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Found 23 results

  1. KATE75

    E- Dermastamp

    Has anyone had an e-dermastamp treatment for their acne scars? I was thinking of trying this out for the rolling and boxcar scars on my chin but would like to know if there is anyone out there who has tried it. If so, did you find it more effective than the regular dermastamp treatment? Thanks.
  2. aFantastic

    Derma(Stamp/roller/pen) Advice

    Hello to one and all. I have been following acne.org for a long time. I saw a thread relating to Dermarollers/Dermastamp/Dermapen which spoke about peoples experiences with these methods for scar revision. It was a few years old so Im bringing the questions back again for an updated discussion of the outcome of this treatment. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment?
  3. fgsiana

    Acne Scars Pics Included

    Hi I am new here. I hope someone can help me with my scar. It is not that severe, but I have scars for a while now and I would like to know what will be the best result to solve it. I think my scar is under the boxcar category, but not sure. can you tell me what kind of scar I have and what will be a good treatment for it ? I am also planning to visit a dermatologist soon.
  4. Hiii, So I've been using Differin for 17 weeks now and have been very patient with it - went through an annoying breakout period - and right now I have no more than six spots I am waiting to die down. Anyway, the main focus of my BP was on my right cheek therefore left a few scars (shucks D: it's pretty smooth though which is shocking) and they're mostly a mixture of boxcar scars which are still red-ish and PIH scars. I talked to my GP about it and said that there was nothing I can
  5. Hello everyone! Im new here but i've been a lurker on this website for months now.. after obsessively searching scar treatments and reading SO many posts on here, I finally decided to create a post. Im planning to get my atrophic scars treated once and for all. Ive tried just about every topical under the sun (ones that claim to get rid of scars) .. I'm done doing that, it's clear that topicals do nothing for ATROPHIC scars (maybe hypertrophic but not the indents). As far as scar treatments, I h
  6. BallinLikeAnAthlete

    Suggestions for acne scar treatments

    I’m 20 years old and live in stockholm, Sweden. I’ve had acne since I was 15 but only had severe acne bertween the ages of 17-18. After that though I had a lot of hyper pigmentation and then after that a lot of scaring. Any suggestions on treatments would be great since I’m looking into get some treatments done soon. Please let me know what types of scars I have and what treatments I can get done to make them less noticeable. I know they will never completely go away but any improvement is bette
  7. Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to read my post I'm trying to figure out where mr.wantsgreatskin is . He has been a member on here since 2009 and I'm wondering what happened to him and why he hasn't logged on. I'm really trying to get a hold of him , so if you know his name or any other thing about him please let me know. Also , mr.wantsgreatskin if you see this , please log into your account I have sent you a lot of messages and I have been trying to get a hold of you since July
  8. Been off accutane for almost 3 months Dents are literally scattered across my face: forehead, temples, cheeks, between eyebrows & jawline Hyperpigmentation is mainly on my cheeks & somewhat on my temples and forehead I am just getting so tire of looking in the mirror at my 18 year old skin and it already looks like I have the skin of a 46 year old. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs and my skin looks so unhealthy. Right now, I am going to be using bio-oil on my temples and a bit of m
  9. Post as of 18/02/2016 Hello folks, I am 18(5'8"and weigh 65 kg)and of Southeast Asian-American descent.After battling with acne for over five years,I finally got accutane!You can think that my acne isn't bad enough to start accutane,but the real reason for starting the drug is that I'm extremely prone to scarring(whether I pick or not),even from whiteheads!I have also got body acne-nothing bad but quite extensive.Another thing that bothers me is that the scars also have Post Inflammatory Erythe
  10. Lorzz

