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Found 201 results

  1. Hey everyone. This is my first time posting here so bare with me. I am a 13 year old boy, i used to have perfect skin about 8 months ago. I got a pimple once, and i would overreact and put tons of creams and products on it. And that would make me get more and more pimples. My acne started clearing up in the beginning of summer, but my family was going through a hard time, we had to sell our house and move everything in a week, with out a moving companie's help. This put a lot of stress on me and
  2. So I've been using a load of new products that I believe have been doing really good things for my skin so far. I'm using mostly Paula's Choice, and am planning to get a prescription for BP next week. I've made sure that none of my skincare contains irritants like alcohol and fragrance, and for a week I thought it was going well. Last week I went to stay at my boyfriends house for 5 days and I don't know if it's because of BDD but I am really picky or sensitive on changing the lighting/mirro
  3. Lately i have been breaking out first starting from my forehead and then it spread to the sides of my face and onto my cheeks. Now it's just all over and I don't know exactly what the cause may be. I've always had acne as a teenager but it was never this bad. I tried to figure out why I was breaking out and realized there just may be too many causes. It all started last August of 2013 when I begin to switch my lifestyle from junk food/potato couch to clean eating/daily exercise. Things went fine
  4. Please help. For over a year now I've been getting continuous breakouts on my RIGHT CHEEK ONLY. I'll have several pimples make their appearance at the same time which leave behind brown spots that remain long afterwards. The pimples have traveled from my chin to my upper cheek bone, mostly in clusters in my middle cheek and scattered around my upper cheek. They are both whiteheads and red bumps. I don't wear makeup or touch that side of my face or talk on the phone and I change my pillow cas
  5. I am in my 3rd week of the regimen and my skin feels so awful. I don't really mind the peeling and dryness because as an avid acne sufferer for so many years I am used to it! Also I'm only suffering major breakouts on the right side of my face while the lef side remains mostly clear and clog free which I can't seem to understand because I sleep on my left Anywhooz the roughness and whiteheads I guess u can call them around my chin and nose are getting worse! Will this go away with further use o
  6. hi so last week i made a change in my routine and started taking vitamin d3. a couple days later i started drinking a tablespoon of acv with a cup of water on a daily basis. my skin was clearing for all of last week. however this week, i have gotten pimples plus pimples on weird places i never get pimples like my eyebrows and chin. could drinking the ACV cause me to break out? i believe that’s what it is since i read people break out after a week of drinking it. i don’t think it’s vitamin d b
  7. carmenjudd

    Warning, Do Not Use!

    Hey guys, so these last couple of weeks have been very hard for me because of my persistent breakouts as you can see in my last two posts. I got the cortisone shot on Thursday and it has gotten so much smaller!! Anyway, I could not figure out why I was breaking out so badly in just one area until I decided to look up the effects of Clearasil ultra rapid vanishing cream that I began using before I broke out even worse! Anyway, turns out this product dries out the skin so much that it causes MORE
  8. MissTClarke

    My Acne Journey

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to share my acne story with you. I don't have much of a story except I've been dealing with acne on and off for most of my adult years, for the past year and a half it has been clear until my husband recently passed away and I've been really depressed, so I'm guessing that's why it's like this, after he died it got really bad and then it healed with some hyperpigmentation left behind of course, but now its just up and down so I'm hoping the Regimen will clear it up an
  9. Hey, What's the best prescription acne medication available in the UK that isn't roaccutane? I've tried Duac, Zineryt and Lymecycline antibiotics and none of them have worked? What worked for you? Thanks:)
  10. In desperate need of any advice!! I had to stop taking birth control in November due to significant issues with depression, and my skin was doing pretty well up until 2-3 months ago when it started to all of a sudden become worse than it has ever been. I've been using 3% adapalene on my face in addition to Curology mix (azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, clindamycin mix) and my face is NEARLY clear with only occasional breakouts on my jawline, which I can deal with. My face has never been so clea
  11. flowerchild94


