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Found 500 results

  1. I've been working on some scarring on one of my cheeks. I've already done 3 subcisions with temporary filler as a one-month post-subcision followup. It's helped but the jagged edges are what really stand out to me, I don't think subcision can touch those. I'm trying Intracel starting next month and am wondering if I'm making the right call? I use Retin A .1 every night. All of these photos are with makeup on; I always wear makeup anyway so I just want to resolve textural issues. The sca
  2. Hey everyone- I still have a while to go before I can even start treating my scars, as I am currently on my final month of accutane. It is just really disappointing to suddenly have a face full of scars after perfect skin my whole life. Most of my scars are rolling and create huge dents in my skin. It is super discouraging. I'm actually seeing a psychiatrist. I have researched SOOOO much, and seen actual results from real studies and real people. But still, it just seems impossible that I
  3. My skin has been confusing the hell out of me lately!!! To the point where I don't even know how I really look like anymore!! Example as to what I mean??? Well, some days I can use a primer (such as Benefit or NYX) to make my scars look smoother and filled in and less defined. Some days I can take a picture or a video and I can feel mostly great and I can only tell a little half of my scars. Like pictures of me at my mom's wedding, pictures at my sister's wedding, carnival photo booth p
  4. I just started on Linda Sy's Skincare with Green Cream. AM: Tea Tree Cleasner with Calendula Linda Sy's Lactic Acid 10% lotion Green Cream around the eyes - as eye cream - for milia and dark eye circles Linda Sy's Optimal light sunscreen SPF 15 Botany 101 Mineral Makeup PM Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser Tea Tree Cleanser with Calendula (1) Green Cream or (2) Linda Sy's Acne Gel - 2% sal acid and CP serum - layered. and Green Cream as eye cream. once a week 30% Glycolic
  5. Hey all, I just got Smoothbeamed today, I'm really excited to see the results. History: My normal dermatologist has been really cool about giving me laser procedures (for free!), and he's been giving me shots of photo facials and Coolglide Xeo on my problem area (scars on my right cheek), and I have seen my scar soften up and plump up (boxcar scars), but it wasn't enough for me! I wanted the Smoothbeam laser, but my doc didnt have it. So today, I went and saw Dr. DelCampo in Chicago, an
  6. I am a 42 yr. old white male with moderate acne scarring on one cheek. The scars are meduim deep ( boxcar of saucer shaped). Below I will list the treatments I have had done and the results. Dermabrasion: 15 yrs. ago: 20% improvement Deep Chemical peel: 10 yrs ago. Made surrounding skin look great but I detected no improvemnet for acne scars. Co2 Laser Surgery: 5 years ago. Again, great for overall skin, better texture and tone, minimal at best acne scar revision. Collagen injecti
  7. Ahh I wish I had a pic to show you my scarring...Its not severe....its a few boxcars, and tiny icepicks but enough to make me very self conscious...Ive already done 2 50% cross treatments....I think after 2 or 3 more crosses I definitly want to do either dermabrasion or laser...and then get either artecoll or radiance fillers because I hear they last long....do you guys think this is a good idea? any comments
  8. scars. how long were you out of work for? I had this done and the stiches opened up on me after 2 weeks. did this ever happen to you? any insight would be great. Thanks.
