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Found 18 results

  1. Breanna Marie

    Day 1

    I would like to start of by saying that my acne by no means is bad. It used to be pretty moderate, but I've been using the regimen for about three/four months now and it's been helping. I was originally just using it once a day, but recently I decided to slowly implement using it twice daily. Boy, does my skin burn. My skin is slightly pink, which is normal. I know I need to get used to using it twice daily. However, I'm surprised by how badly my eyelids burn seeing as the bp stays completley
  2. I have been using Dan's AHA+, Proactiv BP repairing treatment, Bye Bye Blemish (the pink sulfur sediment) and with Proactiv salycic acid to wash my face, and I put Sudocrem on the dark pigmentation at night for a while now. And things have improved a lot until today! The spots that I've been trying to fade got burnt! Everything turns ugly just when I decided to use a toner to clean my face. How stupid I was to put an alcohol over a semi-burnt scars. So then the result just made me cry. After
  3. I started the acne treatment 3 days ago and I don't know if my reaction to it is normal. I have read a lot on internet about symptoms to a BP allergy but everyone seems to say different things. I have been applying the BP on my forehead (where most of my acne is), my chin and cheeks (where I have less but still a little acne). My skin is mostly reacting badly on my cheeks and chin, but not my forehead. My skin is now red, crusty, bumpy, and dry. It burns when I moisturize and constantly itch
  4. Could anyone review what has been going on for me? I've been doing the regimen for almost 3 weeks. On the guide chart on the main regimen page it says in week 1 skin is red and itchy but by the end of week 2/3 it becomes less so. I do think that my spots are a little better, but not so noticeably. For example is was not uncommon for my skin to fluctuate between being fairly good and being horrendous - the change is no different to a fairly good influx. But what is noticeable, is that
  5. I was curious to whether or not my skin will get worse before it starts to heal if so about what week will i get an initial break out? My face already seems to be doing better cysts are drying up or coming to heads. Skin is getting really flaky and my face is red and sorta burns. If there is an initial break out how long will it last?
  6. Its been three days since I put an ACV(undiluted 80%acv10%water) with cotton in my left and right cheeks and left it for about 30-45 min. At first i thought its normal to feel the burn and sting, but after i removed the cotton it left a slight red/pink mark, then after that i researched internet what to do/ treatments of it and said that it was a first degree acid burn (i dunno u guys check the pics I'am not sure). I've read that since its an acid you should try to balance it using with baking
  7. So i've been in the regimen for exactly 13 weeks now. I dont know what to do with my face, its clear from acne but my face is extremely dry and rough. Everytime i put bp and the moisturizer from the regimen it turns red, itchy and it feels like its burning. Should I stop the regimen? Right now i'm only applying the regimen at night (just a pea size) and i just wash my face and put moisturizer in the AM. I tried using the aha and the jojobaoil but i guess its not working for me.. I use Olay spf
  8. Hello! So 2 weeks ago I decided to buy a 5% BP gel. I also changed my cleanser to Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser after using another one with SA for around 2 years. I decided to change because I thought the combination of BP and SA would irretate my skin too much. After the first day of applying the BP i barely felt anything. The next day i started to feel a bit of a burning senastion and the third day my face was incredible flaky, red and burning. So i stopped for a day to let my face cool d
  9. So, it's been about 3 months since I've attempted Tca cross on my face. The experience is something I completely regret and feel sick over. I let the wounds heal, and hoped for things to get better. Unfortunately, nothing is looking better. The markes first were a white color, then turned into scabs, then turned into lesions, and then sort of healed. They left behind a bright red pigment. As time has gone on that pigment has alomst seemed to become neon, and the marks have now become very depres
  10. Its been three days since I've put an ACV(80%acv10%water to somehow make it more natural) with cotton in my left and right cheeks and left it for about 30-45 min. At first i thought its normal to feel the burn and sting, but after i removed the cotton it left a slight red/pink mark, then after that i researched internet what to do/ treatments of it and said that it was a first degree acid burn (i dunno u guys check the pics I'am not sure). I've read that since its an acid you should try to bala
  11. Hi folks. I've been using the regimen for 6 weeks, and I have seen improvements for my skin and I'm really happy with it (although I'm still experiencing breakouts, but it's small and less noticeable) However, I don't know why but everytime I put BP on the morning, it burns a lot and it causes redness although it will calm down 10-20 mins later (the redness will subside in 30-60 mins). What's more, "sometimes" every morning I go shower, my face stings and feels itchy a bit when the water glide
  12. Hi All. please help. Ive got one more week of accutaine left and all of my spots were gone. My doctor told me us use Differin Cream for the next 4 months i think its a retanoid cream. anywauys ive been using it for a few weeks and my face is litrally covered in red sores. any ideas whats causing this or is it normal
  13. I don’t know if this is hyper pigmentation. I don’t think it is because these are bright red and hyper pigmentation spots are usually dark brown spots if I’m correct? There is one spot which is a chemical burn from tea tree oil. In this pic I have aquaphor on. Idk if this will help remove the red spots. Can someone please help me? What do I do. Also the spots all the way on the right are so old. It’s been years. I don’t how to remove it. I used Sunday Riley genes lactic acid and that gave me a c
  14. Any help is greatly appreciated. I recently went to my dermatologist and she prescribed Epiduo for my cystic acne on my chin. And I used to use Clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide (1.2%/5%) on my nose/forehead. I started the peroxide again last week and only used it twice before it started making my skin feel like a lizard and burn like FIRE when I moisturize. It’s been about 4-5 days ago and it’s still not calming down. I’m not sure if it’s due to putting moisturizer on after I put
  15. Hi everyone! Last Saturday I bought a Garnier Moisturizer for dry and oily face. When I tried it on that night my skin was normal. So I was very happy but then yesterday my face started getting very itchy so to remove the itchiness I tried washing my face and putting on my moisturizer but then my face suddenly started getting red and it feels like its burning. I tried it on my hand first but it was okay. I tried it on again this morning and my face started getting sooooooo red and it felt like b
  16. I started the acne.org regimen a month ago (cleanser, BP). I added the AHA after one week, every other day. I didn't have any negative reactions until 2 nights ago when I woke up and had red blotches all over my face that I believe are burns. I don't know why this happened, I guessing maybe I used more than I normally do, but my face looks worse than when I started the regimen. Any advice about how I should proceed with the regimen from this point? Thank you!
  17. My face is revolting at the moment with dozens and dozens of acne scars, blackheads, irritating bumps, and red swollen spots all over my cheeks, chin and forehead. I've tried a countless amount of creams, washes, masks, formulas, diets and lotions to try and stop it. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hey, I just purchased the moisturizer from Acne.org. As I opened the packaging I inspected the bottle and everything appeared to be normal. Although, when I pumped the moisturizer into my hand it came out like liquid. When I applied the product to my face it stung REALLY bad. Is this normal for the product? I was under the assumption it would be thick like many other reviewers had pointed out, and never before had I read about the newer formulation having a stong stinging sensation. If anybody c