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Found 1,645 results

  1. today i had a dermatologist appt and my derm was sorta saying that my face should have been almost or fully cleared up by now. this confused me cause i've only been on YAZ since august 15th and i thought generally people see more improvement from 4-6 months. so i've been on it around 4-5 months now. also, i thought that it was going to take much much more time for me to clear up anyways cause i had a terrible, horrible, severe acne breakout from May-July/Aug cause of another birth control i wa
  2. Hello everyone! I am 23-years-old and I have suffered from acne since the age of 16. I went on birth control about 3 years ago and now that I think about it, I think my skin has actually gotten worse in those 3 years. The birth control also makes me a little emotional and decreases my sex drive and I have gained weight. I don't like any of these side effects but I've tolerated them. I am now taking an anti-migraine drug that makes my birth control ineffective and I am thinking of getting an IUD
  3. tulipbaroo

    no spiro, just YAZ!

    so i went to my endocrinologist today.. i talked to him about my sudden acne breakout, since my blood test showed that my testosterone level was high and i figured he could help me. i was hoping he would put me on spiro or spiro AND birth control, but he didn't. he just prescribed me birth control (yaz) and told me i needed to have an ultrasound done to check for PCOS. he said i needed to start yaz this sunday, and then go back to him in about a month to see how my face is doing.. then he said t
  4. I've been using retin a micro 0.4% for two months and today my derm has decided to move me up to 1% Should I expect anything bad to happen? I didn't get any peeling from the 0.4% just got more oily. I didn't get that bad of a breakout from the 0.4% because I'm on birth control so I hope I don't break out bad from the 1%.. Any words of wisdom? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. So, 2-3 weeks ago I had my appointment with the derm and we decided that the 2nd course of Roaccutane was the case... she told me to start taking the BCP when I would get my next period, so I told her I was about to get it, because I didn't want to wait another month (since I had just got it...lol)... Now I am really about to get it, but I have my blood test on Saturday, and I should be taking the pill for a week at least...so, my question is: "When you take the BCP, does it show in your blood t
  6. whitespirit02

    Topicals and Birth Control

    I want to ask people who have tried the BCP how bad their initial break out was while on the pill. I'm currently using a variety of topicals (just finished week 10), but the truth is I go back to college next semester (3 1/2 months) and I don't want to have to wash my face twice a day. I want to live life without that. So I plan to go on the Ortho Cyclen next week. I'll continue washing my face until I return to college, but what I'm really concerned about is red marks now. They are my major pro
  7. Hi I will keep this short.. I had clear skin up until January this year Then I started getting painful cysts on my cheeks. Convinced it was stress or the makeup I was using I kept trying different cleansers, makeup, pillow cases.. etc When I saw that nothing was working I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed me Minocycline and a topical (clindoxly gel) I've been taking it for the past 4 months and in a certain area on my cheek I still keep getting cysts close together when one heals ano
  8. Hi!! I am currently in the process of getting on Accutane (I am a girl) so I need to do the birth control cycle thing first but I have an appointment in the one month to discuss if I should get on Accutane and for years I wanted to and finally got the courage. I am starting to have second thoughts from all the side effects I hear about but my acne is honestly the worst it's ever been. I don't have clear skin anywhere on my face besides my nose, with scars and RED MARKS everywhere. It's becoming
  9. Hey im on diane 35...and i just got my period but I am still on teh pills that contain teh medication??? Should i take the sugar pills now, becaues my period has started or do i keep taking the pills in teh order stated. Also, this is the first month i have been on it. thanks!
  10. I have to go on birth control because I am starting isotretinoin. I have never used birth control, and just want to use whatever is not going to make me gain weight. Having a more regular period would be nice too...but the weight gain issue is more important. Please help, I really don't know what to use!
  11. i have an appointment with my dermatologist on tuesday and he said basically he's going to prescribe accutane. i have no idea what im doing. i tried looking it up online but theres so much stuff and its all so confusing. sooo i have some questions. -15 years old, female, 5'3'' about 110 lbs...how much-ish should i expect (dosage)? -how long will it be before i'm actually on the medication (how long will bloodwork etc. take)? -what two forms of birth control do they usually give you (my derm
  12. I started taking Yaz 6 weeks after my daughter was born. I had been on Yasmine before I got pregnant with my daughter. A few weeks ago the skin on my cheeks and around my mouth started to get red. Now the skin on my cheeks and around my mouth are splotchy and dry. Could this be a side affect of Yaz? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm currently on my third pack of pills. Should I stick it out a little longer to see if it gets better or should I call my OBGYN and see if she can switch me
  13. dimartel


