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Found 21 results

  1. And then, your pretty good friend uploads a photo of herself with her new boyfriend looking deeply into her eye even although you are actually solitary because months! Now you contact for to inform me, is interpersonal networking main to depression? Does it not make you think concerning the factors lacking within your life? That is what I am speaking about. In fact, every one of us possess a tendency of judging others' happiness quantities in the pics they post; smiling, with friends, on the hol
  2. What are some home remedies you current use/or in the past that have worked for you? Me. I currently use crushed uncoated aspirin with a drop of honey as an exfoliate and honestly it was the only exfoliate that worked. I had this form of acne, that for someone reason i can NOT find an answer to what type it was, where it was just layers of dry skin on top of each other and when I pulled them off they would bleed and grow back. They were around my jaw and mouth. Ugh. Well this worked! Within
  3. Hello all, I'm new here. I joined because I wanted a forum where I could find out info and skincare for acne-prone, sensitive skin from real people who have the same issues as I do. At the moment I've decided to go all natural, or as natural as possible without breaking the bank, with my facial care. I've successfully switched over to using oils (jojoba and coconut) in place of moisturizers, and witch hazel and rose water as astringents/toners. [sadly I'm still forced to use bp as a spo
  4. Hey guys! Due to recent success with my newly formulated regime I wanted to share it with others so that maybe they could benefit. Obviously as we all know by now there isn't exactly one thing that works for everybody. I am 20 years old now and finally found what works for me and my answer was: thyme! And a few other select all natural ingredients that are affordable and all can be found in your local grocery store. I have tried BP (Proactive) and other acne products (Clean & Clear, St. Ive
  5. ashaleyyy101

    How I Cleared My Acne! My Regimen!

    So a bit of background... I have had acne since I was about 12 and typically throughout school products didnt really work for me until I tried Proactiv. But over time, obviously this product isnt very cost effective and it was ruining all my towels! I always wanted skin that was beautiful and clear and easy to manage! So I tried every natural way of trying to get rid of it. I dont have overly oily skin or really dry skin, but I get all those little bumps on my forehead, big red pimples on my ch
  6. so I wanted to share with you what I paid over 500 dollars to get: a routine drawn up by a dermatologist that really worked. Then I am going to show you how I am working to tweek it for my newly uninsured unemployed little self. And before I go into all of this I just want to say wether you have insurance or not if over the counter stuff is not working please go to your general doctor, a dermatologist, even a free clinic if need be, it truely is worth it. I kick myself for the times I fell off
  7. Hey guys! So I know a lot of people on here try billions of products looking for the one for them. Well I'm here to share a method that's not only cheap, but extremely effective and very gentle on your wonderful face. So some background about me and my blemish history Firstly I had mild, then moderate to severe cysts from around age 15 to 18. Mostly around my jawline and around the sides of my hairline. My skin was very oily, always felt dirty. I had tried hundreds of prodcuts l
  8. I came home for Christmas break on December 16th, 2017. It was on that day that I decided that I would work on fading my dark spots. I bought Palmers Skin Success Fade cream (for all skin types) and Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care cream to help fade my dark spots. I use both of these creams twice a day ( in the morning and at night). My routine is strictly as follows: 1. Wash my face ( I use proactive extra strength so I follow all steps normally) 2. After step 3 (applying moisturizer
  9. Hey guys! So basically the aim of my game is to try and help at least one person defeat their acne problems! I am not suggesting using any harsh products like BP or oral medication, I will be suggesting a more natural approach. I have used Proactiv, 5% BP, Neutrogena etc etc. Proactiv was the most effective, but its not exactly a long term solution. I have posted a blog about this, but Im going to keep this one short if thats ok. Had acne since I was 12. Face, chest and back. Got off
  10. Robertitoo

