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Found 7 results

  1. Hutchdan

    Low Gi Diet?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience with the lchf or gi diet. Did it work in your experience? How long did it take? I would be very greatful if anyone could mention a diet that worked for them. BONUS MOTHER******* does green tea really help with acne? If so, which? Once again thank you!
  2. I wanted to share my story and struggle with acne in the hope other people can relate and share their advice, including any information they may have found that could help. Long story short, I began to suddenly suffer with severe acne two years ago - unsure and frustrated with why this suddenly occurred I was put on a 4 month prescription of Accutane or Roaccutane depending where you're from. The accutane helped, it cleared my skin significantly and didn't damage my liver etc. 1 year later after continuously researching about acne, diet, insulin and other things I've found to be linked with acne, my lifestyle and diet have significantly changed which I've found (contrary to the doctors belief) that diet has a MASSIVE impact on how clear my skin is. Frustratingly, my diet consists of only chicken, tuna, brown rice, lentils, vegetables and eggs everyday. When I eat a high amount of carbohydrates, especially when it's processed food such as pasta, pizza, bread, beer and cake I seem to suffer quite immediately afterwards (sometimes acne follows a day after eating such foods). This link has become clearer to me through experimenting with foods, but what I'd like to hear from other people is if it's possible to change this!? I'm desperate to live a normal life again where I can drink a beer, have some pizza or sweets knowing I won't develop acne days later. It may seem my body is now very much insulin sensitive, and that when I eat these kind of foods my body struggles to deal with the sugar spike/carb spike and so produces excessive sebum followed from the insulin spike which quickly leads to breakouts. What confuses me is how I used to eat many many sweets, cake, pizza as a kid and now it's impossible... Please please, anyone who suffers from a similar experience or has any other findings I'd love to hear your story.
  3. Hi, I have suffered from moderate to severe acne since I was about 16 and am now 21. I have taken doxycycline pills, benzoyl peroxide cream (which I still use on occasion- I am unsure whether it actually helps or is irritating and drying out my skin too much) and now take anti-androgens. I have taken antidepressants for about a year until recently as well. Since January, I have pretty much eliminated dairy products from my diet as I've heard multiple times that it is good for acne. My skin has improved slightly but that may also be due to changing medications and using Lush's Ultrabland cleanser. I have also read that, forgive me if I'm not using the correct term, 'carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index' such as bread, cakes and rice often contribute to acne. I am trying to reduce these in my diet but am finding I now feel very hungry and irritable a lot of the time. I've always followed a pescatarian diet and I don't ever want to eat meat that isn't fish. So what is there left to eat? Fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, vegan meat and dairy substitutes? I eat all these things but I think that because of my tall, slim body type I have always been the kind to get very hungry easily and my body is used to me eating a lot of bread and pasta. I don't have a lot of money to buy lots of fancy non-wheat vegan food. Any suggestions of what I can do and is it even worth restricting my diet so much in order to reduce acne?
  4. I've had acne since my teens. I waited in hope for it to clear up in my 20's then when I hit my 30's but it stayed. I had some sucess with Finacea (azelaic acid), it cleared my skin quite well for a while but eventually my skin seemed to get used to it. I carried on using it because my acne was better when I used it but I still had a general covering of spots from my face down my chest, tops of my arms and down my whole back. So recently I decided to cut out sugar. I had decided this because I had read a few of the books about sugar consumption and I was learning what it was doing to my/our insides (fatty liver disease anyone? ) and I decided that I wanted none of that thank you. So I decided to do it properly. My rules: 1) No added sugar That means no sucrose, dextrose, glucose, maltodextrose, any syrups, concentrated fruit extracts etc). No fizzy drinks, cakes, cookies, chocolate etc 2) All low sugar foods (except whole fresh fruits) So no fruit juice, no dried fruit, no maple syrup or honey etc 3) Maximum 3 pieces of fruit per day 4) Reduce high carb foods I do not eliminate carbs (we need carbs), I eat sweet potato, squash, parsnips and sweetcorn instead of higher carb foods like pasta, rice etc most of the time 5) Avoid processed food as much as possible No sweeteners, MSG, preservatives, chemical enhancers etc 6) Meal proportions 3/4 meal = veg (with at least one starchy veg like parsnip or squash) 1/4 protein Ensure 2 portions of calcium containing foods are squeezed into here somewhere. Honestly guys I needed to come back here after a few years away to tell you that so far it is working!!! My skin has not been this clear for years. I am one month in and my face, neck, chest and tops of my arms are p retty much clear. My back is slower to follow but it's clearer than it has been in years and it's smoother than ever. My whole "acnezone" area is smoother. Also I am nowhere near as oily as I used to be either. I'm talking hair as well as skin. I'll post some pics below x x Oh and I've also lost 2kg in a month so there is that too I don't have an up to date "before" shot because I don't focus on my acne as much any more (was just forcing myself to accept the I had it and the sugar thing was not an acne clearing attempt so I'm sorry that I don't have an up to date comparison. You can check out my gallery to see what my skin looked like in 2007, that would be a really bad day now since I am 32 but the coverage is the about same... face, chest, back, neck, jawline.... ugh neck and jawline.... ). This pic is me with no cover up last night edit: to be clear I have not used azelaic acid or any acne treatment medication for over a month either. And I had not been using it that much due to irritation for a while before this anyway.
