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Found 40 results

  1. runner7891


    QUESTION: Question for the guys out there. I know you aren't supposed to pop/pick whiteheads while on Accutane (because of scaring). But, what do you do when shaving? I have to keep a clean shaven face for work. Of course when I shave, the white heads break open...pretty gross, I know! LOL Just wondering if anyone has advice for shaving the face while on Accutane..?? PS. this Accutane journey kinda sucks..haha but hey I guess it will all be worth it! (better be!) staying positive
  2. every morning i wake up and i have at least 3 new pinple, why is that! im gonna change my routine soon but i dont know why is my skin doing that and theres of every thing, big pimples white head, some big one, small one. if i change my diet maybe?
  3. So I've been on the regimen with store bought products for about a month now. In the past few days I've started breaking out like crazy (10+ pimples and some cysts), along with having a burning sensation and a lot of flaking. I did not have this kind of reaction at all until now. It also burns worse when I put on my neutrogena gentle moisturizer. I'm really close to giving up because the burning is unbearable and my chin is breaking out and flaking like crazy. This doesn't seem normal for a mont
  4. I did the 23andme.com DNA test which tests for a range of inherited health conditons (as well as estimates your ancestry composition, which wasn't as interesting but whatever). Thought you all might be interested because there are DNA markers for - lactose intolerance - fructose intolerance - hemochromatosis (people with these markers are more at risk for iron overload because they metabolize iron differently, there are also theories that people with this mutation handle starchy grain
  5. Simple question. Sounds like a dumb one but recently I went on holiday and was eating rubbish the whole time and didn't get one single break out the whole time. Literally once I started my healthy eating again, I started breaking out. Anyone else had any experience with this?
  6. Im going Bangkok in a few days time and we will be drinking a lot of alcohol hence im worried that i will break out from it. Before Accutane, i actually realised that i break out after drinking alcohol and after masturbation. That sucks a lot since those two are probably some of the most satisfying stuff on earth haha. Masturbation i can control though but alcohol is hard as when i am clubbing or when there is an event, its hard for me not to drink. I also know that alcohol is bad while im on Ac
  7. Intro: I've been on the regimen for 1 week now and I've broken out worse than ever before. Now, I'm not going to be alarmist like a lot of people seem to be on the regimen but I am curious if this is a normal reaction. From reading these forums for a number of days, I've heard of purging and am wondering if that's what this is. Specifics: The breakouts are occurring exclusively on or around my chin despite having treated acne on all areas of my face (forehead, cheeks, etc). The b
  8. Alright, so I'm getting close to the end of the first month and I'm kind of frustrated. I had a pretty big and bad break out on Monday, so bad I had to go have the entire left side of my chin injected so it would go down. I wish that I would just clear up, but it seems like it's going to take a while for me. Oh well, no pain no gain, right? This month, contrary to my last post has FLEW by. I can't believe I've been on this pill for almost a whole month. I'm realizing that I missed a
  9. I have been on the regimen since March 11th and I'm confused because initially I had bad breakouts on my cheeks. That cleared up very well with the treatment in the first month then I began using AHA+ on April 11th. I loved the results I saw from the AHA as well, but Around April 17th I noticed tiny bumps popping up on only 1 side of my nose and they progressed to both sides and actual nose as the weeks went by. I wasn't sure what was causing it and thought maybe I wasn't cleaning well enough si
  10. So I'm sunless tanning... aka tanning bed (for prom!) and although I know you guys don't condone to that type of thing, I'm wondering if I put the tanning lotion on my face (it's a tanning bed lotion "accelerator" - it basically moisturizes your face and preps your skin for the tanning session). And before I get into everything, I've found that tanning sessions (be it in the bed or outdoors) help keep my skin even more clear than they would originally be. I have a list of the ingredients here:
  11. Lia Rae


