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Found 500 results

  1. Ok so two Fridays ago (Thats Oct 22) I tried Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I put it on Friday morning and evening. The next day my chin and face are red and dried out, to the point of where it hurts to smile. An allergic reaction is the only conclusion I can come to, though this is my first allergic reaction (skin or otherwise) to anything. I went to the doctor some day the next week, and she agreed it was probably an allergic reaction to the salicyclic acid. She also asked if I hav
  2. Sooooo I just started the regimen... Two days ago. I absolutely love the BP, the cleanser is... cleansing, of course, and the moisturize is... ight. Now I wanted to see If it is just me or not. See I have noticed that when I use BP on scared areas that are, affected by hyperpigmentation, they tend to heal faster. Now naturally BP is a peeling and acne preventing chemical right? Well my skin peels off after using BP on the area of what looks to be hyperpimentated. Is it hyperpigmentation or is i
  3. Hey everyone! I'm new here and I just wanted to ask a quick question. I just bought a benzoyl peroxide gel a few days ago and so far it's been working well, but I have noticed that it's drying up my skin. My routine is I wash my face in the morning and apply moisturizer and after showering at night, I apply my BP gel. Now I was wondering if it's ok to use moisturizer right after I apply the gel to prevent my skin from drying. I don't want to try it yet because I'm not sure if it will make the B
  4. I just bought the Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl peroxide bar and i was wondering, is my skin supposed to be peeling ? and if so, long will the peeling persist ?
  5. Hey I just started using Dan's BP and its making my face very shiny/oily. It seems my skin is not absorbing the bp and it is not working on making my face dry but making it more oily. I feel like I am washing the BP off when I wash my face in the morning. I have been making sure my face dries for 20 mins before applying. Another problem I am having is that it doesn't seem to absorb onto my nose well at all. My nose stays really shinny even more so than the rest of my face. I don't know how I can
  6. Hi, I've ordered the "Big" kit twice before this, this would be my 3rd time ordering it. When my package arrived, the BP did not have a pump on it. I'm not sure if this is new or if there was just a mistake, but i'm just curious as to how to get the BP out. When I unscrew the cap, there is a tube as if it was made to be pumped out, yet no pump is on the bottle or in the box!
  7. i just recently added bp in the morning in addition to my differin and clindamycin regime for the past 3 weeks now and ive been using neutrogenas on the spot to much success. Should I switch to Dan's BP? Anyone prefer on the spot? What are some positives and benefits? thanks
  8. I have semi-oily face, mild acne on my cheeks and using proactive for about 7 months now. But it’s really drying my face especially at night. So, my question is can I use proactiv and Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Daily SPF 15 Lotion (has retinol) together at night for some moisturizer relief? Is it safe to use benzoyl peroxide and retinol, SPF at the same time? Also, at night can I use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (proactiv) and 0.5% Salicylic Acid (Aveeno) at the same time? If not then can some
  9. Hi, I didn't have time to read all the posts, so this may have been asked already. I have mild to moderate acne (recently it got a lot better since I've been on the pill for a while and I switched my regimen to using two cleansers instead of bar soap and cleanser, and more BP, and a lighter moisturizer). However, for several months now the skin around my eyes (eyelids, corners of eyelids, and below eyes) has been getting dried every time I wash my face. I wash twice a day because I'm scared th
  10. I just realized that this stuff has been out in the market for at least 4 years now,, could be even longer, but If anyone out there has used this and has had Great Results please Post your regimen while using this Product known as Trioxil PM Gel (Bizasulene 14%). I really need input since BP dries my skin too much and its aging my skin drastically (im 22) and need an alternative-this product looks like just what i was looking for, but need some feedback from anyone who has had long term experien
  11. So I was in the store the other day comparing prices between the benzoyl peroxide 10% and the 2.5% and I was amazed at how the 2.5% not only was a smaller amount (.75 oz) than the 10% (1oz), but the 2.5% was more expensive. It then dawned on me that if I could find a way to use the 10% to make the 2.5% then not only would I be saving money but I'd also have control over the ingredients that go into the gel. So this is what you need to make 20oz of 2.5% BP for around $24: ~5 tubes of 1oz 10% BP
  12. So I'm going to be going on the regimen very soon. I have two cleansers that I can use. One of them has salicylic acid in it. The other is a normal over-the-counter mild cleanser. I'm wondering if combining salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide is a bad idea. I'm afraid it may cause a reaction of some sort, or be too harsh on the skin. (I also have a moisturizer.) Also, the benzoyl peroxide that I am using is Benzagel 5% USP gel, (5% was the only kind I could find). The box says to cleanse face
  13. Hello everyone. I am 16 years old and have been struggling with moderate acne for about a year now after it became progressively worse from a mild case. I am currently on a regimen of benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and evening, along with Clindamycin (not sure if that's how you spell it) Phosphate lotion in the morning, and Trentinoin gel in the evening. I am also taking one Minocycline pill every night. I have been on this regimen since late september/early october. My dermatologist
  14. I am not sure if this goes in the regimen part of the forums, but since it kinda is related to the regimen, ill post it here. The main thing im wondering is, Since BP is indeed irritating and does cause dry skin, my question is, how does BP compare to other acne products (retinoids, retina, differin, clindamycin, salycic acid, aha etc). When i say compare, i mean as in what is more harsh, 2.5 % BP or these other acne products?