  5. Ashok T Jaisinghani


    ★★REAL Causes of ACIDOSIS & HEARTBURN★★ Hyperacidity, also called acidosis, is known as the main cause of HEARTBURN, which is a BURNING SENSATION in the esophagus. Esophagus is the foodpipe that connects the throat with the stomach. Oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, mustard, other spices, wine, beer, other alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and many other foods and drinks have been blamed by doctors, medical scientists and nutritionists for causing acidosis and heartburn in millions of people who consume such foods and drinks. To cure acidosis, many doctors and naturopaths prescribe the consumption of acidic drinks made from juices of sour lemons, oranges and other fruits containing citric acid! How does sour lemon juice control hyperacidity and cure acidosis? Why are foods containing citric acid used for controlling heartburn caused by hyperacidity? It seems so CRAZY and PARADOXICAL to use acids for reducing hyperacidity!! Can acidic foods cause both hyperacidity as well as cure hyperacidity? It is generally believed that the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intakes of basic minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium decrease the acidity, or increase the alkalinity in the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. Biochemically, sodium, potassium and magnesium salts CANNOT ALWAYS help in curing heartburn due to ACIDOSIS, as they can cause an ACID REBOUND. Biochemically speaking, among the four main basic minerals, it is only CALCIUM which always works as a real ANTACID. Believe it or not, the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice does NOT cause HEARTBURN, as it is very dilute and can do no harm by itself. ★Garlic & Raw Onions cause Heartburn★ ACIDOSIS, belching and HEARTBURN can be caused in many people who eat garlic, raw onions and leeks. Besides affecting the esophagus, the consumption of these foods can also produce a burning sensation in many other parts of the body, especially in the hands and feet, even at night, which causes sleeplessness. The vomiting of acidic fluid provides relief from heartburn. Drinking more water also helps to dilute the acidic fluid and to reduce acidosis. Consumption of large amounts of garlic, raw onions and leeks should be avoided because they cause massive splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the production of large amounts of organic acids. Besides the use of garlic, onions and leeks, hyperacidity can also be triggered by the consumption of various dietary factors like B-complex pills, Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D supplements, iodized salt, etc. Contamination of foods with traces of petroleum products like HEXANE, which is used for extracting oils from oilseeds, can also cause acidosis. ★★ The Paradox of Acidosis★★ To know the real causes of hyperacidity, heartburn and other related problems, we should try to understand the PARADOX of ACIDOSIS. It is necessary to understand the reasons why the combinations of certain dietary factors cause acidosis. We should also know how the combinations of certain other dietary factors prevent acidosis. The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis was originally published by me in 1981 in my book, THE NEW WONDER CURES. My book has been digitized and stored in digital form by some universities of USA, as it is very useful for ADVANCED RESEARCH in the SCIENCE of NUTRITION. ★The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis★ According to this law, normally the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intake of basic minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium) decreases the acidity (or increases the alkalinity) in the body. But in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus, the higher intake of acids helps in reducing acidosis! and the higher intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium) increases acidosis! The higher the intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus (IDD), the greater is the effectiveness of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other (laxative) biochemicals in the body, in splitting greater amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of massive amounts of ORGANIC ACIDS and in causing acidosis. So, the acidosis associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and diabetes should not be treated with the larger intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals - magnesium, sodium and potassium. The greater intake of these basic minerals will make the acidosis