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Found 1,442 results

  1. I started getting acne sometime in high school. I don't remember exactly when but for some reason it didn't bother me that much in high school. Sure, I was apprehensive about it and didn't really have that much confidence due to the acne but I wasn't as affected by it as I became later on. Well, I started off using some OTC medicines, cleansers and the like but those didn't really help. In fact, they seemed to aggravate my acne. I tried the usual OTC stuff; Benzoyl Peroxide, Salycilic Acid and the like in many forms whether it be creams, cleansers, soaps or on the spot treatments. After that, my acne became progressively worse. My mother suggested that I go visit a dermatologist so we made an appointment. I was nervous about it. I didn't really know as much about acne as I do now so I didn't really know what my options were. I had heard of accutane but I was pretty much afraid of it. Well my appointment came and the doctor was the usual nice self asking me "How long you've been walking around with that mess on your face". Real nice stuff . He immediately suggested accutane but I didn't want to take it. I wanted to try other things first because I heard of the side effects that usually come with Accutane. Well, I went through the motions. First came Sulfur, nothing. Next came BP(Duac), nothing. Next, he started me on antibiotics, nothing. We kept with the antibiotics as I moved to Retin-A Micro, nothing. This brought me to about a year, year and a half ago. I was in College already and should have been having the time of my life, right? Well, instead, I was stuck at home not wanting to go out with my friends because I was so embarassed about what was on my face. Needless to say, my acne wasn't getting any better. It was then that I decided to try the diet route. My derm laughed it off as usual saying that diet has no effect on acne at all and prescribed me Tazorac, nothing. Still, during the time I used Tazorac, I started eating healthy. I cut out Milk and Wheat products and that helped a bit but I still broke out. It was then that I started reading more and more about the effect of food on acne. At this point, I was starting to get desperate so I started removing foods from my diet the moment I heard they might be causing acne. After a few weeks, I was eating really bland food and I continued this way for a while thinking it would help my acne. I also started to read up on things such as liver flushing. I started doing bowel cleansing, liver flushing, parasite cleansing and candida cleansing and well, my skin started getting better. It was probably the first time in a few years when I didn't have cystic acne on my face. I kept at it, doing flushes biweekly, eating well and excercising and my acne was getting better. Well, things were decent. I still had breakouts on my face and they still made me apprehensive about social situations but it was a far cry from where I stood a few years before. Still, there was room to improve. Well, I continued with this diet for almost a year now but it was starting to get to me. The foods that broke me out were many and I just couldn't keep up with the diet. It was too expensive, too stressful and too difficult to follow. I still stuck with it though as I would do anything for clear skin. Unfortunately, I didn't count on the effect of stress on my acne. Well, I still had acne and it still bothered me...a lot. So much in fact that I was skipping class and my grades were dropping. When I did show up for tests, I always kept my eyes on the floor and I just knew that people were staring at my acne. This annoyed me but it also made me break out more. After tests, after any stressful situation really, I would get cysts on my face. This all exploded a few weeks ago when I had a few finals in a row. My face broke out as badly as it has in years and my face was covered in cysts, spots, white heads and pustules. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I decided to go on Accutane. Still, it was not an easy decision. I had an appointment a few days ago and I was worried. I didn't know if I actually wanted to go on it or not. The appointment day came and I cancelled. I thought I'd give this diet thing another month to work..maybe that's all it needed, one more month and I'd be clear. A few hours passed, I passed a mirror and I realized. I have been telling myself..just one more month on this(medication, diet, whatever) and I'll be clear for years now..and I just wasn't clear. I called my derm. My appointment was already filled but they had another I could come to the same day so I went. The derm looked me over and asked yet again 'how much does it bother you'. He always asked me this at every appointment and I always said 'not enough for Accutane'. Well, that day, I said 'enough that I want to go on Accutane'. He seemed glad, said I should have gone on it ages ago and talked to me about the side effects and what I should do to combat them. He wrote the prescription, put the yellow sticker on it, gave me blood work papers and told me not to start until the blood work came in. Well, this morning, I had my blood drawn. The prescription still sits downstairs. I haven't taken it to the pharmacy yet but I shall when I go to stock up on my anti-side effects stuff(refresh liquigel, aquaphor, burt's bees, etc.). Right now, I'm between two feelings really. I'm excited to finally be on something that may end my problem once and for all but I'm also worried about the side effects. Therefore, I'll be keeping this log just to see how I'm doing over the course. I'll probably post an update every day as I don't really have much to do anyway. I just hope that it finally gets rid of my affliction and maybe if it works quickly, I can even enjoy some of this summer with clear skin instead of being holed up at home with embarassing acne. Thanks for reading, I'll try to attack some pictures of my problem areas later on if I can get them.
  2. I used to have mild-moderate acne after getting Glycolic Acid peels which T0TALLY broke me out. Right now I have mild acne but I have a lot of comedones that will N0T go AWAY!! I've been seeing a lot of regimen logs on here about Accutane. Do you guys think I'm a candidate? I really want to find something that will make me CLEAR. My acne is mild now; I can cover it up pretty easily but it's still embarassing! NEVERRMIINND.. the atachment thingg isn't working for me
  3. I have numerous small, unnoticeable blackheads and a few small legions. I'm pretty much 'normal' now. Definitely not an accutane candidate anymore. Very mild. What should I use? I want to reduce future possible oil shine, and I heard retin-a micro can do that. Should I get a prescription + what's the price in general?
  4. I just read a post by Rachey who discussed being on antiobiotics ten years and having to battle to get rid of candida. How did you do it? I have been off antibiotics for almost four months (on for three years straight) and STILL have problems. I am taking acidopholous daily and using boric acid about once a week. PLEASE HELP.
  5. SweetJade1980