  15. So i finally went to the doctor and he gave me a new regime. I have a benzoyl peroxide 4% wash that i use every night, and in the morning if i want. Then moistorize with Cetaphil in the mornings. Should i moistorize at night after washing as well? Then i got retin-a .025% which i am supposed to use twice a week at night. Should i still wash with benzoyl peroxide before i use it? or just water for the nights im guna apply the retin-a? I've started with the benzoyl only so far and it's giving me
  16. I just started to use Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser ( Not topical gel Benzoyl Peroxide that sit on your face for a day, just cleanser that I wash off) followed up by a Salicylic Acid Moisturizer and I'm just wondering if Benzoyl Peroxide leaves behind acne red marks so I can stop using it if it does, because I already have a lot of acne red marks on my face at the moment. Thank you !
  17. Hi Dan, I have a big problem. It seems that the regimen is really starting to work for me, but there's one kind of big issue...I'm allergic to the benzoyl peroxide! My face is constantly unbearably dry and peeling and red, and my face is always so itchy, my skin just looks terrible, but the acne is starting to subside. Twice already since I've been on the regimen, I've experienced swollen eyes. I would really like to continue the regimen, but is there anyway i can stop this? Maybe if I use
  18. Hi, It's been 3 months since i stopped using Duac gel (Clindamycin phosphate; benzoyl peroxide).. but it's effects are still with me. This gel essentially dries the skin out, and it probably didn't help that i never used moisturizer while using it. A few days after last using the gel, i noticed a wrinkled area on one side of my face/cheek as well as extreme dryness, and white scaly patches. The wrinkles have improved 50%, but the area is extremely dry even when moisturizer is applied, which s
  19. Atm i have one bottle of bp that has 1/4 of it left I cant afford to keep throwing away a whole 1/4 of it but its got so thick that its really hard to spread, and impossible to get out without banging it off the wall... how do i get any out, or stop it from being so thick!? thanks
  20. I just started the regimen, and I'm not sure if I have an allergy or not. I'm not sure what skin crusting is. Does anyone have a picture of someone who has an allergy to BP? Google images doesn't have much at all Thanks!
  21. Guys I Wash My Face With A Gentle Clearasil, And I Have An Oil Free Moisturisor, However I Dont Have Dans BP, I Just brought One From My Local Pharmacy! Its A 5% One ? DO You Have To Use Dans BP ? DOes It Have To Be Like His ? Or Can You Buy One From YOur Local Pharmacy And Use It ? Do You Reccomend I Use My 5% or Buy A 2.5% One ? I Have Mild Acne And I Just Dont Want To Make It Worst! Many Thanks.
  22. anyone knows about Oxy Benzoyl Peroxide?...is it as useful as the BP described in the Regime?... hope to use Oxy for my regime. thanks!
  23. Hey guys I only use the regimen at night but when i wake up the morning my skin is often dry. Could I put 3/4 drops of JJ oil in my BP? (I don't moisturize) Thanks Aliass
  24. Before I started Dan's BP, my back had finally cleared up 100% and all that was left was some scarring (non-red). It felt and looked so nice... My face was still dealing with mild to moderate. I bought some of Dan's BP for my face only, and after a month it has elevated my condition to severe on my face and now I have about 9-10 emerging cysts on my back. I am extremely disappointed in this product and wish I had never bought it. Also, it caused my forehead to break out, a place where I ha