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Found 500 results

  1. I was considering posting daily pictures but I thought it would be more effective if I shared them weekly- that way if there's any form of improvement it'll probably be more noticeable. Besides, there's probably only so many shots of my flaky, red chin that a human can handle! I'm not going to photograph the acne on my forehead either because the pimples are small, closed comedones, which I can deal with in comparison to my hot mess of a jawline! Yesterday evening I came home to see that th
  2. IMPORTANT: I no longer recommend Betaine Hydrochloride supplements. While I do believe they help people and they helped me as well, I think they are a short-term solution. The long-term solution to low stomach acid is to improve your overall health. One of the best things you can do is ingest natural sources of calcium such as Raw Organic Dairy and Canned Fish with Bones. Also get good sleep and reduce your stress. These were the most important changes I made to improve my stomach acid productio
  3. I was planning to have laser resurfacing soon until I came to this site. I did not realize that so many people were having such bad side effects from laser. I could not imagine having this done to make my skin look better and having it scarred worse and getting orange peel surface and large pores and so on. I'm now undecided if this is the right thing for me to do. From reading the message board, if I recall correctly, Maya, Lola, Gus, and Tamara had significant improvement. It would be grea
  4. I've been cleansing my body over a period of a year. BTW I stopped taking all supplements a year ago as they made me very ill (vits/minerals.) Anyway,recently i was told to take trace minerals as I was low on potassium (due to colonics/ cleansing.) I was working my way up to taking 7 drops /3x day when my husband noticed that my red marks had really improved/almost gone. I'd had these marks for well over 8 months thanks to the initial breakout from retin A. Yesterday,I looked in the
  5. I have a few questions for people who have had this I saw the good dr yesterday and he is going to do subscision on 5 of my deeper pits in 2 weeks - VERY happy about this, he suggested next week, but I have a very public party the weekend of 26th so I didnt think it would be a good idea... Anyway - for the bruising I should use arnica? how much, how often etc? should I be applying anything onto the area after the proceedure? is there a lot of pain immediately after the anesthetic wears off?
  6. Hey All, Recently my skin has cleared big time, almost instantly when I changed my diet. OK, well, for about 8 months I was following the usual low-carb diet for my acne and because I thought I may have developed candida. It seemed like every day My ace got a little worse and different, I would be fatigued and ghostly, have no energy and weaker - I would have memory loss and just feel very flighty. Thinking with these symptoms that it was just candida I accepted it and just delt. At its best
  7. I haven't updated with pictures in a while, so I wanted to document my progress on this log to motivate me to stay on track with my diet. I am still following the candida diet as best as I can. 10 days ago, I got another high-frequency facial treatment, which really helped calm down redness and irritation. My period messed my face up a bit, but now I'm back on track. My only concern is that I had been spotting for a week (a few brown spots of blood) before my period - has anyone experienced this
  8. I had had butt acne for almost half my life. It started when i was 10 and now i am 19. During the first years it didnt bother me at all, but as I grew up it made me feel very embarassed and keeping me away from everything that included my butt being seen by anyone (from sex to even going to the beach). But over the last year I got really frustrated about it and decided to take some action. First I started using some products my pharmacist suggested for body acne (Castallia, they were French an
  9. I'm 28 and have been on acne meds for a very long time. I was on and off Accutane from age 18 to 22--two cycles of small doses. Since 2009 I have been either on aldactone (worst drug--regret taking it, because it helped with body acne but not hormonal) and antibiotics. I have gotten nasolabial fold pimples in the same places and so often that I have finally started developing scars for the first time. My skin is scaly, discolored, and covered with whiteheads for three weeks per month. It has
  10. In a previous post I mentioned how I cured my acne and eczema after eliminating my food allergies. Although this is true, and I did get rid of eczema that gave me red raccoon-like rings around my eyes, and acne that also strangely liked to hang out around my eyes, I still had acne. I also had a stubborn patch on the right side of my face that would flare up during my menstrual cycles. Well, I think taking the yeast and acne thesis somewhat seriously may finally eliminate my acne entirely.
