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Found 1,000 results

  1. lovelolita

    tired of horrible skin

    After months of research I think I have a pretty good grasp on the basics of nutrition and how it is related to acne. I've read these boards for a while now and I just want to thank all the members who put a considerable amount of time into researching and enlightening not just me, but many, many other people on the subject of acne AND nutrition. The problem is, although I've read tons of information, I'm having trouble knowing where to start, or what type of treatments are most effective for m
  2. Hi All, I have been reading all the information and accutane stories from all of you and that has helped me through by Accutane treatment. Today, as I take my last dose, I am really thankful that I decided to go with Accutane. I have had acne for a long long time now and nothing essentially has helped eliminate acne. I was tired of hearing that Acne can only be controlled and never cured and then very hesitantly started Accutane. One look at the breakouts on my face, back and neck and my doct
  3. Guess My Problem

    Am I getting closer?

    I am currently taking 2000mg psyllium husk, 5000mg garlic oil, 1000mg olive leaf, 50mg zinc, multi vitamin, and am currently doing a liver cleanse. I cut out all dairy (except eggs and goat cheese), sugar, yeast, and foods with nasty additives, and alcohol. I only eat fruits, veggies, fish, meat (no lunch meat or processed junk), and nuts. I have been eating healthy like this on and off for a few years now but for the last year I have been very very strict about my diet. I still have acne. I
  4. AlexGF

    help here

    ok I don't mind eating meat and veggies 2 times a day, at lunch and dinner, buuuut what should I eat in my breakfast?? it drives me nuts bcause I don't know what to eat in my breakfast! I had an egg and broccoli with red peppers ( ) I miss my cereal =( my diet is low carb, bcuase I also started to take this kit that's supposed to kill parasites and candida. so I have to avoid sugary stuff also I have another problem... I go to the washroom once a day, but since thursday I just went once!! I
  5. How can there be so many different causes for acne? Do other diseases have so many causes also? 1. cooked protein causes water retention 2. carbs cause candida 3. fats cause more sebum to form 4. dairy has too much iodine etc. etc. The only proof I have seen is for iodine. I have other symptoms that point to candida as possibly being responsible for my acne: when I eat a high-carb meal (even if fruit), my body itches all over, and my skin breaks out. As for other causes, I'd say that any fo
  6. @narchy

    New Regimen

    August 28, 2006 So, after going on the csr regimen for about two months, i've seen noticable improvment to my face. Mainly, the smaller pimples and many less breakouts. It's all and good with the csr to the face, but my biggest problem now seems like the chest and back. They've always been a big problem, going to the beach is tough, have to wear rash guards, never taking your shirt off, things like that are a hassle. I tried using 10% BP "body soap" but that stuff really gets everywhere, i mean
  7. I've been looking for a job for almost two months now with no success and my "acne paranoia" is starting to creep in and make me wonder. I've gotten about three interviews with different companys, but none have translated into job offers. For one position, I even made it to the second round of interviews, but still wasn't made an offer . Now I know my interview skills are strong because I actually participated in a couple of "practice" interviews with a career counselor before I graduated
  8. MISCELLANEOUS PEARLS -------------------- After 13 years and hundreds of patients I have the following anecdotal opinions 1. Women relapse about 30% of the time, the younger the more likely 2. I now use total dose seeking 125mg/kg as was published in BJD several years ago and don't worry about daily dose so much, its a good way to minimize side effects in those who suffer more. 3. Borderline candidates, that is pustular and microcystic relapse at a higher rate. 4. By continuing antibio
  9. SweetJade1980

