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Found 1,000 results

  1. I am on Yasmin and wondering if the hormones can make me depressed. Thanks for response in advance.
  2. Hello Was just wondering if anyone knew more about the interaction of Dynacin and Birth control? Also has anyone ever taken a form of birth control called Zovia, which is the generic brand of Demulen? My doctor prescribed it thinking the higher estrogen levels would help with the acne, but I feel like my acne has not changed or possibly gotten worse since I started it....
  3. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone who is on a birth control has noticed that they're skin does not heal as quickly. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, Well, it's been a month (give or take) since I finished my 6 month course of Accutane. My reactions are... well, mixed. Sorry if this ends up being lengthy, I just need to vent I guess. My oil has come back almost entirely, which is really frustrating since I just experienced 6 months of the glory that is "normal" skin while I was taking Tane. Now my skin is oily when I wake up every morning, and after applying makeup I'm greasy within half an hour - just like usual. *sigh*. I'm prett
  5. just_imagine82

    My Derm Appt!

    Another day, another derm appointment! Nothing extrodinarly different than the usual, but thought I'd share anyways for the Taners who care... So I'm at approximately the 3.5 month mark (14-ish weeks). As soon as I walked in, he commented that I'd been picking at my skin - which is true, I was so bad last week and now where zits were, I have big raw areas where skin has peeled off. Blah. I was scared I'd get some lecture on how it'll just make things worse, more scarring, etc. But he was real
  6. ive been using retin-a micro for 3 1/2 months, and its helped my acne some. i had mild-moderate cystic acne... and just regular acne. except my skin is so oily, the only way i can keep it under control is by putting on powder a million times a day (which i think is breaking me out). i know it's the retin-a micro because before i started using it, i always had dry skin.. and within two or three weeks of using the retin-a that all changed. the oilyness has gotten worse and worse. i think i may hav
  7. does that help face junk .........and im taking it so i can take accutane but i really dont want to and im not sexually active so i was wondering if i could not just take it and pass as if i am
  8. Hi there, I'm new here and would like some help. I was wondering if it's okay for me to use vitamin b5 along with Marvelon 28 (a birth control pill)? I'm also using stievamycin gel....i'm just SO sick of my skin. I'd really appreciate some help!! thank you!
  9. Well, it's been almost 3 months since I've been off 'tane and have been VERY pleased with the results. However, for personal reasons, I recently decided to get off birth control pills and guess what? I'm breaking out ALL over my body - face, arms, stomach and thighs. Tiny little postules with whiteheads. I'm stunned!!! I've got an appointment with the derm at the end of next week to find out what the hell is going on. I'd rather not go back on the pill, but I have never, ever broken out
  10. Whatever-and-Ever


    Hi, I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and am getting a prescription for Yasmin. I've been on other birth control pills in the past, like Ortho-try whatever and it broke me pretty bad so I eventually had to stop taking it. I've heard great things about Yasmin, but I'm wondering if I'll get an initial breakout from it.
  11. you know how you have to choose two methods of birth control if your a girl and taking accutane. (I just chose abstinence as mine) but now im sexually active (and id honestly stay away from sex for 5 months for clear skin) but anway what i dont understand is that if you choose birth control pills for one of your methods, doesnt that mess with your skin? i mean sure it could be helpful because birth control soposedly helps your skin but it could also really screw it up i tried b-control before an
  12. Hey.. I read that Orthro-tricyclen(a kind of birth control) makes 9 out of 10 womens skin look better. Has anyone been on it and noticed a change in their acne?
  13. I've recently gotten fed up with acne and went on birth control and have an appointment tom with a derm. As I started researching products I visted thier websites and have found some great savings plans that can be used even if you have insurance. I won't post the link, cause I will assume that it will be yanked but you can just go on each products official site and find these offers. YAZ & Yasmine - Pay no more than $5 for your first month and no more than $25 for each month after. Reti
  14. Ok, so about 2 years ago I went on Accutane for 7 months for cystic acne. Had about 10 cysts on my face at once. Completely cleared and occasionally would get a few whiteheads here and there. This past month, I've been breaking out a little more than normal. Using over the counter stuff, they go away pretty fast but they still keep popping up in the same places. I'm kinda getting bigger ones now, there's currently one large pimple (almost a cyst) on the side of my cheek and maybe two small white
  15. strwberry2178

