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Found 1,000 results

  1. Hi i hope someone here can help me, im a girl and old and have had a problem with spots for a few years now. I'd say i have moderate acne i dont have really big sore spots just anoying little ones all over my face. They really damage my self-asteem i feel ugly all the time and shy. I have lots of my forehead, on my nose, chin, both sides of my eyes and bad on my cheeks and some on the bottom of my face. I've had loads of different creams from the doctor but nothing works to clear it up. The li
  2. jhizzy

    Cooltouch Laser

    Hi everybody I asked Joel to add a new laser treatment to the product ratings section. I am looking into getting Cooltouch laser treatment for my blackheads on my forehead and cheeks. I would appreciate any input that you guys could contribute especially from those of you that had this treatment done. Does it work? Is it effective? Finally, is it worth the expensive pricetag? Josh
  3. RahGoAwayAcne

    Type of acne ?

    I'd post pictures but I don't have the self-confidence to take one. My skin, well, I've yet to come across someone with the same kind of skin as me, most people tend to have a patch of biggish spots with clear skin in parts. Me, well I rarely get big spots, but I NEVER have any clear skin. Every pore is filled with some sort of 'gunk'. I have a lot of blackheads around my nose and a few on my head that aren't as noticeable. But EVERY pore is filled with whiteish serum, its not that noticeable wh
  4. Midnite8

    Need Help

    I've been reading these forums and trying out products people had success with but I myself have not had any success with them. I need a new regimen and any tips/advice. Here's some pics of my acne, it's mainly on the side of my face going down to my cheek area as you can see. It's blackheads mixed with whiteheads all over. I have had this for about 2 years and I am 16 years old. I have tried Tazorac, Benzaclin, Neutragena Advanced Solutions, C&C products, and I've been taking Minocycline f
  5. Hey people, so has anyone here seen or heard of FREEDERM GEL? i just wanna know if it has helped anyone or not, i brought some but am scared to use it in case it dries my skin out like really badly... im currently taking the birth control pill MARVELON but i still have like a million blackheads and i get small white heads which are really horrid, my skin is sensitive so im always worried about what i put on it... anyway let me know if you have any info... cheers
  6. sickofacne113

    Chin Acne. someone help me

    I have had some VERY stubborn chin acne for 10 months now. I have used probably 20 different moisteurizers and medicine and it is still no better. It consists of blackheads, pustles, and the occasional small cyst. It has been a continuous cycle for the last 10 months. I will get my chin nearly clear for about 2 weeks, then I will get a whole new group of pustles. Then I clear it, then more pustles, it is a continuous cycle. The acne is only on my chin, it never spreads to my face {the rest of
  7. Ok, I've always considered my acne mild to moderate, and now I have pictures, so that might help better with posting. http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3223/acneic6.jpg (brown thing's a mole, haha) http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/9743/acne2vy0.jpg Other side: http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/4122/acne3vq1.jpg http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/6394/acne4rz8.jpg Nose: http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/6979/acne5oq1.jpg (it doesn't show the blackheads very well, but i have those too ) For
  8. Hi i am fairly new to this and i don't know much about my skin and what i should or shouldn't be doing. Here are the pictures of my problem: Here is my nose (What are these black spots and how can they be removed?): http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/2272/nosebj6.jpg Here is one part of my cheek (Again these black spots appear, along with red bumps and white spots all in the same area): http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/6094/cheek4tt2.jpg The only thing i ever do is wash my face with warm wa
  9. Hi, i'm new to this and all and yesterday i bought my first set of products. These were Nivea for Men Moisturising Face Wash and Nivea for Men Invigorating Face Scrub. Anyone ever used these products and had any bad/good experiences?? Because i sometimes hear that peoples skin gets worse after they started using products, so i am a little concerned. Basically i get breakouts everywhere, dry skin after washing my face and my face is oily in the morning so complete opposites lol. I also have bl
  10. BASSIS

    My Battle

    Hi all, First poster here. I'm writing because I'm really desperate for help and understanding about my silent battle I've been having with acne over the past 2 months. Here's my story. (Please give me lots of feedback! I need to learn more and to find out if there is a loophole in my regimen.) In high school I had terrible acne outbreaks starting about when I hit puberty. I got medication. My doctor put me on Minocycline once a day (now being taken twice daily), Retin-A Micro at night a
  11. hey u guys seem to have a wealth of knowledge in this topic. well, ive got blackheads all over my nose, when i use salycilic acid(my cleanser) to wash my face the blackheads all turn into whiteheads for like 10 minutes or so. It happens all the time, should i switch my cleanser? P.s im also on differin0.1% Any help will be appreciated TANKS
  12. savageme


