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Found 103 results

  1. This is my final phase when I can not go any further. I decided to write how the fucking scars destroyed my whole life and I don't know how to fix it. I have a perfect boyfriend, he really loves me and I told him about my thoughts - he is my last shining star in this world but I can't bother him every day with this stuff. I do not know how to sum it up in the beginning, I've had my health under puberty. Diets, obesity, anorexia - all these impact me. Until then, I had the smoothest most delicate skin. I didn't have to wash my face for three days, going under the tents for a week without makeup - I had hardly ever used face-cream. Then came university and my acne rolled across my face. Three years of pain, crying, ugliness and hiding my face under my hair have affected me in mentally a lot. Now acne is gone, but the scars left. All day my face burning. I've had red deep scars on my cheeks that still hurts, some brown spots and few pimples. My day starts by waking up and start thinking when I to wondering if I have a new scar or if my old scars have are larger or more redness. After the courage to look into the mirror (without turning the light on), I will decide whether I will be strong enough to do my hobbies or work or text my friends or If I rather kill myself and turn off my social apps, phone, and wish that everyone will forget me. I was wondering how life would be beautiful if I could enjoy all nights with my boyfriend, taken him to some cities in Europe and stay there for a weekend without calculating when and what of the cream or makeup I need. Enjoy events with friends (most of them I've lost already) or don't be afraid of going to the bathroom where the mirrors are, take my family to the sea or some beautiful trips, play tennis, go skiing, go swimming. I have hard work in sense of thinking, and I instead of paying attention I'm thinking about my reflection with the wholes on my cheeks and rednesses on the computer, phone, spoons... I have tried laser, acid fills, needle sticking, advice from youtube channels, I've tried all expensive cosmetics that exist and promise a miracle, I have 4 dermatologists and everyone saying me something else. All this process ruined my skin totally. Especially the peroxide that have helped me with cystic acne but caused my skin thinner and super sensitive forever. New blood test-result indicate that I have very low estrogen and MAYBE that information could help doctors and my “burning face” will go away but scars not - I know I used to be so beautiful, sexy, so good, helped everyone, ...I have changed - I am mean, angry and wish that everyone with perfect skin will die - I am a monster. I am so exhausted by the whole day thinking about my skin and creating embarrassing excuses so I don't have to go out. I live only for my sibling and the parents and I want to secure them in the future. But where I find the power to still continue all next days. I know what a silly problem - everyone has problems, someone doesn't have the leg, someone doesn't have a family - I know, shame on me but don't blame me. I've just needed to figure out how to get used to it - probably. Is there anyone who was fighting with similar and has some advice on how to continue and stay like a winner? Thanks little fighter
  2. ★Why does the DAILY use of SmartPhones cause PAIN in the HANDS and other parts of the body?★ Many users who touch the screens of SmartPhones for long periods feel a BURNING or ITCHING sensation on the TIPS of their FINGERS. The regular use of SmartPhones for months and years can even cause deformities in the nails of their fingers. The daily or regular use of SmartPhones causes PAIN in the HANDS of users because the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of their SmartPhones CONTINUOUSLY TRAVEL through the NERVES of their fingers and ALL other PARTS of their BODIES till the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES finally reach the EARTH through their FEET!! The PAIN is caused by the excessive stimulation and exhaustion of the NERVES, which can produce weakness and tiredness in the whole body. The PAIN can SPREAD to the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck, head, chest, waist, legs, feet and other parts and organs of their bodies! There can be an attack of PARALYSIS in the fingers, hands, arms, etc, even without a stroke which is associated with the presence of blood clots in the brain! When the NERVES in and around the bones are affected, ARTHRITIS and other bone diseases can occur. ★ALL the Organs like HEART are Affected★ As the NERVES are present in the whole body, ELECTRICAL IMPULSES from SmartPhones adversely affect the health of various organs. The HEART too is affected by the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones travelling through its NERVES, which can cause arrhythmic beats, palpitations, heart failure, and even a cardiac arrest becomes possible without any blockage in any coronary artery! Constant ACHES & PAINS in the body can cause sleeplessness, headaches, depression, eye problems like blurred vision, etc. ★Other SYMPTOMS & DISEASES caused by SmartPhones★ ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also affect the lungs, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas, muscles, membranes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue, teeth, blood, blood vessels, lymph, lymph glands, etc, which can cause problems and diseases of these organs. ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also cause skin and hair problems, as there are NERVES in the skin and around hair roots. CANCER: Besides the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES, the RADIATION from the SmartPhones is known to cause many other problems like CANCER in the persons who use their SmartPhones for many hours daily. ★★★You should NOT use your mobile phone or tablet when its battery is being charged. Holding and using mobiles and tablets, during the time of RECHARGING their batteries, is much MORE HARMFUL for HEALTH. When we use them during RECHARGING, more ENERGY (electricity) passes through our bodies constantly, which can HARM the heart, brain, other organs and tissues. The BATTERY CHARGER should be SWITCHED OFF or disconnected when we use the mobiles and tablets. ★We must STOP the EXCESSIVE use of SmartPhones!★ Forward this message to your friends and relatives, as this information can save millions of SmartPhone users from PAIN and suffering.
  3. OnlyUpFromHere

