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Found 82 results

  1. DynamiteLand

    Caveman Regimen Day 6

    No changes and no new pimples. Really nice skin tone! Pimples are rapidly clearing up and so are scars! I'm hoping not to jinx it since I haven't had a bad day yet. I'm also hoping I don't get the dreaded dead skin layer! bleh. Anyways one nice thing is I no longer feel oily or dirty. My face feels really nice!! --------------------EDIT okay so it's now nighttime and I have a few new pimples...hope they go away quickly but they are tiny
  2. DynamiteLand

    Caveman Regimen

    Okay so basically you do exactly what the regimen is called. You act like a caveman. You let nothing (NOTHING) touch your face. Not even water. You may be thinking ewww gross but when you look at more information, you will see the theory behind the regimen. If you want a TON of information, check out a page called the love vitamin. Anyways have you ever felt like whenever you start using a new cleanser or face wags or whatever, that your acne either stays the same or gets worse!!??? I have! Okay so if I look at old pictures of me when I was a young kid, my face looks kind of oily but so healthy and blemish free! I remember when I got my first pimple which was nearly microscopic, at the age of 12. My mom started buying every product on the market for me. (My mom had bad skin and tells me she has used exfoliates since she was eleven!) I know she was trying to help but I used these cleansers and that's when my face started to break out. You see so many commercials that you think that when you become a teenager you will get pimples and you have to get dirt off your face. Well I read about an acid mantle and basically it is what helps your skin fight acne. When you use harsh products, you destroy this protective layer. By using the caveman regimen, you hopefully restore this acid mantle that fights acne. I'm no scientist but I think that everyone is supposed to get a pimple or too. However it depends on how you treat it. The people that don't do anything and leave it alone ALWAYS have nice skin. The people who start putting chemicals on their faces allow it to destroy the acid mantle which makes them acne prone. Now I've only had acne for maybe a year at most and I only have ten pimples maybe, but It also can be worse. I know some people will say its nothing but I'm still self conscious. Anyways I usually break out on my chin and recently I bought X out ( I'm not bashing X out and it may work for some people, just not me). I never get pimples on my cheeks. However I noticed whole using X out my chin kind of cleared up by I got two to three pimples on each cheek! I was so angry that I started washing with X out four to five times a day. I got Even more pimples! So I just threw X out away! That's when I found out about the caveman regimen. Here's a disclaimer: I'm already on day six of the regimen so I will recall the first few days. But starting on day six, everything will be written on the exact day. Anyway check out my updates for how this regimen is working. ( spoiler- it's awesome so far)
  3. If you haven't heard of of the 'Caveman regimen, you're not stuck in the dark ages. It's yet another half-baked idea at to eliminate acne What they mean by "caveman" is keep your face dirty... don't wash it... don't use chemicals... just let it be. You know what cavemen did before cleansers and before acne Now, I couldn't agree more with this theory. After all cleansers and a most other acne products destroy your skin's microbiome which can make acne worse. Once you mess with your skin's acid mantle it's all down-hill from there. Your skin's acid mantle is the film on the surface of your skin which acts as the barrier to bacteria, viruses and environmental pollutants and free-radicals which might penetrate the skin. Sebum from your sebaceous glands and your sweat make up this acid mantle. And we love washing it off when in reality you'd be better off going out into your backyard, dig a deep whole, scoop out a hand full of fresh dirt, pack a thick layer all over your face for as long as you can stand it, sit down, read a book for an hour, then wash . I recommend this treatment once a week...forget that facial you booked, you'll just go home and breakout...you know you will Hang on though!... Giving up on washing your face entirely isn't the answer to eliminating acne....that's just gross. Eventually you need to cleanse your face to remove bacteria and environmental pollutants. Washing excessively however...like even more than once a day will disrupt your microbiome and your skin's natural ability to balance and restore itself. A little natural oil and sweat is a good thing But that being said, even the perfect amount of face washing with the perfect acne product won't be as effective as they could be if you're not targeting your Acne Signaling System... and you're never going to cure your acne by NOT washing your face alone. That is why the Caveman regimen is only a half baked idea... Because here's something you haven't heard...As long as you're constantly activating your Breakout Mechanism you'll always have acne. What is your Acne Signaling System? It's where acne begins, the central point of acne initiation and proliferation, the root cause....and it's NOT on the surface or even beneath the surface of your skin. So washing or not washing won't eliminate your acne alone
  4. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 7

