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Found 1,000 results

  1. hi, i have had acne for all 4 years of highschool. ive tried alot of stuff, they moderatly worked but i still got cysts. I finally went to a doctor who know what he was doing, and put me on: retina (generic though) 2.5% bp face wash erothryomicin benzoyl peroxide topical cream (generic? no clue) bactrim (generic as well though) my skin is pretty much clear. i get 1 pimple every few days worst case. how long can i stay on the bactrim? acne doesnt just go away does it? am i going to have to be
  2. While I've visited this site before this is the first time I've posted. I'm 43 and have had acne for over 30 years. I break out not only on my face but my chest, back and arms. Been through all kinds of treatments from Tetracycline when I was a teenager to Minocycline as an adult, and every topical product you could think of. Treatments like Pro-Activ (or anything with Benzoyl Peroxide) are much too harsh for my sensitive skin. As I've gotten older my skin isn't repairing itself as easily a
  3. Why does everyone recommend not using BP 10% ? I think it works quicker than anything else plus if I use tons of mosterizer it's not too dry or irritating... Does anyone else use it?
  4. I've had acne since middle school, and I'm now a college sophomore. Needless to say, it's been a nuisance. I've been on Accutane twice, both times during high school; each was very helpful, but some degree of acne came back. For the last year I've had mild acne, kept that way with minocycline (which seems to be effective for me, but I'd certainly prefer not to use it in the long term due to the risk of side effects), Differin (I tried Tazorac, but it was too harsh for my skin), and various ot
  5. ive been using retin-a micro for 3 1/2 months, and its helped my acne some. i had mild-moderate cystic acne... and just regular acne. except my skin is so oily, the only way i can keep it under control is by putting on powder a million times a day (which i think is breaking me out). i know it's the retin-a micro because before i started using it, i always had dry skin.. and within two or three weeks of using the retin-a that all changed. the oilyness has gotten worse and worse. i think i may hav
  6. My name is rebecca and I am 22 yrs old I had acne almost my whole life but as of 2004 my dermatologist found something that worked very well on my cystic acne. The three main things that helped my face clear up. Here are the steps wash your face down with warm water. Dry your face down not hard but rubbing alcohol which kills bacteria.Let that dry then put on Erythromycin and Benzoyl Peroxide topical gel. Take to Minocycline medication 2 times a day. Also the most important thing of all 8 glasse
  7. the doctor told me to use it once a day which i do at night time as it if i use it in the morings aswell id have such a greasy looking face which will then turn red and dry so doesnt help if i have uni or whatever and wana put make up on. u all seem to be using it morning and night ???
  8. You know, for some reason I thought the regimen was going to be cheap. But the BP gel sure goes fast! I marked my calendar when I started using this tube, and get this, it's going to last for a whopping three weeks!! Actually, more like 2 and a half if it keeps going at this rate. Thankfully moisturizer and cleanser lasts a lot longer so the cost shouldn't be unbearable. Now my only question is, how did your wallets survive without the BP geL!!!! So how long does your BP gel last yo
  9. My regular doctor prescribed me mupirocin yesterday for a rash on my face/neck that has been there for a few weeks. I' ve noticed a lot of dryness now and woke up with some blood on my pillow. I was using bacitracin prior to this to treat the infection and normally mosturize with Aveeno Daily Mosturizing lotion and wash my face with 3% benzoyl peroxide wash. Is there anything i can do for the dryness that wont cause more irratation or rashes?
  10. i would like to know every thing about what is different between panoxyl and Dan's bp gel. Thank you.
  11. Well i've become near 95-100% clear now and havent been to this site in about a year. I use a regimen very similar to the regimen this site supports, but with a lot of other determining factors. Anyways I won't go into detail in this post unless someone wants me to. But I changed my life 179 degrees. From a horrible, loser, hopeless, homebody acne kid to visiting this site and researching acne like it was HIV. Anyways my story is something i'd like to see more of. But onto the topic of my post.
  12. people say when first using the topical med, your skin actually gets worst before it gets better because usually the the med. brings the bacteria to the surface creating pimples. Is this all topical meds, or just a few and can you list them. Does Benzoyl Peroxide do this???
  13. Hallo... i've been doin the benzoyl peroxide thing for since i joined here (i guess since beginnin of october) I've seen fantastic results... my acne really doesn't bug me anymore... its gone down by like maybe 70%... no new breakouts at all... so i went to my derm... said all that's left now is to treat the scars... and he put me on differin... said i could use it with the benzoyl peroxide twice a day... benzoyl twice a day too... i keep hearin about bad initial breakouts... I really don't wa
  14. I have just started using the BP gel for almost a week, and ive gotten more pimples after i started using the gel, is this a common thing that happens when you first start using the gel, has anyone else had this effect when first starting to use the gel??
  15. JohnnyPants