    My acne is significantly improving!! I have finally found the right regimen! Using dans idea of being a gentle as you can to your skin while washing and stuff has really helped me alot. Inbetween each step I wait 10 min before doing the next. It really lets the BP, SA, and sulfur soak in, dry out and penetrate the pores before I add anything else. The murad products, although I have been adviced not to use, are what has helped me the most to get rid of my white heads the fastest withough damagin
  13. I'm sorry, the blackhead forum gets no traffic. I see people in here talking about blackhead treatments all the time and figured "why not!? it's only my life!" I've been using that Roc night creme for about 6 months and LOVE IT. It is probably the only product I have used in my life that works. However, I didn't buy it for blackheads, I bought it for wrinkles under the eyes. I have tried Paula's BHA 2% and it's simply not strong enough for my condition. I'm looking for something STRONG. I cons
  14. I have had acne since I was 12, now I am 17 and it has not gone away. I went to a dermatologist and he said it was because of exercise, he said I was young and it would go away only if I leave the gym. Anyway he did not do any analysis and only looked at me, wasn't he supposed to do something else? Anyway, here are some pictures: http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa275/j...um/S6300813.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa275/j...um/S6300812.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa275/j...u
  15. Fitness_Freakazoid

    Englarged Pores ??? Please Help?

    Alright. The englarged pores arent a huge deal. I always had clear skin up to the point where I developed an eating disorder & lost my period and I ended up breaking out with acne all over my face and neck. Severe acne and blackheads. Whatever there is you can get on the face lemme tell you, I HAD EM!! Anyways ... I decided to go on the birth control (tri cyclen regular) to regulate my period because when I started getting treatment for my eating disorder, I started eating more food and do
  16. Spedtep

    Need Some Help

    Hey everybody! I'm new around here and wanted to ask for some help with my acne. I'm 14 and a Freshman in High school. I've had acne since I was about 11 or so. It's i mild-moderate acne. I break out a lot around my chin, nose and forehead mainly. It's usually a lot of little red bumps, not extremely huge pimples on my chin, along with a few blackheads, and around my nose theres a lot of blackheads. On my forehead, it's a lot of little bumps too. Occasionally I'll get a big whitehead, or big re
  17. 123kid

    Noob needs help

    hey i found this mesage board while googeling around.. now im 17 (oily-normal skin) and ive had acne since grade 8 (14 years old) and ive been to a dermatologist who gave me this antibiotic which contains benzol peroxide. That gave me an allergic reaction in which i had to go to diffrent hospitals just to figure out it was that ingrediant. Then a dermaologist said i had a skin infection (i forgot what it was called).. .she thhen put me on acutane for about 6 months, which worked really well... n
  18. About 4 months ago I decided that I was done with all the acne products I have been buying for the last year. While all of them made claims that about acne nothing worked for me . Finally I realized after a conversation with my boyfriend I had a small epiphany . No one product will clear the zits and scars instantly; my face need to time heal. This may sound dumb, but in the back of mind I hoped that the next product I bought would be the miracle product that would clear my skin. So I
  19. facemanguy


    i dont really have bad acne i just get a pimple every once in a while but i do have oily skin and a lot of blackheads on my nose so will dan kerns regimen help my skin? i also have a little bit of redness under my lips.
  20. I tried Dan's Regimen for about 2 months....no results. The moisturizer hardly absorbed. I am currently using a glycerin face bar and stridex pads, and it too is doing nothing. I have mild acne, its in patches the sides of my upper face, a little on my forehead, my nose (mostly blackheads and clogged pores) and my chin, which has these miniature comedones that are only visible if I stretch it. I dont know what to do. I Was on proactiv, but it did nothing. Should I go to a dermatologist? The main
  21. ok well starting the second week of the dip, first week sucked ass. Nothing changed, if anything at all i got more oily and my forehead got all blotchy. So Ihavent used and soap in the past 2 days, and ive found its still no good. My skin feels pretty smooth, but alot of blackheads have come to the surface, and end up looking like little red pimples on my forehead, and it seriously looks bad. MAybe a slight bit less oily but, ugh. Today i actually feel like i dont belong in society, this is such
  22. insomnia!


    I know when you extractions done by an esthetician, they can extract blackheads. However, are they able to extract closed comedones as well?
  23. Hi all. Looking for some advice or suggestions on how to deal with a mild problem area. See, my cheeks, nose, and forehead are perfectly clear and smooth. I get an occasional blackhead or whitehead but they can be easily extracted using my tool and leave little or no redness behind. However, I tend to get very small bumps (which I think are just really tiny whiteheads) around the sides of my chin. I can only see them if I'm right up on my mirror, and they're usually the same color as my skin (
  24. Zealot's Fire

    Some sort of blackhead

    Hi, I have some sort of blackheads on my nose. There about 5-10 of them. They look like some clogged black head, they look gray-ish, are a bit higher than the rest of the skin... I tried to take pics, but i think they don't show up much. Can anyone help me on what they are and how to treat them? Thanks in advance.
  25. I'm 18 years old and I have had acne since my 16. In the beginning it wasn't that bad, but these past few months it really got worse. I'm going to a dermatologist soon. Do you guys/girls think my acne is severe enough to ask for accutane? As you can see on the pics I have lots of red marks on my cheeks and still some active pimples. My nose has lots of blackheads.