    This is the first time in a looooooooooong time that I've woken up every day for a week straight excited to look in the mirror! Every day I can see my active pimples getting smaller, my hyperpigmentation getting lighter, and no new pimples forming!!! *does a little dance* The saving grace of this diet has been avocados w/ Frank's hot sauce on top. I initially wasn't going to eat spices but I LOVE Frank's and had to try it - it hasn't caused me to break out so I'm keeping it in my diet. But seriously, if you haven't tried straight avocado w/ Frank's on top, do it. It is HEAVEN. This morning I tried out a gentle sugar scrub on my skin and it really brightened up the texture. I was SUPER gentle and my skin didn't get aggravated at all. Yay! Besides that, I'm still only using burt's bees moisturizer for sensitive skin, garnier micellar water and acne.org's AHA+ lotion once every 5 days. Since this is going to so well, and I haven't been tempted to break my diet or my routine at ALL, I'm only going to update this maybe once a week, unless I see something drastic happen or if I start breaking out again.
  5. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 10

    So on my Day 5 blog post, I said that I had been juice fasting for two weeks for spiritual reasons and then switched over to eating just fruits and vegetables. But for whatever reason, I can't do partial fasts. I mean I can DO them, but I get so spiritually distracted by eating that it feels like a waste. I end up constantly thinking about what I can and can't eat instead of thinking about connecting with God and my own spirit. So I've decided to go back to juice fasting until March 16th, and then reintroduce a new food every 4 days. My skin was healing very effectively on the first two week juice fast, so I'm expecting the same results. On Friday I tried a sugar scrub to get some dead skin off. The day I did it my skin looked great! But then the next day the skin around my nose was irritated, creating tiny little whiteheads, and I'm assuming it's from the scrub since I don't know what else it could be. Since they're not cystic, I'm not worried - I'll just remember to be more gentle.
  6. paramichaela

    Caveman Routine (Teenager)

    So today I started the caveman regimen, day 1. Background: I'm 14 and I've had bad skin for about 3 years, it worsened when I started using tap water to wash my face. my acne is light to moderate and I suffer from it mainly on the centre of my face, I get whiteheads and blackheads on my forehead and nose, I also get cystic acne on my chin.. I often pick at my skin which just makes it worse and harder to cover. I have oily skin which is either because of hormones, or from the products I have used in the past. My diet is okay ish, what I eat for lunch and tea is quite healthy, once a week I might have a takeaway which isn't good but at least it's not everyday. I consume a lot of sugary snacks but I'm trying to cut back for this regimen, the only sugary thing I've ate today is one cookie. My acne could just be hormonal but even if this doesn't work, it apparently improves your skin tone and texture. DAY 1 I haven't washed my face since last night; I used a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Today my skin feels and looks oily, the redness has gone down since I don't want to pick at it because of the oil, at the moment my skin isn't that bad as it normally is. I dabbed a bit of concealer on about 5 spots just because I had to go outside and I am incredibly self conscious about my skin. It's mostly been broken down by my face oils now anyway. I haven't noticed much of a change yet but I've heard around day 4 the oily-mess subsides, so we'll see. I start school again in two weeks so I really hope I get results and don't get too flakey. I'll keep updating
  7. I finished accutane in early April (in two weeks it will be 7 months after my course). Also, it's been 8 months into my water only regimen. The only thing I do is using shaving cream when I'm shaving. Recently, I bought an exfoliator (Neutrogena) because I was having some problems with dead skin and whiteheads (2). I never ever get pimples since I've finished accutane. BUT, I've bought the cleanser in the same line as the exfoliator from Neutrogena, because I still have red marks and since the cleanser and exfoliator have glycolic and salycilic acid in them, I thought it would fade them. The first time I used the cleanser, very small pimples started to form on my cheeks. The best way for my skin to stay clear is the water regimen. Cleansers are too harsh for my skin and it reacts badly. The only thing I will be using is an exfoliator once a week because the dead skin plogs my pores and creates small annoying whiteheads. I would like to know what is the best way to exfoliate your face without being too harsh?
