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Found 34 results

  1. There is a part of me that is absolutely horrified that I'm blogging about this *with pictures*, lol. However, I'm a really open person, so I really wanted to share this journey because I understand the struggle for clear skin and how it makes a person feel to not achieve it---let alone wonder if what they're currently using is actually working. I need the support and ideas and feedback just like anyone walking around wondering, "is this even working? am I just telling myself that it is? do I l
  2. Hey guys, I am currently SOOO frustrated. Here is some background: I never used to have acne not even as a teenager, im talking not even one pimpleeee (knock on wood). I had a pretty bad diet in college and I STILL didnt break out. I never even thought about acne lol I used to be happy haha Anyway, I started law school this year and idk if it's the stress or what not, I BREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY on my cheeks and chin. like my skin is so bumpy and frustrated. It is dry and flaky and large pores. It
  3. So I was almost clear, literally 2 pimples away. My usual 2% salicylic acid wasn't working, so I decided to try benzoyl peroxide. I had tried it before with 5% and it had no result so I got 10% this time. It got rid of the pimples I wanted it to, but now I'm breaking out in a bunch of tiny ones on the left side of my forehead! There are also ab few big ones that are almost the size of mosquito bites! School starts again in 3 days! How do I get rid of this??
  4. Ok no one ever answers me on here but i will keep posting on the off chance that somebody will. So I have comedonal acne with the occasional closed comedone that becomes inflamed and turns into a huge pimple/cyst. I went on accutane for this because nothing else helped and my skin has erupted the entire course. Worst skin of my life. I understand it must purge your pores, but I am 6 months in and my skin is consistently breaking out bad. My question is, I weigh 110 and am on 60 mg per day fro
  5. Hey everyone, I started my accutane adventure on the 19th June, so today I have just finished my 16th week. I weigh 140lbs and I took 30mg for the first four weeks and 40mg for the following twelve. I last saw my dermatologist on the 11th September (twelve weeks into the course) and, seeing as she knew I was moving to Spain on the 17th, she prescribed me eight more weeks but told me to 'stop when I was ready, which could only take four weeks but could take six or even eight'. Great.
  6. I'm on my 15th week of retina-a 0.05 and what was once hundreds of small under the skin bumps on my forehead are now around 50 under the skin bumps, so thats ok. But the biggest problem is that i am randomly breaking out in big red pimples. Where i get about 7 in a row, which disappear after 2 weeks and then come back later. Should i still be purging? I never used to break out in inflamed, large bumps before, when should i call it quits?
  7. Hi, I've been doing the oil cleanse method for 3 weeks now and I've noticed the acne on my forehead is getting worse and worse. I don't know if my skin is purging or if it is breaking out so I'm not sure whether to try something else or stick with it? But this is definitely the worst my acne has been. The acne on my cheeks does seem to be a little better though but my forehead is like 5X worse. I'm thinking of trying African Black Soap. Any advice? Should I carry on? Is this purging or are my po
  8. I have been on the regimen since March 11th and I'm confused because initially I had bad breakouts on my cheeks. That cleared up very well with the treatment in the first month then I began using AHA+ on April 11th. I loved the results I saw from the AHA as well, but Around April 17th I noticed tiny bumps popping up on only 1 side of my nose and they progressed to both sides and actual nose as the weeks went by. I wasn't sure what was causing it and thought maybe I wasn't cleaning well enough si
  9. Hey everyone, I'm brand new here and I really need your help! To start off, I'm an 18 year old male and have been fighting acne for around 5 years. Over the years I've tried several different things in a desperate attempt to get rid of my acne. I've been on doxycycline hyclate, an antibiotic prescribed by the derm, and 0.025% tretinoin cream also prescribed by the derm. What I do switch around a lot is moisturizer and cleanser. For cleansers I always stuck to Neutrogena and I've used their oil-
  10. So I have been using a daily AHA (Paula's Choice skin perfecting 8% gel) for almost 2 weeks now on a patch test area of my face where I have scarring and normally get acne. Before I started the AHA I had been using Paula's BHAs (several over the course of several months) on this particular area of my face without any improvement. In fact it made my skin worse. I still got blackheads and clogged pores, I still had redness, scars didn't fade my skin looked a wrinkly texture and I just never stoppe
  11. I’m about 110 pounds, about to start my fifth month of accutane at 120 mg! I started with 40, then 60, 80, 100, now 120. And I’m still breaking out. The weird thing is that my acne has always been pretty mild, and I’ve never been oily, and I’ve hardly had any side effects other than slightly dry lips. I thought by the second or at least third month accutane would wipe out my small breakouts but no dice. My texture is considerably better though. Why isn’t this huge dose of accutane affecting me!
