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Found 1,436 results

  1. I've been on most of them; RETINOLS! Retin-A Micro, Renova, Differin .1% AND Differin .3%. None of them seem to work on my moderate postule nodule acne. So, today, I saw my dermatologist for the ump-teenth time and she prescribed Ziana which is tretinoin (a retinoid) & clindamycin in one...so it's got the retinoid and antibiotic in one cream! Hmmm...hope this one works! I have had acne for 15 years...WTF? I asked my doctor today to put me on accutane, and she said I wasn't a candidate...whatever...please. Just so happened that my face cleared up a little and that's all she's seeing. She should have seen me 4 weeks ago when I had bumps galore!!! Anybody on Ziana?
  2. OneLoveLetsGetTogether

    The Home Candida test

    Well I'm sick of following a blind diet. Fuck this. I looked online and I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to just go 'ok Im gonna eat healthy' when you're not even sure if it'll work. So tomorrow I'm conducting a candida test. A Simple Test You Can Do at Home First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, get a clear glass and fill with water. Work up a bit of saliva, then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water after a moment or within 2-3 minutes, then within every 15 minutes. If you have a candida yeast infection, you will see strings, like cloudy legs, traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or "cloudy" saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water. If there are no strings, the water is as clear as it was before you spit in the glass and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you are probably candida yeast free. The more strings and cloudiness there is and the faster it develops, the greater the overgrowth. For more go to http://www.road-to-health.com/am/publish/article_150.shtml I wondre how many people will read this post? Considering the low number who read my others...lol
  3. So I was on accutane exactly 4 hours ago when I was a senior in high school. Now i recently graduated college, and I'm thinking of going back on it. By looking at me face right now, you would probably not think I would be a candidate for accutane, as my skin has definitely improved since high school. A matter of fact, if I were to snap a picture of myself, you probably wouldn't find one blemish on my skin from a "photography level" . It does look remarkably better... However, my problems seem to reside on the "micro" or "up close and personal level." For one, I seem to be experiencing very oily skin again. If I were to take a shower at say 7AM, my face would feel oily by 9:30-10AM. To be honest with you it makes me feel disgusting and I have trouble getting close to people for obvious reasons ... In addition, if you look closely at my skin, it definitely does not look pure. My nose is full of blackheads and I've tried numerous topical shower washes to help the problem. Nada. Last time I spoke with my dermatologist (6 months ago) my skin was looking worse than it is now, and he thought I should go back on it. I'm sure once i describe my current symptoms and show myself, he may think the same. This time around, I'm a little bit more concerned about the side effects as I am older and wiser.... I'm thinking that a lose dose i.e. 20 mg will do the trick, but I don't know, is it worth it?
  4. I'm probably right or wrong - but help me out - explain to me your knowledge. After heaps of research, I found out that acne is caused by brain-gut dysfunction and digestive disorders - this is due to problems in our western society with modern lifestyle. In my oppinion, cleansing and detoxifying is the best solution? I would like to see if my theory is correct. I found this out because water (HEAPS of water) fasting for 5 days completely cured acne for me. In brief description: the large and small intestines affect your liver, which then affects your stomach and pancreas - which then uses the skin to help the body overcome all of its problems. Cleanse and detox your body from the inside; make your intestines and liver clean and your skin will follow the same path. The skin is the largest organ in your body - capable of also removing/handling waste - it helps all the other organs to fix your body. In order for your skin to be healthy and function properly, it relies on the other essential organs. Hormones are only triggers to acne - not causes. This is what I believe based on research and personall experiences. Perhaps others may have different views - but as I said, please express yourself. I have heaps of questions to ask - sorry if some of them may be embarassing. Please