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Found 1,718 results

  1. So I waited 7 months to see a dermatologist and my appointment lasted about 10-15 minutes at the most. All that time waiting and waiting and waiting for an appointment and then...nothing. I'v been on minocycline for 3.5 months and it has done very little for my face....I still have non-inflammed acne all over my forehead, and I still have tiny little pimples forming on my cheeks...and back acne/ chest acne seems to just be increasing. So my derm gave me 3 options; -100mg of spirolactone -birth control - accutane She said because I was crying and obviously emotionally very anxious and upset about my acne that accutane would not be a good option because it causes "mood disorders". So she perscribed me 100MG of spirolactone and gave me a topical benzacline. I am 85 pounds and she wants me to take 100mg of spirolactone right off the bat? that seems crazy to me...I thought spiro was usually increased slowly...not taken at such a high dose right away, particularly for someone as small as me. I see people on here all the time that take 50-75mg of spiro and they weigh alot more. I am so confused...do I take the spiro for 8 weeks until I see her again, or just use the topical or what? I WISH I didn't start balling my eyes out during the appointment because then i'd flipping have accutane and be done with this crap. (although im suprised she mentioned it...I thought accutane was for severe acne...my acne, on the right side of my face is more 'aggressive' I suppose...its all cystic acne but during the appointment I had no cysts, just hyperpigmentation)
  2. I started taking Solodyn in early November of last year and, for a while, it was working extremely well. Then, in late January, I began taking the birth control medication Desogen (in part because I was told that many women found that it helped rid them of acne) and immediately began to notice that my skin's condition was worsening. I stopped taking the birth control a little over one week ago, but my skin is still breaking out. The Solodyn doesn't seem to be working at all anymore. Have any of you experienced this or something similar? Do you know why this is happening? What should I do?
  3. Ok... I went to the doctor (not a derm - my regular doctor) for my acne problem (mild to moderate, I think) like 5 days ago. She gave me tetracycline and Differin Gel. And recommended me to a derm. My mom is waiting for a call from them to set an appointment (probably wont be for like a month. Ok.. so my first question is... 1: How long do people usually take Tetracycline for? My doctor didn't say. Just signed me up for 5 months worth of pills. 2: Has anyone ever gotten clear off tetracycline? Like.. totally clear. Like.. their acne never came back after they finished. I"ve been taking 500mg for the past 5 days. It's too early to tell if it's working yet or not, but things are looking good so far. 3: If Tetracycline works to get me clear, but I have to get off of it after a while, since it is an anti-biotic, would Birth Control work for me too? So I could take that after to stay clear? 4: My doctor said the derm would discuss Accutane with me. What is the lowest dose of accutane you can get? Like is it 10mg or what? And at like a low does of Accutane do you think there will be a huge initial break out? (that's what I'm worried about most).
  4. I am curently taking Doxycycline 100mg and hae been for about a month. it has helped me, but now i have gotten a breakout. Though it isn't as bad as my acne was before i started taking them, I would just like 2 know if it would help me if i started taking 2 a day instead of 1. Before these, i was on some sort of birth control pill. it was working like a charm then my derm put me on this. I dont kno if i should stick with the Doxy. or switch back.
  5. x_Hollister_x


