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Found 383 results

  1. Bourjoi Blusher gets good rating on ciao.co.uk I have seen the brand at boots and superdrug. Anyone know is its oil free and non-comogenic? I haven't been able to locate a website for the brand. If no one knows about this product, please tell me of a non-comogenic blush I can buy cheap in boots / superdrug etc. in UK. thx
  2. has anyone tried using oil of ulay day cream ?? is it non comodogenic ?? and can u use a moisturizer + a sun block + foundation +blusher ??
  3. Come on people....let us know what is good for you. I'll start. My skin type: Normal to dry. color MAC NC30 with yellow undertone. Foundation & Concealer Rimmel Hydrasense Flawless Hydrating Make Up (foundation): More like tinted moisturizer than foundation. Very light coverage. Great for people who want to even out your skin tone. I love it because that's all I need in foundation. If I want to cover any scar, I use concealer. Rimmel Hydrasense Concealer: I don't like the
  4. hi my name is duckie! ok this what i wear in this order 1) the CG compact (color- ivory) it is "aquasmooth" but it all over my face 2) the same but more like a powder but it all over my face 3) then Caboodles (pink blush) but it all over my face 4) then Clinique (glosswear- air kiss) on my lips 5) then another clinique eyeshadow ( color- seashell pink) i put it only on the eye lid 6) then revlon eyeliner (black flash) it only goes on the bottom eye 7) then Clinique mascare (Jet bl
  5. ~Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer, Tinted (white tube in skincare aisle, not the brown on in the cosmetics aisle) is my favorite, sheer-coverage foundation that uses zinc oxide as it's UVA sunscreen rather than titanium dioxide. I have learned to avoid t.d. as it breaks me out like the rising of the Rocky Mountains. It isn't very matte, though. ~For a soft-matte-finish sheer-coverage foundation, I like Clinique's Almost Makeup. It says in the ingredients that t.d. is the "active" sun
  6. well i got my first order from them last week and i must say this my HOLY GRAIL of makeup.I love this stuff the mineral foundation looks beautifull on my skin and it's perfect for anyone with blemish prone,oily,or sensitive skin. I was using tinted moisturizer but I wanted to try this and I'm glad I did.You can order sampls for everything they have and they are CHEAP.I've been applying the pure powder with a makeup sponge and concealing as needed with the pure cover.Also the blush is gorgeous an
  7. From the album: Makeup works wonders sometimes

    Cover FX cream foundation B15 Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation "Golden" Physicians Formula loose powder bronzer Everyday Minerals blush I was surprised how great my skin looked in this photo and loved the look of the combination of all these products, but they were contributing to clogged pores unfortunately. The Bobbi Brown foundation would be the safest to use though.
  8. Hi guys, thought I'd post up my regimen for a face that absolutely needs to stay put under harsh, humid conditions. Not sure if it is able to be modified for darker complexions...? Anyways, I need a real sunscreen on my face, so I use Shiseido 55 block, & it has been a life saver for me. image- http://www.sun-block.net/d/sale.photo/0/b/...SPF-55-PA-2.jpg All other products have failed for me in major ways. I let that sit for 10 to 15 minutes before putting on makeup... I skip foundation
  9. Has anyone tried Sephora's Mineral Foundation Compact? I've been looking for a good mineral makeup, and the website says that this foundation is formulated without talc or bismuth, two ingredients that I've heard irritate and break out sensitive skin. I usually don't wear foundation or much makeup at all (my normal routine consists of Clinique Redness Solutions Concealer on my red spots/active pimples and Benefit blush, and that's pretty much it), so I'm looking for something that looks natura
  10. Hello all, I just like to know what do you guys use. Any what's the best products for each bands. As for me I'm using - Laura mercier (Foundation) - Mac (Blush ) - Make up store (loose powder) what do you girls use? I want to have idea to by new one. Please share your experience.
  11. Hey ladies, I don't really wear blush at all, thats why I'm a totally newbie to this amazing makeup product that can make any skintone glow. I want to buy a blush that's acne-prone skin and sensitive skin(what i have) friendly. So any options? Any opinions? I use mineral makeup but its so simple, ingredient wise, and the blush from that company contains mica, and I'm scared to try it since I have sensitive skin. So any help would be appreciated!