    ATTN: Liver Flushers

    Hi, For awhile now I've been under the impression that some members can do so many liver flushes and most if not all of their food restrictions or ailments will disappear. I believe that this is true for Denise, SteveBrown or SteveLewis, and a few other names I can't recall. Thus, it appears that successful liver flushes do pack up and move on, but for those of you out there, I've got a few questions. Pre-Liver Flush 1. Signs, Symptoms, Health 2. Diet (restrictions?) Post Liver Flush (after 6 - 20 flushes) 1. Signs, Symptoms, Health 2. Diet Liver Flush Protocol 1. Herbs, Tinctures, etc (Brands please) 2. Flush Method (Preferred) 3. Enemas, Colon Hydrotherapy,etc? 4. Other Cleanses (parasite, candida) Maintenance 1. How often do you do a liver flush after you've cleared? 2. Do you keep taking any of the supplements associated with your protocol? Thanks P.S. This is NOT a discussion over what is "really" being flushed. This is about the results that are produced afterwards.
  6. I have about 7 cysts on my face... it's horrible I have never been to a derm... I'm trying to convince my mom to take me to see one. I'm on Minocin 50mg x2 a day for now. A doctor prescribed me this for one month and wants me to get a follow-up w/ a family doc or a derm. It's been a week now, and I keep getting new cysts... it's so frustrating... So the question is if i go see a derm... will he/she consider me as a candidate for Accutane?
  7. titan44

    Info on BP please

    Hi, im 15 and have had moderate-bad acne for 3 years now. I have used oxytetracycline but it didnt work at all. My skin is quite oily and i have black heads around my nose and chin and white heads/cysts that pop up fairly often. Am i a candidate for BP? Can you give me some general info on this please? How do i go about getting this product (doctor, pharmacist etc). Can my doctor prescribe it? Will my pharmacist stock it? Thank you
  8. falnhart