  8. Hello, everyone! I have been a long time lurker here and I finally registered into this account because I wanted to talk about my experience with the caveman regimen. It's been a week and I plan on updating it. To start of, I am a 23-year-old female who has suffered from mild-moderate acne since I was 16. My skin is sensitive and oily. I decided to try the caveman regimen because when I moved into the dorm a week ago, my skin started to get extremely irritated despite having used the products for a long time without any problems. I got really desperate so I decided to give my skin a break and try to build my acid mantle again. It was all or nothing. Mind you I did this regimen before my period (I was feeling the usual symptoms) and usually I would get these large, painful cysts around my chin and pustules in my cheeks. However, my skin only got ONE cyst which turned into a head overnight and as for pustules, there were from bumps that's always been on my face and suddenly turned into a head as well. Blackheads were also easy remove. (I couldn't help myself.) One the first night to the regimen, what I did was splashed my face with water as I showered and let it air dry. I try not to touch my face and it was weird! I was so used to taking so much time washing my face and now, my morning routine is quicker. I tend to splash water on my face every night when I shower. The only bad thing that came out of this is the dermatitis that I got. I always get dermatitis around the corners of my mouth so don't fret! Now I wash just the corners of my mouth while I just splash water on my face every night. This is my update so far! Hope I helped someone and I will be updating every week!
  9. Hi guys! I'm new here and this is my first post so go easy on me! So basically I'm 16 and have had moderate acne for nearly two years now. I have been to the doctor and they prescribed differin and duac once daily which didn't really help a whole lot especially as I have oily skin and when I apply these overnight they can't dry my skin because of how oily it gets. Having said that they still keep the acne at bay reasonably well. (I also used a Nivea charcoal face wash morning and night). My oily skin started around the same time as I started using these products so this leads me to question wether they may have contributed to my skins oiliness. The oily skin is very annoying. Within an hour of washing, my skin will already have a shine to it. I can't stand this as I am always anxious that people will notice. This leads me to press my face with toilet paper (clean haha) to get rid of the slick shine. I do this every hour or so, so you can imagine how annoying it is. This pressing with tissue paper most likely irratates my skin and thus probably contributes to the acne. That is my story so far but now I am trying something new. For the last 4 days I have been trying to wash my face as little as possible. This is due to the fact that I firmly believe that after a period of being left alone, the skin will take matters into it's own hands and repair itself. I'm not sure about the acne but surely once oil has been sitting on the face for a time the skin will realise that it's not going anywhere (being washed away) and either absorb it or produce less. Even when you imagine the caveman years ago, I'm sure they did nothing for their skin and still probably didn't get half as much acne problems as some of us do today. This has to be bacause of all the chemicals we are putting on our face nowadays which is just not natural and is surely stripping our skins of all the natural oils it needs to stay moisturized and clear of acne. This is my theory, like it or not it's what I believe. So now let me tell you how I've been getting on with washing as little as possible for the last four days! Day 1 & 2: Pretty much the for both days. Had a shower on both days in the morning not touching my face at all just letting the water run off my face. My face became extremely oily throughout the day. Day 3: Splash of water in the morning from the shower. Started to breakout and skin is looking very rough and slightly flaky on oily areas. Skin still so, so oily. Day 4 (today): Okay so it's the night of day 4 and I haven't had contact with water since day 3 in the morning. I also don't plan to till day 5 morning which will mean no wash for a full 48 hours. Skin is again extremely oily and rough. Also have a good few small whiteheads. So after 4 days my skin has gotten worse but I'm going to be patient and stick with this for a while. I know that it will only get worse before it gets better because it's a process. A natural process and not to mention it's a shock to the system. I'd also just like to mention to try not to touch the face at all. NO picking or squeezing! Leave your skin do it's job. If anyone has anything to say or wants to join me and record their results here please do! I would love some company on my new NATURAL journey. Thanks!
  10. notwashington

