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Found 354 results

  1. Hello All, My name is Natalia and I created this post strand to help you in your personal journey with over the counter acne meds and self esteem issues due to acne. I am fifteen and have struggled with painful hormonal breakouts and cystic acne mostly in areas where one would apply countour: in my cheeks, chin, and upper forehead and eyebrow areas. I struggled with self esteem issues due to my acne and would constantly cover it up with tons of foundation and concealer, while simultaneously c
  2. Hello! I really wasn't sure where to post this, so I settled on here. Hope that's okay. I just want to know if anyone else has encountered something like this. I've searched all over the web and on here and can't seem to find many answers, so I'll ask the community. I was on an SSRI for years upon years (well - a variety of different ones; the most recent was Lexapro), and though while on it, I had few side effects, once i came off of Lexapro this past year, my skin went CRAZY.
  3. I went to the dermatologist 3 weeks ago and he prescribed me doxycycline and Epiduo gel. At first my face was clearing up dramatically but within the last few days it broke out badly. I have noticed that the clearer my skin got the more I touched my face, I guess I was making sure it was still clear, could this have caused this breakout?
  4. Ok so im currently deployed overseas in Afghanistan and I started breaking out about 2 months ago. (6 months after Accutane treatment) So I caalled my local doc and got differin .03 gel sent to me. I have been using it for 5 weeks now and my face has EXPLODED! I know you have to give it 8 weeks though. The thing is I was first sent .03 gel and im almost out so I got a refill sent and its .01 gel. WILL THE .01 STILL WORK FOR ME AFTER USING THE .03 FOR 2 MONTHS/??? Im affraid this is going to be a
  5. So I just wanted to say a few things about these last 6 weeks that I've been on the regimen and what has worked for me. Starting in my 20's I was getting a few pimples here and there but they would always go away nicely and never left any PIH marks. The summer of this year I all of a sudden started to breakout A LOT. I had like 10 pimples on my face and 2-3 coming in over night and they would leave horrible red marks. I started the regimen 6 weeks ago with the Neutrogena On the Spot BP for
  6. I know I should be moisturising my whole face, but I've had a terrible hormonal breakout since coming off birth control pill (revigidon- my skin was perfect and flawless when I was on it ) anyway since coming off it awful hormonal acne, this week it is all around my chin and mouth- I went for a sunbed to try and heal it, skin feels so dry now of course but should I moisturise the actual breakout area or just leave to heal itself? Terrified of making it worse.....
  7. Just curious what everyone is avoiding because it causes break outs. For me, dairy is my worst enemy. I can't enjoy ice cream, milk, or moderate quantities of yogurt without paying the price. I have found that kefir is ok though, probably due to the added bacteria helping me digest the lactose. I haven't noticed anything else though. What about you? What foods cause you to break out? I have heard stories that citrus and other weird foods cause some to break out.
  8. A few weeks ago I purchased the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation since I'd heard a lot of great things about it; however, I'm beginning to think it might be causing a bit of a breakout on my skin ugh. Not a ton of pimples, but more clogged pores/comedones? especially along my jawline. I read online that this happened to some other people as well and they mentioned it being due to improper cleansing of the skin. I don't think this is the case for me since my toner pads came out clear. I'm not
  9. Hey everyone, I am currently on Epiduo and 65 mg of Solodyn once a day. I started Epiduo about 8 weeks ago. Two weeks ago I went back to the dermatologist and that is when they gave me the 65mg of Solodyn. My skin right now is awful, I have at least two new pimples every day. I called the dermatology office and they said that it was most likely caused by the Epiduo and that it was bringing all the dirt and stuff to the surface and that if can take up to 3 months for it to start clearing up
  10. Hey all! Used to suffer from terrible acne when I was like 16-17..absolutely nothing worked apart from Roaccutane! After the 9 months on it (starting from 20mg and finishing on 70mg) my skin was flawless! Apart from a tiny bit of red marks from the cysts. About a month off it I noticed I was getting little red pimples on my face which seemed to get worse and worse.. (nothing major but it was enough to see and reduce my confidence) so I went back to my derm and she put me on second course of 80mg
  11. So, I started Tri-previfem Birth Control almost 3 months ago. (I am on my 2nd week of my 3rd month) and I am taking this to reduce light to moderate acne that I have on my face and to regulate my periods. I am a dancer, so i dance every day and do not have regular periods. When I first started this, the first month was beautiful, my acne disappeared so much! Then starting from my last two weeks of my 2nd month into now, i have had the worst breakout of my life! So many spots all over my face, I
  12. So after a recommendation from a friend I'm trying vitamin A for my acne, I know that an overdose can kill you so I've been quite careful and am having 5000 iu twice a day. first question: is that a safe amount? And is it enough? I started maybe two or three weeks ago I'm not really sure and saw no effect to begin with, now I am having gross huge yellow pustules among the usual bumps. And more than the norm of those too. Is this my skin purging? I mean there was a day in there where I wore