    Check This Out

    The Ukranian candidate who lost for prime minister claims that he was "poisoned" by Moscow agents. This guy is 50 yrs old and a few weeks ago his face, which was scar-free, badly scarred over a period of days. He claims it was "stomach poisoning" but his scars resemble severe rolling acne scars. You've prob. seen the story on national news networks, but here's the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4035789.stm
  9. I've heard some people say that after being on antibiotics for years they've had a "yeats overgrowth" (is this the same as candida?). How can you tell if this is the case? I was on minocycline for 3-4 years, and since I came of it last November (I got resistant) I've had the worst acne I've had for 10 years, even though I've now been put on oxytetracycline (5 weeks ago), so was wondering if a "yeast overgrowth" could be a factor? If it is (and like I said, I'm not sure how to tell), what can be done about it? Thanks
  10. First off, thanks to all of you that post, some really great info on this site.... I live in New Orleans and have consulted with Dr. Y for Dermabrasion. I don't think I could handle the down time even though he said I would be a good candidate. He also said I have a couple of scars that he could punch float. How successful have your punch floats been? I have read about the procedure but it is still tough to understand the concept. I mean it sounds traumatic - and any trauma in the past (ie acne) has resulted in scars/red marks. Are you supposed to get dermabrasion after the punch floats- or can they work as a scar reducer on their own. So far I have gotten good improvement with smoothbeam, home tca peals, diet, etc. but I am ready for something else... just nervous to try something more aggressive. Thanks for your input in advance!!
  11. angel

    tca cross

    Hello all and Happy 4th! I want to do tca cross but i am wicked scared! is 25% strong enough to actyually scab, or should i just go to 50% or 100%. I do have very tough skin (not sensitive) and I think I would be a good candidate? Also, is MORE scarring a risk with CROSS, or is that only if you miss your scars an poke yourself elsewhere? THANKS!!!!!!!!
  12. I counted my carbs today, and I had about 3.5 grams. I would've made it with no carbs, but I needed something sweet so I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter But, I don't know what to go by when it comes to how many carbs were allowed to eat on this diet. What is your guy's daily limits?
  13. Paul25

    Neck rash

    When i drink alcohol i find that i can get abit of a neck rash and its really itchy. I would guess this is down to candida/yeast infection. I think this has only started recently, will applying something like coconut oil on it sort it out or will it only sort out when i get the whole diet thing going right?
  14. Hey guys! I've been browsing these boards for ages and finally decided to join. I've been struggling with acne since about the 6th grade. I have moderate body acne (mostly limited to my back and shoulders, but occasionally present on my chest, too) as well as facial acne. I've been seeing a dermatologist for a few years now, and I've been on various topical and oral meds, but nothing has worked. I've also tried home remedies and had mild success with a few, but nothing that would make it go away. The acne on my face is mostly around my mouth, hairline, and in my eyebrows (I initially thought ingrown hairs, but the breakouts seem far too frequent to be ingrown hairs). I'm almost 20 and pretty sick of this neverending battle. I'm extremely self-conscious about it. What seems to be worse than the breakouts themselves is the scarring they leave behind (it doesn't help that I absentmindedly pick at blemishes, either). Here's a picture of my situation right now: I'm thinking of asking my derm about Accutane at my next appointment and I wanted to get your opinion about whether or not I seem like a candidate...
  15. After reading a few threads about possible Candida, it me thinking about symptoms that I have largely ignored. My muscles ache a lot, after playing football ( soccer ) for just 40 mins, my right leg completely stiffens up, my muscles stiffen up after sitting down for just 20 mins or so. I often get wind which is quite strong smelling. If I run my teeth from the back of my tongue to the front it looks like there is some sort of coating on it. I have noticed in the past small white spots on my penis. I have been tested a few times, but there is no infection. Are these things just completely random, and I am being a bit paranoid? Or is there anything obvious here? Thanks.
  16. max powers