    So my mom put me on this product named Benzamycin, and in the beginning, it actually worked.... I had a lot of 'bumps' on my forehead from past acne and the next day I used it I could definatly notice my forehead got smoother. and over time the bumps across the fronts of my cheeks got better and my chin got better. My only problem areas were just my forehead, cheeks and chin. But now my nose seems to be a problem, I have lost faith in this product for now useing it over maybe 2 months now and I now I bad acne on my nose and forehead and even on my upper lip! sick.... I don't know why I am still getting acne, I am religious with my routine of washing my face and useing the salic acid pads or w/e then I put on the Benz cream (wich by the way, drys up white and and its quite like a MASK!) Well since the jar is almost out and I'm due to go back to the doctor for my birth control shot then I will be able to get a new perscription.... do you think being on Depo-Provera would have anything to do with it? They say the shot actually can clear up your acne, but I've been on the shot for about 9 months now and I dont know... but they always say when useing perscription acne creams it can interfear with pregnate women? and depo provera tricks your body into thinking your pregnate wich is explain by the misc. weight gain, depression and loss of your period.... but i have not gained weight and my acne seemed to get a lil better, but now it's worse then it's ever been in my whole life. what is another suggjestion for a presciption..... do I need to get on accutane? I heard its for mild acne, but I actually have weird acne, like different times of the month it's better and worse... maybe for 4 days I won't have any at all and my skin is hydrated and clear, then when i wash my face it gets all red and irrated and then I actually NOTICE how much acne I have... My basic area problems are THE NOSE, the forehead (inflamation), front of cheeks, and occasionally my chin or upper lip, or sometimes an occasional zit on the cheek on the way to the temple, but i never get it on the lower sides of the cheeks or on the sides of my chin. TIA
  6. Is it necessary to get a gyn exam to get a birth control prescription, or would a regular doctor prescribe it? I'm thinking of Yasmin to clear my face and regulate my cycle (sorry to any guys who read that). I'm just scared of a gyn exam because it sounds awfully awkward and painful.
  7. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone who is on a birth control has noticed that they're skin does not heal as quickly. Thanks!
  8. just_imagine82

    My Derm Appt!

    Another day, another derm appointment! Nothing extrodinarly different than the usual, but thought I'd share anyways for the Taners who care... So I'm at approximately the 3.5 month mark (14-ish weeks). As soon as I walked in, he commented that I'd been picking at my skin - which is true, I was so bad last week and now where zits were, I have big raw areas where skin has peeled off. Blah. I was scared I'd get some lecture on how it'll just make things worse, more scarring, etc. But he was really understanding about it, no reprimanding, in fact he said he knows it's because I'm getting frustrated... mmm, yup. He said that unfortunately, I looked to be one of the ones that will need some extra time for Accutane to kick in. Apparently I'm "a little slow" - which really sucks. I wish there were something I could do to make it work faster. I'm always thinking I'm doing something wrong, if I'm not taking it with the right foods, etc. But in reality, I guess it's just the dead truth that it works differently for everyone. I mean, my skin has improved, but it's still not great. To me, Accutane hasn't really been worth it yet. Last week I got a bad breakout, 5 new pimples, one of which was a cyst and 2 that were "psuedo-cysts" as I like to call them. It was really frustrating. Also my PMS week though - I've noticed a definite pattern of breaking out before my period. I know Accutane doesn't regulate anything hormonally, and birth control seems not to either (if anything, my hormonal breakouts have just got worse and worse throughout my life). So again, frustrating...but I just gotta hang in there, right? So I got prescribed enough to get me 'til the end of March at 60mg. At my next appointment I'll have finished 4.5 months. Derm said that we'll see what's going on then, and maybe do another month, which would put my whole course at almost 6 months (and over the 120mg/kg rule). So, on with the journey I guess.... he said that my slow progress "isn't that unusual" and that he's seen very few cases where it hasn't worked. So that made me feel a tad better, but still, I left feeling sort of bummed out. I also went to the pharmacy to put my prescription on file, and while I was there I ordered some Aquaphor! yay. This stuff has saved my lips. They could only get the big-ass tub for $26 though, so I said sure... I could easily scoop some into an empty Blistex tub or whatever. It'll be in tomorrow morning, so that makes me happy! Alright, sorry for the long post! So that's where I am in my Accutane adventure. How's everyone else doing? Mae
  9. Hello Was just wondering if anyone knew more about the interaction of Dynacin and Birth control? Also has anyone ever taken a form of birth control called Zovia, which is the generic brand of Demulen? My doctor prescribed it thinking the higher estrogen levels would help with the acne, but I feel like my acne has not changed or possibly gotten worse since I started it....
  10. Dancer13