worse. In the sphere of biochemistry of the human body, only CALCIUM seems to be the basic mineral which may check acidosis to some extent under all conditions. The acidosis can be cured by reducing the RBC count, by reducing iodine intake for lowering the thyroxine level, and by taking various other measures. Besides potassium, sodium and magnesium, the higher intakes of the other LAXATIVE factors like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, thiamine (Vitamin B1), iodine, chromium, manganese, zinc, phosphate, etc, can also cause MASSIVE splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of large amounts of organic acids. The consumption of all these above-mentioned catabolic LAXATIVE factors should be reduced if the massive breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates has to be stopped, and thus prevent the excessive production of ORGANIC ACIDS that can cause acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★★Use of Acids to Control Acidosis★★ The greater intake of some suitable acids is very important in reducing the effectiveness, and even the levels, of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other laxative biochemicals, the excesses of which cause acidosis in the body. The greater intake of some suitable acids can thus help in controlling and curing the acidosis and heartburn associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a form of diabetes mellitus. It must be noted that the term "acids", as mentioned by me, does not include Vitamin C, and the acidic derivatives of some other vitamins. The term stands for the ordinary dietary acids, other than those that are vitamin derivatives. I must, however, mention that the larger intakes of the other constipating synergists of acids like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, fluoride, chloride, nitrate, copper, etc, are also needed in controlling and curing acidosis and heartburn. The anabolic CONSTIPATING factors give stability to the proteins, fats and carbohydrates by preventing their excessive breakup into organic acids, and thus help to prevent hyperacidity and heartburn. The constipating factors help in the production of mucus, and also give stability to the mucus, which helps in protecting the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract from the attack of acids. ★Acidosis caused by B-complex Factors★ Matching quantity of the antioxidant Vitamin E is needed for counterbalancing the effects of the oxidizing B-complex factors, especially Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, which can cause acidosis and heartburn. The B-complex pills, containing Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, can often cause extreme hyperacidity and heartburn in many people who also consume garlic, raw onions, leeks, acidic foods and drinks, iodized salt, and high dosage Vitamin C pills, as these substances are incompatible with the B-complex. Yeast and yeast-containing products like baked bread, beer, wine and some other alcoholic drinks, which are rich in B-complex factors, can also cause hyperacidity. So the consumption of such foods and drinks should be reduced by those who suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★Effect of Abstinence from Sex on Men★ Young men who are bachelors, brahmacharis or unmarried priests, and widowers, can suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems like gout and even diabetes, if there is retention of semen in their bodies for long periods due to the practice of abstinence from sex. Expulsion of semen from the bodies of men reduces acidosis and gives them relief from heartburn. ★Effect of traces of Petroleum in Food★ Low-level regular poisoning with even small amounts of HEXANE, and other petroleum products, can cause the breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, dehydration, massive production of gases, including foul-smelling gases, leading to constant belching and farting, ACIDOSIS, HEARTBURN, ulcers with chronic pain, piles, bleeding tendency, headaches, sleeplessness, depression and many other symptoms and conditions in the affected person's body. NOTE: This article should NOT be considered as the full explanation about the Paradox of Acidosis and related problems, as the subject is very vast and needs more research. Some information about my theory on the Paradox of Acidosis has been kept SECRET by me. I have NOT given some theoretical details about the cures for acidosis because they are complicated. Such details can create confusion in the minds of readers, as it is difficult to understand everything about the Paradox of Acidosis.