    Bread and candida

    I've heard many people say that bread is bad for candida. They say that the grains are hard to digest and that the yeast makes candida grow. I can see how the yeast part would be true, but what about the part on grains? And if it's just because of yeast, how many breads out there are made without yeast?
  17. At first I accidently put this in the log section of accutane. Sorry about that. But anyway... So I have had acne since 14 and i am 17 now. I tried pretty much everything and if my current candida treatment won't work im thinking of going on accutane. Couple of questions about it: 1.I exercise daily including cardio and weights, is it affect my ability to exercise? 2. Can you drink while on accutane? I don't drink much anyway, once or twice a month 3. And I heard the most severe side effects of accutane show up later in life, is this true? And im not sure if it will help but my meausrments are 6'3 17 years old 150 pounds and male -Thanks
  18. What do you guys think of doing cardio after a night of drinking? This would help your body and liver cleanse itself out right? I know you have to be careful of dehydration! I dont really get hungover either since i start drinking voka diet. but I still drink alot of water before i goto bed and alot in the morning. Just looking for some feedback. P.S. I'm on a low carb\anti-candida diet (except the vodka diets) and its working very well for me.
  19. Hi everyone i am a 19/m and have been reading the forums and so far very comforted and relieved by most peoples overall feelings on accutane. My acne history is very short actually... i had perfect skin all throughout highschool and my first year of college, absolutely no problems accept alittle bumpiness here and there and the very occasional small zit (isolated). About the end of September 2007 i got a small little breakout on the right side of my face and didnt think much of it. About 3 weeks later it had been getting noticeably worse and i opted to go see the family derm. Going in with tons of optimism i had felt since i had never had problems with skin in the past, this would all blow over in a week or so..... wrong. I was prescribed Doxycycline w/ topicals for first 6-8 weeks and then Solodyn for next 6-8 weeks.... it is now Feb 1 2008 and what went from being a tiny issue has now plagued my life... this acne didnt start bad, but has been so stubborn to every treatment, the only effects i am getting from the treatments are all the IB's. This great resistance has made me an ideal candidate for accutane.. i went in yesterday and pledged and will be picking up my prescription in a couple days and here i go... i was really upset because i dont like taking medicine for anything ( not even advil for headaches) and accutane is an extremely powerful one. I know what i am getting myself into, but i think i can suffer the 5 month treatment to clear me up. My father eveloped acne at the same time i did when he was in college, but it wasnt as resistant... he said he did some treatments and eventually grew out of it in a few years... my derm thinks that tane will knock it into remission untill i grow out of acne..... hopefully this is the case. Sorry for the long introduction... but i know reading others has helped me alot and i hope when this is all done i will help some of you... let me be your guinea pig! Oh yea and a little twist and catch 22 to all of this is that i have been clinically depressed for about 3 years and have opted out of ever taking SSRI's (anti depressants) due to the side effects that they can yield.. .one of which i read along time ago is acne.... hah... and on the other end, a side effect of accutane can be severe depression..... im caught in a limbo here... but judging life before and after aquiring this disease... acne is more depressing than depression itself... i will be continuing therapy throughout my accutane course... so i believe everything will be ok... it has to be. If you have any questions or are just bored... im sure your on acne.org for some reason to get help or another... introduce yourself... lets all have fun with accutaneeeeeeeeeee ... gulp. i will put up pics asap
  20. AlexGF

