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Found 706 results

  1. trying to cut a long story short... i took accutane maybe 4 or 5 years ago? pretty sure i alternated 10mg to 20mg/day for a week or two before hitting 40/mg. went through the whole course & it worked wonders. clear skin. no scars. no other permanent side effects acne slowly came back such that i decided to go on a second course in august '08. obviously since i had such great experiences the first time i thought nothing of it but was pretty frustrated dealing w/ acne generally that i jus
  2. Since so many people don't seem to distinguish between repair & restore online.... how has fraxel restore worked for anyone here who has tried it?? I'm thinking about getting it done after accutane...i have a few super deep scars (boxcar&rolling, no icepick). worth it?
  3. Hey all, I just got Smoothbeamed today, I'm really excited to see the results. History: My normal dermatologist has been really cool about giving me laser procedures (for free!), and he's been giving me shots of photo facials and Coolglide Xeo on my problem area (scars on my right cheek), and I have seen my scar soften up and plump up (boxcar scars), but it wasn't enough for me! I wanted the Smoothbeam laser, but my doc didnt have it. So today, I went and saw Dr. DelCampo in Chicago, an
  4. Okay question number one - How likely is it that treatment for shallow rolling scars will have COMPLETE success (i.e. the skin will just look flat and smooth)? I'm pretty sure I have this patch of rolling scars on my right cheek but they disappear completely when I stretch the skin a little - is that a good sign? I do also have blackheads in that area which probably contribute to the uneven texture. Number two - How much does the appearance of scars improve when hyperpigmentation fades? On my o
  5. scars. how long were you out of work for? I had this done and the stiches opened up on me after 2 weeks. did this ever happen to you? any insight would be great. Thanks.
  6. I am a 42 yr. old white male with moderate acne scarring on one cheek. The scars are meduim deep ( boxcar of saucer shaped). Below I will list the treatments I have had done and the results. Dermabrasion: 15 yrs. ago: 20% improvement Deep Chemical peel: 10 yrs ago. Made surrounding skin look great but I detected no improvemnet for acne scars. Co2 Laser Surgery: 5 years ago. Again, great for overall skin, better texture and tone, minimal at best acne scar revision. Collagen injecti
  7. alia1984

    How does this sound

    Ahh I wish I had a pic to show you my scarring...Its not severe....its a few boxcars, and tiny icepicks but enough to make me very self conscious...Ive already done 2 50% cross treatments....I think after 2 or 3 more crosses I definitly want to do either dermabrasion or laser...and then get either artecoll or radiance fillers because I hear they last long....do you guys think this is a good idea? any comments
  8. Hello all.. I'm new here so I'll present the facts - I am a 37 yr old asian male with mild scarring on both cheeks from acne I sustained about seventeen years ago.. I have maybe 1 pitted scar, not too deep, maybe 4 or 5 shallow boxcars, and alot of small little crater-like scars around the area.. (you have to look really close up to see them).. my skin however is very clear -- no red marks and probably some faded brown marks from old acne. About 8 months, I totally changed my diet to Perricone
  9. Anything to be worried about??
  10. Malex

    Healing of Scars

    Hi, I just found this site and think it's great. I have a question, I'm eighteen and my Accutane treatment ended in June and I've noticed that I have some depressed (I think they are the boxcar or wave scars) and red marks still around. I was wondering if these will heal anymore (become more shallow, redness fading, etc.) as time passes or if I'll need treatment for them ( I know I have to wait at least a year after Accutane is stopped). Thanks for your time.
  11. Hey everyone, Has anyone heard of Sonolight Microdermabrasion? (see www.biotecitalia.com for more info) I've had 4/6 treatments, been using the companies advised products, and have seen just a bit of an improvement. I'm thinking of having a Green peel later too, but the thing is I just read up that such treatments only work at a superficial depth. Can anyone honestly tell me whether these or any other treatments work? and please dont mention needling as I spent 3hrs reading up highs and lows
  12. colkurtz88

    Dr.Rapaport in NJ?