    From the album: Hopefully My Acne Success Story

    So embarrassing to put this up... I broke out pretty bad. ( But I think it's important to keep an accurate log of what's going on, so I'm trying to stay as positive as possible. This is the first day of deciding to start the healthy gut diet. Wish me luck~
  12. I had been on azurette birth control for a year. Occasionally around my period I would get a single zit on my chin, but for the most part my skin clear. I stopped taking birth control in October for personal reasons. About a few weeks later, the area on around my mouth and ALL over my chin became covered in painful, large, red pimples. I read somewhere that hormonal acne is located on the chin/mouth area. I started back on the pill last week because dealing with my acne was so unbearable. How lo
  13. During the first week taking it back in december of '13, I broke out near my mouth area; Luckily, it was during winter break. After that, there were slight improvements. However on the second month taking it, itve broke out on my jawline as well as my neck.. I never broken out in those areas before as much.. My face would look nice one day, then the complete opposite the next day. Next week would be my third month, ive been experiencing tiny red bumps on my face... Now my forehead has fro
  14. Hey, --BACKGROUND-- I'm a accutane "sufferer" as many on this board. I took isotretinoin from December 2011 to August 2012. I had a quite low daily dose because my skin and lips were so insanely dry. I have also suffered side effects such as tight muscles, sore joints and (mild) depression. A couple of weeks after stopping the course I had a few tiny break-outs and decided to call my derm. He prescribed me differin. I already had two circles of redness high up my cheecks because of
  15. So, about 4 months or so ago I cut out ALL gluten from my diet and my face cleared up within a couple of weeks. It was seriously a miracle. I have suffered from severe cystic (and other types) acne since I was 12 years old and have tried literally everything out there (besides accutane...we have a family history of depression so my mom thought it wouldn't be a good idea). Well, about 4 or 5 weeks ago my face started breaking out again! I nit picked at my diet, alcohol consumption, even the face
  16. Hello I am 16 years old and last Summer, I contacted Skn Clinic seeking help with reducing or somehow eliminating my ice pick acne scars. I rarely got active spots unless it was like a week before I got my period. Due to the fact I was only 15 I wasn't allowed to get any treatment from them. I used to go to my GP and get treatment, which was Zineryt. The first 2 times I used it(separate occasions) I never really saw a change, it was only last October that I used it and saw a change. A month b
  17. I decided to go ahead and buy the AHA since the rest of the products worked so great my face had completely cleared up this is my fourth week on it and after I started the AHA I seemed to break out again I have 2 cysts on my chin and pustules on my neck and forehead. Did this happen to anyone else?
  18. Hi, does anybody know if one does purge during the initial stage of Nimegen consumption? I've been prescribed 10mg dosage and I'm currently eating it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.It has only been nearly a month of consumption but I've been breaking out much more. Every 2 or more (usually blind but not painful) pimples will form even before my old ones heal up. I'm also using homemade mask (cinnamon + honey + egg) every night for the 1 week and I would say it has significantly helped with t
  19. I have been on a healthy eating kick since about January and have lost about 30lbs since then. That being said, I was on a mini vacation this last Thurs-Monday and I was NOT good at all lol.. between eating JUNK and drinking a lot of alcohol my body freaked out. Not only did I run into stomach issues but my chin broke out too. It affected me more than I thought it would! I had these five huuuuge cyst/nodules on my face in the MIDDLE of a bachelorette weekend. And of course I was picking at them
  20. From some of my post here some of you will know I did not develop acne until 24 years old and I have been dealing with it the past 6 years. I had clear skin up until then. I just thought the previous few days that it might be caused by parasites. So I did a google search and it does appear a side affect to parasites can be acne. Has anyone done a parasite cleansing and liver cleansing after and been cured of acne? I generally worry about doing body cleanses as they can do more harm to your bo
  21. So I've battled with acne my entire life, mostly hormonal, and it used to be really f*cking bad. Then I discovered Vitex and Retin A 0.5%, and both of those combined really changed my life and managed to give me near-perfect skin for close to 5 months. I actually couldn't believe how amazing my skin was all summer, a season where my acne is normally at its worst. My acne has also typically been hormonal, and I used to breakout REALLY bad before my periods. This though, like I said, all cleared u
  22. Hi, In the past 2 months or less my acne has been getting 100 times worse, and now it's at its worst in 6 years. I really can't understand what is going on, and I would really appreciate some advice. A brief history of my acne: I'm 22 now (female). My acne started at at 13, it was severe during the teenage years. I tried many topical products and anti-biotics. It has always been localised to my jaw, chin and cheeks. I started taking yasmin a year ago, and it has removed all the acne that was
  23. hi. weird things are happening. god, i have so much to say... but im just so tired of it all ok so, long story short ive developed geographic tongue over the last few months because i burned my tongue really bad back in january and it just has been crazy ever since. if u dont know what GT is, its a condition where your tongue has these patches on it and for some its not painful, but for me it is. there is no known cure and doctors still dont really know anything about it... which.