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Found 56 results

  1. hey guys i'm 20 years old and i have mild acne that appears only 10 days before my periode and then goes away and i've never been on birthcontrol pilz before and i'm thinking on taking them these days so i don't know a lot about the pilz and i'm worried about the longtime sideeffects so i rally need you're advice thanks
  2. I am going on Diane 35 since antibiotics did not completely clear me and neither has anthing else. I have acne on my cheeks and they have never gone away. What are your experiences with diane 35? how bad is the initial breakout? Can I start Diane any day I want and then postpone my period until the end of the pack? Im confused.
  3. Krissy990

    Ortho Cyclen Log

    Hello All! Like all of you I am on a quest to clear my skin and bring my body to some form of hormonal balance. A little about my acne i actually never had acne issue until I went on another bcp (for PCOS and irregular cycles) called Lutera. I was on that for 2 months or so and came off of it because I was getting really weird side effects like night sweats, nausea and mild acne of course. When I came off of it all hell broke loose and I started experiencing hot flashes, more acne, extremely
  4. Krissy990

    Ortho Cyclen

    Hey all, Might be long but my acne story all started when I went on Lutera for 2 months. I didn't have acne prior to this pill and I've been off that which was over a year ago. Anyway I have been dealing with constant breakouts since then. I went to a gyn and finally got dx with pcos and have high testosterone levels. I have body acne, oily skin, excess hair basically the works unfortunately. So my doctor prescribed me Ortho Cyclen and literally less than two weeks in I am already breaking
  5. Hi guys I don’t usually post much online but I came across this site a few months ago and thought it might be worth sharing my experience in case it might encourage/help others in a similar position. I have had acne since I was about 12 years old, and it’s been pretty consistently bad since then (10 years). It has always been particularly bad on my face (especially my chin area) and my back. I never really tried any medication when I was a teenager, just different facial creams/cleaners
  6. laurmo

    First Acne Blog

    I never thought I would be posting a blog, but this website seems like a pretty great community of people trying to help each other, so I decided to share my acne journey. I just posted on the "general acne discussion" forum and am interested if anyone will provide feedback! So as the forum I posted earlier states, I've struggled with acne since about the start of high school, just like most typical teenagers. I had mostly cystic acne on my T-zone and struggled with that up until I turned ab
  7. clearskinjourney

    Dianette Diary

    After staying clear on Yasmin for 2 years, my acne flared up worse than ever 5 months ago regardless of the fact I was still taking my Yasmin religiously. Two months ago (almost) the docs and a private dermatologist changed me over to Dianette due to the Yasmin working so well for me the first time, however these hormones were no longer right for me anymore. I decided to make a log of my progress due to finding the logs of Dianette on here so helpful to read whilst I was waiting for my pil
  8. I have been battling pimples my entire adult life. But for the last 14 months I have been experiencing the worst acne of my life. This time there is something different, this acne is more persistent. In my future blog posts you will read about my history with acne medications, birth control pills, treatments, ointments, the list goes on. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which I will elaborate on in another post. But for my first entry, I thought I would discus
  9. I am desperate for an all natural cure for my acne! I had really bad acne three years ago because i was working at a french fry restaurant. After I quit I started using chemicals on my face & then i also went on birth control so my skin was completely blemish free. I'm trying to switch to a more natural lifestyle now. I've stopped using the chemicals & I went off birth control 3-4 months ago. My skin is COVERED in papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. It's been hard finding all
  10. EnoughOstrich

    One Month Of Tri-Previfem: Help

    I have been on this birth control for 1 month so far and I have been experiencing the worst breakouts. I started birth control for reasons other than acne. My face was pretty clear before birth control and I had never gotten any body acne before using Tri-previfem. I have been getting huge zits within the first month of this pill. Two large cysts on my Chin and two large cysts on my nose. In the past I have only broken out on my chin during that time of the month and that was about it. Now it's
  11. Hello! So about a year and a half ago I went on the regimen and it helped clear up those nasty little pimples I had on my face! Except I was still left with all my hormonal breakouts on my chin.. so I've now switched over from ortho tricyclen onto YAZ.. I've been on YAZ for approximately 8 weeks, I'm just coming up to my final couple pills of my second pack. Since I've been on yaz I haven't gotten a pimple in my normal chin and mouth area since.. or on the right side of my cheek for the las
  12. clearskinjourney