answer them in detail. You might think that some of the questions are an exageration and you may find some almost funny/joke - but I know that acne can be shared with many other symptoms - so it's important to answer these questions seriously - please be honest and accurate. --------------------------------------- How old are you? How long have you had acne for? What degree of acne do you have? What types of acne do you have: white-heads, black-heads, trapped oil-spots, pustules cysts, boils.....? Where are these types of acne positioned on your face/body? Describe where, when and for how long they were present? EXAMPLE: most sufferers have acne on their forhead from eating too much sugar. Some have acne on their chin for the first 1-2 years, and later have they then start having acne on their cheeks. Briefly describe what you think acne is caused/triggered by. Briefly list what methods worked best for you. If tommorow your acne completely disappeared and your skin was clear, what would you do? (This question may sound useless - but it will tell me exactly what you are missing out on in your life) How does/has acne affected your life? Has it made you mentally "blue" (antisocial/angry/depressed)? Do others insult/bully you about your acne? If yes, how do you feel? Do you dislike talking about acne towards certain people? Who do you feel comfortable with talking about acne? Does your life revolve around acne? Are you on a diet? What foods/supplements do you eat - describe if they affect your acne, and how long after eating these foods does your acne increase/decrease? Do you use facial cleansers? Do you scrub? How often a day do you think about your acne/body image? Do you try to hide your acne? Do you dislike contact with opposite sex? Do you miss out on social opportunities? Why, how many times and how long per day do you stare at your face? What do you think/feel while examining your acne? Do you pick at your sores, or you never touch them? Do you have scars and/or open pores? If so, how bad are they, how do you feel about them? Does your skin heal quickly? Do your blemishes fade away quickly? Are your sores/blemishes more visible in bright light, or on photos? Do you smoke or drink alcohol? Do you drink plenty of water? How much? Do you live in cold/dry or hot/humid enviroment? Have you ever tried water fasting? If so, for how many days and did it reduce your acne. What foods did you eat before the fast? During the fasting, did you experience unusual symptoms? Have you ever tried fasting with colon cleansing or hydrotherapy, and have tried full-body detox? If so, how many times did you do this and for how long? Did your acne reduce/increase? Please describe in detail. Are you gluten intolerent or have celiac disease? Do products containing gluten increase your acne? Does dairy (lactose, whey), sea-food, night-shades or soy affect your acne? Do you exercise? are you overweight/underweight? Have you tried body/facial accupuncture? Have you tried iridology? Have you tried colonoscopy? Does your acne reduce with lots of quality sleep? Have you ever tried accutane, antibiotics (mino/tetra/doxy), isotretinoin gel? Hormonal drugs (girls only)? Physical symptoms/conditions: * Symptom/condition needs medical testing for proof. Leaky-gut syndrome*IrritabilityLack of energyUnexplained fatigueFood sensitivities/allergiesConstipation (does this happen after/before eating)Irregular/unpredictable/uncomfortable bowel movements (does this happen after/before eating)Blood in stoolRectum pain (does this happen after/before eating)Stomach pain (burning/acidic sensation) (does this happen after/before eating)Stiff, tense, aching muscles and nervesWeak tendonsEasily lose weightVisible fine red veins in white of your eye (may be )Malnutrition*Blood sugar problems*Bad breathCandida overgrowth*Inflammatory bowel (IBS)Stinging/burning abdominal pain (upper left and/or lower right colon)Lack of appetiteOther skin problemsPlaque coating on toungeIntestinal parasitesDry/brittle nailsHypoglycemia*Headaches/migrainesInsomnia or you cannot fall asleep easilyHigh blood pressure*Eye problems (blurry vision/rashe/sores/dryness)Sinus problems Girls only: Yeast infectionsMenstrual cycle problems Mental symptoms Any mental disorders...Anxiety/stressMental dullnessLack of concentrationPoor memoryDepressionFeel lonely (even though you have may many others around your social circle)Swift mood changes (perhaps also Bipolar*)AntisocialAngerLow self esteem (low body image)Self guilt/pity Can you please provide me any other information about your overall health and acne? Share all your knowledge from acne. Thanks, your replies will be greatly appreciated.
  5. pana16