    Secondhand Smoke and Birth Control

    I will be starting Ocella today...and I've heard/read horrible things about if you smoke, the side effects can be deadly..like strokes and such...and I don't smoke...but my mom does..and she smokes in the house. I am not around her during the day...since I am at work and so is she. At night we watch tv in the living room together. I'm not sitting right near her..but smoke carries. But does anyone know if secondhand smoke could have the same horrible effects as real smoking. I can't avoid her smo
  16. I have also just begun to take Spiro. I am 23 years old and have been having mild acne with many pustules. I began to break out around 19 years of age and have tried many different regimines. AHA's, BHA's, detox, excercise, chemical peels, light moisturizers, acupuncture...etc. I did gymnastics for 7 years as a young girl and sometimes would skip my cycle for 7 months at a time. My period has never been regular and still is not. I have the typical t-zone inflammation and have just begun to
  17. Hi (first off, i hope i posted this in the right place, i literally joined 5 minutes ago!! Very sorry if it is not ) I am a 16 year old girl and over the past few years have began suffering with acne on the forehead and around the mouth area, i wouldn't say it was severe but it was enough that it bothered me, so was presribed duac which cleared it up but then stopped working. Nearly 2 months ago i was prescribed Yasmin birth control pill for this as spots were put down to hormones. I am now
  18. KindHike

    YAZ is destroying my skin

    Before i started taking YAZ I had mild acne, I started and my skin is HORRIBLE. I just want to know if going off of it would make my skin worse or better? I do want to stop I'm just afraid but I'm also afraid to keep taking it.
  19. So I waited 7 months to see a dermatologist and my appointment lasted about 10-15 minutes at the most. All that time waiting and waiting and waiting for an appointment and then...nothing. I'v been on minocycline for 3.5 months and it has done very little for my face....I still have non-inflammed acne all over my forehead, and I still have tiny little pimples forming on my cheeks...and back acne/ chest acne seems to just be increasing. So my derm gave me 3 options; -100mg of spirolact
  20. I've been using retin a micro 0.4% for two months and today my derm has decided to move me up to 1% Should I expect anything bad to happen? I didn't get any peeling from the 0.4% just got more oily. I didn't get that bad of a breakout from the 0.4% because I'm on birth control so I hope I don't break out bad from the 1%.. Any words of wisdom? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  21. howlovelyouare

    Birth Control And What Else?

    So I'm planning to go on oral contraceptives to assist with my acne. Not sure which one yet but I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I should be able to update that soon! I am currently on Retin-A and I just got off of doxycycline. I've been using Retin-A for several months and it's just not right for me. I understand that if you keep with it, it will improve but I've decided that it's just not right for my lifestyle. In the summer, I am in the sun for 8+ hours a day because I'm a lifeguard
  22. jsherri2

    Accutane and Yaz

    So first off, this is what I have to say about Yaz. I have never been so appreciative of a birth control until I went off it (after my insurance ended when I was 22). I was on Yaz for 10 months and stopped taking it when my insurance expired...and let me tell you it was the most horrible experience I have ever had. About 2 months after being off it, my face began to break out like I had never imagined it could. I have always dealt with moderate acne, and when I was taking Yaz it was relativel
  23. Ambryi

    Thoughts on BCP

    Hi Girls! Firstly, without making an essay out of it here is a quick run down of my acne/bcp history: Acne since I was about 14, progressed from mild to moderate about 16-17yo, not long after I turned 17 however it settled down. Still getting inflamed zits at this time, usually 1-2 at a time, and blackheads and such but definately improved. At 19 I went on Diane 35 for birth control (I actually only told the doc it was for birth control too - he must have taken one look at some of my remaini
  24. hi. im new on here. ive been taking ortho cyclen for 2 months. recently ive been trying to find out what the best type of birth control is for acne - everything is saying ortho tri cyclen. so im wondering is ortho cyclen the same thing as ortho TRI cyclen? or is it a generic?