    On-The-Spot vs. BP Gel

    Hey. I've been doing the regimen with on the spot since May or so, and have gotten pretty much perfectly clear. The last couple weeks I've switched to the BP Gel, and I'm starting to get a bit of acne popping up. Anyone have any experience with this? It's really bothering me, and I'm considering switching back to On-the-spot, though I do like the feel of the BP Gel. I guess it could just be the transition and things will normalize, but I'm not sure. I should note that during these few weeks I'v
  16. Okay. So I went to the doctor yesterday for my face. I've been on Minocycline at 50MG's once a day. Stupid me didn't know I was supposed to take it once a day. I've had little improvement. Is only taking it once a day the reason why? So now I plan on taking it twice a day and 50MG's. I've been using benzoyl peroxide (dans gel actually) all over my face. My doctor just gave me Differin Gel. Should I stop using the BP and switch to the Differin? I really wanted to stick to BP as my topical but is
  17. partygirl1984

    Using moisturiser with BP?

    Is it possible to use a moisturiser soon after applying the BP? Does this counteract the effects or wipe it off somehow?!
  18. It says on the student health website that Benzoyl Peroxide works better on comedonal acne than inflammatory acne. Heres the link: http://www.studenthealth.co.uk/leaflets/Ac...eFromYourGP.htm Is there any truth in this? As personally, I've noticed that BP works better on spots than comedones.
  19. I am 18 and I have had mild to moderate acne for a few years. I have been using Clearasil cream and the Neutrogena acne wash with salicyic acid. The acne never quite goes away, and when I discontiue medication it worsens. After I apply the Clearasil, a visible white residue is left on my skin. I usually put it on before bed and it is gone when I wake up. THe problem occurs when I try to use it during the morning or mid-day. The residue remains unless I rub it off with a dry cloth. (I do no
  20. jim808

    BP Gel

    Hi for those of you who use the BP gel, does it make your skin shinny? I have some left over proactiv and don't like to wear it during the day because of shine. I know some you complain about on the spot because of the whiteish look, but the thing I liked about it was that it did not shine, is BP gel closer to that?
  21. Hey, I've been using products from the Acne Treatment Clinic with some sucsess for around a year & a half & was wandering if anyone has used their products. They have a bunch of products, of which I use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash, Extra Streangth Cleanser, 5% Salicylic Acid, 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Medication. I also use their SPF 30 sunscreen & moisteriser which is FAB. The products are not cheap, but last a long time (I spend around 30-40 UK Pounds per month + shipping from Californi
  22. Darklord

    BP gel causing redness??

    Hi, Ive only just started to begin the regimen, and after using the BP day and night for 3 days my forehead which i apply it to, has gone alittle bit red all over. Is this normal because i have never used BP before? Thanks, -Tom
  23. i read here that you shouldnt use both, but i have and nothing bad has happened like dryness of skin or irritation. is it ok for me to continue using them both? the only time i use salicylic acid is the spot treatment i use other than that i use bp.
  24. Hey, ever since I was 14-15 I've had bad acne.. but when I turned 16-17 I started getting cysts, now I'm 19 and my face is filled with tiny pimples (due to taking prednisone) and cysts and redness everywhere, finding a spot that ISNT red on my face is rare... My face is itchy, I think I may be allergic to some foods but my doctor is telling me that prednisone gets rid of allergies.. I've looked at the galleries on this site, and I laughed because what I have is a thousand times worse, thank good
  25. ospray

    BP wash only?

    I am just wondering if anyone has had success with a daily BP wash and maybe moisturizer instead of the gel every day (after being clear probably) to prevent breakouts. It would be a lot less hastle to be able to use that every day.