    What cured me?

    So i'm a 21 years old guy, half asian, thin, with bad skin family history and SUPER oily skin... but acne-free since a while ... Four month ago I start on accutane 10 mg (again.. for the 3th time ) and at the same time I began an anticandida/low-carb/free-sugar diet mainly because my blood sugar was high... After 2 month on accutane my skin was normal and clear but had to stop it because of my liver. I'm still on the diet and the effects of accutane has gone, so my skin is SUPER oily again but 100% clear since then (0 pimples, none, zero, not even a small one), but I'm afraid that it came back Could it be the short dosis of accutane that cured me for a while?, or could it be the diet? I wish that it's the diet because I can live with that, but my blood sugar is normal but a little bit high and some days I get food anxiety and eat a loooot of junk food, candys, and carbs and nothing happens... I'm happy and afraid at the same time thanks, and sorry because my bad english
  6. Hi there, so basically i'm trying to go on a low carbs, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, anti candida diet but sometimes I can't follows it strictly... Sometimes I eat high carbs meals I heard that high fiber diet lowers blood glucose by slowing metabolism of carbs, so I just want to know which kind of food/vegetable/fruit/etc (no pills/supplement please) has the fiber that I need and correspond with my "mega-diet"... And how should I take it? when should I take it? etc Any other tips about what to do when I cannot follow the diet as I suppose to? Thanks a lot
  7. I just read a little bit about candida. If candida has spread all through your body it will be in your blood. This puts additional stress on your liver which cleanses the blood. So therefore if liver flushing helps you initially, but does not cure you in the long run, maybe you have candida. The candida is continously stressing your liver and the flushes give only a short break. To the liver flush people what do you think?
  8. Good evening, I was wondering if anyone has had success after going off long term antiobiotics and maintaining their face with diet and/or supplements. I have been on topical and oral antibiotics for the last 4 or 5 years now and want off, as I feel it is causing Candida overgrowth, but I am scared that once all antibiotics are out of my system, It will be too much for diet or supplementation to handle. Anyone with a success or even quasi-positive story, please...
  9. well I have heard of stories where as soon as people introduce certain things again such as sugar, wheat or dairy...the body just shuns it as unreconisable and produces sever symptoms or worse symptomes before being intolerant...not sure if this is true But then I heard people who avoid foods for a certain ammount of time can re-introduce the foods and teh reactions or intolerances fade...this was taken from food allergies testing website. I plan on doing a candida diet which is quite strict...but also avoiding eggs which is a big offender in some people...
  10. I just came across this Q&A from a raw veg site...an obviously biased source of information. However, I'm wondering what exactly is being said here and if it has any merit. http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/messages/99922073.html
  11. Hello =) I'm doing a low carb/med-high prot diet right now against my Candida, and its working wonders. I've had some die-off effects but it has calmed down alot. I've been using some antifungals, and they seem to be working. But.. I keep stomping into vegetables that I should avoid, so I really want to know which vegetables are the worst, and which I should eat moderately. So far on my avoid list: Potatoes (never eat them anyways) Legumes Nuts (moldy) Carrots (too high carb when fighting candida) What I eat sparingly: Broccoli Aspargus Cauliflower (all due to Iodine) Tomatoes (Lectin) - Same goes with Eggs But am I missing some veggies that I should avoid getting too much of? Im not eating any fruit, and sometimes I find it hard to find any meat to eat. I eat fish once a week, otherwise im eating Chicken or Turkey. But those are also high on iodine, so what should I choose? I really need some help adjusting my diet =)
  12. It seems like low carb/ low sugar diets are becoming the prevailing champion against acne. What exactly is the science behind how this diet is working? Is it a matter of insulin resistance?.. or is the diet, which is basically anti-candida diet, effectively dampening the symptoms of a yeast overgrowth?...or are candida and insulin resistance somehow linked together? Anyone have any thoughts on this.
  13. eisley

    refined foods?

