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Found 171 results

  1. sorry to post this topic here but i think it will be better to post here because i heard this from maya in other board. It goes like this: I take a broad spectrum high potency enzyme complex, derived from vegetable sources, to digest all the elements in food for more efficient absorption. Also contains L.acidophilus to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. (Caution: Not suitable for people with colitis, gastritis or ulcerative conditions of the stomach or colon ) Bi
  2. From the album: My Skin

    Hey... My skin is looking pretty frickin' good lol. I've been sleeping more these last few days (even going as far as to take naps during the day) & drinking more water. I stopped taking evening primrose oil; it didn't seem to agree with my skin as far as I could tell, but it could've been something else. Right now I'm sticking to Beta Carotene, & added a collagen pill last night. I'm also washing off my makeup again before bed. Good results compared to my last pic. I'm happy.
  3. i think everyone should at least give Vitamin A or B5 a try.. they seem to be working for a whooooole lotta ppl.. and it doesnt hurt to try... i personally chose Vitamin A, and bought the Vit A Beta Carotene from an online store pretty cheap.. i forget which one, sorry.. but the brand is TwinLab, and it was pretty cheap.. it seemed to work for a lotta ppl.. and it wasn't too expensive.. and besides, Accutane is supposed to be a synthetic version of it rite? for me, the results have been amazi
  4. well, i thought i'd write about it since this is the clearest my face has been in a long time. what i think has helped me is the recent addition of Flaxseed Oil supplements to my daily routine. although i am not entirely sure that these are solely what has helped me, i am nearly certain because it is the only thing different i have been doing and as soon as i started taking them my acne seems to have subsided. i'll try to be concise and spare my life story... i take Nature Made organic flaxse
  5. This seriously needs to stop. Currently I'm taking D3, Omega 3, coQ10, C, zinc & beta carotene with E. I eat pretty healthy- lots of leafy greens like baby spinach & all I drink is water or green tea. Still have very congested pores. I'm also currently using Diacneal, which has been somewhat effective at reducing oiliness. Is there anything else I should be doing??? Anyone who got rid of their congested skin/blackheads?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys I have been on a version of the paleo diet for a few weeks now and I think it's helping, amongst other things. I used to have the birth control implant (just had it removed a few months ago) which I think was contributing to my acne, which the Dr's told me to control with Doxy, Differin and Eryacne gel. Well they stopped working eventually, and I got such bad cystic acne I couldnt believe it. I went to a naturopath who tested my hormones and put me on herbal medication to balance the
  7. there is a school of thought that suggests the recommended Daily allowances that are set by governmental health institutions are too low, and advocate a, higher is better, mentality. There is also some folks on this site who use an argument from analogy and claim that Accutane(retinoic acid) in high doses "cures" acne, therefore vitamin or other similar vitamins may do the same.accutane is the same as "vitamin a" , and since this is a form of megavitamin therapy used by the medical industry,mean
  8. So, I have been using tea tree oil as a face wash and I have been using omega D-3 (liquid) and taking beta carotene and I don't *ahem*masturbate, at least for the past week. I have been using the tea tree oil for months, the omega D-3 for the last couple weeks, and taking beta carotene for just a couple days. Here is pictures of me from a few days ago. I didn't really expect any major improvement, but it looks like its getting even worse. Which isn't so, so great aha. So, I think I'll keep
  9. So, I figured out that my acne is caused by hypothyroidism (I always felt chilly, had cold hands and feet). I just read that people with hypothyroidism do not convert Beta Carotene to Vitamin A efficiently. Anything with Beta Carotene in it turns me a beautiful bright orange. I look like a carrot. I would love to start eating sweet potatoes, but I know I'll turn orange. Does anyone know what might help my body convert the Beta Carotene to Vitamin A?? Any vitamin or mineral I might be
  10. I've been testing out this hydrating serum as a replacement for the cranberry cream I was using (it was reformulated and my skin just doesn't seem to like the new version). I think I am liking it so far. I'm pretty sure its not clogging me, although it may take another month or two for me to say that for sure. Its got a different feeling from the thicker, creamier moisturizers I am used to. The consistency is more of a thin serum. It may not be hydrating enough for really dry skin, but I'
  11. I keep hearing "Lol careful /w vit A the limit is lik 10,000..." Well. My multi-vitamin (mind you, I haven't taken it yet) has: 15,000 IU Beta Carotene 10,000 IU Retinyl Acetate ?!?
