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Found 3,563 results

  1. hi all, been on this board for ages but i forgot my username & password ! ANyway, a bit of myself first. Been an acne sufferer since i was a teenager and i'm now 22. My face had been GREAT before (around 19-20 years old) when i was using clinique soap and nothing else. Anyway like many here i experimented with tonnes of product before usually the high end department store ones, biotherm, clinique, clarins, armanis, yadayayada and the one that really made my acne WORST was pro active. It wa
  2. According to acne.org you can masturbate always you want, and they generally advice Benzoyl Peroxide. For my experience this mixture masturbation +BP gives serious serious break outs, and I`m not kidding.... I thought it was all from my head. Now I gave up BP reduced masturbation to 2 times a week, started drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and I´ve become clear.
  3. Hey everyone! Ive been milling around this site for a long time, looking to see if there were any products that people really liked that I could try. I've been battling acne for one year and have tried everything from Murad to Proactiv to MD Skincare to natural rememedies to the Clear Skin Regimen. Ive tried salicylic acid, suflur, benzoyl peroxide, etc. My skin was becoming so bad that none of the stuff I bought could control it and then I happened upon Collective Wellbeing Change For the B
  4. Im going to use a new regimen but since my skin works really well with Salicylic Acid products i'm having trouble finding an all over spot treatment. do you guys know of a good one? with more than 1.5% Salicylic Acid? My regimen (haven't tried it yet, but am buying products soon) Wash with Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with tea tree oil Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner/rose water/ body shop tea tree oil toner moisturize with neutrogena rapid clear acne defense lotion(hard to find)
  5. hi ive been on (ro)accutane for a week now to treat the acne on my back and neck...i had great success with 'the regimen' for the acne on my face it cleared it up around 80%....but a week into my accutane treatment (40mg a day) ive noticed that benzoyl peroxide (BP gel) when applied to my face now really burns the skin, it passes after abouit 10 minutes but i can only see it getting worse the longer im on accutane....any advice?
  6. i bought it. i knowwww it is way too strong for me. Cheap prices get me everytime. I have been using 2.5% salicylic acid for about a month and it has only worked by clearing my blackheads. [yay.!] So I have decided to use that (Nutrogeana 2.5% SA) for my blackhead problem areas and add this 10% BP to my active pimples. What do ya'll think? <333
  7. I first started using tretinoin .25% about a year ago. Right away my skin went into a crazy, purging-mode. Before I started using it my skin looked pretty darn good (it had taken so long to see the dermatologist that my problem seemed to pretty much be gone except for the t-zone pores), and since it was approaching Christmas time I really wanted to get my clear skin back, so I stopped using tretinoin and went back to benzoyl peroxide. Now I have been using tretinoin .25% for a few months, but
  8. I was prescribed tariz 3% benzoyl peroxide wash to wash in the morning and night, and apply retin a on at night. I read that benzoyl peroxide and tretinon neutralize eachother and should not be used together at the same time. I asked the dermatologist assistant (as she is the one who gives me everything before I leave) and she said that is not true, but you only have to look at a site with information about these and it will tell you. I am thinking about calling them and asking for a sulfur w
  9. Hey guys, I've been using Velocity cleanser and lightweight moisturizer with Mary Kay's 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, though I do have a tube of C&C salicylic acid cleanser. Im currently only using the BP, but I've heard of people that combine SA and BP get good results, should I combine them? What should I do to combine them, should I use the salicylic acid cleanser and leave the velocity cleanser out, or should I use the velocity cleanser, then the salicylic acid, then BP and moisturize? Or do I
  10. sye91