  12. I started the Regimen at the beginning of thanks giving break and i had an initial break out but i kept with the regimen since i knew it might happen. After the break out my skin was getting very clear and i felt i was advancing in my efforts. i started working out again after my finals were over and i started breaking out. I believe this is due to me not knowing when to use the regimen. I like to work out after i eat breakfast which would be around 11. How should i tackle this problem? do i wak
  13. Hi there! I've been browsing acne.org for years and it's about time i started posting, i think. i've been battling acne since probably around 12 years old. There have been times when it's been terrible, and times when it's been tolerable. I tried proactiv which worked for me for a bit, but i got lazy over a spring break in high school and it has never worked for me again. Around 18/19 years old, i tried murad acne complex. it was the worst thing i've ever done. my skin is now littered w
  14. Hello everyone, I've been on accutane for approximately 4 and a half months now (20mg/day). My face has cleared up fairly well, only getting a pimple every now and then. However, my chest seems to be breaking out as much as it always has. I always thought that after about 3 months on accutane, most acne breakouts would stop, but clearly this isn't the case for myself. So is this normal? If anyone else has had similar experiences, please tell me your story. Thanks everyone!
  15. I started taking accutane on May 23th and at the time my skin was quite under control since 1 month earlier i have started taking diane 35 (bcp that helps with acne). After 5 days i started to break out in whiteheads. 2 weeks later I experienced another breakout which was more cystic. Then on the 30 day mark I experienced another breakout full of angry big pimples in my cheeks. (Important to highlight the fact that meanwhile i was far from being clear. All the time breaking out. DEFINET
  16. Hi friends. So please read and respond because I need this and someone to talk to more than you know. In high school I had really average mild acne. I was put on topical which did nothing and since I am a girl I was put on birth control and I tried three different kinds and all made my skin WAY worse. Finally, my derm put me on accutane from July to February at 20 mg a day (I weighed 120). It cleared my skin right up I never had any problems, and my skin really stayed clear once I was off it. Or
  17. Hey guys. So I just got to my 2 month mark on Amnesteem. I was on 40mg for a little over a month and my doctor upped the dosage to 80mgs once a day for the rest of my course. Well, I had a bit of an "IB" (initial breakout) when I first got on the medicine. But, after a couple weeks now of taking the increased dosage (80mg) I am breaking out worst than the IB. I have seven cysts right now all on my chin and three are right next to each other making it look like I seriously have a mountain on my
  18. Short background: I started breaking out around 7th grade but until the beginning of 10th grade I didn't care in the same way I do now. I always wore concealer and tried products but didn't do research and change things. In 10th grade I cut out dairy and sugar completely and since then my skin has gotten a ton better. I also drink a gallon of Water a day. Along with that I use juicebeauty cleanser and serum, a vanity planet brush with my cleanser, osmosis moisturizer and spot treatment, aloe, an
  19. I'm going to a winter camp this weekend, I leave Friday afternoon and I'll be back Sunday afternoon/evening. There's a "lights out" time where we all have to be in by by then. I know that I won't have enough time in the morning/night to get ready and do the complete regimen. If I just used my regular facewash and moisturizer (not the regimen) instead on Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning, would it interfere with the process of the regimen? I'm also worried about the fl
  20. Hi I have had persistant moderate acne from the age of about 13. Im nearly 19 now and I have been on Accutane 30mg a day for 3 months now. I am now in my final month and still getting some large and small spots appearing which are always red and take ages to heal! I was told that I cannot go on a higher dose because of my weight and I am really hoping I won't have to stay on another month! Has anyone else experienced this or is it possible for it to still clear up before the end of th
  21. hi. weird things are happening. god, i have so much to say... but im just so tired of it all ok so, long story short ive developed geographic tongue over the last few months because i burned my tongue really bad back in january and it just has been crazy ever since. if u dont know what GT is, its a condition where your tongue has these patches on it and for some its not painful, but for me it is. there is no known cure and doctors still dont really know anything about it... which.
  22. HEY GUYS. This is my first, of I'm sure many, blog posts about my journey with Accutane. Like most of you, I've had stubborn acne on and off for the last few years and it just recently become a huge downer. SO, I took to the dermatologist to get the tough stuff, and tough stuff he gave. I only ever break out on my chin, but the last 6-8 months it just became unbearable. I've been on 40 MG of Accutane for 15 days now. This past week I had a brutal break out (3-4 cysts on my chin) that
  23. So I'm just starting week seven of 0.1 differin gel and my moderate acne hasn't improved at all. If anything its gotten worse is it normal to be this late in a treatment without seeing any positive results? Any replies are greatly appreciated
  24. Okay so a while ago I posted about having flaky skin and it has NOT went away. It only improved a little bit. The actual reason for this post is that I am thinking of restarting the regimen! I am STILL breaking out and it is my 4.5 month using it! I did start with a lot but it was because a pea size just wasn't enough to cover my whole face. I have tried switching moisturizers so the flakyness could stop, but it has not. So, I have a goal of no flakes and almost clear skin before July! I want to
  25. So I never usually break out, like ever, I'll get one or two smallish pimples once a month, but in the past month I have been breaking out like CRAZY. I have no idea what's going on. My diet hasn't changed, I'm still as active as I always was, I haven't been using any different types of makeup and my regimen is exactly the same, I'm not on any new medication, I did get off the pill but that was last week and my skin has been bad for weeks before that. I can honestly not think of one reason why i