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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I have acne since I was 14 (I'm now 16). Especially cystic acne. I live in Holland so I eat much bread (sometimes even 20 slices a day!) I heard this may cause acne. Is this true? Can bread cause my acne or is it just hormonal because I'm in puberty? Please help!
  2. Hi, I just turned 15 and I've been suffering from lots of acne for about 2 years now, it has changed my life quite a bit, I started going out less, talking to my friends less, apart from my best friend and I've gotten really tired of it. I always thought (and still think) that I will just grow out of it, but so far, no good. I've tried tons of products, and never had big results, until not long ago, I went on a road trip with my dad, and I had quite a different routine there, I washed my face no
  3. hello acne.org-ers! i start this post with an aim to make this thread a complete source of information - daily definitions,causes,prevention,treatment and more , on whiteheads. "whiteheads" although ideally defines as non-inflammed clogged pores seem to us(varied experiences that we face which doesn't always match with the textual references) as small zits with a tiny pus-filled heads,a small bump with pus,raised skin with a small head or just a white tiny head out of nowhere! i mean to ad
  4. hello friends! today i woke up and suddenly i have these tiny lil' whiteheads(sharp looking) on my cheeks. am not sure how and why on earth i got then suddenly. i've been following the same routine i follow except for #2 days ago i had one indian sweet(which is like 2 bites of cake,really), #for about 4-5 days i've having yoghurt in fruit salad.(i had tested for yoghurt before.i had stopped having yoghurt for about a mnth and then had it twice a day for 2-3 days...no,i dint have zits th
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience with the lchf or gi diet. Did it work in your experience? How long did it take? I would be very greatful if anyone could mention a diet that worked for them. BONUS MOTHER******* does green tea really help with acne? If so, which? Once again thank you!
  6. Hello. I need to supplement myself for joint pain. I want this product: Garden of Life FYI ULTRA It contains glucosamine. Does it trigger out acne ? Thank you !
  7. Here's the backstory: I've had little to no acne before high school, but during my junior year, I started developing big, lingering zits that would leave brown marks. And so I started taking zinc, and have been taking it for about 3 years. It eventually improved my face into an almost perfect state, even when my lazy habits get the best of me. While it has been effective, I figured it would do me no good to take it long term, and so I started reducing my intake and I eventually quit about 9 mont
  8. I don't have the proof MYSELF, however my Nutritionist did some research on it and told me a side effect of Seroquel (Quetiapine) is Acne. Which could be one of the contributors to my acne, as I never had acne before Seroquel. I've stopped taking Seroquel to see if it is one of the causes, so far I don't even feel like I need it anymore. It makes sense as it basically makes you incredibly drowsy, who knows what it does. But just thought I'd post this somewhere if any of you take this medicati
  9. I'm 18 and a male and I don't weigh much at all (about 57kg) so 125lbs. I used to have pretty bad body dysmorphic disorder on my muscle tone etc. I eat healthy and my diet is pretty clean. Literally I only eat Vegetables and Protein and water. That's been like that for 7 months. No processed food or salt etc, just raw natural food. I am concerned as how likely it is for people to gain/lose weight or lose body muscle etc and if it is PERMANENT? I looked up "Does accutane cause weight gain?" an
  10. Hello, Why the bread, especially white bread cause acne ? Is it because the gluten flour or the high glycemic index (70) that cause an insulin spike ? Is there a way to combat the bread breakout acne ? Thank you.
  11. Hi I'm an 18 year old guy who has suffered from mild acne for around 4 years now. I'm very skinny (3.9% body fat) and I'm a competitive runner so exercise is not an issue. These are the supplements I am taking Vitamin A 25,000IU daily (started today) Vitamin B complex (100% rda of all B vitamins) Vitamin C powder ~ 3 grams daily Vitamin D have been taking 10,000iu daily but severe deficiency, doctor advised to start 30,000 daily (started yesterday) Vitamin E 400iu (started the other
  12. Breanna Marie