    Water's For Squares

    Hey guys, I've been lurking here for well over 6 months now and finally decided to post. Starting off, I've tried just about everything since the age of 13 when I first started breaking out: -ortho tricyclin -numerous antibiotics -some other acne pills I forgot the names of -tons of topicals including: epiduo, retin a, clyndamycin, adapalene, tretinoin (for chest + back), etc -proactiv, neutrogena, oxy, basically anything you can find in the store that claims to "work" After realizing the harsh stuff didn't work, I just started using gentle cleansers + the topicals provided by my dermatologists. So far, I've had 3 dermatologists and all of them have basically been prescribing me the same things with different names and different amounts over and over and over, and even though I tell them it hasn't work, they've told me to keep trying. So I did. And, of course, it didn't work. I've decided to give up. After looking at YAZ, Accutane, different topicals, I've come to the conclusion that to pros outweigh the cons. I eat healthy, so it's not my diet, going on birth control made my acne worse, so it could be slightly hormonal even though I've become rather regular over the past few years. Lurking has lead to me to decide to go with the no-water approach. If this doesn't work, I'm headed back to the derm to load up on some Accutane and different birth controls. On a side note, my brother went on accutane for his large cysts. Acne is definitely in our genetics, but mine is different from his. He's now a year off of accutane and is starting to break out in large cysts again. It could also be his awful college-kid diet, though. tl;dr: NO WATER + CLEANSERS STUFF BECAUSE NOTHING'S WORKED. YEAH. As of 3/29/12 I'm on around week 2 or 3 of no water, I haven't been keeping track all that long. My initial breakout was awful. There were medium-sized cysts and a lot of small, inflamed zits all over my face. However, now all the cysts are gone and I'm left with the small red zits and a lot of skin-colored tiny zits. As for my chest and back, all the large cysts are gone. Yay! I've been drinking green tea (about 3 cups) a day as well. It's definitely made me feel much healthier. Overall my complexion is looking a lot nicer. It's all one uniform color except for the inflamed acne. I've also noticed that the acne is predominantly on one side of my face. I can't tell if that's the side I sleep on or the one I don't since I roll around a lot at night. I read a few years back a post about someone who put a towel on their pillow each night so they don't get all the yucky face junk on them at night. I've been doing that since I've started and I can't tell you if it's been doing more harm than help.
  11. Hello all. Feel free to skip all this and just read my log, but I thought I would start with a bit about me and my acne story, as I have often found other peoples stories helpful on this site! My Story I have been keeping a log of my experiences with my skin on my computer, but as a long time lurker on this website I have decided to make my story public in the hopes of getting some understanding, and maybe even helping someone in a similar situation. I am a 23 year old female who has suffered with severe acne for almost all of my life, getting progressively worse into my adult life. My acne has been truly debilitating. There have been periods of months when I would shake and couldn't leave the house for the fear of someone seeing my skin in broad daylight. It sounds ridiculous when I write it down, but I know that some people on this website will understand that pain. And God, I would love to say that I am the kind of person who could just smile, get on with it, and be happy with what I've got, but the truth is that I would cry every day about my skin. As my acne continued to worsen into my 20s, I have struggled more and more every day just to look in the mirror. "It's not fair!" I would tell myself, "why me?" Doctors I have made many trips to the dermatologist, and spent a small fortune on products and treatments, none of which have worked for me. I have not been on Accutane, despite being encouraged again and again by my doctor that it would be the best thing for me. I have not always had very positive experiences with doctors, and I don't believe that they always know what's best for every person. I am well aware that Accutane has "cured" some people of their acne, and well done to them for beating it. But as a sufferer of depression and anxiety, it is not for me. Some of the treatments I have tried include: Antibiotics (doxycycline, oxytetracycline and lymecycline), benzoyl peroxide (5% and 10%), Dan's Regimen, various Retinol treatments including Differin and Epiduo, countless over the counter treatments and washes, apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, asprin masks, you name it. My Acne My problem areas are my cheeks, jawline and chin (typical hormonal areas,) this is where I get the most cysts and whiteheads. I also suffer with clogged pores and congestion on my forehead and temples. I have also had fairly mild back acne for my whole life, it tends to flare up around that time of the month, whereas my face just flares up whenever it feels like it. Something New Recently (perhaps over the last month or so) I have been doing a pretty serious health overhall. This includes transforming my diet from (what I assumed was) a relatively healthy vegan diet, to a plant based, low glycemic diet which avoids gluten and limits sugar and dairy. I still eat fruits and occasionally I will eat a little organic butter for the good fats or some bio-live organic yoghurt for the probiotics. I had begun to see my acne as a window into my body, and if my body is making my face look like this, something is out of balance. "No Wash" Regimen Acne treatments have not worked for me. Any that have worked have only done so temporarily and my acne has come raging back with a vengeance. I have come to a decision that I am not going to wash my face for a month. Not even with water. I am not going to wear makeup, which is a huge decision for me as not wearing makeup makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable but I have had enough of caring what other people think about my skin. "Those who mint don't matter and those who matter don't mind." (I think that's Dr. Seuss? Very apt.) My logic on this is that if my acne is coming from the inside (toxins in my body and hormonal imbalances) then a clean healthy lifestyle should set me on the way to clear skin, and if nothing is irritating my face or upsetting my pH balance, I should become clear. It just seems odd that as more and more acne treatment products hit the market, and our diets become less and less natural and nutritious, more and more people are suffering with acne. Acne is a big money business, and it's the sufferers who are left out of pocket. So I have decided to keep an online log of my progress. Good or bad. With the intention of posting photo updates when I have the courage to. And if this helps even one person, as I know so many of these forum posts have helped me, I will be thrilled to bits. Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to get in touch with any advice or questions! Day 3 I would say the state of my skin is quite dry, surprising as I have always thought that I was oily. I have only had one new pimple, not cystic thankfully, which is quite amazing for me as I would usually wake up with a new pimple every day! It's safe to say I have not been magically cured in 3 days, but I will say that waking up, getting dressed and not standing in front of the mirror for half an hour has been wonderful for my self confidence. I have a tendency to stand an inch away from the mirror and assess every pore in my face before I start the day. Not good. I have yet to go out without my makeup on, but I will be forced to over the next few days. Scary, but bring it on! I have also found that every time I am tempted to pick, and my fingers are poised around a pimple, if i breathe, take my hands away from my face, and go and make a green tea or chug a glass of water it kills the urge. I have even found that telling my brain "do it later, you don't have time now" means I will go off and forget about it.
  12. bubbaspartans