  6. So I saw that almost everyone started to avoid junk food and sugar to stop breaking out. Ok !! It's a good thing and I'm glad that people are more conscious about nutrition and the results of our healthy are behind our food and nutrition. But I saw that the people are afraid to eat even HEALTHY FOOD. I saw topics that users don't know what to eat even more and they avoid even the vegetables and fruits. I saw comments which say that "sugar is my biggest weakness" or "I don't know what to eat because I'm afraid of trigger". Actually I'm glad that people are aware of acne and they got to this level. In my country, over 95% of people don't care what they eat and don’t care about the quality of food. Now let’s explain why junk food and sugar trigger out acne. Everyone know that junk food it’s not actually food, it’s a poison disguised in delicious food. Hormones, pesticides, injections, unhygienic methods … that’s how it’s treat junk food. But, there is one thing in addition except of that obvious unhealthy methods which affect our health: MACROS. Macros are: proteins, fats and carbohydrates which 1g protein has 4kcal, 1g fat has 9kcal and 1g carb has 4kcal. Okay, now “How it will help me with my acne??”. Well, it helps you a lot !! Let’s see why: the main role of insulin is to transport the nutrients in cells. With every kilocarie we eat, the more insulin will be pumped by pancreas. Low levels of insulin and temporary extra levels of insulin are totally fine. After we eat a meal, there will be a temporary extra level of insulin for 1-2 hours to happen what I said in the definition of insulin. It's totally normal and fine to happen that. BUT, there is one bigger "but". The problem isn't low levels of insulin or temporary extra levels of insulin, it's actually PERMANENT EXTRA LEVEL OF INSULIN. Why? Because like testosterone and DHT (DHT rise from testosterone), there is a hormon called IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) who rise from insulin and it's in directly connetion with our sebaceous glands and it is stimulating them. The more insulin = The more IGF-1 = The more activity of sebaceous glands = The more oily skin. Make sense right? Earlier I said that after we eat, we have an extra level of insulin to transport the nutrients to cells. So we can say that the more calories we eat, the more insulin we have. That's why not good to have an extra calories day and one of the reasons to avoid junk food. For example, take a shawarma. It has over +2000 calories. It's a lot. Those calories should be eatten in all day, not in one meal. But, there is one macro that extra increase the level of insulin: carbohydrates. One of the main role of the insulin in to transform the carbohydrates in glucose. It's a human process. Carbs are energy, but it's not just that simple, we eat carbs and we have energy. NO !! After we eat carbohydrates, our pancreas produces more insulin to transform the carbohydrates in glucose. Now, what will happen with extra glucose (extra carbs eatten in a day, means an extra calories) ? The excess of glucose will be transformed in glycogen and it will be stored in glycogen stores in our muscles. When this new glycogen arrives at the stores, it sends a signal to stores to open and gain the new glycogen. But what happen when the glycogen stores are full of glycogen and cannot accept anymore? Our body secrets more insulin (and more IGF-1) and this cycle continues until our glycogen stores become insulin resistant. They won't be anymore sensible at the insulin. When you are insulin resistant, there is extra level of insulin in your body, so there is extra level of IGF-1. How to solve this? Before I tell you, I must mention that you are prediabetic. That's a human diabetic. He doesn't have insulin and he needs to inject in his body to live. If you continue to eat carbs and to be in a extra calorie life, you will become diabetic !!! That means your pancreas won't work because it's so tired that he can't work anymore... To solve this problem, you must reduce the carbs you eat in a day and your calories (caloric deficit) !! Also, it's important to empty the stores of glygocen. You must also exercise to burn calories and to empty the glygocen stores. What you shall understand? Insulin it's not evil, it's critical for our life. You can't 100% exclude the carbs from your diet, it's imposible. You must maintain at 20-30g / day for excellent results. You will feel tired, you will have head pain, because you make a change in your life and in your diet. But it's temporary, not forever ! Also, reduce the fats and proteins per day. Remember, the less calories, the less insulin. You must be at a normal level of insulin. Listen to your body, don't eat to much, but not either to less ! Eat 1000-1500 calories per day and less carbs. The predomiant macronutrient should be protein. I forgot to say that sugar it's a carbohydrate. So that's why you should avoid it ! Of course there are are rich vegetables in carbs like potatoes and rich fruits in fructose like grapefruit. But the fructose is less productive in insulin, so you can eat it, but in less quantities. Remember, 20-30g carbs / day, not more to see excellent results. But there are more fruits and vegetables which aren't rich in carbs. You can eat more broccoli, avocado, spinach, everything which isn't rich in carbs and doesn't trigger out you.
