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Found 1,000 results

  1. I was wondering if you guys have used the BP gel along with other prescriptions topicals from the derm. Has it worked for you? When I use the derm's topicals, they are spot treatments and it doesn't seem to be too effective. When I use the BP gel, my face just looks better then again it could be just me. What do you guys think?
  2. heartPWR

    BP gel

    when you guys apply the BP gel do you guys feel anything on your face?i apply it to the affected areas which is just my cheeks and i put little.after about 15 mins. when the stuff has absorbed into my skin it doesnt turn red or anything but i get this little itchy sensation. is this normal or is this a reaction to the BP?
  3. i have had acne for years, the thing that cleared me the best was the holistic method and benzoyl peroxide, i hate the way the benzoyl peroxide makes my face feel and the holistic method is extemely expensive, i have been eating unhealthy lately and my acne has flared up from mild to moderate, i am going to a dermatologist and i want something that is for persistent mild to moderate acne, i have also had a ton of stress lately, so i think that is part of it, any help appreciated Thanks
  4. Hey Guys, I Am new here and i had Acne since i was 11 and now i am 17 i am so fed up with acne! I am a male and i was desperate to try anything things i used: Proactiv Murad Exposed Acne Free in 3 Days Clear for Life Nutrogena Clearisol Diets Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Free Zeno Loreal Acne Panoxyl Lemons And more............ I am gonna go to a physician and get prescriptio meds, what should i say to my physician, can she prescribe me accutane? What are the best prescriptions meds that worked fo
  5. guys, I'm new member. I just recently broke out with some horrific monster size pimples on my cheeks and that made me wanted to get back into buying some acne treatments. So I just non-chalantly surf the web and it got me here. I think this is a very good website sharing hardships and experience with everyone here. I've always had acne problems. lets put it this way, at one point, Dermatologist told me that I was helpless. So my acne problem is and always will be severe. But every
  6. NickSalvatori

    BP and clothes

    I recently started the regimen (and am loving it), but I have questions about it's propensity to bleach clothes. I am currently in between sizes (lost some weight) and am beginning to buy new clothes. Are there any colors or types of fabrics that I should stay away from because they are more likely to bleach?
  7. I have mild acne and I've been using Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser for about two weeks now (Yes, I know it's still early days yet) and so far I can't say it's helped that much. It helps to dry out existing pimples quicker, but I'm still usually greeted with one or two new pimples each day. After reading about the regimen on this site, it seems Benzoyl Peroxide works best in a lotion that is absorbed into your skin, so my question is just how effective can it be if you are on
  8. beautiful man

    Panoxyl 5%BP

    Is this stuff basically the same effectiveness wise as the BP 2.5% sold on the website? It's the closest thing i can find in a store nearby, and i don't have a credit card. I tried the regimen about a year ago for a week or so, didn't do much but i think that's bcause i was using the wrong cleanser, so i'm trying again. Anyways give me your experiences with that stuff, is it as good as BP2.5%?
  9. pHlat

    Benzoyl Peroxide

    It seems to me that whenever I use BP, any zits I have or tiny dots turn into whiteheads overnight. I've been on the Regimen now for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden all of my old zits (which I thought were just dead red marks) have sprung back to life on me. Thankfully no new zits seem to be forming...I hope. Do most of you experience this?
  10. I heard BP is good, but can it b used w/ Hydroquinone(skin lightening agent)?
  11. im sorry for the question, but how will this zit on my left cheek go away if I don't pop it? Im washing twice a day and putting on Clearasil 10% Benzoyl Peroxide
  12. I got this one pimple first time in very long time it was poped! and blood came out and everything i was wondering if i should put erthromycin benzoyl on top of that or should i leave the poped pimple alone since it was poped
  13. Acne Tidbits by James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. Acne is American’s most common disease 60 million Americans have it. 20 million have lifelong physical and mental scars Acne is genetic – it runs in certain families If both parents had acne – 3 of 4 children will have it. They not only have acne – but have same year of onset, and . . . Same location on face or back, and. . . Same type of acne, for example, cystic acne. Acne has hit epidemic
  14. I have had acne for years now. Im starting university in october so i wanted my skin to be nicer for then. I was using benzoyl peroxide and it was keeping it under control but not clear, its still not good. My derm today said he wants to give me accutane. I dont know wether to take it or not. I really want clear skin at last but i only have 6 weeks before uni, and then theres the problem of not being able to drink aswell, that isnt going to be good with everyone else getting hammered. What sho
  15. Okay, so I was wondering if Zinc works like benzoyl peroxide, meaning the skin is said to never build up an "immunity" towards benzoyl peroxide, so likewise, will taking Zinc supplements to a certain extent make your body/skin get used to it and not be as effective as it was initially?
  16. I have a fairly long history battling acne, and was fairly successful (post-accutane) until about 2 months ago, when I ran out of BP. My skin was clear at the time, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal waiting a month to get more BP from my supplier. I had a very simple regimen which I did twice a day for the last 14 years: 1) Wash with bar soap using an exfoliating cloth at night. 2) Apply Sea Breeze 2% Salicylic Acid Toner 3) Apply 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. For the one month that I had no
  17. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Got Dans BP& Cleanser today, from IRAN!!!!

