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Found 1,000 results

  1. Skin Id is the latest of products which can not be gotten off the counter but by phone or mail. This product doesn’t give you a list of the ingredients but they aren’t fooling anyone with just another run of the mill product packaged a little differently. The face wash, spot-treatment, and cleansing pads all had the active ingredient of 2% salicylic acid, and the all-over treatment had the active ingredient of benzoyl peroxide. Um, okay. How is that different from ANY anti-acne treatment? Y
  2. clearskin3

    AHA+ As Spot Treatment

    At what point should I use the AHA+ as a spot treatment in the morning? I normally use Dan's BP...wait 15 min and then use Cetaphil lotion. Should I apply the AHA+ in between the BP and lotion of after the lotion?
  3. I was prescribed this by the doctor and she said to use it at night. Has anybody had any luck with it? What should I use to cleanse my face/remove makeup? I don't want anything to interact negatively.
  4. I have been using benzoyl peroxide 2.5% for about six weeks now...however now i notice that after i apply it to on my face the gel leaves a whitetish layer after 2-3 minutes ( imagine you rub liquid mud over face and after the liquid dries up...it leaves brownish layer over face..similar layer i see on my face after i apply gel)..what worries me is..if my skin no longer absorbs the gel? how many of u experience this? Is it normal?
  5. PickleJar

    Hyperpigmentation & BP

    Sooooo I just started the regimen... Two days ago. I absolutely love the BP, the cleanser is... cleansing, of course, and the moisturize is... ight. Now I wanted to see If it is just me or not. See I have noticed that when I use BP on scared areas that are, affected by hyperpigmentation, they tend to heal faster. Now naturally BP is a peeling and acne preventing chemical right? Well my skin peels off after using BP on the area of what looks to be hyperpimentated. Is it hyperpigmentation or is i
  6. Hello everyone. I am 16 years old and have been struggling with moderate acne for about a year now after it became progressively worse from a mild case. I am currently on a regimen of benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and evening, along with Clindamycin (not sure if that's how you spell it) Phosphate lotion in the morning, and Trentinoin gel in the evening. I am also taking one Minocycline pill every night. I have been on this regimen since late september/early october. My dermatologist
  7. So i finally went to the doctor and he gave me a new regime. I have a benzoyl peroxide 4% wash that i use every night, and in the morning if i want. Then moistorize with Cetaphil in the mornings. Should i moistorize at night after washing as well? Then i got retin-a .025% which i am supposed to use twice a week at night. Should i still wash with benzoyl peroxide before i use it? or just water for the nights im guna apply the retin-a? I've started with the benzoyl only so far and it's giving me
  8. I just started to use Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser ( Not topical gel Benzoyl Peroxide that sit on your face for a day, just cleanser that I wash off) followed up by a Salicylic Acid Moisturizer and I'm just wondering if Benzoyl Peroxide leaves behind acne red marks so I can stop using it if it does, because I already have a lot of acne red marks on my face at the moment. Thank you !
  9. Hey I just started using Dan's BP and its making my face very shiny/oily. It seems my skin is not absorbing the bp and it is not working on making my face dry but making it more oily. I feel like I am washing the BP off when I wash my face in the morning. I have been making sure my face dries for 20 mins before applying. Another problem I am having is that it doesn't seem to absorb onto my nose well at all. My nose stays really shinny even more so than the rest of my face. I don't know how I can
  10. i am 14 and i have been trying to get rid of my acne for so long an nothing seems to work, i have 3 acne products at home and i would like to know if you think i should use them or not ? - clearasil ULTRA - acne treatment cream (extra strength) it contains benzoyl peroxide 5%w/w (50mg/g) Bentonite 50mg/g and other stuff but there the main because they were on the front - Clean & Clear (oil free) Deep action , Cleansing wipes. ingredients - water,Propylene glycol, cyclohexasiloxane,cyclopen
  11. i am 14 and i have been trying to get rid of my acne for so long an nothing seems to work, i have 3 acne products at home and i would like to know if you think i should use them or not ? - clearasil ULTRA - acne treatment cream (extra strength) it contains benzoyl peroxide 5%w/w (50mg/g) Bentonite 50mg/g and other stuff but there the main because they were on the front - Clean & Clear (oil free) Deep action , Cleansing wipes. ingredients - water,Propylene glycol, cyclohexasiloxane,cyclopen
  12. I know his stuff is only online, but is there anything in the store like his acne benzoyl peroxide treatment? I know SKIN ID makes one.. The 32 but again that is only online So I was wondering if there was anything like these two things in the store? I know there are spot creamy treatments in store etc. but I'm looking for one you can put all over with the same light weight texture as ( as SKIN ID 32 and acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment) THANKS!
  13. I hate bumps

    Did Dan up his Price on BP?