    Stopping Epiduo?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has had experience in quitting the use of epiduo altogether and what you used instead? I have been using the regular version since Feb. and switched to the forte version two months ago. It has been really great at managing my acne, but my face has become really sensitive, super oily and tingles all the time, not just after applying. It is even worse as it is warm right now and I can not go out as the tingling increases. I am just tired of feeling my face all the time. Even if I tried to stop obsessing over my face and acne and running to the mirror every 5 mins, I could not, as the burning is a constant reminder of something being there. My next derm appointment is in a few weeks, but I am hoping to get some insights through this forum.
  4. Please help me, this is upsetting me to the point of tears. I have been recently perscribed Duac, and I am hating it. I cant use ANY sort of skincare product before applying Duac or my skin becomes extremely painful and burns. I've tried applying less product, using it less often, and various different skincare on my face ranging from completely natural stuff (even 100% raw virgin coconut oil burned me) I have oily skin and i literally feel like i CANNOT go without cleansing/toning/moisturizing. What do i do about all this? Do I continue to use Duac? Ask my doctor for something different? I dont even think the stuff is clearing my skin up all that much anyway. I know its not supposed to be instant, but it still makes me want to give up on using it and just find myself some better skincare or something. I think its also worth pointing out that I have Asbergers which means breaking or stopping a daily routine (in this case my skincare) can cause me a ton of stress, discomfort, and lack of ability to sleep at night. I always do the same stuff before going to bed, and if i don't do something that I usually would, I can't stop thinking about it and I literally can't sleep until I get up and do it. (This is why this is really bugging me).
  5. Hi, Iv had a spot on my chin since, nothing ever came out just a lump. It burns and hurts... Iv put ice on it, aloe Vera, savlon. But still won’t go. The doctors have given me Fusidic Acid cream.... I just want the redness to go down....
  6. maddymoocow


