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Found 54 results

  1. Hi my name is Arizona, i’m 17. I’ve had these very tiny (thousands it seems) of bumps on my forehead, around my nose, nose, chin, nose bridge, etc. I’ve tried everything. It looks so horrible, i don’t even take selfies anymore or any pictures close up to my face because it looks bad. it has really lowered my self esteem. I don’t have acne and i don’t get acne: it’s not acne, it’s just bumps. It’s not red white black or any specific color, they don’t hurt, i don’t pick at them, they’re just there
  2. Y'all I've suffered with these on my cheeks for the past 3 years now I've tried eating clean, cutting dairy, no makeup, acne.org, water and too much more to type I don't think this is hormonal because they appeared after I used a hydroquinone/trentonin mix prescribed by my dermatologist(completely ruined my skin btw) Now I have these bumps and idk how to get rid of them or what they are I sometimes get the sebum filled comedones that I can extract but most are too flat to pop they just ma
  3. Hi there - I have an annoying problem that I'm hoping I can get some input on. After years and years on cycles of antibiotics and hormonal birth control, I am now on a topical-only regimen for my skin. It's taken some patience but the results have been very good. In January, I got a few larger jawline pimples that all went away. However, two of them seem to kind of still be there. They are like two large, hard lumps under the skin. They have no visible head and don't feel like there's anything i
  4. There is a bump on my forehead . It has been 3 months since it has developed . I need help for this , whenever i go out everyone look at me and i fell irritated .
  5. Hello, I just wanted to ask if anyone have any cures for my scars, I feel very ugly with these on my chest, i don't dare to wear anything that reveals my chest. Any tips? They are bumped
  6. I do not know what this large bump on my nose is but can someone tell me how to get rid of it? Thank you.
  7. Okay so I really really need advices and stuff because I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. I have this reddish-brown bump on my nose after I put Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) on my pimple which never really came to a head. IT DOESN'T HURT AT ALL. Like at all!! It's so strange. I think it got burned from BP??? I don't know. But I've had it for like 3 weeks now and I have an event in 2 weeks so I need it to go away already or at least flatten (even with a scar) because then I can just put concealer but with this bump??
  8. i don't know what to do, i really never had anything like that on my skin and i truly want to die. please help me. yesterday i popped a medium-sized pimple on my forehead. i know you're not supposed to do this but the pimple had a clear whitehead and it looked as if it was ready to pop. maybe it was a little bit hard when i touched it but i didn't pay attention to it because it didn't hurt at all like those deep blind pimples do. after i popped it (twice) all the awful stuff came out so i disi
  9. hello acne.org-ers! i start this post with an aim to make this thread a complete source of information - daily definitions,causes,prevention,treatment and more , on whiteheads. "whiteheads" although ideally defines as non-inflammed clogged pores seem to us(varied experiences that we face which doesn't always match with the textual references) as small zits with a tiny pus-filled heads,a small bump with pus,raised skin with a small head or just a white tiny head out of nowhere! i mean to ad
  10. I have 15 days left of my accutane course however I just got a bump on my chest which I am assuming is a cyst. It kind of happened out of the blue, and I'm scared to death because my accutane course was even extended from 4.5 month course to a 5.5 course (I took 80mg/day during the entire course), It is one of two active pimples that i have (the other is a minor one on my forehead) that I think are a result from my workout plan. At the end of December, I started to go on a bulk by eating
  11. I get a lot of tiny milia under my eyes and on my cheeks, but recently a larger bump formed under my eye. Figuring it was just a larger milia bump, I poked the skin and drained the bump. It was very stringy and bled quite a bit afterward. I drained it as much as I could and figured that once the wound healed, the bump would be gone. Wrong. Not only has the bump come back (larger), the wound on my cheek won’t heal either. It’s been about a month now since I drained it. The pore remains open and w
  12. I have benign lesion bump on nose.There was another one under it but I had advanced electrolysis done it which removed it but left a scar.How can I get rid of the bump and remove the scar.The scar was left by burning by electrolysis device to remove the first bump.can I get my normal skin on the scar spot.