    ATTN: Liver Flushers

    Hi, For awhile now I've been under the impression that some members can do so many liver flushes and most if not all of their food restrictions or ailments will disappear. I believe that this is true for Denise, SteveBrown or SteveLewis, and a few other names I can't recall. Thus, it appears that successful liver flushes do pack up and move on, but for those of you out there, I've got a few questions. Pre-Liver Flush 1. Signs, Symptoms, Health 2. Diet (restrictions?) Post Liver Flu
  10. I've heard some people say that after being on antibiotics for years they've had a "yeats overgrowth" (is this the same as candida?). How can you tell if this is the case? I was on minocycline for 3-4 years, and since I came of it last November (I got resistant) I've had the worst acne I've had for 10 years, even though I've now been put on oxytetracycline (5 weeks ago), so was wondering if a "yeast overgrowth" could be a factor? If it is (and like I said, I'm not sure how to tell), what can b
  11. I have numerous small, unnoticeable blackheads and a few small legions. I'm pretty much 'normal' now. Definitely not an accutane candidate anymore. Very mild. What should I use? I want to reduce future possible oil shine, and I heard retin-a micro can do that. Should I get a prescription + what's the price in general?
  12. I started getting acne sometime in high school. I don't remember exactly when but for some reason it didn't bother me that much in high school. Sure, I was apprehensive about it and didn't really have that much confidence due to the acne but I wasn't as affected by it as I became later on. Well, I started off using some OTC medicines, cleansers and the like but those didn't really help. In fact, they seemed to aggravate my acne. I tried the usual OTC stuff; Benzoyl Peroxide, Salycilic Acid and t
  13. I have about 7 cysts on my face... it's horrible I have never been to a derm... I'm trying to convince my mom to take me to see one. I'm on Minocin 50mg x2 a day for now. A doctor prescribed me this for one month and wants me to get a follow-up w/ a family doc or a derm. It's been a week now, and I keep getting new cysts... it's so frustrating... So the question is if i go see a derm... will he/she consider me as a candidate for Accutane?
  14. Hi, any feedback on the following (to those who have tried it?) 1. Parasitic cleanse 2. Vitamin D 3. Seabuckthorn oil 4. Zinc + Chromium So, I've done much of my research, and it seems that these 3 "solutions" seem to have the most potential. I'm currently contemplating to just get ahead with Accutane, but I am fearful of the negative side effects, and have been down the holistic route previously. What I've tried previously: 1. Raw Food Diet (9 months NO cheating) - Lost so much weight... an
  15. Anyone heard of the website dietdessertndogs.com ?? The woman has quite a few anti candida recipes that look good but she's offering to sell a cook books as well. It just seems a bit suspicious, but maybe im just paranoid, has anyone had any experience with this website? Thanks
  16. Hello everyone! I've been lurking for over a year and have learned so much from this board! I have been using a modified version of the regimen since October 27, 2010. I had a lot of tubes of the Proactiv BP lotion/treatment left over so I decided to use those before ordering Dan's treatment. I used Dan's BP for the first time last night and like the way it feels. The one issue I'm having is my current moisturizer routine is not working well. I've been using Cetaphil Cream (not the lotion) bec
  17. So I got my appointment for the 24th. This is my first time I go to a dermatologist. I am a guy, 20, been having acne for a while. I had it only on my face for alot of years, then got it on my back and chest. Back and chest is gone, I don't get anymore there, I just have couple of scars. My face been cleaning a lot. I used proactive when I was like 15-16, worked, forgot to get new bottles and broke out sooo bad!, so stopped using it, got Clinique's acne line, worked fine too, when I went to get
  18. Ok I want to start a thread because I believe it will help me not cheat through the diet like I have every other time. I know I can be a disciplined person and Im going to be this time. Starting tomorrow, Im going to go on a simple, semi-candida diet. Morning: Wake up, have two cups of filtered water. Bowl of 100% Rolled Oats Oatmeal w/ water. Drink another 2 cups of water. Multi-Enzyme probiotic supplement. Lunch: 100% Whey protein shake w/ water. Red Wild Salmon. Veggies. 1000mg Vitami
  19. After reading some stuff about how someone cleared there candida by doing liver flushes and pretty much wiped out of there symptons the thought got in my head of trying them again. Is there many who have found them helpful here? I know on sites like curezone etc they are all up for them but i would prefer an opinion from here. Thanks
  20. fakeplasticgirl


    OK guys, after spending about 3-4 months trying to figure this out myself, I'm officially sending out a cry of help! History: *21 yr old female. *Acne for about 8 years now. *Started off mild, then was medium/severe when I was 14-17, toned down a bit at 18 but WAS NEVER EVER completely clear. *Have been battling with VERY persistent mild/moderate acne. *Rarely get cysts, maybe 2/3 times a year. *Mostly pustules/whiteheads/blackheads etc. *NO SPECIFIC ONE AREA OF BREAKOUTS.. that is I get
  21. I've been off Accutane for around 11 months now. I was completely clear for the first 5 months, but started breaking out again after. My derm prescribed doxy, and that cleared it up within a week at first but I assume whatever bacteria is lurking in my skin is developing resistance. Six months later and I'm still taking 100mg daily and still developing acne. It's along my hairline, upper lip, nose, and now my jawline! They're mostly small whiteheads, blackheads, and small pimples with no head.
  22. So Ive had a Candida blood test done and havent got the results back yet. In the meanwhile Ive started taking lots and lots of garlic supplements as well as some fairly potent probiotics and coconut oil, and Ive had a couple of reactions to them, do you guys think that these could be Candida Die off symptoms? Ive been on them about a week or so now. Random Mild Headaches - I literally never get headaches but since I started taking probiotics and garlic supps Ive been getting mild hea
  23. Hello, This is my first post on here. I wanted to share what I have been doing because it has been particularly successful for me and I figured other people could benefit from hearing my story. I have tried lots of acne products, like Proactive, different Neutrogena products, and plenty of other less known brands; however none of them really worked for me. About one year ago I tried the acne.org regimen with little success at first, but now I have completely acne free skin with my new modi
  24. First of all, I have had severe acne for the past six months. A combination of cysts and whiteheads. About three months ago I was tested and diagnosed with a yeast allergy and candida overgrowth. My holistic doctor started me on grapefruit seed extract, probiotics, garlic, and oregano oil. I've also been advised to stop eating sugar, vinegar, alcohol, fruit other than berries, and yeast. I've been doing all of that ever since I first saw her. I do feel like it's cleared up about 60%, but it'
  25. So im fourteen so i dont no much about medical stuff. but recently after searching for anything that explains my severe acne i finally found what im sure is the reason. i did a candida test that has all the symptoms and you needed 180 to have a very high risk of having it. i got 420! acne has never been my main problem. i always have stomach pains, digestion problems, headaches, dizziness, complete tiredness (so bad i cant get up in the morning) im only a kid pretty much and i feel like everyday