    Does Spiron have to be used with Birth control pills to be effective?
  14. BeccaMarie

    Opinions please

    So, this morning I noticed that the back of my birth control has an expiration date on it: 05/06 (in case you didn't know, it is currently 07/06) ... I picked this 'batch' of pills in June. I was at the end of my second pack for this 'batch' ... so 6 weeks on expired birth control (I only take active pills all summer, than switch back to the monthly routine in winter) I marched down to the pharmacy (and as nicely as I could) had a little chat with the (male) pharmacist. He was a complete jerk
  15. Here is my situation: I was on accutane 4 years ago and started breaking out again about 6 months ago. I got a prescription for doxycycline in December and used it until febuary. After I stopped taking it my acne went downhill and I started breaking out worse and worse. I made an apt. with my derm and said I wanted accutane again. He said that I should try Yasmin birth control for 2 months and gave me a topical prescription for klaron. I was upset but I kept trying to get better. At this time I
  16. nicolels97

    Hormonal Acne Triggers?

    So..for the past month and a half my skin has been going downhill progressively. It's driving me crazy as I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing is helping! All through highschool i would get the odd pimple but nothing crazy. During my final few months of highschool however, I broke out the worst I ever had and I'm pretty sure it was due to stress ( I had also had my mirena IUD for six months) Now a year and a half later, my skin has gone on a roller coaster of okay (never as
  17. Jenny.415

    Birth Control (Yasmin)

    Hii, I just started taking yasmin birth control 12 days ago. I've had my period for TWELVE DAYS. Yeah, it hasn't stopped since I started the pill! It's SUPER light now, barely anything. But it's annoying that I still have to wear a panty liner :S Is This normal for the first month?? And how long did it take you before you noticed a difference in your acne after starting birth control? Which one did you use? Did you go through an 'initial breakout' like I am? How long did that last? Haha, I'm ge
  18. I was on Accutane for six months and it didn't help at all. Right after I ended Accutane I started Yasmin and cleared up almost completely. I am not sure it was from the pill but I think it was. My skin stays much clearer than it used to, but I still get a lot of bad breakouts around my mouth and chin. Sounds hormonal right? Especially since the rest of my face is clear? But if it's hormonal and the pill can't do anything, will spiro be able to help?
  19. I've had acne since I was 11 years old. I got my first cyst at the age of 12. I'm now 17. I've been thinking about Accutane. I realise I cannot just 'get it'. I have an appointment to a dermatologist next Tuesday, and I plan to tell her about everything I've tried. I have tried countless over the counter products aswell as prescription medications (topical creams) including oral medication (antibiotics, birth control) with little to no effect. I exercise and eat healthy, I do not suffer from
  20. Hi, Question for the ladies. I am currently on 100mg of spiro and have been spotting consistently=( I am hoping that a birth control pill such as yasmin would take care of the irregular periods. I am afraid of taking other birth controls such as Diane 35 because of the weight gain that I have experienced in the past (Diane made me gain at least ten pounds). I have heard that Yasmin is a dieuretic (ie. does not make you retain water) and so is spiro. Could i use these two together?
  21. Hi everyone! I am new to this board/forum, but very grateful that it exists and am hoping someone can help, as I am reading myself into paranoia I went to the Derm a week ago for a "bump" under my chin and also for him to take a look at some annoying-to-me little bumps that I seem to have developed on my skin (cheek/jaw) that don't clear up topically or with monthly facials. They are covered generally by make-up and aren't that noticeable, but I notice them. The "bump" is a cyst that is
  22. So I'm looking for my next form of birth control and I was hoping that some helpful members out there might share their experiences and recommendations with me for birth control that doesn't make acne worse. I was using the pill for years and it was giving me the symptoms of IBS. Every time I have tried to take it since stopping it has made me feel so nauseous I can only manage three days maximum so I'm not sure that this is an option for me. I've not tried the ortho tri cyclen style pills,
  23. I have also just begun to take Spiro. I am 23 years old and have been having mild acne with many pustules. I began to break out around 19 years of age and have tried many different regimines. AHA's, BHA's, detox, excercise, chemical peels, light moisturizers, acupuncture...etc. I did gymnastics for 7 years as a young girl and sometimes would skip my cycle for 7 months at a time. My period has never been regular and still is not. I have the typical t-zone inflammation and have just begun to
  24. vvick

    loestrin 24 fe

    okay so yesterday i started loestrin 24 fe. i was recently on tri sprintec which is the generic form of ortho tri cyclin and i was on it for five months. that and tetracyclin helped clear up my acne. im scared that loestrin 24 fe will cause acne. did anyone have any problems using this birth control? did it cause acne? did it help with ance?