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Found 65 results

  1. I had a perplexing experience with a chemical exfoliant, and months later I'm still not sure what was going on with my skin. I've dealt with acne for years, and I've come to the conclusion that it's partly hormonal and partly due to genetically oily skin and large pores. Anyway, several months ago I started using The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution because I wanted to try chemical exfoliation. (At the time, I didn't realize I should gradually introduce my skin to chemical exfoliants
  2. Hellu ;P I have battled severe inflamed acne for about 10 years, loading up on Benzoyl Peroxide for half of my life. Now that I just finished the teen years, the infected pimples are less (not extinct, just less) and I am left with HUGE PORES, HYPERPIGMENTATION, and SKIN-COLOURED CLOGGED BUMPS. These seem to be the hardest to treat, but I will not give up! Goal: Clear Skin Time: 3 months Products: Purity cleanser from Philosophy (night + day) Help Me retinol treatment f
  3. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to use both AHA and BHA together. I use glycolic acid at night and I was wondering if I could use salicylic acid 2% gel in the morning or if it would be too much? Also, I'm a woc (black) and I have ice pick scarring, is there any other procedure except TCA peels that is suitable for my skin? I don't want to experience hyper or hypopigmentation. (I do not have any existing pimples right now, just a little hyperpigmentation and ice pick scarring)
  5. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About four years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break
  6. From the album: My Acne

    I believe the regular use of SPF and BHA helped tremendously in terms of my PIH and redness. It did even help slow the breakouts but, they did still persist. At this point I switched to good old Cetephil that was so much better for my skin.
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to write about and share what products have worked for me. I've been clear of acne and clogged pores for a significant amount of time now (I can't remember when I started) and I can confidently say that this is the perfect regime for me. AM: Cleanse: Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash Exfoliate: Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic Acid Enhanced Lotion SPF: Ombrelle SPF 60 Face Ultra-Fluid Lotion (1/4 tsp) PM: Makeup/Sunscreen Remover: Jojoba Oil
  8. After using an AHA+BHA facewash, i notice my skin is getting shiner, it is a tiny bit oily but after i clean it, the shine is still there. It's not only on my t-zone but also on my cheeks. Is it possible that my facewash cause over-exfoliating?
  9. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? Like how do I switch it around with a BHA. Also I am thinking of using ACV as a toner , maybe later but for right now I want to use a BHA and if my skin responds well then possible use AHA ( I'm planning on using Paula's choice Pore Perfecting BHA exfoliant 2% ) heard good things about this BHA and it contains Green tea which
  10. Hi! i'm turning to this because I cannot get rid of my closed comedones. i'm not even going to list my skincare routine right now.... I'm JUST wondering if anyone has had experience with this frustrating things. I don't get many pimples anymore, i just have a decent amount of closed comedones on my cheeks mainly.. A little on my forehead. I'm guessing it's from makeup foundation i've worn. But i cannot get them to go away. I started a new routine with AHA and BHA and i've had some improvement, b
  11. hello. this is my new skin care routine I've been doing for the last week. let me know what you think, if it's too much or too little or what. so far I've definitely seen improvements in my skin MORNING wash-(simple cleanser) tone with 1:3 ratio vinegar and water with a drop of tea tree oil dry 10 min bha (salicylic acid) 2% lotion (clearasil) dry 10 min benzoyl peroxide 2% (from acne.org) dry 10 min retinol a (neutrogena) dry 10 min spf moisturizer NIGHT cleanse ton
  12. I'm a 24-year-old female and I have small bumps all over my face and oily skin. they just don't go away. Have tried BP, tea tree oil, azelaic acid, antibiotics, Everything except salycilic acid breaks me out, I can't even use a moisturizer and sunscreen as I have already tried netrogena oil-free moisture for sensitive skin and aveeno products and they all break me out though they are known to be non-comedogenic. Please tell me if anyone had similar issues and how you deal with it.
  13. Hello guys, i need advice in treating my face.Before im using cetaphil gentle cleanser to my face but it keeps my cheeks dry so i discontinue it. My skin type is combination skin. When searching the net the proper treatment, it says that i must used mild foaming cleanser. So my question is what is the best mild foaming cleanser for my skin type. Another question is what is the best moisturizer of dry and oily skin (separated or the best if can go in 2in1), I want to know also if BHA is advisable
  14. Hi. I'm new to this site but just looking for any tips if anyone wants to share ! This feels like its gunny be a lot to explain but al make a start anyway.. So, I've been using Paula's choice products since September last year so just over 4 months. I use the: skin balancing cleanser am and pm, The hydralight toner, the hydralight moisture lotion and the BHA 2 % liquid (daily at night). I've been using the BHA liquid for over 4 months at night only and I love it. I wouldn't say I hav
  15. Hi does anyone know whether you can use differin along with a moisturiser that contains aha/bha? I am using a moisturiser by Avene which contains these but am planning to go back to either differin or retin A as my skin looked best using them - but I still want the exfoliating effects from the Avene! Thanks!
  16. I posted here about two months ago in a desperate attempt to diagnose what the problem with my skin is. Shortly after that I dumbed it down to just having clusters of whiteheads on my cheeks and it must be due to over-drying/over-moisturizing and my skin being confused with the products I use. Ever since I've started using two different products, my skin has changed DRASTICALLY in the most positive way. I started using Paula's Choice BHA Exfoliant 1% in samples in mid-February. I've been u
  17. So I just received my Paula's Choice 2% Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid in the mail and noticed for the first time Salicylic Acid underneath the name. I had rushed to buy it online after hearing glowing reviews for getting rid of those tiny noninflammed bumps, which i have on edge of my face, chin, and forehead ( closed comedones? ..still new at this). So after reading Salicylic Acid I grabbed my Clearasil pads (which don't do anything to combat bumps. Right on the back it lables the active ingr
  18. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) vs. Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)