    My Dermarolling/needling Blog

    Going to try to make it as simple as possible... I've been needling for around 8 months - year for a total of around 8 treatments. Though I wouldn't count the first 3-5 as successful treatments because I didn't have pinpoint bleeding and I wasn't very experienced. Although improvement in hyper pigmentation and a bit in the actual indentations was still be able to be seen... The recent 3 I would call more of successful treatments, as they have been combined with a 2.0m Dermastamp, Leds, Retin a
  11. I can't believe all the trouble and money my family and I have spent on acne products. One day at Wal-Mart I was looking for a new facial cleanser cause I had just ran out well I came across a travel size bottle of Cetaphil and decided for .97 what harm could it do trying and that's the thing there was no harm it cleared my face up the next day! It's so gentle I can use it 3 times a day because sometimes after work I feel like my face is so oily I like that I can use it unlimited times. Also an
  12. Hey guys! (Accidently just posted this is the wrong forum lol) So basically the aim of my game is to try and help at least one person defeat their acne problems! I am not suggesting using any harsh products like BP or oral medication, I will be suggesting a more natural approach. I have used Proactiv, 5% BP, Neutrogena etc etc. Proactiv was the most effective, but its not exactly a long term solution. I have posted a blog about this, but Im going to keep this one short if thats ok. Had a
  13. Adren077


    I have mild and sometimes moderate acne. I used to get cystic acne spots a lot but I have noticed that through the last couple months I have been fortunate to not get any at all.... Maybe I grew out of it??? I sure hope so!! ( I'm 18 by the way) My acne is mostly these skin colored bumps that inhabit my cheeks and forehead. They produce pus when squeezed but their biggest problem is that even with makeup they give the appearance of a bumpy complexion. I also get two or three big pimples at a tim
  14. What do you guys think about this? I think I'm gonna try it while I wait for the spironolactone to (hopefully) work. It can't hurt, right? I'm curious to know if anyone has tried this, or if you do try it, let me know what happens! I'll post updates, too. http://blog.kanelstr...-with-help.html http://blog.kanelstr...ainst-acne.html
  15. Hello friends! Alright soooo I have oily skin up the wazoo. I can take two oil blotting sheets (the Clean n Clear kind) and fill them completely with my oil. So this regimen I have recently discovered is only fool proof if you have EXTREMELY oily skin. I have also tried the entire spectrum of skin products and brands. From Neutrogena to Cetaphil to Clean 'n Clear to Clearisil to Murad to Clinique. You name it and I've tried it. Nonetheless I STILL battle with awful hormonal acne and day to day b
  16. This will be long, but please set aside a little time to read this as it may help you! I just read the thread titled "only people with acne will understand" and I was moved to the point of tears and decided to make an account and post my story and more info about the process of acne and how to stop it. I found what worked and just moved on, but I didn't realize how much pain others were in. I'll start with my story. I grew up as a girl with dark skin. My skin was always fine other
  17. How I got rid of my arm acne, already posted on a discussion but it's old so don't think many will see . DISCLAIMER: This worked for me but might not neccesarily work for everyone, as everyones skin is different! But you’re welcome to try, and if this helps even one other person it will put a smile on my face. I live in the UK, so the products and prices listed are from the UK. For anyone not lucky enough to be stuck on a rainy island lol, ive tried to make the descriptions of the products c
  18. I need some recommendations because every product I've tried never works or breaks me out even worse. I have moderate acne and I am also on a budget so I need low price and works well and not something too pricey. Any ideas?
  19. I got my first zip when I was 10 years old. My mother quickly bought me every product under the sun to help control my acne my young, sensitive skin never responded well to any of them. By age 13 I had tried the clean and Clear Advantage, Proactive, Clearasil, neutrogena's skin ID and almost every product out there. Every spot treatment gave me rash and every pill I was given made me throw up. By 15 I began to break out less and less but when I did break out it was awful. Birth control pills hel
  20. Has anyone here tried Tea Tree Oil to treat acne? This is what I'm currently using: Here These are the articles that inspired me to use it: one, and two And here is my progress: Day 1: (The angle of the left side photo is different than the right to show the difference. For some reason, my acne is almost all on the left side.) Day 2: This looks probably like my best skin day in 2 years. No inflammation. Less redness. Still scaring and scabs, but much better. Day 4: (ri
  21. I just wanted to share what has helped clear my back acne. I still suffer from facial acne though unfortunately. It is the most simple solution I still can't believe it is working and I hope it continues to work. I use Palmolive Gold soap in the shower every night. And since I started my back has cleared up considerably. I used to at any one time have an average of 10-15 swollen, red and large pimples spread across my back. I got these on the shoulder blades, middle of the back, the bottom