    Im in Ireland and ordered 4gels and a cleanser on the 12th August through standard shipping. I thought it had gone missing in the post, but somehow it ended up in Iran!! The package just arrived today with "missent to Iran" stamped on it. Just shows- never give up on the Postal System!!
  18. I suffer from mild acne..I guess. It started when I was about 14 or 15, I'm now 17 and it's got worse over the years. At first, it was just a small patch between my eyes and the odd pimple on my cheeks or chin. I ate junk food, I rubbed, I scrubbed, I picked, I pecked, and I made it all worse. I had very little/no experiance of how to cope with acne, so can you blame me. Anyway..now, I'm trying to make up for my sins. I have some pimples on my forehead, and hairline, sides of my mouth, my chi
  19. polkadot

    BP gel and moisturiser

    I have been using BP gel for about two months, but skipped the moisturising stage. After reading Dan's regime, I put it on with moisturiser for the first time tonight. And my skin burns like HELL! Has anyone else had this problem? It could be the moisturiser, but I don't think so... its suitable for all skin types and non comodogenic.
  20. tommy_boi

    Think i may stop bp

    Ive just done my daily regimen and ive just used half a tube of moisturiser to just about get rid off all my dry skin, when i was using just water, no cleanser, and no bp gel, my dry skin cleared up within days, now i'm back on it i'm getting terrible dry skin, i'm using the right amout of bp and all that, i think i'm gonna cut out the cleanser and just use water and bp and see if the dry skin clears up better as it always seems to be when i use a cleanser on my face, i'm not sure about the b
  21. I went to the dermatologist today. Sat in the waiting room for an hour, and finally was called to his office. He walked in; he smelled like he hadn't bathed in a year. Seriously, the guy smelled like #$@%. And that doesn't even begin to take his breath into account, but I digress. He told me my acne was caused by my long hair, that I had oily skin, and prescribed me 10% benzoyl peroxide. In fact, I have dry skin; I don't know what the hell he was thinking. My skin feels so dry I can hardly smile
  22. I was reading through this forum, and some other site, that excessive use of BP can create free "radicals" - whatever that is. Moreover, this will cause permanent skin damage or even worse, the mutation of DNA. So, let's get this straight. Can BP permanently damage or change one's skin?
  23. mahway0k

    proactiv BP vs. Dan's BP

    Hey everyone, After recently quitting my job for school, I've been trying to budget everything in my life so my savings can last longer. One thing that's real expensive is the proactiv line that i'm using for my skin. I know most of yall hate it, but it's done wonders for my skin. The thing is that dan's bp gel is soooo much cheaper and I've heard raves about it from lots of people on this board. Bottom line, I was wondering how my skin would react to switching to dan's BP gel. Has anyon
  24. Does it really work all day under the skin? How long will the anti-bacterial effect last after each application?
  25. I use to use clearasel ice wash (without water, thinking it may work better) which caused me to get this problem of wrinkles around the mouth area. Now 4 days ago i started on benzoyl peroxide following the acne.org instructions carefully for a twice a day treatment and am getting the wrinkles again, i am getting really worried, should i continue using benzoyl peroxide? the wrinkles arent too bad now but when smiling it is extremely visable unless moisturisor is applied. Just now i applied mois