    Hi again, Just wondering if dan increased his price for 16oz Benzoyl Peroxide. I haven't been to the Get Clear Products since before I joined and I was wondering if the price is different. Thanks, Lian
  14. Renado

    Dans BP Or Any ?

    Guys I Wash My Face With A Gentle Clearasil, And I Have An Oil Free Moisturisor, However I Dont Have Dans BP, I Just brought One From My Local Pharmacy! Its A 5% One ? DO You Have To Use Dans BP ? DOes It Have To Be Like His ? Or Can You Buy One From YOur Local Pharmacy And Use It ? Do You Reccomend I Use My 5% or Buy A 2.5% One ? I Have Mild Acne And I Just Dont Want To Make It Worst! Many Thanks.
  15. I was reading about the regimen, and i was wondering could i use the oil cleansing method to wash my face, then apply 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and then moisturize?
  16. Atm i have one bottle of bp that has 1/4 of it left I cant afford to keep throwing away a whole 1/4 of it but its got so thick that its really hard to spread, and impossible to get out without banging it off the wall... how do i get any out, or stop it from being so thick!? thanks
  17. anyone knows about Oxy Benzoyl Peroxide?...is it as useful as the BP described in the Regime?... hope to use Oxy for my regime. thanks!
  18. Before I started Dan's BP, my back had finally cleared up 100% and all that was left was some scarring (non-red). It felt and looked so nice... My face was still dealing with mild to moderate. I bought some of Dan's BP for my face only, and after a month it has elevated my condition to severe on my face and now I have about 9-10 emerging cysts on my back. I am extremely disappointed in this product and wish I had never bought it. Also, it caused my forehead to break out, a place where I ha
  19. So, I bought the whole shabang, a starter kit, in July. Unfortunately I have been waking up and going to bed at rough times so I wasn't a consistent user, and I only did it once a day usually because I wanted to start slow.. So I actually took a break from it for a few days and well I started using it again and then my face got miserable. Or rather, I got miserable. My face became red all over, extremely itchy(Very intensely itchy), and swollen at places. It's miserable to have this happen becau
  20. I just started the regimen, and I'm not sure if I have an allergy or not. I'm not sure what skin crusting is. Does anyone have a picture of someone who has an allergy to BP? Google images doesn't have much at all Thanks!
  21. A friend gave me Perrigo 10% benzoyl peroxide to try. I absolutely love it, but my insurance won't cover it. The over the counter products always dry white and make me look shiny. I'm trying to find a aqueous based gel like Perrigo offers that is over the counter. Any suggestions?
  22. Today I bought Neutrogen Clear Pore scrub with 3.7% Benzoyl Peroxide, after two months of using Salicylic Acid in it with hardly any results except it helping close my pores (it had toner in it). Well I was wondering, will usind the scrub I bought today mess up my face, because I heard using scrubs daily can make your skin red? Then because it has a scrub in it does that make it a cleanser too? And because it is a scrub/ maybe cleanser do I still need to cleanse before using the scrub with BP i
  23. Hello everyone! I recently started using Paula's Choice BHA Liquid 2% and I am going through a purging stage (Hopefully that's what it is) I realized that I got three pimples places where i never break out and little hard white heads (?) that are ready to come out. I only use BHA every three days and i plan to increase when the breakouts calm down a little. I want to know if you have used BHA before how long the purging process took and if any of you guys were able to stop using Be
  24. My dermatologist told me to put on benzoyl peroxide on my face 10 minutes before showering. So, I have been for the past couple of days. But, when I wash it off, my face is as red as a tomato. It goes away and doesn't seem to bother me too much... but is that bad for my skin? Is it hurting more than helping? On a tangent, he also has me putting on Tazorac right before bed every night, and despite both, my skin is not peeling or overly bothered. I'm just curious about the bright red my face
  25. So my dermatologist prescribed me minocycline, differin and a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. On the 3rd day of using the BP wash my face burned pretty bad and was covered in flakes. I guess it isn't all bad though because my acne is fading away because of this. He suggested I use the wash every other day instead of once a day and to use Cetaphil moisturizing lotion which I just bought. I want to know when i should put the moisturizer on though. Before this the order was BP wash > differin. I'm thi