  12. hey guys, i've never in my life thought that a blusher can cause acne and aggravate your skin, cause i always wear it over my foundation, and i'm quite cautious on the foundations i use. so i've read this article few days ago on that a blusher has something in it that causes acne, and when i looked at myself in the mirror i noticed that my acne is popping out on the area that i apply my blush on. so please girls be careful
  13. I really prefer it when women wear little to no makeup, unless it's nighttime or a special occasion. I like to wear as little makeup as possible--Usually powder foundation and a sheer blush with a thin layer of eyeliner on my top eyelid. However, I have the tendency to go overboard with my makeup on days when I feel that my skin is especially bad in order to "compensate" and draw attention away from my bad skin. In retrospect, though, I think this probably draws more attention to the fact tha
  14. i've had bags/dark circles since i was a kid. absolutely nothing i can do about it, i swear. i've got the italian sunken eyes from my grandpa . i asked my dermatologist about the darkness and he said that because of my bone structure it's likely that the problem isn't too many blood vessels in that area but just the fact that the skin is thin and because my eyes are sunken the light hits my face in a way that always makes them look dark. i experimented with a lot of creams & concealers for
  15. Alright. So I've always wondered what the hell I'm doing wrong with not taking care of my skin... Yes I'm a little oily however I make it a point to eat right...exercise daily...and wash my face when necessary. My two sisters have beautiful skin however they have the occasional breakouts like I do as well. Anyways, a few days ago I had a fit and threw all my makeup on the counter. My mom was standing there upset about how upset I was. And she said, "Cassie! Your brushes are filthy!" I just re
  16. Anyone tried them yet? Pressed mineral makeup seems like it would be awesome. Going to place an order for a foundation, but their blush is not available yet.
  17. Well, we all know it's a cult classic that has been winning every blush award since the stone ages, which is making me want to buy it. I know there are thousands of reviews for this blush on makeupalley, but for us oily-skinned, scarred, acne-prone girls, how does this blush hold up? Does it make anybody break out? The color looks diviine in the picture and i'm just dying to try it, but i'd like a few honest opinions on it before I dish out the $$. Thanks dolls.
  18. So, after 2 accutane courses, getting off the pill, and using retin-a and hydroquionone cream, I am finally, finally!, happy with my skin. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and don't recognize myself. Is that me? With such beautiful skin? With NO makeup on? Oh yeah. Yeah! After years of cysts, blackheads, oily skin, excema, melasma and psoriacis I love my skin. But. But. I need to be careful. I use all my meds religiously. I do not want to jinx myself 9 months pre-wedding. I
  19. Hey guys! Well - I'm looking for a new foundation. This is fun for me. I am a product junkie and it takes ALOT for me to stick with one product. Right now I am using a mary kay foundation which is okay - it leaves my skin streaky and in a few hours I feel like I'm wearing a mask. In the past I've used MAC studio fix ( broke me out)- sheer cover( color was off) - clinque ( their colors are off too! ). I've started Dans regimen and I know I am not suppose to be wearing makeup - so I'm not for the
  20. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know (if you don't know already) that Aubrey Nicole is coming out with their line of pressed mineral makeup including: pressed foundation, pressed blush, and pressed finishing powders! I have their concealer and I'm really loving it, and even though I love my Everyday Minerals foundations, Aubrey Nicole is tempting me w/ their new stuff! How cool is this?? Aubrey Nicole lovers, start saving your $$$$!
  21. Hi! so yes.... i take tons of pics all the time.. and i also take a ton of time.. trying to pic out a foundation that matches my neck... so i don't look like a ghost-- or so that i look like im wearing foundation. but no matter how hard i try to make my foundaiton look darker.. when i take a pic.. my face always looks sooo much lighter than my body.. should i just rely on what i see int he mirror.. or should i go for a darker foundaiton altogether... i dont want to look like i have dirt on my
  22. I went to NYC with a friend last weekend and visited the Sephora store in times square. Needless to say it was one of my favorite sights on our trip and we spent like 2 hours there! Hey, we're from Louisiana so it was a treat for us! Anyways, out of all the things I tried there, I HAD to buy the Tarte gel blush in flushed. I'm usually not a blush person at all, cuz the powdered ones are always streaky and uneven = not flattering on me whatsoever. But this one made me look so rosy and purt
  23. I have been trying to achieve a more natural, dewy look for a while now. I love EDM and most of the time I love how matte my skin looks when wearing it- but lately I have been trying to develop an everyday makeup look that is more sheer and light in feel and appearance. Sometimes I go overboard with EDM and apply so much and although my complexion looks flawless I wanted to find a way to distract focus from breakouts without covering up too much that my skin cant breath during the day. So toda
  24. Since so many people uses mineral makeup on this board, I think this will be an interesting read for many. A Special Report by Paula Begoun and Bryan Barron Mineral makeup has become a sizzling hot topic these days garnering an amazing amount of attention as if some miracle of cosmetics has been created. Infomercials glorify its attributes demonstrating magic results with a swift brushedon application, and there are online chat rooms dedicated to the topic. With all this buzz it’s no wonder