  11. I'm testing something new and while too soon to say for certain, it does seem to help. Doing nothing.. specifically, avoiding soil based bacteria by cooking or thoroughly washing all vegetables, and also not taking probiotics. Here's my long journey... Nearly 40 y/o m, I've been able to clear my skin completely via diet changes stemming from IgE skin prick testing. (The IgG blood testing had tons of false results) All of the most common food allergens and about 10 others were +. So no diary
  12. Hey all, Can anyone tell me if they had success with a round of doxycycline hyclate? For instance, after they came off the round of doxycycline, has their acne been much milder or disappeared completely without it causing more problems? The reason I ask is because last march (2012) I broke out in some crazy pustular acne which started out from hives (allergic reaction to peanuts <--- which i never had before in my life). I went to a dermatologist in april 2012. The dermatologist looked a
  13. Hi, my name is PJ, I'm 24, and I've had severe acne and anxiety for the past 10 years, since I was 14. I've been documenting my healing journey on YouTube for the past 9 months. - http://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticHealthJ - I want to share my story with the acne.org community. If you're a person who feels like you've done everything to try and cure your acne, you've tried all the creams and topicals, you eat really healthy, you get sunshine, you exercise, you do all the things the health guru'
  14. I used to have perfect skin. I've posted a detailed story of my current battle with acne, in other forums, if you want to check it out. Basically, two months ago, while on Ziana, after I started taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, and two months after I stopped taking spirolactone, I started breaking out worse then ever. I can't figure out the cause. I HAVE NEVER broken out like this before. Tiny tiny tiny little white heads around my nose. And a rash across my forehead. The rash come
  15. So i love digging around the web for first hand success stories. Though these are not scientific studies, they are still very inspirational and some more educational than others. So here is one girl's success managing her candida. She is raw vegan. If you are not raw vegan, or do not support it, i can respect that. I am not raw vegan, although the majority of what i eat is raw, and i rarely eat meat. I do consume raw eggs as well. So you could call me a Fegan. Which is a faux vegan
  16. Hi guys, Recently I learned about b5 as an acne threatment and I decided to give it a go. I will give you a short background story. I am 19 years old male. Struggling with acne for 4 years now. 2 years ago I took doxycicline for around 6 months and it cleared me perfectly. 2 months again the worst thing happened and the pimples came back luckily not really wrost but still pretty bad. Since than not much has changed So here is my b5 question. I've been taking 5 grams for 3 days now. Starte
  17. Since I recently moved and there is this top doc plastic surgeon nearby I went in for a consult on anything and everything he does for acne scars. I have to say he is one the most honest doctors I've ever talked to. He told me right off the bat I probably won't be satisfied with any of his treatments and they are all very costly. We talked about subcision and how I've had two other doctors tell me I wasn't a great candidate for it, perhaps my scars aren't tethered much. Well he said ALL scarri
  18. Hello, Ive been on a candida diet for about 2 months now. Ive been wanting to use more supplements to aid me. I did cheat like 3 times, but im not going to stress over it. Ive heard that L-glutamine can help aid the stomach, and also builds muscle which is a definte plus, since i wanted to get more lean. Is it worth buying?
  19. Heya guys, I have about 10 icepick scars, along with some rolling ones on my cheek. The attached pic shows 2x 1-2mm icepicks along my cheekbone. Would these scars be suited for TCA cross? The scarring on my other cheek is actually visible without closer inspection, but it doesn't belong in this thread. thanks in advance.
  20. Is watermelon a good thing for killing candida? Also, I was wondering how leaky gut is caused by candida.
  21. I've recently stopped using Tetracycline, which worked really well, however you can't stay on it forever. Now every time I eat sugar or a lot of simple carbs I breakout really bad. Big cystic acne, clogged pores, etc. Do you think this is most likely the cause of Candida or just carb malabsorption/insulin sensitivity. I also wake up in the morning every now and then with a coating on my tongue. I've also been EXTREMELY fatigued/tired. I'm a 30 year old male, and I workout nearly everyday,
  22. Alright, so I said F*** you to the starving yourself to clear skin and "candida." I believe that if one gets ALL the vitamins and minerals they need than their body can overcome anything. Acne sufferers have been"starving" their bodies of the right and enough of the right nutrients for years, which is why we developed this ailment. So, we need to eat more and more of the healthy foods, until our skin is perfect, and we can handle a little excess. When we eat too much of the bad, we don't eat
  23. Hey folks. I haven't been on here in a long time - mostly because I have been clear for so long. To sum up my experiences I have been on Tazorac since July 2009. I had amazing success with Tazorac and was basically clear between August 2009 and February 2011 (with some seasonal breakouts). I would go months without a single breakout. Well, starting in February I started breaking out and it's non-stop. Everyday I wake up with more and more breakouts, and at 28, it's more difficult to recove
  24. Over the last three months, I have become the healthiest of my entire life! I have changed my diet completely by eating mostly vegetables, green and colorful. I reduced fruit somewhat to berries and apples. I only cook with olive, grape, and coconut oil. I'm entirely organic. I sleep in complete darkness and get 6-9 hours a night. Dairy has been out of my diet for about a year and gluten two months. I wash my face with manuka honey and moisturize with organic aloe vera. I hike, bike,walk,and tak
  25. Hi, any feedback on the following (to those who have tried it?) 1. Parasitic cleanse 2. Vitamin D 3. Seabuckthorn oil 4. Zinc + Chromium So, I've done much of my research, and it seems that these 3 "solutions" seem to have the most potential. I'm currently contemplating to just get ahead with Accutane, but I am fearful of the negative side effects, and have been down the holistic route previously. What I've tried previously: 1. Raw Food Diet (9 months NO cheating) - Lost so much weight... an