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Found 197 results

  1. UGS

    18 days in

    So I'm roughly 18 days into this. My skin seems the same since day 1. But it's itchy!! I don't know why. I know it's not eczema or a rash. Is this a normal thing on the caveman? I don't really know what to do about it. And the texture of my skin is horrible. I wiped my face with a warm, wet wash cloth today, and that felt really good. I'm meeting with family tomorrow so I'm a little worried. I'm definitely going to continue with this, because I've come this far, but unless my skin really shows a
  2. So having oily skin, my first question is, is this really right for me? Is it good to just leave the oil on my skin without washing? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've read about people who have oily skin and had success with the routine, but I'm still a little worried. That's why I've been gently cleansing here and there. I definitely like the less is more approach. I don't know if I'm comfortable with doing nothing. Could using a gentle cleanser at night and rinsing with water in the morning b
  3. El4cure

    Day One: Skincare

    Skincare changes began tonight: 7/9/2016 I quit panoxyl 10% and my persa-gel 10 (although it's a great spot treatment, it's too irritating). I used vaseline on my face and neck to help bring in moisture due to cracked and excessively dry, flaky skin from benzoyl peroxide. I washed that off with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (a holy grail product) I currently will be using 3 products for the next 2 weeks. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (morning and night)
  4. Hi everyone. Just joined this website earlier and this is my first blog/conversation. I am 21 years old and have had acne since the age of about 14. At the start of February I was prescribed Accutane and I first started taking the drug on February 6th 2016, so that will be 16 weeks on the drug tomorrow (about 4 months). Bottom line.. MY SKIN IS STILL BAD AND IM STILL BREAKING OUT, my derm is calling then 'pustuals'. Now don't get me wrong my skin is getting better in certain areas (forehead and
  5. Hey guys, so these last couple of weeks have been very hard for me because of my persistent breakouts as you can see in my last two posts. I got the cortisone shot on Thursday and it has gotten so much smaller!! Anyway, I could not figure out why I was breaking out so badly in just one area until I decided to look up the effects of Clearasil ultra rapid vanishing cream that I began using before I broke out even worse! Anyway, turns out this product dries out the skin so much that it causes MORE
  6. I'm disappointed. I don't know what I should do to defeat acne. It's the 7th week of Isotrex (topical isotretinoin ) in combination to Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (that I use in the morning).. I have been fighting with acne since September 2012. Now I'm annoyed. I still have breakouts , I still have red marks and red inflamed pimples and now breakouts are just happening also on the other part of my face. I'm waiting, I have been using it EVERY DAY with costance. Why my acne is still worse?? I will bo
  7. Just wondering does anybody know why all vitamin c supplements break me out? Pills, powder, the lot. I wanna take them to help with collagen production with scar treatments I'm getting done aswell as gum issues I have. I'd really appreciate any pointers for this one, peace out
  8. So week # 8...granted, I was PMS-ing and it's normal for me to break out while PMS-ing...but it was over the top worse than usual. I broke out in strange places...the top of my nose, around my eyebrows. I wanted to spend the week with a bag over my head. Will I continue to break out during my PMS week even after my full course of Accutane? Or does that stop? I'm assuming, since it's hormonal, it will continue...anyone have input? My doctor pushed me up to 80mg 2x a week for now. Based o
  9. In desperate need of any advice!! I had to stop taking birth control in November due to significant issues with depression, and my skin was doing pretty well up until 2-3 months ago when it started to all of a sudden become worse than it has ever been. I've been using 3% adapalene on my face in addition to Curology mix (azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, clindamycin mix) and my face is NEARLY clear with only occasional breakouts on my jawline, which I can deal with. My face has never been so clea
  10. hi so last week i made a change in my routine and started taking vitamin d3. a couple days later i started drinking a tablespoon of acv with a cup of water on a daily basis. my skin was clearing for all of last week. however this week, i have gotten pimples plus pimples on weird places i never get pimples like my eyebrows and chin. could drinking the ACV cause me to break out? i believe that’s what it is since i read people break out after a week of drinking it. i don’t think it’s vitamin d b
  11. I wouldn't be posting this if my problem wasn't that serious so please guys just write anything that comes to your mind that can be of a help to me.. Thank you. My acne sterted when I was 15 years old, I am 22 now and in this point I have tried everything. From topical treatments by the most famous brands that claim to help acne such as La Roche, Bioderma, Avene.. Nothing really helped. Went to 3 dermatologists and cosmetitians, they have done various treatments to my skin like extractions, p
  12. Hi guys, So I've had pretty mild acne on my face, and more severe on my shoulders and back. For my face, I've been using benzoyl peroxide for around 3 weeks. I started with about a week and a half of using 10%, but then realized that concentration was probably way too high. During that week, I was breaking out pretty bad. I then switched to 2.5%, and my face had calmed down considerably for almost a week, with only one pimple. But the last few days, I've been having a lot of whiteheads pop
  13. Hi everyone, Lately I started to have acne when I was around 25 years old while I never had any at all during my teenage, anyhow after long journey of trials I came out to know that moisturizers are the cause of my breakouts, and thank God after stopping all the moisturizers I cleared up ps: I use Betaval cream at night before bed time and it's really a miracle to remove all the pigmentations and acne red spots. Unfortunately, my face is getting too dry, I originally have a dry skin and wit
  14. From the album: eva

