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Found 353 results

  1. missalora_b

    Epiduo and Solodyn

    Hey everyone, I am currently on Epiduo and 65 mg of Solodyn once a day. I started Epiduo about 8 weeks ago. Two weeks ago I went back to the dermatologist and that is when they gave me the 65mg of Solodyn. My skin right now is awful, I have at least two new pimples every day. I called the dermatology office and they said that it was most likely caused by the Epiduo and that it was bringing all the dirt and stuff to the surface and that if can take up to 3 months for it to start clearing up
  2. gi100867

    Ginko Biloba Has Anyone Tried It?

    Hi, I'm having mixed feeling about the ginko biloba supplement. I felt like it helped me the first couple days and suddenly I get multiple cysts. Has anyone tried this with a similar or different experience? Thanks
  3. accutanerookie

    Accutane Newbie

    Hi there, So, I'm new to this whole accutane business and I have asked all my questions to my google search bar, and to no avail, have received 0 reassurance or certainty in the answers I have found. So, here we are. Welcome. What's my story? Well I've suffered from hormonal and genetically induced acne since about the age of 12 or 13. It started as localized breakouts mainly in my T-zone (forehead, chin and multiple blackheads on the nose). Those on my forehead and chin were often cystic,
  4. Hello guys I have tried everything I could from home to cure my acne and scars. Can anyone tell me what kind of acne this is and also the scar type. Also it will be appreciated if you tell me about what would be the treatment for this condition/type. Thanks for all the replies in advance!
  5. So next day, and my skin is definitely having a breakout, just lots of white heads forming. Super frustrating as I have some events coming up over the next few weeks which I would have loved being clear (not including the damn PIH which doesn't fade even slightly on my skin) for. Still let's soldier on and try and stay positive! After all, it's future me that I'm looking out for here... Hopefully this is the last breakout and Differin (and my persistence) works some kind of magic out. Al
  6. Hey everybody, 2 weeks ago I got a 25% TCA Peel on my face to help get rid of my red marks and to smooth out my acne scars. So far, I've noticed my cheeks a lot smoother, and it doesn't look like I have wrinkled cheeks due to my acne scars anymore. BUT I got a mini breakout after I stopped peeling. I noticed that for the most part my chin was the victim of the breakout, and I got a heat rash on my forehead around a day after I finished peeling (I think I got it because I used Tazorac
  7. Aimee1994

    Day 4: Update

    It's now day 4 of taking the treatment. I have noticed some new pimples, but nothing super drastic. They typically pop on their own after I wash my face. I'm trying to wear the least amount of makeup as possible, drinking LOTS of water, and moisturizing regularly. My lips haven't gotten dry yet, but I apply Blistex often in order to delay it as much as possible. It was quite windy today, so skin feels slightly sensitive. My doctor recommended sugar-free gum to help with a dry mouth, bad breath,
  8. shimmywonwon

    Raw Honey Facial Mask

    Has anyone ever heard of a raw honey facial mask causing a breakout? I'm not 100% certain in my case, but this is the 2nd time I have tried it and I have gotten a breakout 12-16 hours later. The first time I tried it, I also used a new moisturizer in conjunction, which turned out to be a bad decision. I had a really, really bad breakout from that. I reasoned that the breakout wasn't from the raw honey, but rather from the moisturizer. Everything that I've read about raw honey has been positi
  9. So I think my weeks may be one off on these posts, but when I go back and look, I can’t see where the mistake is… idk. Ever since my dosage was upped, I’ve been getting a long and irritating breakout. I know it’s probably my body expelling the deep acne in my skin, but it HURTS and my skin picking has become a lot more challenging as a result. My closed comedones have become more numerous and obvious, yet all of my mirrors in my room are covered to dissuade my picking sessions so I’m not exactly
  10. Hello All, My name is Natalia and I created this post strand to help you in your personal journey with over the counter acne meds and self esteem issues due to acne. I am fifteen and have struggled with painful hormonal breakouts and cystic acne mostly in areas where one would apply countour: in my cheeks, chin, and upper forehead and eyebrow areas. I struggled with self esteem issues due to my acne and would constantly cover it up with tons of foundation and concealer, while simultaneously c
  11. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  12. So, I started Tri-previfem Birth Control almost 3 months ago. (I am on my 2nd week of my 3rd month) and I am taking this to reduce light to moderate acne that I have on my face and to regulate my periods. I am a dancer, so i dance every day and do not have regular periods. When I first started this, the first month was beautiful, my acne disappeared so much! Then starting from my last two weeks of my 2nd month into now, i have had the worst breakout of my life! So many spots all over my face, I
  13. I really really don't know what to do. I've always had pretty good skin with the occasional zit here and there but the last year I started to develop these closed comedones (I think they are?) in the crease of my chin, I used to try to squeeze them out and they began to spread out more, very unnoticeable though so it didn't bother me. Within the past week and a half, they have spread rapidly and in clusters all over chin area and around my lips... there are so many, literally over 70. Some are
  14. Hey everyone! So quite a bit has happened over the past few days. THE AWFUL MISTAKE OF USING SALICYLIC ACID WITH BENZOYL PEROXIDE: A few days ago I made the horrible mistake of using Salicylic Acid toner while using my regimen that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. BAD idea. BAD, BAD, BAD idea. Even though I applied it to 2 zits on my chin using a Q-Tip, it literally burnt out my skin to the point where it felt like someone had numbed my chin! It was AWFUL! I was really worried (as I should h
  15. SpicyAsianSauce

