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Found 455 results

  1. My whole intention is to record how i feel candidly, mostly since it's never easy to recall even the simplest things from days past. Other than that hopefully i can document my progress and be diligent about it. If you're reading this, any comments are welcome. Day 20 40 mg daily up until now and most likely I'll continue this dosage. I'm 20 years old, 5'10 at 155 pounds currently and I've taken accutane before but I can't really remember clearly how my course went and chronologically progress
  2. I just wanted to know from you guys if the way I take my supplements is okay. In case there's any bad interactions or whatever. If you know, that is. Thanks Morning: 1 Natrol Fish Oil (1000 MG) 1 Origin 25,000 IU Beta Carotene (just started yesterday) 1 Spring Valley Evening Primrose Oil (1000 MG) 1 Origin High Potency B Complex 1 Origin Biotin (1000 MG) 1 Natrol Probiotic BioBeads Night: 1 Fish Oil 1 Evening Primrose Oil 1 Ortho Tri-Cyclen 2 GNC Women's Ultra Mega w/o iodine and iron 2 NSI M
  3. Whats better for hair growth, Vitamin B complex or a higher dose of pure Biotin?
  4. Christinewinnn

    Just Ordered The Regimen!

    I stumbled upon this website months ago, but was hesitant like anybody else. I never broke out before and if I did, it was just merely one pimple. I started breaking out last year Summer 2012 and I thought it was because of the weather down here in Galveston because I moved from Dallas where the weather was dry and I Galveston it's humid. I just kept breaking out on my nose. After one pimple was gone, another appeared. I felt so embarrassed. I tried so many home remedies from using lemon juice t
  5. I've read on some of the other posts here that some people are taking a Biotin supplement for your hair and skin and was just wondering if you feel like it helped improve the condition of your hair or skin at all. I've heard before that it makes some people break out. Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks, Stephanie.
  6. I was under the impression that 1 teaspoon would equal approximately 3 grams. So based on that I would take 3 teaspoons giving me approximately 9 grams a day. However my tub of 300g was not going down quick enough - it was only meant to last 30 days. I wanted to double check this and I broke up 5 Vilantae capsules which equates to 2550 mg of B5 as well as very small amounts of other B vitamins and biotin. The dosage for Vilantae is 5 capsules, 4 times a day. I placed the powder on the teaspoon a
  7. This is for the dickheads who think I don't have medical evidence to prove B5 works! And thinks my testimonial is not true. What dickheads! Do you know how to read? Medical Study by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung, M.D. Taken off http://acne.informationhighway.info Pantothenic Acid in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris "A Medical Hypothesis" by Lit-Hung Leung, M.D. This article originally appeared in the scientifically prestigious Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 12 Number 2, 1997. The version below i


    Thanks for reading my post. I was wondering if Accutane permanently reduces p acne bacteria on the skin or if it reduces the sebum permanently therefore reducing the p acne bacteria? I start course 4 tomorrow. 30 mg 2x daily. I started Erythromicn 2 weeks ago which is making me breakout I was told the less bacteria you have to start with the less severe your initial breakout so I dont know if I should continue the antibiotics or just do the Accutane. Any thoughts? What I have right now i
  9. I have never taken Accutane but I have experienced Telogen Effluvium brought about by medication. I was so distraught when I started to lose hair so I can sympathize. I just wanted to let you all know that my hair came back but I did do some things to help it along the way. Iron, yes...........if your ferritin (iron stores) are less than 70 then you will not be able to grow back your hair. I took iron supplements (slo fe) with no side effects either. But you need to check your levels first
  10. I usually buy 1kg of b5 powder from superior nutraceuticals and i just realized it contains D-Biotin which i am not happy with. Is there any way to render biotin useless, like leaving it out in the sun or mixing it with something else?
  11. doktrin

    protein powders

    I used to use brands like Muscle Milk (bad) or Xtreme formulations (very good) - but now that I'm avoiding milk-> casein those are out. I'm looking for a good reliable whey or egg protein. I've used a couple tubs of Biochem's Greens & Whey / Raw Foods & Whey. They taste good, and are labeled gluten free & dairy free, in addition to containing added presumably wholesome ingredients. They cost, though ($15 for 10 servings of 20g whey) I can't keep that shit up indefinitely,
  12. padoodles

    Megadosing Vit B5?