    Whiteheads And Caveman

    Hello There! I wanted to tell my situations because I cannot for the life of me find someone with the same skin as mine. I need some advice though. I am 25 now. I have always had oily skin the kind that if you fall asleep with your head on the desk and wake up you leave oil behind. Whiteheads have always seemed to be on my nose and pretty much the whole tzone. I broke out bad in junior high but didnt do much for it, tried proactiv on and off, but eventually it went away by just washing it with water morning and night, and not worrying about. I would have light breakouts through my teens and twenties, but my complexion would remain fair. The whiteheads still existed though, but they were bearable. One day I decided I wanted perfect skin, so I jumped to 5% BP and went on an intense daily regimen. My skin broke out even more, when I went to the dermatologist they started me on Retin-A which made it worse. Then I went off on my own and tried a thousand different regimens and products including Dan's BP regimen. Through everything the ONLY thing that seemed to work was the salicylic acid 20% gel skin peel that I would do twice a week. Still I had whiteheads, and I am not sure if anyone has experienced this, but I had one pore in particular on my nose that filled up with infection everyday and I would continually have to open it up and release it. Its been about 8 months and my skin is starting to act up again. The whiteheads are coming back, and the skin peel doesnt seem to be having much of an effect. I looked at some photos from 4 years ago and the idea came in my head that I should just take it easy on my skin and wash with water again. So here I am on day two of only washing with water. If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. I mostly have used the Nuetrogena power scrub anti stress green face wash I have tried clay mask with apple cider vinegar which clogged my pores more then anything. again I have combination/oily skin with mainly t-zone whiteheads and little red bumps.
  13. DynamiteLand

    Caveman Regimen Day 3

    Okay so not much except an oily face! Which I don't mind cause I have had terrible dryness before, also my tone is really Nice and my skin looks healthy. I still have a pimple on my forehead but it came to a head yestersay so I hope it's gone soon! Oh and no new pimples! I'm thinking I'm done with products finally! If my skins not getting worse, why use a product!
  14. Wow. My skin has improved a lot. Most of my whiteheads have gone. My previous acne is subsiding, and a lot of marks are fading. My oiliness is also balanced. I am happy!
  15. DynamiteLand

    Caveman Regimen Day 2

    Okay so in the morning my face looked alright and it was only slightly oily. No new pimples (YES!!) otherwise, no new changes. At the end of the day, two of my pimples on my cheeks have come to a head and so has a huge pimple on my forehead! I'll update tomorrow!!
  16. I've wanted to try the caveman regimen with no water but I exercise and sweat a lot and I ride a bike so I get dust on sometimes. Is the sweat bad for my acne? And my water has a bit of chlorine so can I wash with bottled water if I have to?
  17. Susiecarmichael

    Caveman Regimen Diaries

    I was on caveman, it was the best my skin had ever been. But then I decided to use products just for the fun of it. And my skin slowly but surely got breakouts, more than I had ever had. As the new year came in, I started eating more vegetables and working out and my skin went haywire. When I workout intensely, my skin worsens which is not uncommon so I've stopped and my skin cleared slightly. It's July now and I'm still figuring out what to do. Here's my second go of the caveman, about two years later. Ill be writing my journey each day (or "huge change" days), and beginning this post on July 3rd 2017 - day 5 of caveman regimen My skin was not horrible, but I had never had breakouts before my healthy (healthier) lifestyle change. I began using products to replicate the acne.org regimen, but to no avail. So I switched to a Korean skin routine, using about 7 products rather than the traditional 12. Most Korean products focus on repairing your moisture barrier, lightening the skin, and anti aging. But these were expensive, and not making my skin as clear as it once was or evening out my skin tone. I have blotchy skin, little hyoerpigmentation from this past seven months of mild acne. •day 1 - day 4 summary Face looks great and dewy in morning then becomes lack luster throughout the day. Face isn't too dry. No new acne until day 3 - forehead has small bumps covering entirely. •day 5 I have been using water and alcohol free witch hazel toner as a spray on my face for all 5 days so far. This differs from my first time of caveman when I used no water or products. And is giving me sped up results... hopefully for the better. The dry skin mask is appearing, much sooner than when I did the no water regimen. I'm leaving it. My jaw line itches like crazy when I get hot, I sort of break out in small hive like acne under my jaw but they clear up when I'm not hot. The actual acne on my cheeks, has completely dried up, but is still slightly raised. My nose's blackheads have disappeared, but are now replaced with white sebum pushing out. Not white head pimples, so I'll say white sebum??? My chin has white sebum pushing out as well. My forehead has a lot of small bumps, and has not cleared at all from this experiment but has actually appeared from when I started. I had nothing on my forehead beforehand, now I do. The tone of my skin, is completely even. Completely. Which was one of my biggest insecurities - note I am avoiding sunlight on my face for this regimen while I cannot wear sunscreen. I plan to stop using water and witch hazel. Ill use water when I feel like something got on my face that needs to be rinsed off. Witch hazel, I will completely stop using for the remainder of the regimen. Here is to day 5, see you day 6!! Cheers
  18. Vanessa P