    What Has Worked For Me

    So I just wanted to say a few things about these last 6 weeks that I've been on the regimen and what has worked for me. Starting in my 20's I was getting a few pimples here and there but they would always go away nicely and never left any PIH marks. The summer of this year I all of a sudden started to breakout A LOT. I had like 10 pimples on my face and 2-3 coming in over night and they would leave horrible red marks. I started the regimen 6 weeks ago with the Neutrogena On the Spot BP for
  16. I'm just really bummed... My face is purging right now on my right cheek--upper, middle, and lower, chin, and starting to purge on my left cheek. I have 2 actives--one on my lower chin and one on my upper chin (inflamed red bump). The lower chin one looks like it'll come to a head tomorrow and purge/go away. I have a bunch of red marks on the right side of my face and a couple on the left. Looks like the left cheek will purge soon too... :/ Any encouragement/ similar experiences would
  17. I'm busy at school that's why I decided to make my reports one a week (or twice maybe) instead of daily reports! So, It's bad on my chin. 5 new white guests. They were not invited to the party ;( I put BP at 12 AM today and 2 poped themselves. About redness: The area where I put the BP is visible but not red as a very irritated zone. (even it's a little bit "tanned") About Dryness: It's very dry after using the Cleanser but not during the day or th night (except this night) I decided to i
  18. ombregrise

    Please Help

    I have a few questions regarding my current acne treatment and any kind of help or insight would be really appreciated. I'm a 25 year old guy with oily skin, have been doing acne treatments on and off for the past 10 years or so. Unfortunately, I have had a very bad luck with dermatologists and I can honestly say that not one treatment has helped me for more than a month tops. I have been using Glycolic Acid 20%, a tone adjustment cream for the past 7 months (because my skin got disastrously
  19. I can not believe how fast two weeks have gone. Wow. I am still breaking out which is mainly my jawline and neck which is my usual problem place. My back pain, well more of an ache, was annoying yesterday so I am seeing my doctor this afternoon. I only took 20mg today as I didn't want to not take one but thought I would take the lesser dose until I have spoke to the doc. From what I read 20mg is still an effective dose, it's just not as effective on the remission side of things. I will upd
  20. 0beckster0

    This is BAD

    From the album: Annoying Breakouts

    I can't believe how bad my skin has gotten! This is extremely embarrassing for me especially around my friends who all have near flawless skin. I always get terrible acne around my mouth and everyone notices!
  21. Evening all, this is my first ever post here. I really appreciate your time and help, and hope i can return the favour for others in a similar situation to myself. First off, i'm a 28 year old male, a healthy eater (no dairy, no junk food), relatively fit. I have sensitive pale combination skin. In my teens i had moderate acne. In the last 14 years my skin has been rarely clear. After some years using Proactive (which helped clear my skin but wasn't strong enough to hold back weekly breakout
  22. Rasha123

    Accutane Week 5

    Hi! I've been on accutane for 5 weeks now, but I'm still breaking out and my skin is worse than when I started on this medication. Is this normal? When will I start to see a difference?/when will the accutane kick in? Thanks!
  23. Jakesimon1234

    Week 2.8

    I've been using Bianca for 2.8 weeks. I should have started this blog earlier but better late than never. So starting from the beginning I used the regimen it worked for a few months and then my acne returned. So I panicked and went to my derm. She prescribed me Biacna gel topical treatment ( 1.2 % clindamycin phosphate and 0.025% tretinoin ) I have not yet experienced and bad side effects like irritation and slight dryness in the first week or so of use. At around 1 week and a few days or so
  24. Hey guys. So I have mild acne here and there, usually triggered by eating habits but lately I have not been having anything out of the ordinary.. no extra sugar or sodium. I’ve had dairy products sparingly but that’s it. I notice thought, that I frequently (every week or so) get breakouts of a cluster of white heads(?) around my mouth and on my cheek. They’re the type that if I was to scratch it lightly it would pop but they also sting a bit if I exfoliate over them. They usually go away within
  25. Jakesimon1234

    Week 6.1

    This week was better actually, by no means clear but better. And as I said in my last post it seems to be almost gone and then another breakout. It seems endless. I just washed my face and it always looks worse after I shower or wash it. So I'm down about that. It normally looks less irritated in the morning. Still continuing the process there are a lot of ups and downs to this product but whatever