    Allergic to BP

    I knew I was allergic to BP but i tried Dan's which obviously had the same side effect's, which was really red/dry/crusty .. But besides the other 2 products in the regimen are working great, anyway what product should I use now to replace the BP??? Anything that can fit in between and take away the BP?? thanks Hope to hear some replies, I need this please
  11. Hiya, I want to start the regime and want to know whether to get a product containing 10% Benzoyl peroxide, 5% or one containing 2.5%? What would you recommend? I have seen these advertised: Are the creams above any good? I would buy Dan's but I am from the UK and they put a customs charge on it. Thanks, L
  12. I was prescribed this by the doctor and she said to use it at night. Has anybody had any luck with it? What should I use to cleanse my face/remove makeup? I don't want anything to interact negatively.
  13. I'm using the Clindoxyl Gel from Stiefel containing 1% of clindamycin phosphate and 5% of benzoyl peroxide. It works pretty well; not having any bizarre side effects, extremely dry skin or any other negatives effects. But why is it that the gel must be thrown out and not used 120 days after purchase? Anyone???
  14. can you tell me what brands you've found to be the best? and what cleansers and mouisterizers you've used with them? thanks so much
  15. Im making a custom log topic so me and other people can post there daily acne routine and share insight and success. This will also encourage people to succeed. I hope we all succeed. Weapons: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (Pump form), neutrogena benzoyl peroxide. (switched from proactiv) Mourning: Shower, After shower wash hands. Rinse well and splash water on face. Apply Cetaphil generous but not abundant amount on hands. Work into lather. Apply to face washing in circular motion. Rins
  16. I remember reading somewhere many months ago that BP had been banned in Europe and in Japan, is this true? If it has been banned then why is it banned? Thanks -Matt
  17. OK, I've been using the Neutrogena 3 Step acne kit ( I have Cystic Acne) for about a month now. I was greatly seeing progress in my skin. I lost the step 3 lotion with Benzoyl Peroxide so I just used regular BP, could that have burned my skin and discolored it??? But now all of a sudden my skin has scabs on it that flake off. (Eww)HELP, I would greatly appreciate it. I wish I could just wear a mask.
  18. I liked the old BP gel better. This new stuff takes longer to rub in. I swear it takes me like 15 minuets on humid days! I don’t mind the work of the regimen, but it is so time consuming I would have to get up so early to get it done on time to not be late for school. I get deprived of sleep enough without having to get up even earlier for this and like everyone, I hate getting up early! Dan, please re-release your old BP gel or make one that sinks in faster! Also, the old logo was cooler
  19. Today I bought Neutrogen Clear Pore scrub with 3.7% Benzoyl Peroxide, after two months of using Salicylic Acid in it with hardly any results except it helping close my pores (it had toner in it). Well I was wondering, will usind the scrub I bought today mess up my face, because I heard using scrubs daily can make your skin red? Then because it has a scrub in it does that make it a cleanser too? And because it is a scrub/ maybe cleanser do I still need to cleanse before using the scrub with BP i
  20. Hey everyone. I have mild acne on my upper back and shoulders. I bought some benzoyl peroxide and I have applied it once to the upper back area only. Today my neck is blotchy, itchy, and red. Actually, it's so red that looks like a bad sunburn. Im thinking that somehow the BP migrated up to the skin on my neck. Anyway, I know symtoms like this are to be expected when beginng out, but do you think that my reaction is an allergy? This redness seems pretty severe.... One more thing: I used a
  21. Hello, I'm 22 and am currently using the three step Acne Free product line and I am pleased with the results. However, I only use step one (face wash) and step three (benzoyl peroxide cream). As far as I know, I cannot buy step three of the Acne Free product line by itself so I was wondering if anyone can suggest a BP cream similar to that of Acne Free that I can use when I run out of step 3. Step 3 has 3.7% BP and I have no sort of irritation or reaction. Thank you.
  22. I started using PanOxyl gel (10%) 3 days ago and so far it's pretty much fine. When I put the gel on it burns a little and continues burning for a few hours but eventually stops, my whole face gets really red but that also stops eventually and my skin feels really tight and dry (moisturizer helps). On day one it just barely had a burning sensation but I've noticed it gets worse everyday. Although it doesn't really bother me that much.
  23. Yesterday I finally got desperate enough to go to a dermatologist. I mean after all I had not gone to one in over 10 years and I figured, hey what the heck nothing else is working for me so maybe I will get lucky. Well during the visit (which was very brief of course) I asked the derm about vitamin B5 and she just looked at me with a blank stare. This was of course after she prescribed me the usual suspects, tetracycline and Rx benzoyl peroxide. She told me that B5 is not even used to treat acne
  24. Word up my friends. Here's the score, start accutane on 19th December for my moderate, but very persistant acne. I weigh around 11 stone so am being put on around 70mg mark, not sure of starting dose yet though. Basically, I've been doing Dans BP Regimen for 5 weeks today now and am having really good results (touches wood!) and it looks like I'm clearing pretty fast. In fact, the only time I have any noticeable or active pimples now is when I go looking and picking - bad,bad,bad I know! I'm
  25. Renado

    Dans BP Or Any ?

    Guys I Wash My Face With A Gentle Clearasil, And I Have An Oil Free Moisturisor, However I Dont Have Dans BP, I Just brought One From My Local Pharmacy! Its A 5% One ? DO You Have To Use Dans BP ? DOes It Have To Be Like His ? Or Can You Buy One From YOur Local Pharmacy And Use It ? Do You Reccomend I Use My 5% or Buy A 2.5% One ? I Have Mild Acne And I Just Dont Want To Make It Worst! Many Thanks.