  7. dominick11

    Acne mystery

    Hi guys! I'm trying to solve one big acne mystery. I've been suffering from acne almost 10 years now (I am 23 years old now) and I have tried many things but nothing has helped. Over those years I have eliminated foods that are breaking me out like dairy, sugar(chocolate, sodas, sweets etc.), fried foods, potato chips, nuts, citrus fruit and processed meat (ham, salami...). These are foods that definitely worsen my skin condition. I have even tried for some time vegeterian diet as well as gluten free diet but those didn't help at all. The thing is, even when I stopped eating those foods, there is still something hidden causing my acne. I feel I'm getting close to finding what is the solution but I can't seem to connect the dots. But this summer something strange happened, that's the reason I call it a mystery. Well the mystery is: I am from Slovakia in Europe and I was graduating in June at my university back home and the skin seemed to be ,,normal'' - sometimes breaking out more, sometimes less, according to my knowledge in random patterns. But after graduation I left to New York, where I was working for the whole summer as Work and Travel student. And guess what happened. My skin cleared a lot there. It improved by 80% while I was in the States. Even my first food in the plane to USA was fried chicken (I had to eat it, imagine being hungry on 10 hour flight). And next days no pimples no nothing. Just like that, everything (not really everything, but ~80% is A LOT) changed in one day. Of course I was still on my diet, but occasional fries/ chips didn't break me out, only when I ate a lot of them. My condition started to get back to ,,normal''(my normal) by the end of August and by the September, when I left New York and started to travel (NYC, Miami, California), it was like back home again. By the end of September I got home and like a week after, my skin worsened a lot. It's been now two painful weeks and you can see on the pictures how my skin looks like most of the time now. Right picture is from today. I thought it's because I ate some grapefruits and pomelos during first days home as I know citrus fruit breaks me out. But then my skin improved and after three days it broke out again so I have no idea what the problem is now as I'm still on my diet. It's also good to mention that my type of acne is almost always white inflamed zits, most of the time around mouth and in the chin area. I get some of them on the back, shoulders and middle of chest as well. Sometimes a painful cyst appears, usually around ears or neck but most of the time it's those white zits. And my skin is really dry. I have a lot of clues to solve my mystery but I still can't find any connection. I hope I will find someone wiser than me with more knowledge to help me out. So the clues are: 1. At home my skin is always dry, sometimes even flaky. When I was in USA, my skin was oily almost all the time (like really oily - but no acne). There are several external reasons I thought about. Either different air humidity, different hardness of the water or generally different weather. I have no idea about internal reasons. Only thing I know about - I read that avocado can moisturize your skin from the inside and I know I ate one half almost everyday (because it's really cheap there 98 cents wtf!!). But I'm not sure that 3 avocados a week can make your dry skin much oilier and if they can, who knows if the oiliness is my reason for clearer skin. Could this be the reason my skin started to break out in September - because I left perfect climate to travel across the country? 2. I had two jobs in USA, one of them was housekeeping, which is physically really demanding (don't do housekeeping, if you plan to go on WaT, believe me). Could I have some problem with insulin or IGF-1? I don't have a lot of movement at home and I was moving all day back in USA. Also something similar happened 4 years ago, I worked for three weeks in Czech Republic as construction worker (10 hours a day and even more physically demanding work) and I could even eat cheese back there and no pimples at all. What I noticed is, that when I wake up, my skin is always calm and it gets more red and inflamed over the day, which can be happening because of eating food -> increasing insulin levels. Other thing is, I tried water fasting two times (no food, just water) for 3 and 5 days, respectively. Both times my skin got clear for like a whole week after ending the fasting. But when I tried intermittent fasting last year, it did nothing at all to my skin. Contrary, as my father has diabetes, I had possibility to take that blood sugar test they do and my sugar levels were normal before as well as after eating food with carbohydrates. 3. Stress levels. As I'm graduate, I'm going through big change in my life right now, which can be really stressful. I delayed this stressful time period with my visit to USA and closer it was getting to going back home and to looking for a job, the more stressful was I getting. 4. I suffer from social anxiety, I have been even prescribed antidepressants and anxiolytics. The change in environment could have made some difference on my mind and my psychic, maybe even on those stress levels in no. 3. My condition was really better during the summer and when I got home it worsened again (past negative memories in that place, aquaintances etc.) I really hope there is someone, that could help me and thank you if you have read all of that. Have a nice day ya'll.