    Dianette For Acne

    Hello guys! Really hoping for some help on here of someone whos used Dianette for acne treatment Firstly, heres a little background story. Started to get mild acne when I was 16, so went straight to the docs and put on Yasmin. Worked amazingly for 2/3 years up till I was about 19 and had good skin throughout. However, at 19, my skin absolutely exploded with sore, scar causing acne. I was so confused as I was still taking my Yasmin religiously however the docs informed me that your hormones
  13. Im on the sugar pills of Month 4 and halfway till my 2nd month of spiro. The weather isnt deadly hot now so Idk if its because of that or the spiro but I really havent been as oily. All my pimples are still just on my chin and got two in each side of smiling lines this month. A few things have changed: ive started beauty school where my teacher has got me doing "high frequency" treatment with this device. Im on day 4 and havent had any huge cysts, just small ones. Idk if its from that or becaus
  14. Hello. I have suffered from mild acne for a few years. I was put on birth control by my derm for the past three months. My acne has only gotten worse each day. I've developed these painful, pimple-like lumps on my jawline since starting the birth control. I have attached a picture. Sorry for the bad lighting. What is it? How can I get rid of it quickly? It's so painful and I can't sleep because it's constantly throbbing. Luckily I see my derm next week.
  15. Hello everyone! So basically as the title implies, I am starting my journey of switching birth control pills while using spironolactone. This will be a skin diary that I will update as much as I can/ when I have any noticeable changes or preferably, no changes to my skin. About me: I had mild-moderate acne when I was 14 after starting my period. I had a very long and heavy period to the point it was affecting my quality of life, so my doctor started me on Alesse, a low dosage birth control pil
  16. I've dealt with problematic skin for most of my teen years, only now at 25 I am seeming to get the hang of it and have had very clear skin for quite some time. A big contributor to my skin finally clearing was Spironolactone. I was put on spironolactone 100mg for about 4 months which worked wonders for me but I was nervous staying on a medication for too long so after my major breakouts went away and my skin was finally looking beautiful I went off the Spironolactone and just stayed with Yasmin.
  17. So my acne consists of small, flesh colored bumps around my mouth and mostly my chin area. It's been like this for almost or just about a year now and has increasingly gotten worse. The area where I do have acne is slightly red JUST IN THAT AREA, which is around my mouth. Not cute. I'm almost positive this is hormonal. I started getting it around the time I had developed anxiety. Now that my anxiety has been gone for months, I want my acne to be gone! I started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo about a
  18. shivamir

    Stop taking birth control???

    So I was first put on Alesse, after my third month it finally started to decrease the severity of my acne - however it made my period SO bad so I was prescribed Triquilar. This has done absolutely NOTHING good for my skin so far. I'm on the third month now and I really just want to stop and not even finish the pack. I'm thinking of going on Ortho Tri-Cyclen as my last resort before I see a derm. Is it smart to just go off the pill? Or should I finish the pack even though I literally have a
  19. For the past week or so, I've ben going crazy scouring the entire web for Yaz reviews. Until now, I still don't know whether to take it or not. For the past month or so, I have been suffering from painful cysts on my chin. Those large freaking bumps with no head and take forever to heal. I read that acne on the chin indicates a hormonal problem and that Yaz can help. But the side effects are terrifying. And I'm particularly worried about the initial breakout. Is it possible to take Yaz without t
  20. clearskinjourney

    Coming Off Dianette

    Hey there, Been on Dianette for 6 months now. Only in the past month or two has it really cleared my skin, so i'm really happy with it. However, after my Doctors appointment yesterday he said i must come off the pill after the next 3 month package, taking me to 9 months. However this is just before my holidays so i'd really like to stay on it just another 2 months to take me to 11 months? Is this too long? Has anyone been on Dianette for ages? Before Dianette I was on Yasmin, which I ha
  21. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  22. Goingclearagain

    Minocycline - Day 1

    Went to the doctors today and he wanted to put me on Minocycline. I have to admit, I was relieved. I hate the side effects of accutane. I think this is going to help a lot. I will report my progress. Took the first one today and will be on it for three months. I have to admit that i am having a difficult time dealing with the birthcontrol side effects though. I am so bloated and have gained so much weight and its only been about 2 weeks and two days. Will it get better as my body gets used
  23. milkncoffee

    Afraid Of A Breakout Getting Off Bc

    Im 21 and iv been on birth control for the last year or so, iv been off it for a week now ( because I ran out, and id rather not be on it ) and my skins already starting to break out more. Im afraid my skins going to go nuts if I go off bc. I dont know what to do. I had perfect, never break out skin untill 18 or 19 and it started breaking out, then at 20 it was really bad but only around my mouth and chin. After bc its been alot better but still not the way it was, I still breakout the week befo
  24. From the album: Week One

    WEEK ONE (I was using Proactiv until it ran out and then I switched to the Regimen because Proactiv was too harsh on my skin.) I decided to try Proactiv in February, as it had worked for me in my younger years. After starting Proactiv, my skin was very blotchy and irritated. I noticed that my skin began to flake, and where I had put the Benzol-Peroxide, my skin was "hardening" and becoming darker. This was very aggravating as I have fair skin, and my neck had an obvious line of darker skin, to
  25. EnoughOstrich

    Birth Control And Acne

    I don't know if I can continue with tri-previfem I was wondering which pill prevents acne the best