    I need help, I've been struggling with this breakout for probably 7+ months. It's taken its toll emotionally and I have no clue what to do with my skin. Anyways, here is my regime: morning - Sophytopro cleanser then moisturizer. I try to not use my prescriptions in the morning but sometimes I do. Evening - Sophytopro cleanser, clindamycin, tretinol ONLY ON FOREHEAD RECENTLY, Azelic acid, then Sophytopro moisturizer. More detail about Tretinol, I started using it exclusively on my forehead because it made my face so hot and red. I started using it on my cheeks again, only to find it made more acne and more redness without help after a MONTH OF USAGE. I am fully aware of the purge and the characteristics of tretinol. Anyways again, please look at the attached picture and tell me what I should do. My skin is a mess and I can't continue. Here are my questions: How to get rid of my redness/irritation? How to cure active acne? Hyperpigmentation/scars? thank you in advanced :')
  7. Hey guys, I’d really appreciate your help on this since I’ve tried everything I could. For the past 2 years I’ve been getting tons of little white heads pretty much all over my skin, but mainly around mouth and on the forehead. They are very small and pop very easily. My skin always burns during this time and is very sensitive. I get them for 2 weeks every month (in various cycles) and then they disappear and my skin goes back to a normal state. They don’t look bad on the pictures but without makeup (sorry, I’m not confident enough to share those pictures) my skin is super red and irritated. I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists about this but none of them helped. One of them suggested going on antibiotics but I am quite scared as people often say their acne came back even worse. My blood results are fine, I’ve been avoiding dairy but I don’t find that food affects it in any form. I would really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!
  8. I've had hormonal acne on my chin and around nose but never on my nose. Ive done 2 rounds of accutane ro get rid of that and have been clear since. Ive recently been getting breakouts in my nose only, little clusters at a time. Is this acne or could it be something else? I should add that it can get itchy and feels a bit burning sometimes
  9. Is this normal??? Please answer me.. After washing my face, I see my face which looks like a snake.... This morning, I even tried to peel it off.. and I managed to do so a lil bit.. but was a bit scared coz was worried to cause further problems... It is exactly like I am wearing a colourless mask on my face.. I can't talk easily nor smile.. Because it's so dry and covered with a layer of my dead skin which I can see and peel.. My skin is covered with something like a dead skin... Is it gonna be peeled off naturally???? I just can't help but peel it off myself...... How can I get rid of this visible mask!?!?!?!?!!! It really is a mask!!! am not kidding...... Help me pliz..
  10. Ok. So I'm a 22 year old female who has always struggled with acne and decided to go to a dermatologist. I always used over the counter products but they never worked. I have acne on my face, neck, back, chest and buttocks. A lot I know. He prescribed Epiduo once a day (by night on my affected areas), Minocycline once a day with food (which I take by night too), Oxy wash two times a day and to keep using my old Moisturizer L'oreal Ideal Moisture Sensitive Skin with SPF by day. So the first time was great. Didn't feel any pain or anything from the Epiduo. The second time, I felt a slight tingling near my nose but shrugged it off. But Right now, its the day after that second night of Epiduo. I washed with oxy and felt my face really dry, continued like always to use my moisturizer and it burned!! A LOT!! So, should I change the moisturizer? or use it two times a day, after putting epiduo? Or change my Oxy wash since it contains Salicylic Acid?
  11. I've been on The Regiming for almost 2 weeks now. I use Cerave Foaming Cleanser, Dan's BP, and Cerave PM moisturizer. My skin has cleared up very well and i only get maybe 1 pimple every few days now. The problem is the itching and drying. My skin got really dry and the skin has become rough, ever with moisturizer on. I read the glowing reviews about Jojoba oil and i went to the vitamin store and bought some. The first day i added 5 drops of jojoba oil to my moisturizer and mixed it and then applied it -- it stung!! My face felt like it was on fire and i had to sleep with a fan blowing on my face. What the heck? I thought it was supposed to calm and soothe your skin, not irritate it. Is this normal? Do i have to wait a while before the stinging goes away? I tried it again today and i only added 2 drops. It doesn't sting as much, but my skin still feels rough. Please don't tell me i blew $14 on something that will never work for me. The Regimin is expensive enough as it is.
  12. kitkat123345

    Week 6 Help!

    I'm on my 6th week of the regimen and my skin is still bright red and peeling and flaky. When will this go away? What can I do to help it?
  13. jacewayland1

    Face Red And Burning?

