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Found 17 results

  1. Ive been using isotrexin gel for my acne since July 2012....about 6 months.....its the longest Ive been using it for. I use it nearly everyday at night time before I sleep The pock marks, ice pick marks dont bother me. surprisingly..I can accept them that they will be there forever unless I want invasive surery but its the hyperpigmentation ( brown/black marks)that bothers me allot...I hate having to wear foundation to cover the discolouration but isotrexin gel 0.05%/ Erythromycin 2% has be
  2. I had this lump between my eyebrows. It was hard, shiny, and white, but it wasn't too thick, it was just wide (nickel sized). A few days ago it started oozing fluid. Some of the fluid was clear, some was brown. A lot of it seemed to drain, but a scab seems to have appeared where it was. I've been washing my face regularly and mildly exfoliating and the scab is shrinking. I've gotten small lumps that drain clear fluid before, but this was bigger and looked worse. Any ideas what it was/is and how
  3. Hi I had a spot on the side of my nose for more than a week, I used ice, steamed my face, put sudocrem on it and used a turmeric paste . but when I steamed it, it came to a head and when I washed my face with a gentle cleanser it would pop and start to bleed and once the pus came out it would start to go red. As I am currently on accutane my face is going dry and around the spot the skin is dry and noticeable. And it keeps coming to a head and bleeds and now it is dark brown/purple and looks r
  4. Hey guys please please help me with these marks leftover from past acne. I’ve suffering from acne since the ages of 16 (now 18). But yeah anyways I recently found a routine that helped my acne greatly. But as that went away, these brown marks started to emerge and it’s been been months but they don’t seem to be going away. It makes me so depressed legit. How long does something like this take to go away!? I’m only using the lemon juice method, which seems to work so slowly that I can barely noti
  5. Since my early teens I had the occasional whitehead. This later cleared in my early 20s for a short period. In my mid 20s however I started getting regular daily whiteheads. A day didn't pass when a new spot would form. This progressed to multiple spots and occasional deep cysts. I am of Asian origin, male with coarse facial hair. I tired several facial products buying a new brand every week to try clear my skin. Each further irritated my skin made things worse. The following is how I managed
  6. I have been using a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel for 2 days. I put it over some of my acne spots and left it overnight. This morning I woke up with huge red/brown angry marks over where I put the gel. They aren't raised or painful, just ugly and dark. What are they, are they permanent, and how can I make them go away?? Please help!
  7. What are these? What can I do it buy to make these go away? Totally killing my self esteem
  8. Hi. This is my first time. So the picture might look like a little more redder than it is in real life. But I pretty much don't have active acne in my inner thighs but I have marks and it's dark. I really wanna get rid of it can you offer advice products etc
  9. Hi all, A month ago I got two pimples on the right side of my nose. Usually it will get a whitehead, but these two didn't. I've popped the two pimples (what was a big mistake) and now it became purple/brownish. I have this now for like a month and I want to get rid of it. I got Affusine prescribed from the family doctor, but that didn't help. After that I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed Minocycline. (currently in my second week). Does anyone know how to treat his? Furthermore
  10. I had this red bump on the side of my face but now it looks darkish. Can anyone tell me what this is and what treatment I can do? In case you're wondering, I never intentionally touch it, I let it be. Also I am Filipino. Here's a pic:
  11. Hey guys!! So I'm new to the site and still have lots to learn... I've recently been having a hard time with trying to get rid of my acne. The biggest problem I've been having is marks it's been leaving. Im sure it's not acne scars but also not sure if it's hyperpigmentation. I wash my face every day using noxzema and also sunscreen daily. I'm 19 years old and my face recently just started breaking out. Would really appreciate any tips/advice/stories on what I can buy or do in order to get a cle
  12. Hello there! Here's circumstances I'm in: I can reduce my acne by doing nothing, almost to a point that I'm quite confident in a year or so it will clear right up naturally. But here's the thing - hyper pigmentation. I'm a dark skinned person(I'm Asian but my skin just dark and easily tanned),every time I got pimple it left with brown hyper pigmentation which takes half year or more to fade. Or in some cases takes longer than a year. I've heard and tempted to try azelatic acid becaus
  13. So I was wondering what type pf acne marks I have and what product that would be recommended for my skin. I know that u can see some pimples on my face but I usually don't have that many pimples, I usually have like 1-3 Right now I am on week 7 of cleansing with "Purifying Himalaya neem face wash" and using BP 5% (because 2.5% doesn't exist in Sweden) and after that moisturizing with Oil Control moisturizer.
  14. I was just reading about brown seaweed and zinc being helpful in treating acne. It was been formulated into some products made in the UK. Here's a link to an article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2146684/Could-seaweed-based-face-ash-cure-acne-Scientists-claim-cut-spots-thirds.html Has anyone tried it?
  15. So I have a lot of these brown marks that were left from acne, is there a way I can get rid of them non-surgically? I heard neosporin and lemon helped? Home remedies are much needed
  16. I am a male. My ethnicity is South Asian (East Indian). My skin color is light brown (winter) to medium brown (when tanned in summer). I would probably be a type 4 on the fitzpatrick scale. When I was approximately 17, I got 4 really large pustules on the tip of my nose and on the side. The pustules were red, large, and took a long time to subside. Blood came out of them and a lot of pus came out of them as well. 2 pustules were on the tip of my nose, and 2 were on the right side
  17. I have been using epiduo for about a month now. It has helped tremendously with my closed comes ones and inflamed acne but however has also left a lot of hyperpigmentation. Now I'm curious if Epiduo will work for that. Because I do know adapalene is a retinoid and works by exfoliating the skin BUT it also contains benzoyl peroxide which I have heard is bad for marks and makes them linger around for longer. So I'm curious if Epiduo will work to get rid of PIH (dark marks).