    Differences Between AHAs and BHAs AHAs and BHAs Work in Similar Ways AHAs and BHAs Have Similar Side Effects AHAs and BHAs Are Similar in Effectiveness Hydroxy acids are a group of acids that are used primarily for their ability to exfoliate the skin, and are used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne. For the purposes of this article, we will zero in on how they are used for acne. There are...
  19. How Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) Help with Acne

    Introduction to BHAs Types of BHAs Used to Treat Acne How Salicylic Acid Works to Clear Acne Salicylic Acid Treatments for Acne Characteristics That Affect the Strength of a BHA Product Side Effects of Salicylic Acid Efficacy of Salicylic Acid Introduction to BHAs Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are a group of acids used to treat skin diseases like acne, ichthyosis, keratosis, warts, psoriasis, and sun-damaged skin. Of the several types of BHAs, salicylic acid is by far the BHA most often used in...
  20. How Does Jessner's Solution Help Clear Acne?

    Introduction to Jessner's Solution How Jessner's Solution Works to Clear Acne Jessner's Solution Treatment Side Effects of Jessner's Solution Efficacy of Jessner's Solution on Acne Summary Introduction to Jessner's Solution There are several types of chemical peels used to treat acne, and these peels normally contain one acid. Jessner's solution is a different type of chemical peel, made with a combination of ingredients. The components of Jessner's solution are: Salicylic acid (14%): Salicylic acid is a beta...
  21. I've been using Epiduo for a few weeks, and was wondering if I could use an AHA/BHA to help control the peeling or if it would be too irritating? I use Epiduo at night and would use the exfoliant in the morning. I also don't really know which one would be best to use and was wondering if anyone had recommendations from the Paula's Choice skin care line? I really don't want something irritating/drying. It just has to control the peeling. I was also thinking about getting an exfoliant for my ba
  22. Read the title basically! I have only ever tried one, can't remember the name, but it was like applying cake icing to my face the way it set, it still however really helped my red marks! Any Help?
  23. Here's the background info: Started regimen a long, long time ago. About three years ago. After 5ish months on it I was baby face clear and stayed that way for about half a year. Mind you, during this time I could eat ANYTHING and not be affected. It was a good time. Flash Forward to now, my skin isn't that great. It's typically a week long breakout (1-2 zits a day, for a week) follow by a week of healing/red spots, followed up by two-three days of clear, nice looking skin. Only to break out a
  24. So I am deep into the stages of clearing on my Spiro treatment and the biggest problem I have now are closed comedones that are barely visible under the skin but can inflame at any time and come to a head. Most are just sitting there and really is the last things keeping my skin from being smooth and clear. After reading many blogs and reviews, I decided to order Paula's choice 2% gel. I need advice as to how and where to use it in my cleansing routine. should I start one time a day, eve
  25. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone could recommend some acne toners with 2% bha(salicylic acid). I've tried Paula's choice extra strength but it was so moisturizing it just turned my clogged pores into inflamed pimples...tried it for about 2 months and truly didn't prevent breakouts at all, and made the ones I had even worse. I am currently using Neostrata level 2 toning solution and it works great, the only down fall is the alcohol in it! I'd love to be able to find one without alcohol. I was l