    I've been on the regimen for about 6 months now. My skin is still very dry so I moisturize a lot! But I've noticed that my face almost burns when I do the regimen. After I apply the BP and moisturizer, my skin looks really really red, almost like it's sunburned. It's horrible. My face isn't clear yet so I want to continue doing the regimen. Any advice? Should I use less BP or what?
  14. Namrata_GT

    Redness on neck

    Hi guys, I started using the Acne.org 11 days ago. For the first week I applied the treatment on my neck , where in I don't get acne on my neck. And now my neck is all red and black very irritated and it burns a lot. I stopped using the treatment on my neck , the burning has not yet gone. Please suggest me something.
  15. Omg_itskanesha

    Please help!

    The first 3 pictures are after me using proactiv for about 4 days, my skin was burning!!!!! It ended up burning and drying out my face so bad. My face was so hard and dry for days.... It also itched a lot. Now idk what to do, the 4th picture is about a week later of my skin! Any help? (The last is with makeup) which I hate wearing bc it irritates it
  16. Hello! I would like some advice, but first a little back story. Up until 3 months ago I've been a Proactiv user for nearly 10 years and it kept my skin looking great. I washed my face twice a day because if I don't my face gets full of blackheads, random pimples and just basically breaks out with mild acne. Anyway, I decided to try The Regimen because Proactiv hasn't been keeping my skin as clear as it used to be. Today is Day 5 of The Regimen and my skin looks really nice...there is no redness, blackheads are basically gone from my nose and chin, and my pimples have pretty much cleared up. However, after I apply the BP and wait 15 minutes to apply the moisturizer I feel a slight burning sensation that pretty much lasts all day until I go to sleep and wake up the next morning. It is quite an uncomfortable feeling. Because of this burning sensation I switched Dan's Moisturizer out to CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. Also, I have swelling under my left under eye area that hasn't gone away since Day 2 along with my eyes stinging and feeling sleepy. I am not using that much BP at all either. My question is...will this burning sensation go away soon and is this normal? Will the under eye swelling go down? I'm scared because I've honestly never used any other acne skincare besides Proactiv...and never had any kind of experience while on Proactiv like this. o__o If this sensation lasts forever I don't think I can do The Regimen anymore because I'm scared my skin might actually get burned. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your advice. (sorry for the long post)
  17. I have finally gotten my acne under control with Retin-A Micro, spironolactone, and Lo Loestrin birth control. Now my problem is that my skin is so sensitive that every moisturizer burns. I have used Cerave, cetaphil, Elta MD, and a few others. Any recommendations? The burning only lasts abut 30-60 seconds, but it's still unpleasant.
  18. Hello all, I was wondering if you could help "clear something up" for me. (Ha.) I have a little pinkish red spot on the lower right tip of my nose that burns like a scraped knee. It also looks slightly swollen around that area. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all but remains red. Sometimes it looks oily but just in that spot. It seems to be worse in the summer and especially at night when I feel it throb. I can see there are very tiny bumps and blood vessels in that little area. It hasn't spread or anything. It started 4 years ago, right after I accidentally peeled off a circle sized swatch of skin in that area. Before that I didn't have a single problem. It's also confined almost exactly to the area where the injury was. I just wanted to add I have an indented scar in that area which the rash makes look worse. Is it Rosacea? That would explain why it's worse in the summer, and the bumps and blood vessels. But why would it be just in that one spot and not have spread? Seb Derm? It's not flaky. Wouldn't it have spread over my face? Staph infection? I'm leaning toward that since it appeared right after a skin injury. But can that stick around for 4 years and go away sometimes? An allergy? But why just the lower right hand nose tip? Permanently damaged, pigmented skin from my injury that's now prone to heat rash? 2 Derms have looked at it. One said "I don't know" and gave me Epi Ceram which didn't do much, the other Derm said "I don't know but maybe Rosacea." She put me on Oracea and I got a really bad reaction, dizziness and tiredness so I stopped. I'm going to go another Derm soon but I thought you all might have some thoughts. I'd love to solve this mystery as the swelling makes some indented scars in the area look worse, also it hurts! It's throbbing as I write this.
  19. lizardanne

    Day 8: Ouch.