    The Pill

    Does the Pill or the Patch (birth control) really clear up skin? What have been your experiences with this?
  11. Hey.. I read that Orthro-tricyclen(a kind of birth control) makes 9 out of 10 womens skin look better. Has anyone been on it and noticed a change in their acne?
  12. I have never been on birth control before but I hear it works great for skin. I believe Orthotricylen is best but I have read that the side effects include hair loss...eek...and my hair falls out in chunks if I am stressed so I am scared. Anyone have any testimony before I make an appointment at the you know what?
  13. I'm a 16 year old female and I've had moderate acne for about 2-3 years or so. Previously I've been too scared to take anything strong for acne, but I'm sooo sick of it by now and I really want it gone by next year, plus I need to start healing the hyper-pigmentation and stuff I already have. Just as a background, I've been to several (maybe 4?) different dermatologists that my doctor's recommended and that I found online (the highest rated ones only lol) and they've prescribed antibiotics (trimethoprim + orange and blue capsuled stuff) and topical gels/creams and nothing's worked. I think I have hormonal acne since I get (lasting) breakouts before my period located near my jawline/cheeks, but I also have it on my forehead, around my eyebrows, on my shoulders+back and my neck, which is important because it's really hard to hide neck acne and I can't think of anything else that would cause it on my neck. Anyways, my doctor suggested that I try birth control as kind of a last resort thing, and if that didn't work then maybe accutane or spiro or something else, but she said that she thinks birth control will probably work. So I started taking Yaz a week and a half ago (10 days) and I've seen a slight increase in 'big' pimples, not sure if they qualify as cysts? I don't really know any acne terms, and they aren't giant or anything but they feel sore if you touch them and they're red and located around my jawline/cheeks and a few around my eyebrows, and then there are larger ones appearing on my back and shoulders. I don't know if I should continue to use Yaz for the golden '3 month trial period' or switch right away before it can get any worse. I just don't understand how it could affect my skin positively after it's made it worse this early? Is it because it's my first time taking birth control ever? How do I know what brand to switch to after Yaz doesn't work, or should I skip BC all together and do something more drastic? Honestly, I'm pretty scared of taking birth control or anything like that because eventually I'll have to stop it, and I don't want to take it forever and then my acne will just come back worse when I'm older. Pretty sure I'm in it for the long haul now though, but I'm still worried and stressed over my skin and I'm really looking for some advice here.
  14. Please help So I suffered with back acne until i was about 21, went on all the usual anti biotics etc then dianette. Dianette cleared it but doc wouldn't let me stay on it for more than 6 months so I stopped the pill altogether as didn't need bc. About 5 months later acne came on my forehead and would come and go, doc put me on microgynon and I had the worst break out of my life which still hasn't gone and I'm now on roaccutane. I need bc as I'm in a long term relationship. What pill do people suggest as really can't deal with another pill breaking me out. Thanks
  15. So I'm looking for my next form of birth control and I was hoping that some helpful members out there might share their experiences and recommendations with me for birth control that doesn't make acne worse. I was using the pill for years and it was giving me the symptoms of IBS. Every time I have tried to take it since stopping it has made me feel so nauseous I can only manage three days maximum so I'm not sure that this is an option for me. I've not tried the ortho tri cyclen style pills, are these very different to pills such as yasmin? And do they have similar side effects? Also remembering to take a pill everyday is a little bit of a hassle. My GP has recommended the injection but I have read about this causing acne and it sort of scares me that you're stuck with it for 3 months once you commit. I have also heard similar things about the implant. Has anyone had experience with the implant or injection? Either positive of negative? I'm tempted to try the contraceptive patch as it can be removed if it is causing side effects, but it does contain progesterone so could be triggering for acne. Anyone tried the patch. I think I've also ruled out the coil which is a shame as it doesn't affect hormones but I already get heavy and painful periods. I've also heard that it can be uncomfortable for the guy which obviously my partner wouldn't be impressed with. Are there any other methods I've missed? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!
  16. Okay, I'm sorry if this post is TMI, but I'm just really curious about this.... So i've been using BenzaClin, Differin 0.3% and Clindamycin phospate for a while now and they have worked MIRACLES. I NEVER broke out except for the days approaching my menstrual cycle and even then I would get 1 or 2 small zits. NOW all of a sudden I'm experiencing these never ending breakouts near my jawline, chin, and even some smaller one's on my cheeks. After much wondering why this is happening all of a sudden, I began to take note of my menstrual cycle.... for the first time in my life I have been a bit irregular with my menstrual cycle. Last month my period was 1 month late, short, and very light. And upon starting that late, short period I had the worst breakout I've had in months! And now it won't stop! And the bulk of it is near my JAWLINE which is I know is prone to the most hormonal acne. So now here's the question...I'm wondering if my weird menstrual cycle may have caused this spike in my acne. Has anyone experience anything like this before? NOTHING about my ritual has changed, and I was having such success with my topicals. So now I'm wondering if abnormal changes in my body's hormonal activity may have caused these god awful breakouts. Tell me your thoughts please, and does anyone know of any treatments that can specifically help with HORMONAL acne?? I've tried birth control, and it makes me really sick Please, I'm desperate! Anything would be helpful at this point!
  17. blaireeebear