    Boxcar scars edges

    I've had some procedures for my acne scars, 1x subcision and 2x dermapen with my dermatologist. I plan to get maybe 1-2 more subcisions and maybe 1 more dermapen. I've had some good results with these, and most of my atrophic scars are almost level with my skin.Now my problem is that I still have quite a few stubborn boxcar scars that have jagged edges, and I don't really see these being treated with subcision. Maybe microneedling can help, but while they've softened a bit, they still stand out.
  11. People help my i have one severe acne scar between my eyebrows what should i do i dont know anything about this .Can i get some advices.
  12. I have a consultation on january 18th with Dr Steven S. Carp in Akron/Canton area. The consultation fee is $75 but it was waived because I mentioned a website (realself.com) that advertised this doctor. The lady on the phone asked what I was coming in to have looked at and I said post accutane acne scars on my cheeks and fine lines around my mouth and forehead. I have already had two fraxel repairs with subcision done with a different doctor with minimal results. The lady right away s
  13. Unfortunatly i have to wait a few months to start Accutane. I have a moderate case of acne with alot of red marks from old acne. My skin is sensitive because i get the marks from pimples even if i dont pick at them. Ive been on the regimen before but i stopped using it and went to antibiotics because i heard that bp can make red marks worse. I understand that the best solution for pih is preventing acne but the thought of bp making my marks worse or making them last longer sucks. It seems this t
  14. i am 16 years old and i had mild cystic acne and just pimples in general from the age of 11-14. for the past year i haven't had any bad breakouts, just a few pimples here and there, but i am left several icepick and boxcar scars from my previous acne and i didn't even pick at my acne that much. a couple weeks ago i started using the neutrogena microdermabrasion system at home to help my indented scars. i feel like this machine is a good exfoliator. is this is a good idea? is my skin to young to
  15. Hi- I could really use some advice about scar treatments! I did accutane two years ago and am almost completely clear, but my cheeks were left with a mixture of scarred pores, small/shallow boxcar scars, and 2-3 icepick scars per side. My cheeks look quite similar to this person's skin, except the pores are bigger https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/58743-50-tca-cross-experiment/?page=1 I went to see my dermatologist's technician for the first time yesterday, and she recommended 3-4 round
  16. Scarsarejustmemories

    Acne scar treatment required and type of scar

    Hi everybody, Anyone please help me. I have done numerous amount of microneedling and 1 session of Total FX with minimal results. I have no idea what scars i really have and what treatment i must undergo to see improvement. My main concern is my temples and cheek bone area. It means alot to me if i can get some opinion here. Thanks alot
  17. Lorzz

    Boxcar scars edges

    I've had some procedures for my acne scars, 1x subcision and 2x dermapen with my dermatologist. I plan to get maybe 1-2 more subcisions and maybe 1 more dermapen. I've had some good results with these, and most of my atrophic scars are almost level with my skin. Now my problem is that I still have quite a few stubborn boxcar scars that have jagged edges, and I don't really see these being treated with subcision. Maybe microneedling can help, but while they've softened a bit, they still stand o
  18. Hey im 21 and i have suffered with acne since i was 13. I didnt treat it back then because i didnt have money and parents have always hated me, so im left with a bunch of ugly scars. I have improved a lot over the years with my acne, though it still there and i want to go on accutane. I also improved my scars. I have used dermarollers for a couple of years now, size 1.0 trough the current 3.0. I used all gels and creams, kitoscell, mederma, retin-a 0.1%, tca peels, Glycol peels, microdermabrassi
  19. Hello. I am new here and I created an account to see if I could get some advice from people with experience with acne similar to mine. In the past, my acne wasn't as severe in the pictures (seen below) but it still bothered me then. Back then, my primary care doctor had me on birth control (Tri-Sprintec). I was on it twice. The first time was for 1 year, 26 days (12/20/2015 to 01/14/2017). The second time was 9 months, 8 days (2/12/2017 to 11/19/2017). It did help my acne then but over time
  20. Hello, I had really bad acne in my early 20s which was treated with Tazorac. This treatment work wonderfully for my type of acne, however I was left with moderate to severe scars on my face. I have always wanted to get these scars removed but it wasn't until now that I finally decided to take initiative. The first dermatologist I consulted recommend a combination of things. She said that I would only be able to see a difference in my skin if I combined different procedures. She recommended subci
  21. Good evening all. Just thought I'd update you all regarding my acne scar treatment. Tomorrow I am going in for dermal fillers, esthelis is the name of the particular filler they will be injecting. Quick recap of my treatment history: 7 fraxel restores, 3 vbeams, 10 months of dermal stamping, and a ton of serums, creams, lotions, and topicals in general. Have also had 3 subcision treatments. I mainly have boxcar scars however do also have some rolling and ice pick. The boxcar scars are the
  22. I've had acne scars for about 10-15 years. I've attached images below. My theory is that I got these scars after being on Accutane. I think they are icepick and boxcar type, but I'd love a second opinion. I live in San Francisco and have tried some fraxel laser but with very limited results. Tried some microneedling too, but have not done it regularly. I finally have some time off to devote to finding the right solution to my scars, and I wanted to seek some opinions from the community.