    I've just recently started cutting things out of my diet and have been following a sort of all natural/candida type diet basically all I eat are vegetables, fruit (but not too much), fish, and a few things like nuts, seeds, rice cakes, and almond butter I decided to try and cut most foods out for a month and then try adding a few things back in to see how my skin reacts. MY QUESTION: what are some examples of food with refined carbs, and what foods have the good carbs in them? Thanks! P.S. any good healthy recipe ideas?
  14. My symptoms: Cystic acne - 2-4 cysts per month - recurrent. Cysts vary in size but largest has been teh size of a quarter (about 4 cysts combined to form one giant one). That was when i was put on accutane. Problem is: I have rosacea and very dry skin! My doc put me on 60mg a day (twice a day). Everythign i read says this is just a crazy high dose and will make rosacea a lot worse. I dont really trust my doc but am very limited on who i can see because i am on medicaid and he is basically the only doc who takes medicaid in all of new york city! Question is: Does this sound like too high a dose for my symptoms (and also the fact that i have dry skin?) and does anyone here have rosacea and acne and had success with regular dose accutane? I feel that i should be a candidate for low dose accutane... (10mg or less every other day) but it seems that when i mentioned this to my doc he told me that he is already putting me on a very low dose - yeah 60mg a day! Is he serious? Ugh im very stressed out! Please help!
  15. After many days and maybe weeks of research, I decided that it was time for a colon cleanse/detox. I realised I have a candida overgrowth, I realised im always feeling sluggish and tired, and I realised my acne isn't really improving. Making it my new years resolution, I wanted to do something to really restore optimum health and clear out my acne. The colon cleanse i am on is completely herbal. And the best thing is, I dont have to make any compromises in my diet. I've chosen to steer towards a more healthy diet though to assist the cleanse. The detox consists of capsules and a powder that u mix up to make a drink. It lasts a bit over 14 days. Let me explain more. I bought the cleanse from a naturopathic clinic here in Australia for about $65 AUD. I asked whether it would be suitable for me, a 16 year old, and it ended up it was fine unless I was underweight. The fundamentals of the cleanse are, the capsules soak the muccoid plaque buildup in our colon walls, softening them for removal. The powder, in week 2, gradually strips off layer by layer, the muccoid plaque, taking with it heavy metals, parasites and other toxins. The first few days, is where you have to establish a balance with the capsules.. i.e. how many capsules is required to substantially soften your stools. After that is identified, you can start the 14 day cleanse. You take the capsules each night at bedtime for the whole 14 days. In week 2, day 7/8, you start taking the powder which is made up six times a day, at intervals. If you are interested in this cleanse... you can find it on australian ebay by searching 'colon cleanse' and it is the item by Naturalhealthmatters . Or, you can contact the clinic and get details from their website www.stressmatters.com.au I think that nearly all of us have 'dirty' or unhealthy colons that heavily contribute to our acne problem. Due to our modern-day lives, we are filling our systems with toxins and parasites, that build up over the years. Its time to cleanse, its time to get rid of your acne and feel 100%. I am just in the final phase of establishing the amount of capsules I need to be taking.
  16. Hey guys, I have a derm appointment in a month's time and I want to go in there and suggest Accutane. I dont have severe acne, but I do have persistant mild to moderate acne with the whole garden variety of pimples (blackheads, whiteheads, pustles, papules, and the occasional nodule or cyst). I'm 24 years old and have had acne since I was 14. It was very very mild until about 19 when I started developing papules as well as all the usual crap. Now at 24 it is worse than ever. It's affecting my life to the point where I've missed work because of it. In fact, 90% of my sick days this year have been because I woke up with a giant zit on my face and couldnt face people at work. Are there any suggestions that you guys that are already on it can give me so that I can go in to the derm office and get the results I want? I believe I have tried everything out there and Accutane is my last resort. I've been on every topical imaginable (Differin, AHA's, other retinods, BP, SA, tea tree oil etc etc) and antibiotics (Doxcycline (150mg a day for the past 2 months, Diane 35 for almost 3 months). My mum who is 50, still gets cysts and my grandfather who is 86 still gets them too. I think I'm a good candidate but i'm just concerned that the derm is going to look at my face and see that it is not severe and try to get me to try other alternatives (which I dont want at all).
  17. bɭesstheʄẚɭɭ

    Can the type of acne somewhat signify the cause?

    When I ate junk food freshman year and got a face-ful of zits, the pimples were red (without picking) and weren't round - more polygon roundish. Anways, after the derm and all by sophmore year it was semi that and typical pimples. After I cut out dairy milk (but still eat cheese) and eat 1000* healthier, it seems my pimples aren't really enflamed at all.. They're just bumps of oil and junk under it, of course with a nose full o' blackheads. When I pop em is when they look enflammed, ugh. But it seems 95% of the bumps I have left are these soft small bumps of the oil. Arg! What could the cause be? Heh, this forum should make a "book" with how-to's to narrow down the cause: Candida: the saliva test first thing in the morning w/ a cup of water Insulin related matters: eat normal - observe acne; eat w/ fiber - observe acne
  18. gt_stang_2006