    Day 7

    Here we go... My story is similar to so many users on here, especially those who have tried the caveman regimen, because I have been on everything (antibiotics, topicals, retinoids, Accutane, birth control, BP, medicated cleansers, vitamins, you name it) and NOTHING has worked. Everything works for a little while and then the acne comes back at some point or another. So I guess everything worked but nothing lasted. So here I am, trying to heal myself the au-natural way. Thanks to blogs like Organic Olivia and The Love Vitamin, as well as so many user experiences here, I'm pretty confident and excited to move forward with the next step...the Caveman Regimen. So like the blog title says, I'm on Day 7 but I woke up with some tiny little whiteheads around my mouth and chin and freaked out and immediately washed my face and put on some nice chemically boosted facial spray. Ug. SOOOO hopefully writing everyday (or so) will give me some accountability. I'm also trying to cut out dairy/gluten/sugar/hard liquor so I'm hoping for some added accountability there too. Up until now, my skin has been clearing up SIGNIFICANTLY. The weird thing is, I never had whiteheads before, my problem was always inflamed cysts. I only have ONE cyst right now (on Day 1 I had 6 cysts) but these tiny whiteheads have popped up. I read some other blogs and other people have had the sam problems, but they did end up going away on their own. I'm going to try and NOT wash and moisturize again because my face is dry and red now and it looked better before I washed it, despite the whiteheads. I trust the process!! Also in an attempt to not eat ice cream before bed, I've been eating frozen mangoes. A little too many frozen mangoes, which might be contributing to my little chin breakout. I'm gonna stop eating those for awhile and see what happens. If anyone has done this before and had the same reaction, let me know if you have any tips!
  19. I’m 18, I’ve had acne since middle school however it was never bad and never hurt my self esteem really until my sophomore year of high school. My acne started to become more serious but still wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I started washing my face and using salicylic acid regularly, my skin would get dry because I never used moisturizer but not flakey or anything and I had virtually no excess oil. The acne didn’t improve so I cleansed more and more harshly, went to the doctor and they have me a medication but It didn’t help and I kept cleaning my skin way to much. It got to the point where my skin was so dry that if water even touched it it would begin to flake off so I started moisturizing and ever since then my skin has been extremely oily. I was medicated for a while but it only made my skin dry red and the oil remained moisturizer only making my skin look more oily. I continued washing my face with hard cleansers for a while and my skin worsened, becoming red, blotchy, and the acne had become quite severe. I came to the conclusion that my products and medications were causing the irritation and acne and started the caveman regimen, about to be 4 months later and here we are. I’ll include pictures of what my skin looks like, almost all large pimples have gone away but my skin is actually terrible. It’s blotchy, oily, and has little bumps all over making my skin just an awful texture all around. I haven’t met anyone with similar skin to mine which is quite concerning. Today is the first time in a long time that I’ve properly cleansed my face (cetaphil normal - oily not) as I feel as if I might have some sort of fungus due to poor hygiene(the caveman regimen). After cleansing my face feels very tight and dry. I read that heavy moisturizers are bad for fungus as they thrive in moist environments so I haven’t put on any moisturizer. I’ve read many of the article on this site but haven’t seen many with similar topics to mine. I would love to hear ANYONE’s opinion on this. I’ve gone to a derm before and they looked at My skin hardly asking me anything, Gave me a 7% bp face wash, and shooed me out the door. Life has been reeeaaal bad lately and this is with out a doubt the root of it, and unfortunately none of the people around me understand.