    Ahh, do not know how to anymore deal with this skin. Recently got this clogged pores I have used so many products, but nothing really works for me. clindamycin, differin as well. Does anybody have the same issue? please let me know how you deal with it. :):( Blessing to you all :)
  15. From the album: Week One

    WEEK ONE (I was using Proactiv until it ran out and then I switched to the Regimen because Proactiv was too harsh on my skin.) I decided to try Proactiv in February, as it had worked for me in my younger years. After starting Proactiv, my skin was very blotchy and irritated. I noticed that my skin began to flake, and where I had put the Benzol-Peroxide, my skin was "hardening" and becoming darker. This was very aggravating as I have fair skin, and my neck had an obvious line of darker skin, to
  16. I’m just finishing week 8 on the regimen and prior to this week I was finally getting clear! However, I added in the AHA about a week ago and my face broke out a day or two later in painful, deep spots under my jaw and around my lips. I also had a stressful event happen so that could also have contributed. Is it common to still have breakouts at this point in the regimen? My acne has been moderate but persistent and I’ve always been afraid that if I don’t take measures against it that it wo
  17. Lately i have been breaking out first starting from my forehead and then it spread to the sides of my face and onto my cheeks. Now it's just all over and I don't know exactly what the cause may be. I've always had acne as a teenager but it was never this bad. I tried to figure out why I was breaking out and realized there just may be too many causes. It all started last August of 2013 when I begin to switch my lifestyle from junk food/potato couch to clean eating/daily exercise. Things went fine
  18. Please help. For over a year now I've been getting continuous breakouts on my RIGHT CHEEK ONLY. I'll have several pimples make their appearance at the same time which leave behind brown spots that remain long afterwards. The pimples have traveled from my chin to my upper cheek bone, mostly in clusters in my middle cheek and scattered around my upper cheek. They are both whiteheads and red bumps. I don't wear makeup or touch that side of my face or talk on the phone and I change my pillow cas
  19. Right after my period ends my forehead gets super oily right, under the skin bumps appear all over my forehead, and breakouts start appearing on my forehead as well. This lasts for almost a full week and then right after my skin returns to normal, under the skin bumps go away, and the breakouts start to heal and go away. Does anyone know what causes this and how to prevent this from happening? This happens every month and I believe this is what is preventing the skin on my forehead from getti
  20. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else gets arm breakouts? And I'm not talking about keratosis pilaris, I'm talking about inflamed, red bumps/spots on my arms that don't have a head, and don't itch. They pop up all the time and take 4 or 5 days to go away. The only way I can keep my arms slightly clear from this is by literally slathering AHA+ all over my arms every night before bed, which, after a while, can get pretty tedious and expensive, and even after that, I will still get a few of those
  21. I was around 18 when I started taking biotin & I did not have one pimple my face was clear & as soft as a newborn baby. Fast foward to a year I started breaking out horribly! I didn't know what was causing it so I decided to stop taking biotin since that was causing all my problems. Almost two years later I am still breaking out badly, I stopped bad eating habits, drinking water only and still no progression now I don't know whether or not is the biotin still in my system or maybe someth
  22. This is my first time to write anything online about my struggle with acne. I am not comfortable talking about it with other people, but I think I need some support even if it's only online with people who can relate and understand what I am going through. I've dealt with Acne when I was a teenager. It was isolated on my forehead only. I have a hard time remembering in detail exactly how my situation was then but I remember having so many red bumps across my whole forehead. I was young and did
  23. Hello, I need some help, recently I've been breaking out really bad and need some advice, I'm not sure what sort of acne I have, I've. always had spots. here and there but I'm 20 now and my skin has never been worse, surely it's supposed to calm down by now ? Anyway im really unsure on what 'sort' of acne I hav' on my left side it's mostly on my cheek and on the right side it's on my cheek and in the centre of my face as well as the corner of my chin. and I always scar really badly no matter wh
  24. Hi! I am currently taking Isotretinoin 20 mg a day on my second month. I am using the generic Myorisan but I had a random breakout!! I know my first month I was taking the generic Zenatane 20 mg so I was thinking, maybe I have to switch back to Zenatane? But they are both 20 mg!!! Or maybe I have to go to 30 mg because I became immune to 20 mg? Or is this just a normal thing with Isotretinoin? Is this everything coming to the surface? Like I said, I am in the middle of my second month. Did any
  25. Hi All, I'm writing today because I'm SUPER frustrated with my skin right now. I've just hit 9 weeks using epiduo gel this past Friday; I experienced an initial breakout during the first 3-4 weeks but I knew this was normal. It cleared around week 5, but reappeared during week 6. I was super discouraged. I finally cleared during week 7, but have recently began breaking out again - HORRIBLY. I currently am using epiduo at night (pea sized amount) about 30 mins after I wash my face with Cetaphil