    Fraxel and the sun

    I heard you are supposed to avoid direct sun exposure for 3 months after treatment!! Who the hell is gonna do that!! Become a pale hermit after fraxel laser. I am gonna be at the lake almost every weekend this summer. Guess I am no Fraxel candidate.
  19. Hi all - I've been battling acne for maybe a decade now (I'm 22) and have been lurking here for years. I was keeping my acne under control with hormonal birth control, but stopped 3 months ago due to the havoc it was wreaking on my body. My acne has returned since going off the pill. It's somewhat mild and non-inflamed for most of the month, and flares up around my period (cystic). I've experimented with supplementation and dietary changes, but I've always made too many changes at once. I was vegan for years, and have recently begun to incorporate eggs back into my diet. I don't consume dairy, so this can be checked off the list. As for fish and fish oil, I'm not ready to go there yet... I'm looking to kick things into high gear with some dietary changes. I'd like to do this meticulously, eliminating foods one at a time and leaving enough time to test the outcome. Wheat makes me short of breath and sleepy, so I figure this is a good place to start. But then there's sugar...and low gi...and anti-inflammatory...and anti-candida. I'm willing to be a guinea pig. From those of you who have achieved clarity through dietary changes, where is the BEST place to start and how long should I test drive each dietary change. Thanks.
  20. Hi guys, I want to start an anti-candida regime. My problem is that I have a hard time swallowing big pills but I would like to be able to take vitamins. I found this powder multi through google and wanted to know if you guys thought it would be ok for me to take it on the candida regime? the list of vitamin and mineral is attached (I took a screenie cause it doesn't let me post links) Their site says: "alternaVitesâ„¢ has 0 grams of sugar, and is made with ingredients that are not derived from animals. alternaVitesâ„¢ does not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. alternaVitesâ„¢ has been carefully formulated with ingredients that do not contain the major food allergens (egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish); however, we encourage users with food allergies or sensitivities to consult a healthcare professional before use." Other Ingredients: Mannitol, Xylitol, Mono-and Diglycerides, Natural Flavors, Crospovidone, Contains 2% or less of Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, Stearic Acid. ^no idea what that stuff is...and i wonder what 'natural flavors' means... It looks good but i'm not sure if i should get it...any inputs would be much appreciated!
  21. Bertstare

    Laser treatment for me?

    I'm thinking about getting something done for my scars, am I a candidate? See attached photos!
  22. So I got my appointment for the 24th. This is my first time I go to a dermatologist. I am a guy, 20, been having acne for a while. I had it only on my face for alot of years, then got it on my back and chest. Back and chest is gone, I don't get anymore there, I just have couple of scars. My face been cleaning a lot. I used proactive when I was like 15-16, worked, forgot to get new bottles and broke out sooo bad!, so stopped using it, got Clinique's acne line, worked fine too, when I went to get new kit they where sold out of the moisturizer so I decided to get Kiehl's, a Clarisonic, DDF sulfer mask, and some other masks they recommended me too. My face probably never been better, but I want to make sure it will not come back. Another thing, when I started using kiehl's and all that stuff I stopped eating any type of oil, avocados, peanut butter, no vegetable oil at all, no chocolates, so I think that helped too. Pretty much I am going to make sure I can remove scars, and make sure it won't come back. If I eat a chocolate, next morning I have a big one on my face, so it's still there. I actually don't mind spending money on it, as long as it's not over 2-3k (my insurance does not cover dermatology visit or meds). Also, if anyone has been to a dermatologist, what's the average $$ on a consult, and the prescription or whatever they give you. I just want to make sure I know some stuff before I go in there, so if you guys can tell me what he/she will give me and if I should take or not, or atleast ask the doc for something different. One thing I probably will not take, it's Accutane, I have seen pictures of people using it and side effects, I will not get that drug ever, I am probably not even candidate for it. Thanks a lot (any1 who answers )
  23. Well Ive finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a food intolerance test (ELISA). Even though Im quite skeptical of the reliability of the test I hope that it might help me out and make things a little easier for me. Anyways, this particular company is also offering a free lab test of my choice, and I figure the Candida test is probably most relevant to my skin troubles. Ive never read much into candida and Ive never looked at it as a massive factor in acne (although I could be wrong of course), but a lot of people on this forum feel it is a factor. Has anyone had any laboratory testing for Candida here? And does anyone know how reliable or scientifically valid they are?? Here is the sample report that I took from the website
  24. Just woke up with a cyst like bump on my temple 3 days ago. Since then I've tried using BP on it and even doc prescribed hydroquinone cream. I've found that the bump remains the same size and more red and noticeable with the application of these products. Should I continue with them and eventually the cyst will die down? I've never had a cortisone injection and think that may be a candidate.
  25. I was on antibiotics for acne for a while and I can remember that when I stopped using them the first time, my acne got so much worse than it ever was. I am in pretty much the same situation again. I heard that antibiotics kill all bacteria, even "friendly" ones like acidophilus. Now, my theory of what happened with me and the antibiotics is that when I was on them, the candida albicans(yeast) were running wild because there were no acidophilus there to help control or kill them, but the antibiotics were killing the acne that may have come from the candida albicans, therefore I wasn't breaking out as much. But when I stopped taking the antibiotics, there wasn't anything to kill the acne besides the over-the-counter stuff that didn't work very well. And there were no acidophilus to kill the candida albicans, leading to worse acne than usual. This is just a theory but it makes sense. Can anyone confirm this for me, at least somewhat?