  20. This will be my Caveman Regimen log. I will never let my face touch any sort of water from this day forward. This is how I got to this conclusion: I have been on Accutane (Claravis) since October. I am going onto my last month. All throughout the treatment I did too much to my face. I should have washed my face the first day that I got the medicine, and then, never after that. I washed 3-4 times a day, and on one day, 8 times (because I was frustrated). I started this regimen on Tuesday morning and it is now Saturday night. On Tuesday morning I washed with this shea butter face wash and used 100% shea butter as face lotion. I used 3-4 layers of shea butter because I have a dry patch on my face. I did not touch my face until Saturday night (tonight). Big mistake! I did this because I was working out and I could see the yellow tint from the shea butter on my face. Now I will have to wait another 5-7 days in order to get my normal skin tone back. The results from not washing Tues - Sat: Tuesday, same. Wednesday, same. Thursday, skin tone started to settle and come back. Friday, better skin tone. Saturday morning, best skin tone yet, but uncomfortable and oily. State of skin before regimen: My skin is virtually clear from the accutane, but it still looks bad because I have dry patches, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Washing makes those things worse. Barriers: I'm only taking 2-3 minute showers and with lukewarm or mildly cold water, with the vent on and with the doors open because steam is just as bad as water and it sets your skin back. I'm still going to workout and I will let the sweat dry up on my face.
  21. 27 years old and still struggling with acne. I thought I had been saved, rescued by the Mirena IUD for two years. Not a spot on my face but then the IUD had to go and when it did the acne came back with a vengence. I feel as though I have attempted everything from washes to antibiotics, even quit washing my face for a week- not because I was making an attempt at 'the caveman regimen' but because I had given up. Fraught with apathy for a week until the acne became so out of control I couldn't stand by anymore. My brother has been around for the whole battle, arms crossed, head shaking, totally confused while he watched me run around like a lunatic applying every lotion, cream, mask and ointment to my face only to be left utterly disappointed. He struggled with acne for a while but now lives free and clear. He has always swore that if I quit fighting it and stopped washing my face it would all go away and I thought that was a rediculous claim. When I did quit my face looked awful. I had to keep going until I found a cure. I was willing to swallow every poison, send myself to the poor house and would even go as far as practically lighting my face on fire to rid myself of acne. I finally saved enough money to see a dermatologist (not covered by my insurance until I pay $2500 deductible first) and set up an appoinment. I had this feeling she was going to put me straight onto accutane and my suspicions were correct. We set everything up, I took my tests, provided proof of my 2 (TWO!) birth control methods and set up my next appointment 1 month out. Something bothered me about this, and it continued to really bug me through out my month of waiting... My derm seemed really nonchalant about this whole accutane business. Tuesday, 4 days ago, was to be my first day on accutane. I went into my derms office and we sat and chatted for a while. I really wanted to ask her why she wasn't more concerned about the accutane, why she seemed like it was no big deal. She was very convincing and again, I agreed. Let's do this. Then, at the last second, she mentions this thing called Levulan and blue light therapy. She says it's expensive but non invasive. $300 a pop, 4 to 6 treatments, once a month and it could potentially cure me from acne as well as treat all of my scars and dents. Sold. I want to exhaust all options before we destroy my liver. So I arranged to start a treatment that same Thursday (yesterday). My face is burnt to hell, but I feel like it is actually making a difference. And I swear, if you do this Levulan treatment, listen to your doctor and STAY OUT OF THE LIGHT! Even room lighting will burn your skin. Yesterday, I was in some mild pain after the treatment. And while I was at work I thought to myself how silly this is that I would go as far as to burn my face to solve my acne dilemma. Thinking maybe there's something behind not cleaning, I researched it and found 'the caveman regimen' and read about all the success everyone else has had with it. The people who have gone out of their way to describe the science behind it, whether bullshit or not, made a lot of sense. I think maybe the Levulan treatment would be a great way to start the caveman regimen seeing as the chemical and the lights and lasers work to clean and shrink the glands in the skin. It also strips the top layers of skin that are damaged and part of the healing process is the crusty dead cell mask anyway. I am curious and feel like contributing to this forum which so many others have contributed to in thier plight of seeking a cure. Seeing as I have already spent the money and have no other plan, I may as well write a journal. Here's my plan: It takes about 7 days on average to mostly recover from the Levulan. In this time, I can't wear make-up or wash my face anyway. SO- I'll just continue on doing just that. That's all. Pretty simple plan. Depending on the first months results, I may or may not do the second treatment. We'll see how it goes. -Sillian
  22. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 6