    Hi! I was wondering if anyone else noticed a link between their breakouts and consumption of dairy products. It seems that whenever I eat butter, cheese, or anything with milk ingredients in it, I break out a few days later and I notice more inflammation. I had a severe milk allergy when I was a baby, which would only result in throwing up (as far as I know). I was wondering if maybe that sensitivity to dairy is resurfacing? I was also on a 50 day round of doxycycline (antibiotic)...could that h
  12. Right after my period ends my forehead gets super oily right, under the skin bumps appear all over my forehead, and breakouts start appearing on my forehead as well. This lasts for almost a full week and then right after my skin returns to normal, under the skin bumps go away, and the breakouts start to heal and go away. Does anyone know what causes this and how to prevent this from happening? This happens every month and I believe this is what is preventing the skin on my forehead from getti
  13. In the past 2 months I have had some very small acne appear on my chin. I am writing to you guys as I notice it has become more red and has spread to the left side of my chin now too with a few dots appearing above my mouth by my nose, unlike before where it was minor and on the right side on my chin only. I had some break outs (not on my chin at the time) so I used a Neutrogena face wash to try and minimize the redness. I noticed that it didn't help and quickly stopped using it after maybe 3
  14. I have been usuing benzaclin for about 5-6 years. It's defiantly helped my skin. But not as much as I hoped for so about 3 years ago I started seeing a naturopath doctor and she put me on holistic supplements to help with my hormones and etc. Thats when I saw the best improvement in my face. Now fast forward to now and I don't really take my supplements anymore but still on my cream. For the most part my face is usually good still get break outs here and there. I'm married and want to start tryi
  15. What are the best essential oils for moderate to severe acne breakouts? Which ones worked best for you? How much did they cost? where did you buy them? so on and so forth. Lets put our heads together and find some solutions. I should have added that I like Tea Tree Oil.
  16. I was around 18 when I started taking biotin & I did not have one pimple my face was clear & as soft as a newborn baby. Fast foward to a year I started breaking out horribly! I didn't know what was causing it so I decided to stop taking biotin since that was causing all my problems. Almost two years later I am still breaking out badly, I stopped bad eating habits, drinking water only and still no progression now I don't know whether or not is the biotin still in my system or maybe someth
  17. So having oily skin, my first question is, is this really right for me? Is it good to just leave the oil on my skin without washing? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've read about people who have oily skin and had success with the routine, but I'm still a little worried. That's why I've been gently cleansing here and there. I definitely like the less is more approach. I don't know if I'm comfortable with doing nothing. Could using a gentle cleanser at night and rinsing with water in the morning b
  18. Hello, long time browser first time posting! So I guess I'll go into a short bio- I've suffered with acne since I was about 11 years old. I used to have horrible cysts, would cancel plans, the worst self esteem--it was bad. I went on Accutane in 2012 and it did wonders for my skin. After 6 months of treatment my derm took me off of it because I was clear. My acne then crept up later in the year and I was put back on Accutane and again it worked its magic. However, my acne has just recently c
  19. Hey, everybody. I've been a member on Acne.org's forums since 2012, and have been a patient on Claravis (isotretinoin, a.k.a, Accutane) since November 8th, 2013. My dermatologist started me out on 30 mg a day during the first month, and increased my dosage to 60 mg per day for the second month. I am a week into my second month's treatment, and am currently taking 60 mg a day. You can read about my experiences with acne and its scarring effects on my skin on the thread I've been maintaining
  20. I'm disappointed. I don't know what I should do to defeat acne. It's the 7th week of Isotrex (topical isotretinoin ) in combination to Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (that I use in the morning).. I have been fighting with acne since September 2012. Now I'm annoyed. I still have breakouts , I still have red marks and red inflamed pimples and now breakouts are just happening also on the other part of my face. I'm waiting, I have been using it EVERY DAY with costance. Why my acne is still worse?? I will bo
  21. I'm on my period this week, it's almost over though, but I still got a couple of small new pimples today. Could it be due to my period? Because I only read about people breaking out the week before their period (I do to), but I'm almost on my last day of my period now and I still got some new ones..is this normal? I didn't eat different or something. My skin was completely clear before my period, now it's still decent but I'm worried about this new ones, because I don't know if my period caus
  22. Amazing results. I hope I don't jinx it but I recommend to anyone! This was my last resort before accutane. What do you guys think? Thoughts about the medicine/ success stories! I wanna hear
  23. So week # 8...granted, I was PMS-ing and it's normal for me to break out while PMS-ing...but it was over the top worse than usual. I broke out in strange places...the top of my nose, around my eyebrows. I wanted to spend the week with a bag over my head. Will I continue to break out during my PMS week even after my full course of Accutane? Or does that stop? I'm assuming, since it's hormonal, it will continue...anyone have input? My doctor pushed me up to 80mg 2x a week for now. Based o
  24. Hi All, I'm writing today because I'm SUPER frustrated with my skin right now. I've just hit 9 weeks using epiduo gel this past Friday; I experienced an initial breakout during the first 3-4 weeks but I knew this was normal. It cleared around week 5, but reappeared during week 6. I was super discouraged. I finally cleared during week 7, but have recently began breaking out again - HORRIBLY. I currently am using epiduo at night (pea sized amount) about 30 mins after I wash my face with Cetaphil
  25. Hi! I am currently taking Isotretinoin 20 mg a day on my second month. I am using the generic Myorisan but I had a random breakout!! I know my first month I was taking the generic Zenatane 20 mg so I was thinking, maybe I have to switch back to Zenatane? But they are both 20 mg!!! Or maybe I have to go to 30 mg because I became immune to 20 mg? Or is this just a normal thing with Isotretinoin? Is this everything coming to the surface? Like I said, I am in the middle of my second month. Did any