    Day 8 has proven so far to be quite the challenge. First, let me just say that the Regimen is still awesome. My skin is still progressing quite smoothly and at the proper pace However, my skin is definitely feeling the increased amount of BP, and it seems to be purging like no other. I don't really mean that it's breaking out. It just seems to be screaming, "EVERYTHING ON ME WILL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH." So, what's going on with my skin? Time to investigate: 1. I did have a minor breakout last night, the cause of which I'm still trying to figure out. I have a very red papule on the side of my nose and a growing pimple on the side of my face. And woah, they're smaller than usual, but SO RED. I used some ice to try to calm them down, which helped the swelling but not the redness. 2. The area around my mouth is really flaky. This weirds me out, since that's not a problem area for me, and I generally tend to avoid spreading much BP there because it's very sensitive. 3. Every small problem area on my face appears to be burning in the ninth circle of hell. It's just red. So red. And my whiteheads are still diminishing, but that's because they're melting in the flames. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. My skin isn't inflamed, but just very red and dry, and the breakout last night kind of bummed me out. Still, I think this is a normal part of the Regimen, especially after increasing the BP. I also have to keep reminding myself that I just started, and my skin needs extra time to get used to things. If further irritation continues, I'll use a bit less BP. We'll see. On the bright side, the jojoba oil is still on its way, which will help out my skin a ton and maybe my tattoo. Cause that's also suffering.
  20. Hi all, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot (new user here) and I just wanted to ask anyone who has used the Regimen, should my skin be burning from the benzoyl peroxide? I've been using it for 2 weeks (this is my second I think) and I've just upped the dosage of BP and now my skin is starting to burn and feel tight, as if I've been badly sunburnt. Thing is, I've used BP before (years ago) and it was 5% and nothing like this happened. So is this just normal? It just burns. Even after hours of being applied. Cheers
  21. iagurcia

    Painful Reddening

    I've been on the regimen for 8 days now. I saw some quick results the first couple of days. However just as I increased the BP dosage to twice a day to start off week #2, I started feeling severe burning in the sensitive parts of my face (about an inch under my eyes right by both sides of my nose). This pain lasts for about 2 to 3 hours after my evening routine and isn't nearly as severe as when I apply BP in the morning. What's the reason for this? Has this happened to anyone else? I don't mind the redness or tan look, I hardly mind the itchiness or dryness. All I'm really worried about is the pain. I don't know if this is normal.
  22. Hello! I saw a youtube video raving about acne.org and decided to give it a try! I started 3 days ago and have some questions. Background: Im 19 years old and have had moderate to light acne since I was in 7th grade. Its mild compared to some, but bothersome to say the least. I break out the worst a week or a few days before my TOM and sometimes experience breakouts for 2 weeks after, then have a few days of clear skin, and the cycle repeats itself. I have lost 23 pounds in the last 3 months and eat a pretty balanced diet. It didn't change much of anything. Im so excited about this change in my body! But my acne holds me back from being fully confident in myself. Products I use: Purpose Cleanser Neautragena ON the spot acne medication Olay sensitive skin moisturizer Questions: 1.) I dislike the way my makeup looks over the BP. I use mineral makeup and it doesn't seem to blend in very well anymore, but rather sits on the surface. Is there anything I can do about this? Or will my skin learn to soak in the product over time? 2.) This goes with the first question, Will the regiment be just as effective using the BP at night only and use a larger amount since I don't like the way my makeup blends? 3.) When should you start using more BP? My face burns very badly after applying moisturizer so I know I am using to much for a beginner, but Im not sure when to bring up the dosage 4.) My acne seems to be hormonal. Would Accutane be a good option for me? My experience so far: It has cleared up my acne thats for sure! But the redness and tightness to my face looks awful. I know its to be expected since I have been using to much BP. I still have scaring from the old acne, but nothing that can't be covered with makeup. Luckily any acne scars fade completely from 1 to 3 weeks just depending on the severity of the pimple. Note:** The picture I attached I was wearing makeup with as well. I cannot find a single picture that displays my acne as for what it truly is as I would never take any when I was breaking out, unless I was forced like this one, but of course I still attempted to hide it. Thank you so much for taking time to read or reply. Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated! <3
  23. lizardanne