  13. so i started eating very healthy bcz i thot it would help my skin... i started juicing fruits everyday etc but.. i have got so many whiteheads lately... i know its a detox process.. but how long will these whiteheads would take to go...also i have stopped juicing etc.. m back to my norml diet bcz i dont wanna brkout more...plz help...nd dont mind my grammatical mistakes...plz does anyone kknows how long will these whiteheads would last
  14. So I've been on 100 mg a day of spironolactone for almost 6 months now and I need help deciding if I should call it quits and move on and try accutane in an attempt to clear my skin. I've taken it religiously and I don't know if it's really doing me any good. My skin has always been oily and I would get cystic pimples from time to time but around a year ago, things got really bad. I wasn't getting a huge pimple occasionally, instead I had like 7 huge ones at once so I went to the derm and he gav
  15. So I stopped using bp for a week thinking Yasmin was working on it's own or I may be growing out of it...what a big mistake!! In a few day my skin has gone mental..small raised bumps covering my entire forehead and others scattered around my face...has this happened to anyone else after they stopped bp...how long will this last...started using it again nowalso what else could I do to calm down this breakout, ?? thanks xxxx
  16. Or, more accurately, from STOPPING prednisone while on accutane. It helped a lot in the beginning, but now I feel screwed. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do to make it a bit better? I began getting more breakouts when I went down from 20 to 10mg...I stopped my pills yesterday and today I woke up with two small red zits forming and even worse, a huge cyst in the pores beside my nose [where I used to get very oily]. I've heard of this happening since pred is a strong anti-inflam
  17. Im on day 20. Last 7 days have been hell. My face started to break out more than ever before and it was so painful too. Two days ago my face looked kinda good and I hoped that the IB was over but today I woke up with alot of new acne on my face. When my face is supposed to get better this is so depressing... My dose is low 20mg a day and i asked my derm about the IB and she said i probably wont get one because of the dose but here i am almost crying..
  18. So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  19. Hi there, So, I'm new to this whole accutane business and I have asked all my questions to my google search bar, and to no avail, have received 0 reassurance or certainty in the answers I have found. So, here we are. Welcome. What's my story? Well I've suffered from hormonal and genetically induced acne since about the age of 12 or 13. It started as localized breakouts mainly in my T-zone (forehead, chin and multiple blackheads on the nose). Those on my forehead and chin were often cystic,
  20. Hi, any advice would be much appreciated. I'm a 21 year old female and have been on the combined pill for about 5 years which alone has not been able to clear my acne. I've been using a salicylic acid wash and 5% benzoyl peroxide wash followed with cetaphil moisturiser consistently for a couple of months now and seen some improvement overall (less frequent breakouts and only small whiteheads in general). However the other day I thought I'd try applying my BP without following up with a moistu
  21. Did you have an intial breakout on yasmin (birth control pil)? If yes, then how long did it last (so I mean how long did you continue to break out), when did it start and how long did it take for you to get clear, so even for the scarring to start fading. Any tips for managing the breakouts?
  22. Heyyy all my acne friends!! I'm new to this page and wish I could get some help! 1,5 years ago I were prescripted antibiotics (tetralysal) for mine at that time moderate acne! I think that was the worst decision of my life, it made my face break out like never before and didn't even improve as I continued with the pills... today I still have acne not as bad as when on the tetralysal but still pretty bad for me and enough bad to destroy sooo much in my life! Depression etc from this... I have bee
  23. I have had acne for almost my entire life. And I start taking antibiotics(oral), but IT did not work. Arter that I started taking acnatac(gel) is also antibiotic and IT contains Clindamycin och tretinoin. My doctor told me to use IT for minimal 3 months and maximum 6. And IT till 4 months, and after that, all my acne were was gone. I continued to use IT, but in month 5 I noticed I got more and more pimples each day, so I went back and got finacia instead, and I have Been using IT for 1 week now
  24. Wassup guys I just made a profile, I'll try to make this as short as possible? I'm 21 years old(nov 18 dob) I'm a guy and I've never had acne as severe as I have it right now, I don't have insurance right now so a dr (derm) isn't really an option, my mom put me out and I moved in with my grandmother and that's just about when all hell broke lose, I've eliminated dairy out of my diet, I used the panoxyl 10% , it worked for a little bit but ....yeah u know how that goes, I'm a very lightskinned m
  25. Okay so we all know milk (obviously) causes acne, but milk is full of good protein and much needed calories. Whenever i was drinking lots of regular 1% milk, i broke out like crazy. My skin has just gotten under control and i'm wondering if i were to switch to a hormone free milk such as lactaid if i would break out? Does lactose cause acne? Does rbst cause acne? Any help would be greatly appreciated.