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Found 500 results

  1. If I already have a prescribed Benzoyl Peroxide thing that is 5% should I stop using it and use Dan Regime? Will it be better or worse?
  2. I've been using the regimen products for a few weeks now, but I've been afraid to try and mix them with liquid foundation. Does Dan's benzoyl peroxide gel mix well with liquid foundation? I'm not gonna use makeup often, but I'd like to be able to at least a couple times a week. Would I just wanna wait the 15 minutes after using the BP, and then put on my moisturizer and then the makeup right after that? Or does the BP make it hard to blend in liquid foundation? I'm afraid to try a mineral p
  3. Guest

    Putting Bp on nose acne

    Hello everyone. I am not sure if this was the correct place to ask this, but is it fine putting bp (2.5 percent, i.e.e neutrogena on the spot/ OR duac gel 5 percent BP) on your nose pimple? Can the BP cause scarring on the nose? Thanks
  4. I went to my dermatologist who gave me benzoyl peroxide wash 10% and also benzoyl peroxide gel to put on after I washed with the wash. After a while my face became really red. It also burned really bad while I both washed and applied the Gel afterwards. We discovered that I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide!! I have had this bad tendency of washing my face rather harshly sometimes in hopes of clearing up my acne. My face is pretty red now; I don't know if it's because of my acne or because of my t
  5. Now i am started using Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne. i am just applying BP over the acne ( withing rinsing ) and then other area nearby acne ( with rinsing ),, i am not applying in areas i won't have acne,, is this the correct way ?? I am using 5% BP
  6. Hey all! I noticed a lot of people swear by BP on here. I totally understand this, because of Dan's regimen. However, I am thinking that SA may be better for me. Out of every product I have used, St. Ive's Apricot Scrub has done the most for my skin (which has SA in it). While BP does dry out my acne, it leaves me with prolonged red marks. Some people do not agree with this notion but my skin is absolute proof that it prolongs red marks (at least for me). One of my main skin problems is red ma
  7. I've heard that BP can darken red marks... is this true for 2.5 %?
  8. Hi again, Just wondering if dan increased his price for 16oz Benzoyl Peroxide. I haven't been to the Get Clear Products since before I joined and I was wondering if the price is different. Thanks, Lian
  9. Does anyone know what the shelf life of the benzoyl peroxide treatment is? I can't remember when I bought it, but I know it had to be well over a year ago. It's in the light blue packaging as opposed to the white packing that the products have now. Is it still safe to use? I was thinking of switching back to benzoyl peroxide and I basically have a full tube of this stuff, so it would be such a waste for me to have buy a new one.
  10. So yeah, benzoyl peroxide is good at shrinking zits. No lie there. But I just can't take the red marks that it leaves on my olive complexion. I am desperate to find an alternative spot treatment to use. I have moderate acne. I seem to only get acne on my cheeks/jaw. My forehead and chin is normally clear. I also suffer from blackheads on my nose. I've heard of using tea tree oil, and I love using salicylic acid. For my skin, salicylic acid treatments have worked best. Any advice or products to
  11. I posted this as an annoucnement in a few other places on the board, but wanted to also include it in a place where people could ask questions, comment and also so I can provide a link to the full FDA article. The safety of Benzoyl Peroxide is periodically brought up by board members as an area of concern. Questions about whether it may increase skin cancer risk or cause DNA damage (and thus damage or accelarate the aging the skin) are the most common concerns. Given those concerns, I thought
  12. Not sure if this is the right forum... But anyways, I've been using only BP products for the last 7years of my life, and as i get older my acne only seems to be getting worse. Washing my face now with BP would probably be the same as washing my face with normal soap. Have I grown immune to Benzoyl Peroxide after using it for so long, is it possible for p.acnes to grow immune to it?
  13. Tanning and the natural sun have always kept my pimples at bay and I rarely had any, ever. To make a long story short, I was recently diagnosed with some serious skin problems and can no longer tan or expose my skin to the harmful rays without some serious spf. Because of this, I have recently developed acne, on my chin, cheeks, corners of my mouth and my forehead. When I tried a tiny amount of BP, my skin got so so so dry, where it was flaky, painful and had these huge rough red spots. No matt