  13. I'm not sure but I've had this same pimple/red bump on my right side of my nose for almost a year now, It's clearly noticable! The bump is red and big like a normal pimple but it's not firm, just soft to the touch like normal skin as if nothing is there... Note, that a year ago I popped the pimple but it came back a couple months after as this. It's right there like bang I have a pimple on my nose! My mom recommends I pop It and says It's just a pimple with a deep deep hole... I'm scared as I
  14. I noticed a very small transparent bump nearly a month ago and about ten days ago it started to get red and now it looks like this.
  15. My skin has been really good lately and I haven't been dealing with many problems with it for a while but on Wednesday night I looked in the mirror and noticed that there was a spot on my chin that was red,no bump,just spot. Then I moved my chin up a little bit and found that I have a HUGE bump. I'm guessing it's under the skin maybe? All you can see when I don't move my chin up is redness. I'm so confused as to how I got this,I wash my face with a gentle cleanser twice a day,wash my hands whene
  16. Hey guys, first time posting. My acne is under control right now, what has been bugging me is the 6 or so small bump-like scars I have on my nose. Are they Hyperthropic? What would be the best treatment? As far as I know, a chemical peel and or the vinegar approach will help? Looking for any advice (The picture is not very clear, but you can see 3 or 4 of the bumps)
  17. I have this medium size red bump on my nose that I've had for a month or so and white head spout from this one bump. It's really weird, like a pimple dispenser pimple (sort of). This red bump always has 2-5 small crusty white heads on it. It has shrunk a little from when I first had it but it never leaves and acne scrubs don't help. What do I do to get rid of it?
  18. Years ago I got one of those large zits with no head on the tip of my nose. I do remember squeezing it once or twice at the time, which was obviously a big mistake. The redness and pain ended up leaving after a week or so, but the actual bump never did. It has really bothered me for a long time now. There doesn't seem to be any fluid in it. Even if I could just shrink it a little bit, that would be awesome. Are there any ways that are less invasive than surgery to remove something like this? May
  19. So I currently have these 3 bumps on my face. Pretty small in size. They are red/skin colored but noticeable. When I push on them with my tongue they become white. I could've sworn the first 2 were pimples as they got bigger and I could see the puss form underneath them. I used BP on them for a couple days then they went down in size and have remained the same size and color since then. I now have a new one. BP isn't the answer. I was thinking maybe exfoliating and trying to open them up. A
  20. I had this weird bump for about 1 year I tried every cream but it didn't work I even tried everything even home remedies it didn't work :/ its not a pimple Idk what it is I really need help thx Its the bump under my mouth if u get confused btw
  21. I've had the spots on my chest for a few years id say, and the neck ones are within the last year. They come and go, sometimes indiviudal ones getting very irratated before pusing up. They get itchy and although they are usually not painful they cause me stress and anxiety knowing they are there. i cant really take my shirt off because i dont want people to see it and i feel like people are staring at my neck from behind all the time when in public. Just wondering if anyone has any
  22. So I've had face, chest and back acne in the past which have cleared up really nicely, I occasionally still get a bump here or there, but I've been researching things and I'm not exactly sure if it's acne or pimples at all anymore, but rather a form of folliculitis. Originally my acne was relatively mild, I got tetracycline prescribed for me back when the acne was still mild/moderate and it cleared it up originally, but after I had eaten it for a while, around a month and my acne was basically c
  23. Hi I had some pretty big pimples on my cheeks like 3 months ago. Back then i popped them when they got a head. Everything came out, the fluid aswell. Since then the spots have healed. Though i can still feel something where i had the spot. The skin is perfectly flat but under it i can feel like a little bump. Its not a cyst because its small compared to a cyst aronud and i dont have hormonal acne i just irritated my skin with a facial cleanser. I wonder what might have happened, why it has ha
  24. So the bumps appeared after a pimple would heal, after a few months of the bumps not disappearing I realized that they might be here to stay. I was wondering if anyone knew what these bumps were and how I could get rid of them or even how long they were going to stay for? They're small but just knowing that they're there and not knowing when they will go away is very frustrated so if anyone has any possible answers, it would be greatly appreciated.