    I am feeling so good about the caveman regimen this time around. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel like my skin is looking better and better! No new breakouts, and the two spots I have on the left side of my mouth are getting smaller (well, the one is coming to head so it's further along in its healing process). AND it looks like my scars are fading more quickly (but it's hard to tell). All in all, I am VERY optimistic. My diet is still just fruits and veggies, nothing else. I really thought the sugar in all the fruit I'm eating would've been a problem but it isn't at all. And I still haven't put any makeup on my skin, I've only been wearing eye makeup. WOO!
  23. Gemmm98

    Caveman Regimen

    Hey! I’m new to this site so I hope that I’ve posted this in the right place. I wanted to hear other people’s experiences with the caveman regimen, as I am 3 weeks in (although I’m using water once a day) and my skin is not doing well at all. A bit of background: I’ve had acne for about 8 years now, ranging from mild to severe. It’s improved slightly from diet changes, but never completely cleared up. Some other things I’ve tried include - MANY masks, cleansers etc, both natural and the ones containing bp and similar ingredients. - doctor prescriptions, creams, doxycycline etc. - around 4-5 different contraceptive pills. - isotretinoin. - probiotics. - diet changes (no dairy, wheat/gluten, soy, limited sugar and processed foods) - eating organic meat etc to avoid the added hormones. - eating plant based. I’m not sure if my acne is hormonal as my skin is just bad in general, although i do still break out before my period. The spots themselves aren’t bad it’s the amount that there are. My back, chest, neck, cheeks, jawline and temples are covered in whiteheads and little red bumps. Prior to this regimen I was using a charcoal face soap, moisturising with jojoba oil and applying sunscreen, then using tea tree oil on spots at night. the first week or so of washing my face with only water my skin looked pretty good, obviously dead skin appeared but it wasn’t terrible and could be removed quite easily. As I mentioned, I have acne on my back, chest, neck and face, but before the regimen it was only on my face and back. Im thinking that it’s my skin detoxing, but if that’s the case why is my neck breaking out if I never used the cleansers etc on it? Ive also heard people say it can take upto 6 months to work, but I read that the skin takes 28 days to renew, so what’s it doing for the other 5 months after? also, shall I stop using water altogether? Right now I’ve just been splashing the areas with acne with warm water before I go to bed. I really want to stick this out but it’s becoming so mentally difficult to deal with, especially as it seems to just be spreading. Has anyone else had a positive experience with this or can give any advice? thanks!
  24. Vanessa P

    Day 47

    So it's been two weeks since I posted on here! Here's the update: So my first trigger food once I started reintroducing foods back into my diet was eggs. I added grains and my skin was fine. Then I added chicken - another breakout. Then red meat - another breakout. Then dairy - another breakout. (I did let my skin breathe in between adding foods for a few days so I knew it was the food and not a residual breakout from a previous food) I will say that the breakouts were not bad, just whiteheads, not the cyst that popped up when I had eggs. So, I have decided to go vegan. It looks like animal products are the things keeping me from clear skin. It's been three days since my last breakout and for the past three days I've been eating vegan and my skin is looking goooooooood. I am honestly amazed that my skin is this good right now. I will say, I am not going to a very strict vegan. If someone offers me a non-vegan cookie, I'm gonna take it and deal with the whitehead the next day. But hopefully staying vegan for the majority of my meals will keep the serious acne away. I'm still only washing my face with micellar water. No harsh creams and no foundation. I'm thinking maybe once I'm really confident in my vegan diet, I might reintroduce foundation, but I haven't decided when or if I will do that. I've really loved being proud of my natural skin
  25. Hello all! This is my first forum post so I'm going to start with a little bit about my acne. If you want to get right to the caveman regimen just skip ahead! I am a 23 year old female, I have suffered with acne since my teens and have tried everything short of Accutane to clear my skin. Antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, Dan's Regimen, Retinol, over the counter treatments, apple cider vinegar, manuka honey, you name it. I spend a lot of time googling acne and treatments and I have never reached a solution. I would read someone elses article online or a post on this forum and think "YES! That's me! I've finally found my cure!" Only to rush out to buy/try whatever it was that had cured someone else and be let down yet again. Let me also mention here that every time I tried a product I stuck to it, and gave it a good 6 weeks to make sure I wasn't purging or just having an initial breakout. Finally I decided no more. None of the products I had tried had ever improved my skin (short of benzoyl peroxide which burnt my skin, came with various health warnings, and was really just a plaster for the problem of my acne rather than a cure.) Caveman Regimen So 2 weeks ago I quit washing my face. Completely. No cleanser, toner, moisturizer, not even water, has touched my face for 2 weeks. This method is known as the "no wash" or "caveman" regimen. You can read more about it here. http://thelovevitamin.com/3819/caveman-regimen-3-month-update/ The first week I would describe as difficult. I was so used to washing my face that it felt uncomfortable to go to bed at night and just lay my head down on the pillow without a half an hours worth of cleansing and waiting and treating and toning. My skin didn't change much, it just felt dry and a little lacklustre. Yet, I did notice that my cystic breakouts were slowing. Come week 2 and I love the regimen, that is, I love not standing infront of the mirror for half the night touching and washing my skin. I love the ease of it and it's liberating to not scrutinise my skin twice a day. (I am a picker so I'm sure that not having a reason to touch my face twice a day and feel all its lumps and bumps has helped. Also, since I strongly believe that acne is our bodies way of telling us that we're doing something it doesn't like, whether that be living an unhealthy lifestyle or layering on products every night, the caveman regimen made sense to me by giving my skin a chance to really breathe, and show me what's going on inside. I believe my breakouts may be to do with a food allergy (the usual culprits, gluten, dairy etc) but I'll save that for another post. Need Advice Entering into week 3 of the caveman I am beginning to see the surfacing of the dreaded "dead skin mask," the layer of skin that has not been washed away by daily cleansing. My skin, although much clearer and with almost no breakouts, is dry, flakey and congested. I am looking for some advice from anyone who has got this far in the caveman regimen, or dare I say had success! Did you also experience this dry, congested appearance? Did you stick with it? And how long did you let the dead skin mask do its thing before you used water to remove it? Thanks for any feedback! I may continue to update here as I progress in the caveman regimen. Bye for now! J x