  14. So... I'm on Accutane since yesterday. My dermatologist also told me to apply Tazarotene and Benzoyl peroxide. One each night. On wikipedia, I found out that Tazarotene's side effects are ACNE. So, I'm wondering if that bitch only wants me to break out again to keep me giving my money to her. Help?
  15. help ! does anybody know of a good face wash that you can get at walmart that will get deep into my pores and clean the dirt and bacteria ? i read by an expert on acne online, that i need to use a gentle face wash, because they work the best, one without any oil (except olive or avacado, if i have to use them), no sulfide, sulfite, or sulfate . DEFINITELY no sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate . no mineral oil . no grit, grain, or scrub except oat if neccessary . and no benzoyl perox
  16. Hi all. So just two days ago, I started using Dan's BP. It's really hot and humid now where I live, so I think the BP is possibly runnier than it is normally. I used to use the skiniD BP, but ran out. It had a relatively thick consistency, so it stayed put on my face, dried faster, and I was able to apply less but get a great effect. Dan's BP is so quite watery on the contrary, and I am having a hard time applying a full fingers length without wasting half of it on my fingers (the excess doesnt
  17. does anyone know if the acne.org bp is alkaline or acidic? (also the panoxyl one actually, as well, if you know)
  18. Have any of you guys read The Acne Cure by Dr. Terry Dubrow? his regimen uses salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide with cold packs to get rid of acne in nearly 95% of cases in JUST 6 weeks. I've read the book several times. I haven't tried the regimen yet because my current regimen works pretty well for me.. I won't guarantee that his regimen will work, but the book does give a lot of useful/helpful information. I recommend reading it.
  19. I figured I owed it to fellow acne sufferers to write this post and bang the drum for benzoyl peroxide – since it literally has changed my life. 1. First I wet my face with hot water and dab it dry 2. I then apply a finger full of panoxyl aquagel 2.5 benzoyl peroxide (though I am sure any gel with BP would be fine, it is just this is the cheapest) 3. After spreading it across my face, avoiding the eyes, I leave it to dry. 4. I then add ‘bulldog moisturiser’ – though you have to fine t
  20. ok so im using a presribed antibiotic called bactrim and im doing the regimen dan says to do but i was wondering when i use the cleanser do i use this astringent right after?? like when i get out of the shower do i dry my face then apply this than wait 10-15 minutes to apply the benzoyl peroxide?? please let me know!
  21. After reading about Benzoyl Peroxide on this site, I figured i might as well give it a shot, so i bought some PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5%. I've been using it over the last few days, and it has definitely cleared up my skin. However I'm mainly looking for advice (not sure if this is the right place?) because two days ago i woke up with quite a very red face and lots of bumps on my forehead. Since then i have discontinued using it and have been using a lot of moisturizer since my skin is very dry. I hav
  22. So I just started the Regimen this week with the acne.org products and I'm really excited to see how they will work for me in the next few weeks. Here's my question though...I have been using Proactiv for the last 3 months with no luck. Since my skin is used to BP applied to it 2x a day already, should I begin the regimen with the small amount of BP that is recommended, or should I use the full amount?
  23. I am so happy because I finally found a regimen that works for me....ok so this is what I do: -Cleanse face with a simple cleanser(I usually use cetaphil) -WAIT FOR YOUR SKIN TO COMPLETELY DRY -Apply witch hazel to your face(I keep a bottle of witch hazel in my fridge and I add 4-5 drops of tea trea oil to the witch hazel....I keep this in the fridge because it keeps the witch hazel cold and the coldness of the witch hazel helps keeps the pores closed) -WAIT FOR YOUR SKIN TO COMPLETELY DRY -App
  24. Hi I'm new to the posts and I just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience while using Benzoyl Peroxide. I know this post might be long but it’s worth the read. I started using BP to treat back acne in the winter of '09. I was concerned about its safety because, at that time, the FDA classification for that was still uncertain. Since that time the FDA has changed its safety classification to GRS (generally regarded as safe). However, I am somewhat skeptical about anything the FDA
  25. Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I started the regimen about 5 weeks ago. I started off just buying the 2 oz. travel size bottle of treatment because I didn't want a huge bottle of stuff just in case I had a reaction to it or I found it didn't work all that great for me. So I used it for about 3 weeks and everything was looking up. My skin had gotten clearer and I got the dryness under control. So, I bought the 8 oz. bottle. Within a few days of using the 8 oz. bottle, I had broke