    Need advice.

    Hey thereee so i'm 17 years old and i have had acne for a few years. i'd describe it as moderate and SOMETIMES it looks severe because it fluctuates a lot. i started birth control almost a month ago and it has helped clear my skin up but not as much as i'd like it to. should i start taking spiro along with my birth control? or just spiro? thank you SOmuch! blaire
  18. littleone14

    stopping the yasmin pill

    hi everyone. i have been on the yasmin birth control pill since i was 16 when i first started going out with my boyfriend, i am now 19 and we arent together now so i decided to give my body a rest and come off it. i was put on the first to help control my skin when i was younger and since then my skin was always good. however this last year i have been stressed with one thing and another and stress spots have been appearing on my forehead which i know cant be helped. about 3 months ago i decided to come off the pill and after about 6 weeks my forehead became completely covered in spots, some of them red but most of them little but everywhere so naturally i went straight back on it and after a couple of weeks my skin improved. 3 months on i decided to come off it again because i kept getting stomach aches on it and now a month on and my skin has gone absolutely awful again, i still have a couple of packets of yasmin in my room and iv had to start them again. iv took 3 so far, i know its not much and my skin is awful. i already dont have much self confidence but now, i dont even want to leave the house, i phoned into work sick today because i dont want to go out looking like this. any idea how long it will take for my acne to start clearing up again? has this happened to anyone else and has anyone got any advice?! thanks
  19. I hear that monophasic birth control is good for acne. Has anyone tried this pill? Is it Mircette/Kariva a monophasic pill?
  20. Are hormone treatments only available as acne treatment for women? I always hear about "hormone treatments" but never heard them specifically mention they are for women only. Is this just assumed? Because everything I read here is about birth control.
  21. Hi, this is my first post ever but I really wanted to share with everyone how I completely got rid of my acne since for the first time in forever I am thrilled with the condition of my skin. Maybe it will do the same for you! For starters I have been to about ten different dermatologist in my life time. I have tried almost every medication on this website and almost every face wash and lotion on here as well. I've done the apple cider vinegar drink...even gone as far as urine therapy which is SO gross. My acne really wasn't that bad but it was painful and stubborn. Anything I did that improved my skin was only temporary and it still felt as if i had clogged pores underneath my skin. My skin is combination dry and oily. It's weird cause even with dry cracked skin it looks like I washed my face with grease. Anyways, birth control pills did nothing for me until I found Diane 35. I hated it at first. I had the worst break out ever and it lasted for almost 3 months. My skin seemed oiler, I constantly had my period, I got fat, the cysts were so painful and all around my chin. I didn't give up only because I bought a 6 month supply. After 4 months almost all my acne was gone except for an occasional pimple. My skin was never oily anymore. it was such an amazing and noticble difference. I got so many compliments on my skin! Eventually, I wanted even less oily skin and I wanted to get rid of the occasional (yet rare) pimples. I also felt bloated on the diane and that bothered me. So I took 100mg of spirolactone...after two months I lost all the weight I gained from diane effortlessly (10 pounds). I got more curves, a smaller stomach, bigger boobs. My skin got even better with less oil! I went back to my dermatologist to do something about my pores and he perscribed me differin. That took awhile to work to but fortunately for me (probably because of he two other medications). It made my skin feel nicer and I did notice smaller pores! Around my period (a week before & during) I take doxycyclin so I don't even get small pimples then. This literally has helped me so much! Hopefully it can help you too. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  22. Jenny.415