    A post by Craigy makes a very strong case for megadosing Vit B5. He also makes a good theory regarding the action that B5 has on blocking biotin absorption. The link to his thread is below. My questions are: 1. Can you cut back on the dose of Vit B5 once you acheive desired results without relapsing? 2. Can anyone admit to having experienced hair loss after megadose of Vit B5? 3. Has Vit B5 worked for you? 4. Has anyone that has used Vit B5 successfully also been able to add a B complex suppl
  13. so i have this bottle of pills not even meant for acne but its like vitamin pills and i was wondering if the ingredients in it would be good for acne. i was going to get acnepril but heard some bad stuff about it so i plan on returning it or canceling my order but not if these pills are bad too. so here are the ingredients, just tell me if you think they sound good. thank you. Serving Size is 1 pill. i plan on taking 2 a day. morning and night. Vitamin A: 2500 IU (50% daily val.) 20% as be
  14. So I think I want to give fish oil and zinc a shot with respect to supplementation. I'm currently trying to conceive and am taking a Target brand prenatal vitamin once a day as well and biotin daily to help my nails get stronger. So, here are my questions: 1.) Is it a good idea to take a zinc supplement in addition to the zinc that is in my prenatal vitamin, or do you think that the prenatal has enough zinc in it? (I can look up the amount in it next time I post.) 2.) I was looking to t
  15. I have heard a lot of Negative remarks about the St. Ives Scrub,so I will tell you my story. I am 18, and started getting very few pimples when I was about 16. They would come in the early winter, and subside in the early spring, each year. This past November though, my face exploded, causing huge flaming red pimples all over my face. I Dan's regimen, but all it did was make my face really red. Then I tried St. Ives scrub, and the results have been astonishing. RIght now, I have about 3
  16. Here's my story.. I've been dealing with inflamed and non-inflamed acne since middle school. I'm 22 years old and still trying to tackle acne My skin type is combination/oily, I have a lot of blackheads on and around my nose and suffer with have inflamed and non-inflamed acne all over my face/jaw line/neck/back. I break out often and have A LOT of red marks as well as (pitted?) scars. I also have discoloration from too much sun and various products that have left my skin damaged. I've used MA
  17. hey guys, firstly would like to wish evryone luck in their battle against acne. well i just recently stoppeddan's regimen -being unberable... anyways i need the advice/knowlede on some of the experts on vitamins on this board..... well, in a hope to relieving myself of this torment that is severe acne....i am tring to in corporate into a new regimen... the vitamins that i plan to intake are as follows... B5 (pan.acid) cysteine carnitine alpha lipoic acid D3 biotin B50 Before i carryon, I SI
  18. Mikec07

    Vitamin B5 Help

    Hello, I need some guidance from those experienced with vitamin b5. My acne began when I was about 15, and I quickly saw a dermatologist who put me on a number of topicals. The acne cleared to an acceptable degree, but was never really gone. In 2001 went away to college and began becoming interested in weight lifting, and it was on the bodybuilding forums where I first came across B5. (around 2003) So I decided to give it a shot, mega dosing. It wasn't long before my acne was completely clear (d
  19. just boought a multi vitamin and minerel suppliement that contains: Betaacartotene Vitamin E Vitamin C B COmplex Folic Acid iron Vitamin D Biotin any help would be greatly appreciacted and also wat r the good vitamins for pimples
  20. rockifier

    Day 5

    Well I started this log after I started my b5 dosage so let's see if I can remember what I did in the past week. In this log, I'll also include my diet to see if any foods trigger new pimples. I'm already avoiding dairy products. I can't avoid white rice though. My entire family eats it. I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT I'M USING EVOLUTION-X'S B5 SUPPLEMENTS!!!!! This was in capital letters in case some of you warn me that I should be taking a b-complex and biotin. Days 1-3 was just to prep me for my
  21. My multi-vitamin contains many of the vitamins suggested for acne on this thread, but do I need more? I take extra biotin and zinc, as well as fish oil caps and a few others, but do I need more vitamin a and c, as well? I take a b-complex, but should I take more b5 on top of the b-complex AND the multi? what about flax seed oil? should I take flax seed caps, as well? thanks guys!
  22. cheekycritter2

    5 monthes

    Hi I ve been on accutane for 5 monthes, one month 40mg the rest 80mg. I finish my last pill in 2 days time. And yes my skin is better, but a few days ago I got a break out on my forehead, my cheeks are better, still break out time to time recently. I have red marks and what looks like small craters, that might scar. Will I clear up after I finish? can anyone give me so support/tell me what happened to them if in a similar situation. The thing is I didnt think i would get scaring I didnt have
  23. I have read the first 1/3 of it, and within 2 weeks I have experienced good changes. I have been religious in taking my vitamins, my fish oil (for the past week), and the acne that plagued my jaw line, my forehead, and pretty much my whole face is doing well, and getting better. This is with the use of a Rose Hip Seed face wash, and 2% Salycilic acid morning and night and moisturizing 20min afterwards (so the Saly has time to get into the skin and not be offset by anything else). About 4 d
  24. I have been on the tane for 4 months in 2 weeks. During this time I noticed shedding of my hair but nothing too bad. It has gotten really bad recently though, I think it might be due to my high dosage, I am on 40mg 2 times a day. I have cleared for the most part except for the rare stress induced break out. I am convinced I will never be rid of these. I most recently have dropped my dose to 40mg once a day. Anybody think this will help with my hair? I take all the supplements, biotin, bre
  25. Has anyone else noticed a fluctuation between being dry and oily in the middle of an Accutane course? I had VERY oily skin before going on 40mg/day (I've been on it for 6 weeks) and since being on it and I can pretty much go throughout the day without having to blot at all, which has been a miracle. A couple days ago I noticed my T-Zone was getting oily again, which I foudn pretty wierd, since my chin and cheeks have started flaking from the dryness. I'm trying to figure out if I did something