    Day 2

    Well, I didn't use the BP this morning because I feared it would dry out my skin. I used it tonight, though, and my skin does burn slightly It's nothing unbearable, but it definitely is uncomfortable. I just want my skin to clear up and look the way it used to. Honestly, it got worse today, and I'm feeling really down. I don't feel like myself. I'm getting the jojoba oil tomorrow, and I pray it helps with the dry skin. I'm not giving up on the acne.org regimen; I have faith in it. I've seen s
  13. Welcome. My problems with hairloss started about 3 years ago, Some months ago I started getting accutane (axotret) with finasteride to stay hair on my head. Everything was going good, my hairloss just stopped and I was happy. But by now my doc let's me eat 40mg, hairloss problems attacked again. And it's not just one hair by 1 hour, when I rub my hair, I'm just loosing from 4 to 10 hairs. What should I do? I saw some topics here with same problem, but I think I can't stop taking accutane. Ac
  14. hey! (typing on broken tablet, will fix post later) so i was thinking about how my body only want to accept foods high in fiber, according to my sensitivity test results (fiber helps you shit more efficiently). then i remember a visit to the doctor here i found out i had chronic constipation. basically i had shit laying around my body for years. this made sens
  15. I've had acne since I was about 12 years old. In the first five years of having acne it was pretty minimal. It was still 'ugly' but it attacked mostly my forehead with many small blocked pores. It wasn't until I was about 17 that I had my first cystic pimple or nodule. It was filled with blood, about an inch long, and bled for ten minutes when I finally jabbed it open. I went to a derm and got prescribed Accutane right away by her, accepting it without enough background knowledge on the drug. Th
  16. I take 1 tablet of Vitamin B complex every morning, along with other supplements from what my nutritionist recommended, the Vitamin B complex does include Biotin in it (it says 500mg) so I was just wondering, does vitamin b complex cause acne and hairloss? I'm 18 and noticed my hair a bit thiner then it usually is, I usually have thick hair and what not. If vitamin b complex is bad, is it ok to stop it instantly or do you have to go slow off it? thanks.
  17. Ok so I posted something about Masturbation a couple days ago feel free to check it out. Anyways, today i came across something and i found out what the actual cause of acne is. Most people would say its oily skin or dirty skin, and yes these are factors, but take a look at homeless people. most of them dont bathe or wash their face that often they eat what they have to which isnt always the healthiest, and theyre face is relatively dirty, yet some of them dont even have ONE SPOT. Why? you ask?
  18. What Medications Can Cause Acne?

    Regular Acne Is Different from Drug-induced Acne Regular Acne and Drug-induced Acne Require Different Treatments Medications That Can Definitely Cause Acne Medications That May Cause Acne Medications That Might Cause Acne The Bottom Line Based on the amount of research that links particular medications to acne, we can place potentially acne-causing medications into three categories. Medications that can definitely cause acne: We have a large amount of evidence linking these medications to acne Medications that may cause...
  19. Hi there! I am a 21 year old with previously thick hair trying to figure out what's going on. No females in my family have ever pre maturely lost their hair. Ive had acne all my life, so my derm prescribed me Spironolactone 50mg and generic yaz which seemed to be helping my acne. About 8 months after starting spiro, I noticed my hair thinning and the texture changed completely. I had always had a lot of hair, so when it came out in the shower or on my brush I was never concerned. And I never
  20. Hi Everyone, Since many of us have had acne for years and different things have worked for different people, I'm wondering what you think the true cause was/is of your acne? What are your wildest theories or observations? We know enough that acne is a complex mix of changes to the sebaceous glands, excess colonization with certain types of P. Acnes, excess turnover of the skin cells causing debris, and inflammation (good illustration here). It has also been linked to hormone alterations, ch
  21. Hey everyone, I'm so new on here, and I'm pretty mad at myself for visiting the site a few times before but never joining. I'm having so much trouble finding the actual cause of my acne. It seems to be everything under the sun. I thought I had an egg allergy because every time I ate anything with eggs I'd break out a few days later (or so I thought). But I haven't had eggs for weeks and that is NOT an easy thing to do...they're literally in everything... and I'm still breaking out bad.