  9. I have some long lasting scarring on my forehead which has been severely affecting my confidence. I’ve attached some clear photos, there is one boxcar like scar which is about one sheet of paper deep and bothers me the most. Could anybody suggest treatment options for this? I have recently started using Tretinoin 0.025% + Clindamycin for blocked pores but not sure it will help with this wide atrophic scar? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a dermastamp but I hear purchasing a dodgey one could do more bad than good. So could anyone here who's experienced recommend where they purchased their dermastamp? Also has anyone purchased from the site below and can testify? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Derma-Micro-Needle-Stamp-1-5mm-Scars-Acne-Pits-Wrinkles-CIT-/231313658682?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=item35db5e533a&_uhb=1 Thanks
  11. I have a lot boxcar, rolling scar and some ice pick, my face is lije a mess!!! Previously, i have used derma roller and salicylic acid to peel and stop for sometime. Recently i just purchase a tca 30% + salicylic acid 5% solution, last friday i just patch test my face, now just in healing time. I have read a lot tca cross and tca peel review and results, now i wonder should i test the tca cross first and see the result? Or direct for a peel? Because i search from the web, doctor is using thi
  12. This thread will go thru my journey as I get my scar treatment. I plan on getting mixto with subcision with dr David rahimi. I am quite young only 18 so I figured why not get my treatment when my scars and I are young. Any my questions you have I will answer. I will post pictures of my scars once most people join in on the thread. But right now my scars are mild not super mild but not yet moderate more in the middle. I have mostly box car scars with a couple ice pick and about one your two
  13. Check out the photos of my current acne scarring. Would needling result in an effective (and cost effective) improvement in my scars? I have done some research on derma rolling, the DermaPen and the new e-DermaStamp (from the original derma roller company). I am leaning towards booking an appointment for an e-dermastamp treatment because I have read several articles about DermaPen and how it can cause micro-tearing. What are your thoughts on this? My story: I had severe acne which was cured
  14. If you've done some reading on the treatments available for scarring, you probably would have come across horror stories; especially from laser. After all, its just nature to overestimate the odds of dreadful but infrequent events. And I'm ultimately, not rewarded for not taking any action. Somewhere in April, I've tried out dermarolling; which I'd seen slow but substantial results from. Strengthened by newer advances in technology, I'm glad that I've finally took the first step to solve my prim
  15. plz try to read it ... it will take just 5 minutes ,or if u dont have time see my pics and if u know anything i can do about them please let me know ,, i have to edit my pics to hdr so as to make my scars visible as in my camera my scars doesnt look that bad but in iphone(i checked in a mall) they look terrible as i phones camera is quite good. hello everyone, i never had severe acne ,, just few months before i had like many bumps on my left cheek and they left like lot of red and brown mark
  16. I am interested in doing the tca cross scar treatment at home. I haven't found much information about it online. I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly to do tca cross? Any links or videos would really help me and anybody else interested in doing tca cross at home. Are some scars too big to do tca cross on? What size are scars supposed to be to do tca cross on?
  17. The pictures below are the result of the first dermapen treatment Hi everyone, I have been wondering around this site and on youtube for the past few years trying to find out how to get rid of my rolling and boxcar scars on my cheeks. I was an inch away from having a CO2 laser done but I my mind kept telling me to try the dermaroller first due to how expensive it was I made a pledge to myself that once I find out something that works I will give back that knowledge. After sev
  18. Hi, this is my first time posting here. I don't have any active acne anymore but I have three craters/boxcar scars on my forehead (they have been there for a while). As they are on my forehead, it is quite prominent (pictures attached).One of them also has hyperpigmentation. Right now I am just using Vitamin-E oil, Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer and sunblock during the day. My goal is to remove the hyperpigmentation and reduce the scars so they are hardly visible or even vanish th
  19. My acnes been on and off in the past 4 years. I just finished Accutane and I'm acne free now but I have scars that are 4 years old. They have only faded a little, but they aren't that bad just a few boxcars and icepicks. Anyway my question is I see so many different scar treatments I have no idea which one I should do. Is there a general consensus on what the best scar treatment is? Also, I've read they aren't even guranteed to work. Do they work? Or should I just pay $450 to get my scars remov
  20. Hello. I am 27 years old and have this scars about 7-8 years. Searching alot about my scars and which treatments would be better for me. As you can see at photos i have lots of ice picks and 3-4 boxcars. For my ice picks, people advised TCA cross. and for boxcars excision. For me i am ready to accept excision for my boxcars. having some holes on your face makes you try everything and makes you brave to try treatments. I think i need a combo treatment. including tca cross + tca peel, excision,
  21. I have had pretty moderate to severe bacne for almost 20 years (I'm 42) and finally using Dans regimen it is beginning to clear up. However the scarring is ruining my life and I mean that - I think I have been in a depression for 20 years because of this. I am thinking about using a dermaroller on my back but its difficult to find any real evidence that this will give me the positive results I want as nobody anywhere seems to have done this on their back. My scarring is a mixture of rolling sc
  22. After having 7 fraxel restores, 3 subcisions, stamping for months, using an endless range of serums and creams and lotions, and just taking care of my skin for years. Eating healthy, popping vitamins. EVERYTHING! My boxcar scars are there and very noticeable. All the treatments did help a lot with the severe redness in my scars. Had this redness for a long time, can't remember exactly but over a year and wasnt getting better. But in terms of depth and shape, these scars are still as aweful as ev
  23. hi guys, first of all, im clear and now im dealing with red marks left from acne and i believe i have "BOXCAR scar"(i researched the types) and now i wanna know what can cure or reduce them, i read reviews that EMU oil and deffirin .3% can but im not sure which one i should go, and im still on the regimen(1.Cetaphil 2.acne.org Treatment 3.Alba Moisturizer) My question is again "how do i heal or reduce my boxcar scars" and also i want you to know i have oily skin =[ so which one do you prefer fr