  12. OK, so I posted most of my story in the Intro thread if you want the background but basically here's the short version: I've had rosacea since I was about 13 and of course they never admitted that it was because it's only supposed to strike people over 30. So, I got diagnosed at 31. I never really got much acne, just the pustules associated with rosacea. Never had a blackhead. Sometimes I got regular zits on my forehead which is my only "normal" skin. The rest of my face is bright red and horri
  13. Okay, so I've been experimenting with ways to get rid of my acne for about 2 weeks now.. yes, I know that's not very long, but for some reason anything I put in or on my body takes effect strangely fast. I was using a combination of antibacterial body wash, tea tree shampoo, and Neutrogena face wash in the shower, then finishing up with a typical astringent (no sal acid or any acne fighting ingredients) and my skin was looking for the most part clear. I'd get a pimple or two, but they wouldn't
  14. About 2 months ago I started overdosing on Beta Carotene, Chromium, Flax Seeds, and Flax Seed Oil. How long does this crap take to leave your system? I overdosed on these things for about a month. So I stopped overdosing about a month ago. I hope that make sense. Anyways, I stopped a month ago because I developed a rash when I started overdosing on falx seeds and flax seed oil. I got bumps on my legs/arms/stomach and chest. I NEVER break out in these places. I also developed these red dots all o
  15. I have oily sensitive skin, with mostly comedomes all over my face. I'm tired of having puddles of oil on my face after a long day in school, so I thought I'll try some vitamins and minerals known to reduce oil and help skin look healthier. I'll spot treat with BP when needed. I'm thinking about using the following. Let me know what you guys think. -Vitamin C- 2000mg/daily -Vitamin b5- Mega dosing regimen -Zinc- 75mg/daily -Fish oil- 4 caps/daily -Biotin- 300mcg -B complex- one/daily Vitamin A-
  16. I am currently taking: Vitamin B Complex Essential Enzymes 500 mg Panthothenic Acid 500 mg Beta Carotene 15 mg Dry Vitamin A Zinc 50 mg Evening Primrose 1300 mg Omega 3, 6, 9 Flax Oil with Lignans 1000 mg Magnesium 500 mg Potassium 595 mg Vitamin C 1000 mg Vitamin R 800 IU Acidophilus 100 mg Am I taking way too much or is my skin going to get worse before it gets better? My acne has gotten worse and my face is increasingly red since I started taking these vitamins last week. I don't know wha
  17. Nutrients for healthy skin o Vitamin A - helps cells reproduce normally and since skin cells have a fast rate of production Vitamin A is needed to ensure that skin generation is healthy. Vitamin A has a natural immune boosting property for all mucus membrane and body surfaces and has long been linked as one of the top vitamins for skin health. Found in oily fish, eggs and yoghurt whilst beta carotene the vitamin A precursor is found in orange or yellow fruits and vegetables. o Vitamin C –
  18. Carbs give me gas like crazy - the hell with em! Cutting carbs is the best way to balance hormones, so here we go. carbs: 9% fat: 64% protein: 27% Source: http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00021C...nm-03E00zB.html Some good old meat for lunch, instead of those dry slices of bread. I think I can get used to this this
  19. 1. Lower your dose of accutane below 50 mg/day. This cumulative dose in the thousands of mg goes back almost 30 years to a study done by La Roche, the maker of Accutane. Insanity. There are now plenty of studies showing low dose courses to be both effective and have much less incidence of side effects. 2. Use a humidifier in your room. Heated air in your home (0-5% humidity) is literally drier than the Sahara (10-15 percent humidity). 3. Keep the heat as low as possible, or crack the window a
  20. I wanted to start fresh. Today my skin is going to become my friend i am going to stop picking fights with it and care for it to the best of my ability. Wash: Clarins gentle foaming cleanser Tone: l'oreal hydrafresh Treat: Cleocin t Internal: ACV 2x's a day 4 tbps total yogurt couple glasses of green tea Lots of water Vitamins: fish oil, acai,vit e,a,c, heart health, beta carotene, alpha lipoic(zinc/Magnesium/calcium, just added milk thistle Try to k
  21. I always wondered if beta carotene needs fat to be absorbed by the body or water? since the vit A is fat soluble.. thanks
  22. How do I know if the Vitamin A listed on food labels is the beta carotene form or supplemental Vitamin A that has been added to the food? I know that the vitamin A in carrots, for example, is in the beta carotene form and will not contribute to side effects on accutane. But what about Vitamin A that is in breakfast cereal? I sometimes drink V-8 Fusion which has 100% Vitamin A. How do I know if that's beta carotene or the "bad" kind of Vitamin A? What about milk? My dermatologist just told
  23. I haven't been able to find a reliable article on this.. Im on 'tane but want to take it and someone said that it turns into vitamin A which is a no-no to take it ok Accutane
  24. I know many of you on here are taking Vit A in huge amts. well here are side effects if taken to much or for too long. "Vitamin A Drug and Food Interactions Vitamin A absorption may be reduced by the following drugs, health conditions and foods: Cholestyramine Colestipol Mineral Oil Orlistat Intestinal Malabsorption Syndromes Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreatic Conditions Weight Loss Surgery Olestra (the fat substitute) inhibits the absorption of all fat soluble vitamins including
  25. My son and I both did a 10% glycolic peel. He got several new zits. It is either that or the new vitamins since he hasn't really strayed very far from his "diet". He hasn't had anything like this since starting his "diet" thing, so I am guessing it is one of these two things. There is no iodine or iron in vitamins. He also started a beta carotene supplement. Zitro, he feels your pain! Unexplained zits are the pits. Anyway, I only want to hear back from those who may have had some break