    help here

    ok I don't mind eating meat and veggies 2 times a day, at lunch and dinner, buuuut what should I eat in my breakfast?? it drives me nuts bcause I don't know what to eat in my breakfast! I had an egg and broccoli with red peppers ( ) I miss my cereal =( my diet is low carb, bcuase I also started to take this kit that's supposed to kill parasites and candida. so I have to avoid sugary stuff also I have another problem... I go to the washroom once a day, but since thursday I just went once!! I mean 3 days! I need fiber.. I just ate an apple.. which has sugar.. which I'm not supposed to eat while in this detox process.. oh well I hope the fiber in the apple makes me go.. what else can make me go to the washroom frequently, low carb, no sugar? maybe I should eat oats? but those are quite high in carbs.. hmmm any advice gurus from the holistic club?
  21. Hi all. I've suffered from facial acne ever since I was in third grade. Yes, third grade. I started to develop body acne in 6th grade at age 10. Now I am 15, my acne is much worse than before and I want to know... based on the condition of my skin, do you think I could be a possible candidate for accutane? I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this. BP did absolutely nothing. Numerous over the counter products dont work. I'm using something now that supposedly is "better than Proactive" and it doesn't work much. I mean, it works better than everything else I've tried but it's still not satisfactory. I used differin for a while but that stopped working after a few months. I just want to start ridding of my acne, and from what I've read, Accutane is almost a sure-fire way to do it. I've battling acne with product for 4 years now to no avail. So I am going to post some pictures of my acne, and I just want you to tell me if you think Accutane could help me, or if my skin is even 'bad enough' to qualify for Accutane. I don't like topicals, especially for my back because its virtually impossible to apply on my whole back every day, ya know? http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e161/quietriot633/ All responses would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I was just wondering if acne can be the only symptom of candida overgrowth. I have been reading sites about candida and most list quite a few other symptoms like fatigue, digestion problems, depression, etc. I was on antibiotics three times with minocycline, but i dont have any of those other symptoms, just acne. Also since sugar feeds the candida, if i eat a high amount of sugar and i do have a candida overgrowth, should i experience a breakout fairly quick? Thanks.
  23. MischaLatte


    So let me explain what's going on first. I've taken Accutane once for a 4 1/2 month term and it worked like a charm. My skin was clear and free of any blemishes (aside from very minor scarring) for 1 1/2 years. In the last few months my acne has come back full force. It's been a few months since that 1 1/2 year run that my skin was clear. I'm trying the holistic route because I really just don't want to go on Accutane again. Here's what I do: Vitamins: -ACV (2 tablespoons morning and evening) -Yeast Cleanse (With Capryl) (2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the evening) -Zinc (50mg) (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) -Turmeric (2 pills) (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) -Clearin (2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the evening) (This is a natural blend of a bunch of stuff I got from my local vitamin shop. All Natural) -Liver X (2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the evening) -Omega 3-6-9 (3 pills a day) (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) -Acidophilus (Right before bed) Diet: -I'm on a Vegan diet. Gluten, Dairy, Wheat Free diet. I eat mostly vegetables (raw) and some fruit. I eat brown rice, potatoes, and eat nuts in moderation. I'm also trying to avoid sugars due to thinking I might have candida. I've been on this diet for 3 weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my dilemma: It's not working! It's been about 3 weeks, longer for the ACV and Turmeric, and my skin seems to be staying the same, if not getting worse. -Now, granted, I smoked for a few years (quit in the last 3 months), ate loads of junk food up until a month and a half ago, and took loads of anti-biotics over the course of 10 years. I've also taken Accutane. How long does it take to Detox? Since I've treated my body in such a damaging way, is it normal that it's not getting ANY better. Is it possible that I'm still De-toxing, and if you have any suggestions as what to add/remove from my vitamin plan and/or diet plan, please feel free to let me know! Thank You, Guys! eusa_angel.gif
  24. I've been pretty much following an anti-candida diet to help clear up my acne and perioral dermititis. Tonight I had some spinach/artichoke dip with bread. I felt an itchy feeling on both my hands then noticed a little red blotchiness. Now a few hours later I have a total of 7 new and not so small pimples!!!! I also have a little blotchiness on my face. How could this be??? I'm going to be staying at a friends for a week. I can't possible expect them to eat the way I do. If I react to one meal like this, what will a week do?? Any ideas?? Has anyone else been this sensitive??? AAAHHHH!!!!
  25. Wantonwonderer

    Re:pair and Topicals?

    I am seriously considering Fraxel Re:pair if I am a good candidate after my consultation (at the Gateway Laser Center in Salt Lake City UT). I was wondering if any Re:pair vets (or others) know if we are supposed to avoid topicals for a certain period before the procedure. I use Differin Gel and Benzoyl Peroxide. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.