    Hi, I'm 24 I've had severe scaring on my left temple area for 6 years and I would like to make it better.I would categorize the scars to be of the boxcar variety?Anyways,my only treatment to date has been get this....2 microdermabrasions.Yup the doc lied to me and said the microdermabrasions would completely get rid of the scars.Well i was naive wasn't I?Well I wan' t to be more careful and more intellegent in making decisions regarding dermatologic surgery and that's why I pose this question,Is
  13. I've had fairly mild cystic acne for the past year, and it started easing up a couple months ago. The acne and red marks are basically gone now, and I've just begun to notice some light scarring. I think they are icepicks and boxcars, they are fairly shallow. I'm just wondering, will they get better with time and exfoliation? I've also heard that as you get older and the collagen/elastin of your skin deteriotes, scars become worse and the un-noticeable ones become noticeable. True? Thanks
  14. I am 19, asian with olive skin, had pretty bad acne last yr, stopped accutane on June and breakouts had stopped in September last yr. When i look at myself in the mirror in normal sunlight or in neutral lighting in my home, my skin tone looks pretty normal except for some icepicks and boxcars contributing to a rough texture. however today, i notice something strange while going 4 a haircut at the hair salon.While i sat in front of the hairdresser under fluoroscent lighting, i was absolutely sho
  15. dreamweaver

    Best Makeup for Covering Scars

    I have been on a terrible quest to find the best makeup for covering up DENTED scars (like rolling and boxcar) and nothing seems to work. Some hold up pretty good for a few hours, then the scars are showing again. I also have alot of redness in my face. Can anyone explain how to get my complexion more even? I thought this might be a good topic for everyone with scarred faces!!!
  16. WillyWonka

    Most successful procedures?

    What's the best procedure for scars/pitting? I have golden honey complexion and don't want hyperpigmentation or hypo. For those who've had time to access their treatments, which has been the most successful in smoothing moderate scarring (icepicks, boxcars, rolling...)? I'm considering smoothbeam or N-lite. And do you have to wait for acne to be gone? I control acne with BP and stuff, but my nose produces so much oil that it constantly produces whiteheads. The pores never dry out, but keep
  17. Colonel Angus

    Home Treatments Gone Wrong

    This board is all about learning what works and what doesn't. To help everyone out I would like this thread to about home/self treatments that went wrong so we can learn collectively. If you have had negative results with home treatments please list it here. I can tell you from personal experience (off the subject of acne) don't use any bloodroot based herbal mole removal on your face. This is one of the reasons I am on this board because it resulted in a boxcar scar and a nice shallower alm
  18. Montoya

    TCA Cross questions

    A lot of people have said that TCA CROSS has raised their scars,which were mostly icepick scars.I have quite a few deep-medium boxcar scars,will 50% TCA eventually raise them or does cross only work well on ice pick scars?Also,if you're planing to have dermabrasion done,how long before the procedure must you stop doing cross?
  19. Hello all. I usually post every few months or so but I follow this board daily. I'd say my scarring is moderate. Some may say its mild, others with flawless skin may think its a little worse than moderate. So far, the only procedure I've done is 6 or 7 self 50% TCA crosses. My first cross was in Feburary and my latest was a few days ago. I'd say I've had a slight noticable improvement in many of my scars so I continue to do this every few months. I REALLLY want to have a dermabrasion performed b
  20. californiagirl1


    Hi, I'm a first-time poster and thought I'd share some information about my recent treatment with Artecoll by Dr. Romano in San Francisco. I'm a 41-year-old female of Irish descent. I've suffered extensive scarring on both my face and back. The scars on my cheeks were rolling, with several ice-pick type scars (medium depth), a couple of boxcars, and a lot of superficial scarring spaced closely together. I've never had any treatments for my scars prior to last week's injections. I shou
  21. olboxcar

    introducing myself

    Hi, I have been lurking for a couple of days now to come up with some kind of regime for myself. First as an older guy (in a few days I'll be 52) I want to tell you all that I wish you didn't have to endure the stigma of acne and its scarring. I am sure we have all experienced how people make light of our condition.... In my earlier days I got to hear comments like, "why don't you wash your face! (that one came from my older brother). And as you know there was very little in the way of treatme
  22. Colonel Angus

    For Those with Boxcar Scars

    Does the skin inside your boxcar scars have follicles and pores? Does the texture inside match the surrounding normal skin? Colin
  23. I was wondering if anyone has tried any at Home/OTC things to treat depressed acne scarring on the face. Scar pads? At home dermabrasion kits? Most of what I've read on the net says at home stuff only clears raised scars but does anyone have any info? Thanks I would really appreciate the help!
  24. natali21

    Acne scarring

    here is a pic of my scars on one side of my cheek. I think theyre rolling and maybe some boxcar. Anyway, if anyone has any info or suggestions on what procedure would be best for this and what type of scarring this is let me know. I just cut this off of a pic i found on the comp of myself. The picture was taken from underneath me.