian. Now, I've ordered a beginner level chemical peel, containing 15% TCA gel and 5% salicylic acid from Amazon, which is meant to be used at home. I'm not concerned about it being on my face, but I have heard a great deal of controversy regarding using chemical peels on the bac
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post some before and after pics of my skin after various scar treatments. I want to let you all know to that scars can be improved and don't give up if they get you down. I would have considered mine severe before treating them, now I rate them as maybe moderate; but I still plan on doing more treatments, just figured id post some pics to help some of you out. Heres a very very general overview of what I've done over the years: Dermastamp 1.5mm + terproline
  12. To start things out let me give you all some background information! I'm seventeen years old and currently a senior in high school. I've suffered from cystic acne for over five years now. A lot of it is hereditary because my dad suffered from severe acne when he was growing up as well. I have had a serious problem with picking, mainly because when I first got acne, I was not well informed about treatments and things not to do so I always picked my acne, and it has turned into a really bad ha
  13. Hello ! Has anyone ever tried having a chemical peel on their back/chest to get rid of bacne/chesne/scars ? If so, did it help ? How many times did you have to do the peels to see results ?
  14. I've had mild/moderate acne for about four years now. It bothered me, but I never worried about it too much. It affected my confidence, but I was always aware that it was temporary. I always had hope for the future. It wasn't until I went to college that I started developing long-lasting hyper-pigmentation. It was hardly noticeable in retrospect, but it bothered the hell out of me at the time. Instead of waiting for it go away naturally, I bought a 25% or so chemical peel from Amazon and began
  15. Well happy Thursday all! Soooooo I am starting this topic because I would love to get input, info and share tips and progess using Chemical peels for pore degunking, purging, calming, PIH, scars, and redness. I am a newbie to peels. I literally just started a few weeks ago after desparately realizing my closed comedones from my Spironolactone IB were not going to hit the road on their own without some SERIOUS help. Basically I started hormone treatment in january, had a crazy breakout of
  16. Hey guys I have found a new staple in keeping my acne under control. I had terrible acne back a few years ago and I went on accutane for 9 months. Let me say without accutane nothing I am using now would have worked. But I was left with cysts that appear every now and then. Every week I would have a big ass zit or two sometimes more. Yes they are annoying but they are 100000% more manageable than my skin pre-accutane. I started with face washes and light chemical peel which worked just f
  17. Hey again all I had some questions since Accutane doesn't seem an option. I hope this is the right topic area be cause I have active acne and I'm also trying to treat redmarks. I just did a chemical peel with a doctor here and I THINK it was a glycolic but I forgot. Anyhoo, I'm shedding just a tiny bit but was wondering some things. First off, what's the best peel for active acne AND redmarks? Or are there two different types for each? I liked the peel because it seemed to help bring pain r
  18. have scars that I've been trying to get rid of. I started with sicilic acid peel at 20%. I've been doing those once or twice a week depending on how sensitive my skin is. I find that it's helped to get rid of some of my scars and has made my skin smoother, but I want something deeper that will actually peel my skin. Any suggestions?
  19. Okay, so I'm looking into doing an at home chemical peel, because I can't afford to do them at the dermatologist. I've had one done before, and it cost me $80 but my skin didn't even peel, it just felt tighter. Right now I'm on birth control (pills) and antibiotics. Most of my acne is gone, but there are so many scars on the left and right side of my face. So I was wondering if anyone would have any tips for me about what I should buy, or if I shouldn't do it at home. I was looking at amazon and