    Day 16: And We're Back

    Well, I freaked out yesterday, but it looks like my skin is back to progressing. Most of the areas that were popped yesterday are either now red marks or smaller whiteheads, which I'm fine with. It could've been worse! Of course, my skin is also back to its insanely dry, red, and burning routine. Applying the BP is never bad, but for some reason when I put on the 2 pumps of moisturizer (and 5-6 drops of jojoba now ) my skin starts freaking out and stinging like mad. It definitely needs the full 2 pumps, though. I just slather it on and let it absorb. I also always wait 15-20 minutes for the BP to dry beforehand, even if it feels dry sooner, so I guess I'm okay on that part. The moisturizer might be irritating regardless, especially during the first few weeks. The BP is just making my skin hate everything. I've been skipping out on the Philosophy SPF, mostly because I'm not in the sun that often, and it's another irritant to my skin. Even if it's not comedogenic, it burns pretty badly with the moisturizer. I only want to use it if I know I'm going to be exposed to the sun for more than 15-20 minutes. I have olive skin, so I'm not too concerned about it. I'm also going to switch the makeup I use for shows. The BB tinted moisturizer was a good idea, but I was reminded yesterday on the Regimen forum that mineral makeup is really the best way to go for acne-prone/sensitive skin. At first I was reluctant, because Bare Minerals was one of the causes of my acne, but Tarte cosmetics just came out with a new powder foundation that has nothing comedogenic in it! Wow. It's the first makeup I've seen without any comedogenic or irritating ingredients. I can't wait to try it this weekend. P.S. Is my face ever going to stop burning?
  24. Hi, I have been using the kit for around 3 days now (and I'm loving it so far!) and I'm using the BP as recommended but I'm finding that my skin isn't over drying or becoming itchy etc so I'm wondering if it would be safe to/ recommended to increase the dosage/ frequency that I'm applying it to my skin? Thank you, Erika
  25. michaelbrandon96

    Retin-A Micro Update

    Hey guys, so first of all i would like to address the fact of me not smiling in this photo, which for many of you dont know is a rare occurrence. i LOVE to smile but right now my face is so sore that this is the biggest smile i can manage lol. So i just finished washing my face and im waiting for it to dry so i can put my RAM on. but my face (mainly around my mouth), is burning really bad! im not sure why. For the past few days, everytime i wash my face and it comes time to put on my clyndamycin phosphate (dalacin) my face is burning so much! and i noticed that now when i wash my face i can see dead skin floating in the water and dead skin left over in my sink. and im not too sure why, im so gentle while washing my face so first off im not to sure why all this skin is coming off, and secondly why does my face burn so much. ATM if i look in the mirror i would see blood red marks where my skin usually flakes. has anyone had this problem, and if so what did they do? and also, how long does this last/ will my skin adjust to this? other than that i seem to have went through another breakout phase again. my skin has calmed down and all of the breakouts are more or less gone but i didnt know/think that there can be more than one break out phase? has anyone went through this either? my skin however is doing good as the acne marks are fading ever so slowly but i cant complain it is day 51 i think and im finally 16 although i didnt reach my goal of acne free skin by my birthday im not dis encouraged at all. you really cant put a due date on acne. treatments only do half the work, you need to do your half of the share also. please comment and ask questions thanks guys <3 the messages im getting in my inbox are really encouraging and i thank all of you guys for your kind words! <3