    Birth Control (Yasmin)

    Hii, I just started taking yasmin birth control 12 days ago. I've had my period for TWELVE DAYS. Yeah, it hasn't stopped since I started the pill! It's SUPER light now, barely anything. But it's annoying that I still have to wear a panty liner :S Is This normal for the first month?? And how long did it take you before you noticed a difference in your acne after starting birth control? Which one did you use? Did you go through an 'initial breakout' like I am? How long did that last? Haha, I'm getting impatient, my skin is so bad! Thanks!
  23. intoskin

    What is spiro??

    I have really bad jaw acne. I am 28 moved to Hawaii where its really humid and now only on my jawline and slightly on the chin has gone crazy. I do know that i am always super sweaty here my face is oily. I just started taking a birth control two months ago to help my skin but no difference. Also my doc just put me on doxycycline and retin a. If you could give me some info on it that would be awesome also how are the side effects and reactions you have had??
  24. NOTE: After reading the rules, I am not sure if this post violates the rules of this community. If it does, please delete and I apologize for the offense. As you all probably know, in order to obtain isotretinoin (Accutane, Amneesteen, Claravis or Sotre), users must first register with iPledge and follow iPledge's rules/regulations before, during, and after isotretinoin treatments. Women who can become pregnant must complete more steps than men or women who cannot become pregnant. My paper focuses on these women and argues that iPledge is problematic both conceptually and pragmatically. Although I've done quite a bit of research on how iPledge works in theory and have read news articles about it's shortcomings, I feel my paper will be much stronger if I can include real-life testimonials of women who have experience using iPledge. Although my paper is critical of iPledge, I would like to hear about negative and positive experiences women have had with the program, so feel free to share either! I would also like to hear from women who (as defined by iPledge) "cannot become pregnant." Feel free to reply here OR e-mail me at stovermichelle(at)gmail(dot)com. Your privacy will be protected as I will change all names/user handles for my paper. If you would like more information about me before replying, please contact me at that email. (I'm a second year law student at the University of Southern California (USC), my undergraduate degree was in Sociology and Women's Studies at UCLA.) You don't have to include any information that you are not comfortable with sharing, but it would help me if you discussed any of the following (anything else is welcome too): +Are you a woman who "can become pregnant"? +When did you first learn about iPledge? Did you learn about iPledge before or after considering/deciding on taking isotretinoin? Did iPledge influence your decision to take isotretinoin? +Did your doctor, dermatologist, or pharmacist express any opinion on iPledge? If so, what? +How were you informed about iPledge? Were the instructions clear? +If applicable: What forms of birth control did you take? What were the comprehension questions like? The mandatory pregnancy tests? +What was the before, during, and/or after counseling like? +If you were sexually abstinent when taking iPledge, were you still required to take birth control, take the mandatory pregnancy tests, and complete the comprehension questions? +On a scale of 1-10, how much were you inconvenienced by the iPledge procedures? Please explain. +How difficult was it to use the iPledge website? +If you could redesign the iPledge program, what would you do? Again, these questions are just jumping-off points, feel free to share your experience in the way you feel most comfortable! Thank you! stovermichelle(at)gmail(dot)com
  25. Hi!! I am currently in the process of getting on Accutane (I am a girl) so I need to do the birth control cycle thing first but I have an appointment in the one month to discuss if I should get on Accutane and for years I wanted to and finally got the courage. I am starting to have second thoughts from all the side effects I hear about but my acne is honestly the worst it's ever been. I don't have clear skin anywhere on my face besides my nose, with scars and RED MARKS everywhere. It's becoming a huge struggle to deal with on so many levels and I feel like this is my last resort becuase I TRUELY have tried everything including three other perscription medications. Does anyone have advice for me as far as if they were happy with the results or if any side effects really effected them short-term/long-term? ANY accutane advice would be helpful before I take the leap of no return!! ha. thanks guys! much appreciated!